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  1. Raven’s gonna lose a draft pick like the Raiders?
  2. Wonder if they’ll get fined and lose a draft pick
  3. Teryl Austin took over after Guenther left and the defense got worse. Not sure if that had to do with injuries or talent leaving. Just saying
  4. The Patriots defense improved once he left, no thanks.
  5. NFL is so inconsistent pushing back games.
  6. So you're telling me they did a fake surgery on Muse?
  7. I like to see it in more northern cities too. But it doesn’t make sense
  8. Can’t wait for more Raiders football. Team has me really excited this year.
  9. Raiders have the easiest schedule left in the AFC. Still gotta play the games though, I’m use to being let down by them.
  10. Ruggs - Was sort of meh on the pick at the time, but I like what I see so far. Needs to get the ball more, but still makes a difference when he doesn't. Arnette - I think he looks pretty good out there. Plays very physical. Bowden - Was my favorite pick in the draft. He was a project player, so I was surprised they gave up on him so early. Edwards - Got hyped up all training camp, then got hurt. With Agholor playing like he's is, Edwards is seeing less snaps. Muse - Hurt in camp, on IR Simpson - Looks ok out there when called upon. I believe he's been hurt? Plus Jackson and Good have been playing well Robertson - Only time I notice him he's getting burned. Wouldn't give up on him though. Still think this is a solid class. Hard to judge already with the little offseason that they had.
  11. Don’t they have to stay at home this year? Or maybe I’m making that up.
  12. I think the biggest difference is him moving around in the pocket more this year. He already has more rushes then last season.
  13. I wanna complain about Ruggs not getting the ball enough, but we scored 31 points
  14. Abram was the one who left him wide open. Clearly wasn’t designed like that
  15. Looks like “significant changes” are coming. Wonder what we’ll do.
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