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  1. Conference Championship Games

    He’s been playing with a hurt Achilles/bone spur at his Achilles. Haglund’s Deformity is what it’s called. Apparently it’s supposed to cause extremely painful rubbing/digging into the Achilles.
  2. 2019 GB TEAM Needs

    Is Daniels a possible trade candidate? Or does that have more of a negative effect on our cap situation? In Pettine’s system I feel like Daniels is a poor fit for what he’s being paid. I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up moving on from him this offseason.
  3. Moretti's 2019 Mock

    Not sure how realistic FA is. Don’t think we’ll be able to draw in that many big names. I like the additions though. I really like Oliver the talent, not so sure how well he fits Pettine’s system. Seems like a more athletic Mike Daniels. I really like the idea of adding a TE in the early rounds, especially in the Lafleur/Shanahan style system.. Irv Smith is right there with Fant as my favorite TE prospect. I also like adding a Safety early. Not sure how I feel about adding Simmons though. Seems like his role would be redundant with Josh Jones/Oren Burks on the roster. Do we need another in the box SS/LB hybrid? I’m a fan of Adderly out of Deleware, Juan Thornhill out of Virginia, and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson our of Florida. Gustin is intriguing. It’ll be interesting to see how he does at the combine. I’m a fan of adding a talented RB in the mid rounds. Don’t know a ton about Holyfield other than that he was a highly touted prospect. I like the two Maryland prospects. A former LT who moves to G fits the Packers profile. The safety is talented but a little undersized. Could be our new Micah Hyde. Can’t say I know much about the other prospects. Positions make sense though. Nice job overall.
  4. What style of defense does Spags run? 4-3?
  5. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Isabella is intriguing. It’ll be interesting to see if Gute is more willing to take undersized players than TT was. Isabella doesn’t fit the typical Packers type WR. However, he fits the McDaniels/Patriots style of WR. If I remember right one of Love’s biggest knocks is his hands/receiving ability out of the backfield. More of a straight line runner too. Seems like a poor man’s Chris Johnson.
  6. Packerraymond's 1st 2019 Mock Offseason

    Love the Charles Omenihu and Risner picks. Wouldn’t be surprised if Charles is a player the packers consider at pick 1a. I think he’ll perform well at combine.
  7. 2019 Draft Discussion

    If you’re looking for a sleeper EDGE take a look at the Texas rusher Charles Oheminu. 6’6 275, long limbed, great burst off the line. Productive with 17.5 TFL and 9.5 sacks this season. Lined up anywhere from 3T all the way to 9T for Texas.
  8. Big Show Coaches

    I understand the want for a coach who has Super Bowl experience. At the same time all those guys won one at some point without that experience. I’m not sure that would be a prerequisite for me. Or at the very least, the main way I’d narrow down my coaching selection. Interesting thought process though!
  9. Lieker Mock 2019 1.0

    It’s probably wishful thinking. I’m sure @Outpost31 could fill us in on the likelihood. Heck, I think he made a thread about it.
  10. Lieker Mock 2019 1.0

    If I remember correctly Pettine worked with Richard for a season while Pettine was in an advisory role. There’s at least some connection. You might be right though.
  11. Lieker Mock 2019 1.0

    Thanks for the feedback. Ford in the 2nd is more of a RT/IOL so he helps to fill that need. Conway in the 5th gives a swing tackle with 3 years of LT experience. Not really if he offers much in the interior. Our return game has really seemed to struggle recently. This guy could be the answer while offering us a gadget player/change of pace Back similar to Lindsay, Cohen, Woodhead, Sproles. I didn’t put a ST coach in there only because I don’t have the slightest clue who’s a possibility for the position. I do agree that it needs to be a priority though.
  12. Lieker Mock 2019 1.0

    That’s definitely a possibility. I wouldn’t be against Monken as our HC either. I’ve just heard a lot of good things about Richard.
  13. 2019 Draft Discussion

    From what I understand he’s being misused at Michigan as an EDGE when really he should of been used from the interior as a 3T. I think @AlexGreen#20 has some insight into this earlier in this thread or in another one.
  14. Lieker Mock 2019 1.0

    I think by the time the draft comes along he’ll be considered a late 1st/early 2nd round prospect. Heck, “The Draft Network” had him going to the Seahawks at the 23rd pick of the 1st round in their mock draft. He’s a riser for sure. In my mind if you want a Centerfield type FS in this draft you’ll have to take them early. Seems like a solid SS class but shallow in terms of coverage safeties. The only two I like are Adderly and Thompson from Alabama at this point.