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  1. Rivers - dead arm 😂😂😂 But yeah, list looks spot on.
  2. Favorite team - Raiders Week 3 - Tennessee Titans
  3. Could be wrong, but I feel like Witten was out there less than Moreau, which is good if that’s right. I don’t like seeing Morrow out there. Glad he got the pick, even though it was thrown right to him.
  4. I don’t like how Jacobs has 52 carries through 2 weeks.
  5. Defense did the bend but not break, which ended up working
  6. Not gonna say too much until the end of the season. Not much we can do about it now.
  7. What about Quintana? I’m a super fan of his so I’d like him back. Being hurt pretty much all this season probably isn’t helping his cause though.
  8. Damn, I read this as return of the football.
  9. I find it funny that Dana White says the UFC is way more talented than Bellator then this happens. I know Bellator has way less depth than the UFC though.
  10. Think Lester will be back next year? I wouldn't hate it depending on what happens in Free Agency. Darvish, Hendricks, Mills are the only ones under contract I think. Lester, Quintana and Chatwood are free agents I believe.
  11. I also wonder this. Played very well last year when healthy.
  12. Yeah if we’re picking 5 we gotta go QB. Completely agree
  13. Taking the money line all 3 games for +135 Bucs, 49ers, Packers
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