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  1. Random Game Talk

    I put in about 10-12 hours, of which I need all of them back.
  2. Random Game Talk

    I've found that MHW is one of those games that you either LOVE it, or you HATE it. There's no in between, not even a meh. I'm in the hate it camp.
  3. Gimme Recommendations

    Try Ark. It is ultimately designed for multiplayer, but can be enjoyed singularly. A huge part of it is the build aspect, but there's a lot you can do. I'm terrible at explaining things, but would recommend you watch a couple of videos before you start to become immersed in it. You can DEFINITELY lose track of time playing, and can be extremely addictive.
  4. Diablo 3

    Anyone on soon to teach a newbie?
  5. Random Game Talk

  6. Random Game Talk

    That sounds like a completely insane gem. I'd let you know what my handle is, but I don't remember right now, I'll try and get that up either after work or tomorrow. I clearly don't play online games enough because I never think about what it is, haha. Ummm, I got this game and now feel completely intimidated to play it. Had it for a couple of weeks now, just never launched it, and now I may never launch it lol
  7. Black Ops 4

    I got it, but I don't really play multiplayer that much. The new skins from Operation Arctic Zero or whatever it's called look great though.
  8. Black Ops 4

    I've never experienced that. I'm on XB1X, not sure if you're on the same. I am glad they nerfed SDM, but I'm also disappointed they nerfed Spitfire. My ideal load out was ABR/Rampart and Spitfire. Koshka is the bane of my existence, can't use it for ****.
  9. NBA 2k19 Franchise - Heat GM

    Lebron still on the Cavs?
  10. NBA 2k19 Franchise - Heat GM

    Lebron still on the Cavs?
  11. NCAA football

    I'm going to have to sit out the first season probably. I'm moving out of state in the next 45 days, for the next 3 months are going to be pretty crazy for me.
  12. Madden 2007 Franchise (Yep) - Jets GM

    How does a guy run 4.24 and get an 87 SPD rating? Regardless of size/position, that's ridiculous.
  13. Madden 2007 Franchise (Yep) - Jets GM

    Post all of his attributes please
  14. For those that are active duty, reserves, or veterans, you can get a 1TB PS4 with Spiderman for $199 on shop my exchange.
  15. GameStop ad is out on the link too