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  1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

    Does he have a name/channel?
  2. Destiny 2

    There's an easier cheese for the tributes for those that haven't even started it yet, where you use essentially 0 resources. I haven't posted in here all of the current issues/exploits/cheeses as it didn't seem any played nor cared. I've been forge farming for a week now, back up to over 5,000 legendary shards.
  3. Best Setup for Gaming Laptop? PC Gaming etc

    New Egg is having a sale today too, my buddy just bought his new rig for just over $1,000 altogether.
  4. Madden 20

    The guy in charge of ratings was on the Lebatard show today (hour 3 if you listen to/looking for the podcast, explaining how it works.
  5. Madden 20

    The list I saw was a tweet from NFL Update. They replied to it in the thread, Brees is a 92. I would've thought at least all starting QB's would've been on there. I don't see Flacco, Darnold, Rosen, Murray, or either Giants QB.
  6. Madden 20

    QB Ratings: Mahomes 97 Brady 96 Rivers 94 Luck 92 Wilson 91 Rodgers 90 Ryan 89 Roethlisberger 85 Newton 84 Goff 83 Mayfield 83 Watson 82 Wentz 82 Prescott 81 Cousins 81 Carr 80 Dalton 80 Mariota 79 Stafford 79 Garoppolo 78 Foles 77 Jackson 76 Winston 76 Trubisky 75 Mitch getting that shade, not sure why Dalton is that high.
  7. Madden 20

    There should only be 1 player that's 99 OVR every year. They should let the players vote as to who is the best player in the league, regardless of position, and that player should be the guy. You can still have other elite players between 95-98 OVR. Just my lonely opinion.
  8. Madden 20

    Nuke confirmed as the 4th and last 99 OVR.
  9. Madden 20

    Khalil Mack is the next 99 OVR. Speculative 4th announced tomorrow is Deandre Hopkins.
  10. Madden 20

    Bobby Wagner the next 99 OVR to be revealed lololololololololololololol.
  11. Official 2018-2019 NHL Thread

    Wayne Simmonds to the Devils. They're going for broke this year. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/27098032/building-devils-ink-power-forward-simmonds
  12. Kareem Hunt Involved in Bar Fight

    https://dailysnark.com/report-browns-rb-kareem-hunt-involved-in-bar-fight-in-cleveland-sunday-night/ If true, Roger Goodell is going to get a kick out of this.
  13. Madden 20

    Do pre-orders count?
  14. Longtime Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen has passed away.

    RIP Mr. Bowlen. The NFL waited too long to induct you to the HOF, you deserved to go in earlier, and now they have to induct you posthumously. Thank you for everything you've done for our city, and for helping to make the NFL what it is today.
  15. Most Overrated QB's of all Time

    Frank Reich.