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  1. Too much for some alternate orange pants?
  2. You had your chance. I had 44 and 47 on the table lol
  3. I really wanted to take Etienne at 47 but the greater need was CB 😞
  4. Sorry, another team had a trick up their sleeve then lost it.
  5. Pick 47 Chargers take: Asante Samuel Jr - CB - Florida State @Cbrunnotc
  6. If no trades were in the works, correct.
  7. Anyone want to trade for 47? I'll wait 10 minutes.
  8. Sorry y’all, was at Lowe’s. If I'm on the clock for a while with no reply, someone send me a DM so I get the email notification. Didn't mean for my errand list to take so long.
  9. Dallas Cowboys select: Richie Grant - S - UCF @LinderFournetteotc
  10. Chargers are looking to trade down from 47. Cowboys could trade down from 44, not a necessity though.
  11. TCMD draft position may be a little misleading as we drafted the earlier rounds prior to any pro days being conducted.
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