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  1. Pick # 1 (A) Liam Eichenberg (B) Samuel Cosmi (C) Eric Stokes (D) Tevin Jenkins (E) Trevon Moehrig Pick # 2 (A) Ifeatu Melifonwou (B) Paulson Adebo (C) Dyami Brown (D) Asante Samuel (E) Tyson Campbell Pick # 3 (A) Ihmir Smith-Marsette (B) Alim McNeil (C) Spencer Brown (D) Trill Williams (E) Benjamin St. Juste Pick # 4 (A) Ambry Thomas (B) Brendan Jaimes (C) Dayo Odeyingbo (D) Josh Palmer (E) Daelin Hayes Pick # 5 (A) Josh Bledsoe (B) Seth Williams (C) Frank Darby (D) Demetric Felton (
  2. Didn’t they pay a bunch last offseason for another run plug in Michael Pierce?
  3. Yep! Dalton Keene. He and Deguara were guys I consistently mocked to the Packers this offseason. H-back types, versatile, high character and worth ethic, high RAS scores. Keene might have had the highest of all TE’s this Draft.
  4. Looking at Deguara’s measurables at both FB and TE are we really so sure he’s a mediocre/poor athlete? Above average 40, and agilities, great vert. Combine that with solid route running and savvy finding soft spots in the zone? I think we’re underrating him calling him just a “fullback”. I think he’ll play a wide variety of roles and be utilized a surprising amount in the passing game.
  5. Very interesting. I heard a quote from Gute about the pick and he referenced the knee injury, missing games this past year, and that his tape back to 2018 was impressive.
  6. 2019 Dwayne Haskins 15 Drew Lock 42 2018 Lamar Jackson 32 2017 Deshaun Watson 12 DeShone Kizer 52 2016 Paxton Lynch 26 Christian Hackenberg 51 2015 NA 2014 Johnny Manziel 22 Teddy Bridgewater 32 Derek Carr 36 Jimmy Garoppolo 62 2013 EJ Manuel 16 Geno Smith 39 2012 Brandon Weeden 22 Brock Osweiler 57 2011 Christian Ponder 12 Andy Dalton 35 Colin Kaepernick 36 2010 Tim Tebow 25 Jimmy
  7. Some guys that come to mind when try to come up with a comp: AJ Dillon 6’0 247 4.53 Derrick Henry 6’3 247 4.54 Brandon Jacobs 6’4 267(lol) 4.56 Ricky Williams 5’11 244 4.56 Jamal Lewis 6’1 240 4.58 Legarrette Blount 6’1 241 4.70 James Conner 6’1 233 4.65 (Played in the 240’s in college) Leveon Bell 6’1 230 4.60 (Played in the 240’s in college) Steven Jackson 6’2 241 4.45 Michael Turner 5’11 237 4.49 Do any of these guys stand out stylistically? Is there a chance we have him drop some weight ala Le’Veon Bell and James Conner?
  8. Same. He was my 2nd choice in the 4th round for the draft contest.
  9. He’s got the 5th year option as well.
  10. There are rumors that he might not even get drafted. If I remember right I think it’s a shoulder from this past year and a hip injury that he had surgery on from two years ago that he never really recovered from.
  11. The center that reminds me most of Linsley is Matt Hennessy out of Temple. If we’re looking at Center in this draft that would be my guy. Could maybe be had in the 3rd.
  12. I think it’s more the trade up when CB is a super deep position. Not to mention picking Nate Stanley in the 4th.
  13. To be fair, TDN has like 5-6 guys putting out scouting reports. The big board is a consensus of all their big boards.
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