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  1. Hunter - coming off a neck injury. Who knows how he plays, but if he's right he is a stud, no question. Smith is 32 years old, his prime is way past him. Thielen is 30 and seen better days Kendricks is 29 and has played a lot of football with a lot of heavy contact. I'm not sure 'prime' fits him either. Dantzler really didn't play that well last year, but dare to dream. As for your O-line, that is a whole lot of hope. You are HOPING the rookie LT holds up, unlikely. You are HOPING the rookie RG is the real deal. Not sure Cleveland has established himself and Bradbur
  2. I'm going to keep my emotions out of it and look at it as strictly business. Rodgers knows this is his last year if Jordan Love can play at all. He wants security to be the guy for longer than that. It very likely is not going to happen. I think in the best interest of the Packers we'd trade him to an AFC team, but only if we got the ransom we were asking. If we didn't get a great deal, let him sit this year and recoup the cash. Puts us in a much better situation going into next year and teams are always desperate for QB's after the season when they realize their guy can't play. Ob
  3. You don't think going through an entire NFL season, in meetings, practice watching film, etc. amounts to anything positive? I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. BTW, the way the NFL plays preseason games doesn't exactly replicate a good college game much less NFL level defenses and schemes. I mean this kid has been playing QB for quite some time. Getting his fundamentals straightened out makes it anything but a lost year.
  4. I agree that the coach should taylor the plays to what the QB is comfortable with but you do not alter your offensive philosophy to the QB. LaFleur's offense is proven to work very well in the NFL. Not sure they should allow Rodgers to come in and forego the run game so he can sling it around the yard as an example.
  5. 2 reasons why the Packers will win this year's Super Bowl (msn.com) You've got to love this article by William E. Ricks. Guy is a total clown! His two reasons, Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur. Both reasonable thoughts and his reasoning behind them. He also mentioned how talented the team is around Rodgers, talented enough to win The Super Bowl this year he opines. Yet, he somehow concludes how the Packers front office is inept! I bet the Lions, Bears and Vikings would like to have a front office so inept that they assemble the talent to win a Super Bowl! Journalism is seri
  6. I'm all for trading him! Let's go rob somebody blind and let them have the 'complicated fella'!
  7. The cap space along allows them to go and get a couple of vets who are cut because of cap reasons towards the end of camp. IF GB doesn't get a lot more than the Lions got for Stafford, Gute/Murphy lose the battle of public opinion. If he 'retires' you recoup a ton of cash, and then trade him prior to the 2022 draft and still get your couple of first and a serviceable starter. He's the MVP, you have to get a boatload in order to move on from him.
  8. Yeah, I'm pretty sure they haven't listened yet. Those things never remain confidential. I do think this is heading for disaster with no reconciliation forthcoming. They better get a truckload of player/picks combo or let him sit and retire.
  9. I'm excited to see where this kid goes this year. I wasn't fond of the pick tbh. I think Gary and Savage have monster years this year. Throw in Jenkins and what a draft class that is turning out to be.
  10. Pretty sure Davante Adams is the kind of WR that 32 head coaches would like on their team. The caveat is can theyf/we afford him?
  11. I tend to disagree. If we trade him this year, we recoup between 2021 and 2022, 40 million.
  12. Good point! I don't think we'll have a grasp of our 2022 cap situation until the Rodgers situation is done with. If he's back there are going to be a lot of guys who are cut in the off season for sure. Re-signing our own will be difficult but I have to believe we find a way to keep at least one of these three: Adams, MVS or Tonyan. Tonyan seems the most likely to me. That alone is another reason why Rodgers last year is sooner than later. He won't be under center in 2022.
  13. He's going to get his chance this camp, but he better make the most of it or he might be down the road. As others have stated, we probably only keep 4 and three are virtual locks: Tonyan, Lewis and Deguara. Dafney showed some things but if Sternberger lives up to his third round draft position, he should be able to beat him out. Time will tell.
  14. I'm just not sure why Murphy would 'complicate' the issue further with this comment? It adds nothing and only will widen the divide between management and Rodgers. Unless Murphy now wants Rodgers gone and even still this was a dumb move IMO.
  15. I don't believe I said, don't give him a shot. My point was one more serious concussion and he's going to have to retire or it would be in his best interest. I'm not convinced Tonyan is going to get a massive day day. I think he was worthy of Pro-Bowl consideration, he was not worthy of all pro honors IMO. Kelce and Waller clearly were more deserving.
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