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  1. What video game are you playing?

    Playing Escape From Tarkov right now. My blood pressure hasn't been the same since.
  2. Madden News

  3. *Games & GamerTags*

    System: XB1/PS4/PC Gamertag: CarolinaDNA Games Played: 1. Destiny 2 (A+ PVE/B+ PVP player) 2. Escape From Tarkov (C+ player (Still Learning)) 3. Fortnite (C+ player) 4. MLB The Show 20 (C player) 5. Random *** Games
  4. College Football Uniform Thread

    https://uni-watch.com/ They have a post every Sunday re-visiting all of the different uni combos throughout the country.
  5. New England waives WR Josh Gordon; Claimed by Seahawks

    At least it's not a substance "abuse" issue this time.
  6. QB Brock Osweiler retires

    K thx bye
  7. 1 Round Mock

    Draft Order based on ESPN Draft Projections 1. Miami Dolphins - Tua Tagovailoa - QB - Alabama 2. Washington Redskins - Jerry Jeudy - WR - Alabama 3. Cincinnati Bengals - Justin Herbert - QB - Oregon 4. New York Jets - Jeffrey Okudah - CB - Ohio State 5. Arizona Cardinals - Chase Young - DE - Ohio State 6. New York Giants - CeeDee Lamb - WR - Oklahoma 7. Denver Broncos - Grant Delpit - S - LSU 8. Atlanta Falcons - Kristian Fulton - CB - LSU 9. Los Angeles Chargers - Isaiah Simmons - OLB - Clemson 10. Miami Dolphins (via PIT) - Lucas Niang - OT - TCU 11. Jacksonville Jaguars - Henry Ruggs III - WR - Alabama 12. Las Vegas Raiders - CJ Henderson - CB - Florida 13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Julian Okwara - DE - Notre Dame 14. Cleveland Browns - Andrew Thomas - OT - Georgia 15. Detroit Lions - Paulson Adebo - CB - Stanford 16. Tennessee Titans - AJ Epenesa - DE - Iowa 17. Carolina Panthers - Trevon Diggs - CB - Alabama 18. Indianapolis Colts - Derrick Brown - DT - Auburn 19. Las Vegas Raiders (via CHI) - Terrell Lewis - OLB - Alabama 20. Seattle Seahawks - Raekwon Davis - DT - Alabama 21. Baltimore Ravens - Laviska Shenault - WR - Colorado 22. Buffalo Bills - Tee Higgins - WR - Clemson 23. Los Angeles Rams - Curtis Weaver - DE - Boise State 24. Philadelphia Eagles - Bryce Hall - CB - Virginia 25. Dallas Cowboys - Jared Pinkney - TE - Vanderbilt 26. Minnesota Vikings - Javon Kinlaw - DT - South Carolina 27. Miami Dolphins (via HOU) - D'Andre Swift - RB - Georgia 28. Green Bay Packers - Jalen Reagor - WR - TCU 29. New Orleans Saints - Jake Fromm - QB - Georgia 30. Kansas City Chiefs - Tyler Biadasz - OC - Wisconsin 31. San Francisco 49ers - Tristan Wirfs - OG - Iowa 32. New England Patriots - Yetur Gross-Matos - DE - Penn State
  8. Destiny 2

    1. The game doesn't demand this, it was a resource exploit that has since been fixed. 2. What kind of grind do you think is occurring? You go to a spot, start an event, turn your controller/monitor off, do IRL things Only the hardcore players and those vying for the raid worlds first titles/belts would be doing this, not the casual player, or those who don't play at all.
  9. Destiny 2

    It was called an AFK farm for a reason. You're not actually playing.
  10. Destiny 2

    Like all of them have been recently, AMAZING. Played for 20 hours Saturday trying to obtain the 24 hour raid emblem, didn't make it. Competition mode was a bear. Raid is beautifully designed and put together, and they released a new game mode Saturday. Looking forward to Bungie's creativity without Antivision (Activision) holding them back. I didn't post anything because I figured everyone in this forum stopped playing from the lack of posts, this is basically the only game I play.
  11. 2020 College Prospects

    I'm curious to know how you define struggling in big games. Is it merely W/L? Would you say Bo Nix won that QB "battle"? C/ATT YDS AVG TD INT QBR Bo Nix 13/31 177 5.7 2 2 44.8 Justin Herbert 28/37 242 6.5 1 0 43.4 This doesn't include the TD drop by Addison in in the 2nd quarter, or the overall pacified play calling in the second half (I don't want to get into that game). From PFF College entering 2019: 3. Oregon: Justin Herbert Herbert may have regressed a bit in 2018 but that’s just because his 2017 season reached a level so high, he was bound to revert back to the mean. His two-year grade at quarterback is among the nation’s best and he still is one of the nation’s best deep-ball throwers. In fact, even with eight dropped deep passes (no returning quarterback had more than 6 dropped), he still finished with 942 yards and 13 touchdowns on throws targeted at least 20 yards downfield. He was surgical from a clean pocket last year and threw 24 touchdowns compared to just three interceptions, both of which are top figures among returners. He's doing what he can with what he has. This year, missing 3 top targets due to injuries, and he still has better stats than most top rated QB's. The Ducks dropped 52 passes in 2018. The incompletions cost them 832 yards from scrimmage — about 16 yards per dropped ball. 2019 stats so far: CMP ATT CMP% YDS AVG TD INT LNG RTG 96 129 74.4 1,127 8.7 14 0 66 183.6
  12. 2020 College Prospects

    For me, Fromm's last name might as well be Carr, and ipso facto, might as well be Lock. Bias aside, the one "true" NFL QB I see this season is Herbert. Is he the end all be all at the QB position? Hell no, but when the season is over, and the combine has passed us by, he'll either be a top 2 pick, or he's between Daniel Jones and Josh Allen. I know that due to the school he's at, automatic comparisons between him and Mariota happen, they're 2 completely different QB's. Herbert can run a professional NFL offense. Mariota needs to have one tailored around him (don't tell people here in Portland I said that).
  13. Madden 20

    So this game is pretty bad. 10-15 drops a game, physics are still terrible. All that being said, KO Superstar is my favorite game mode to play. Intense, not time consuming, win 4 games and you're champ. Match making leaves something to be desired, but overall it was executed well.
  14. GDT Week 3: Denver Broncos @ Green Bay Packers

    This was done prior to the season/tanking starting. Holding #72 would be an upgrade for them, therefore they're not trading for him.
  15. GDT Week 3: Denver Broncos @ Green Bay Packers

    Miami isn't trading FOR anyone. They're stockpiling picks, not giving them away.