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  1. Years past for sure but our inside linebackers are much more equipped at containing those types of running backs.
  2. Justin Fields has 2 picks, 3 fumbles, two of which he lost in 2.5 quarters of football. Kid has a lot of growing to do.
  3. Plus, a WR acquisition would slow down the growth of WR Rodgers 8.
  4. Tim Settle - Washington He's a starter for a lot of teams and a free agent after this year. Very cheap and Washington is not going to sign him at the end of this year.
  5. and two WR's as well. Very thin at O-line and WR going into this game. Works well with our secondary situation.
  6. Looking like we roll with Gary, Garvin and Mercilus at EDGE this Sunday. Preston didn't practice either Wednesday or Thursday and MLF mentioned 'giving him a week.'
  7. Teddy Two Gloves does not have an NFL arm. They need to give Drew Lock a chance because Bridgewater is not taking this team anywhere.
  8. P. Smith, Gary, Garvin and now Mercilus, offenses fear us.
  9. A. I don't think they went into the draft with the intention of drafting Love. I think they believed he would likely be gone before they had a chance to get him. B. When he dropped close to him and there was little left on the board that was inciting, I think Gute decided the value was too good to pass on and he made the move.
  10. That depends on the state you live in. I'm not interested in rehashing the rest of it. It's not worth it. I think you are a decent person from what I know and do not want to engage in an argument with you. We can agree to disagree on some of this.
  11. Given our salary cap situation and the hit we'd take moving Jordan Love I don't see this as a possibility. Not unless we got a mind numbingly stupid offer. Throw in Rodgers situation is far from settled and I see almost ZERO chance we move on from Love anytime soon. But here is a question for you, is Jordan Love a better option than any QB in the 2022 draft? I think he might be.
  12. Original post and my response. Never mentioned Jon Gruden, never mentioned personal email. You made that part up and went in a different discussion, which I engaged. The NFL will likely never release these emails and they do not have to release these emails. NO matter how much DeMaurice Smith hollers. Does that mean there is nefarious **** in those emails? Maybe, maybe not! Much like the investigation into the Patriots cheating, they've probably burned the evidence already if there is some really bad stuff they don't want out. Public curiously does not trump the NFL's right to keep
  13. And the NFL has chosen not to disseminate those emails. That is their right too.
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