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  1. Saints Watch- Additional First Round Pick

    While I do think he'll get targeted heavily in the passing game, I don't think he'll get the carries Johnson got/gets in Arizona. Kamara doesn't have the type of frame you'd want to give heavy carries to. He would be most effective in the role he already holds. Maybe a slight uptick in touches with Ingram suspended.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    Spriggs was a 2nd round pick and a trade up if I remember right.
  3. Speaking to your point on this years pass rush, I believe you will see more consistent pressure due to our defensive line more than anything. A motivated Mo Wilkerson on a 1 year deal in combination with a fast improving Kenny Clark and a stud in Mike Daniels should be one of the better defensive lines in the league. Then you have to consider our depth with an improving Lowry as well as an unproven but very talented Montravius Adams. Heck, our 7th round pick Looney fits the profile as a potential pass rushing d-lineman. EDGE is a little more worrisome. However, it seems Pettine relies on less on stud EDGE's for pressure, and more on scheme to manufacture it. That said, I like a healthy Matthews and Perry on the edge when healthy. The team seems to be especially high on Beigel. Gilbert based off McCarthy's recent comments seems to be part of our plans as well. All in all the success of this defense has more to do with health than it does talent or ability IMO. Our defensive back and defensive line groups now have the depth to take on an injury or two, not so much in our EDGE group. I'm hopeful we make a vet depth signing similar to when we acquired Ahmad Brooks. Gute seems to be the type of GM who is willing to acknowledge a weakness and do his due diligence in exploring all avenues to fix it.
  4. What's next?

    A vet WR. Maclin is my preference. Potentially a G as well. Evans on a 1-2 year deal maybe.
  5. So...who is your rookie? And why?

    J'mon Moore. Sorry Incog. Stealing your guy. He has all the athletic ability, size, and ball skills you look for in a high-end WR. I am especially impressed with his Davante Adams-like COD and route running potential. I think it bodes well for his YAC and overall big play ability.
  6. Dylan Cantrell Texas Tech (Drafted by LA Chargers 2018 Draft 6th Rd 17th pick) 6'3 226 lb 4.47/4.50 at his Pro Day (4.59 Combine) 38.5" Vertical 6.56 3 Cone
  7. I'm more optimistic than you are. The addition of Wilkerson as a pass rusher is overlooked by some. We have Wilkerson, Daniels, and Clark all showing the ability to pressure/rush the passer, as well as potential growth from Biegel, Lowry, and Adams. I feel we are better off than alot of us think. A vet FA EDGE would be nice on the minimum.
  8. I also think an argument could be made that Moore and Brown are more ready to play/are better prospects than the round they were drafted would tell you. If not for their perceived character concerns I feel like they would have been drafted a fair amount higher. Look at Callaway of the Browns for example. Drafted in the 4th, but is much more talented and NFL ready than your typical 4th round WR.
  9. Dream pick left

    Deon Cain.
  10. Cain and Gallup are the guys I want.
  11. He's actually my guy I want if the board really falls apart. My Board: 1. Chubb 2. Ward 3. Edmunds 4. James 5. Fitzpatrick 6. Landry 7. Davenport 8. Barkley 9. Alexander 10. LVE
  12. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Agreed. Heck, PAC-12 in general has been popular for the Packers in recent years.
  13. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    My dark horse for our 2nd round pick: DL/EDGE Rasheem Green USC Height: 6'4" Weight: 275 40: 4.73 Vert: 32.5 Broad: 118 3-Cone: 7.24 He could be our next Julius Peppers hybrid DL/EDGE.
  14. My 1 and only Mock

    Very solid draft all the way through. My one question is on Kirk. Is he a slot only? Or do you see him as an outside guy? His frame suggests slot. Like the talent though. Seems like a more explosive Cobb.
  15. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Yeah. His hands are only 8 3/4. That might be contributing to some of the drops. From what I've read he actually has solid hands. Just struggled with concentration drops sometimes. His YPC are high-end. He could be the deep threat we've been lacking