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  1. Yikes was the Oline terrible today. I wonder how many times Carr got hit today. It's hard to get the ball down field when Carr is getting blasted after 2 seconds. The loss of KO and the fact the Miller is playing hurt is just killing the Oline. Hudson is the only one who looked good today, even Jackson didn't look that great. It's absolutely ridiculous that Conley got zero snaps on defense. I don't have any problem with Worley starting, but why is DRC starting or playing over Conley/Melvin. They actually looked soild at the start of the year. Townsend is way too inconsistent. And McCrane hasn't looked impressive at all. I'm losing a lot of faith in Gruden. This is really frustrating.
  2. Don't think Carr is the problem. He's been sacked 6 times and it's not like he's holding onto the ball forever. Just an a terrible performance by the OLine and most of the defense.
  3. Woof. Carr getting no time to throw today.
  4. Why is DRC playing over Conley/Melvin?
  5. Week 7 | Other Games Thread

    Well at least I got upgraded to sideline passes I guess
  6. MMA Thread

    I'm more interested in McGregor/Malignaggi than a rematch with Mayweather. However he should just stick to MMA.
  7. Chicago Cubs Thread - #secondhalfcubs

    I don't want to see Zobrist starting more games at 2B than he did this year. I'm ok with him starting 40-60 games there, but not much more. Wonder if we can get anything for Russell?
  8. Random Raider Stuff

    Has anyone listened to the radio broadcast yet? How is Musburger doing?
  9. The Official Boxing Thread IV - Golovkin vs Alvarez

    Would love to see him against Spence, Porter, Pacman, Garcia, Thurman. Any of those guys.