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  1. 32 team contract league draft question

    Updated the question to reflect recent changes
  2. 32 team league, I hold picks 2 and 3 in the rookie draft. This is my offense. I got offered #1 for #2 and #3. I'm debating it because I've got a decent enough team already. I am also trying to move #3 for a TE and some defense (IDP) which would kill that idea. (Contract end year) QB: Matt Ryan (2021) RB: Christian McCaffrey (2021) RB: Draft pick [Jones/Michel/Penny/Guice] (2022) WR: Amari Cooper (2022) WR: Kelvin Benjamin (2022) WR: Pierre Garcon (2020) TE: None yet going to have to trade for one Flex: Zay Jones (2021), Mark Ingram (2021), Chester Rogers (2018 RFA), or [Draft pick] (2022)
  3. NFC Wild Card - Rams vs Falcons PLAYOFFS!!!

    Just saying the last time the Rams, Jaguars, Bills, and Titans all made the playoffs together something really amazing happened Hoping for a repeat of history on that one.
  4. Week 3 - Rams at 49ers TNF

    Love seeing the offense getting points up on the board. Wade will get the defense playing better as the season goes along and we should be in for a better season than we've seen for awhile.
  5. The Official Pac-12 Thread

    If Oregon could keep that defensive effort (Even if results will be lesser against better offenses), I would be happy. The guys looked like they wanted to play hard all game and they made a statement against the potential 1st overall pick.
  6. Preseason WK2: Rams vs Raiders

    I want to see the guys hang onto the ball a lot better than last week. Other than that I hope to see Goff making good decisions for at least 2 series this game if not more.
  7. Aaron Donald's holdout

    But then if you look at it that way then you start losing ground in other negotiations when you already have the tag locked up with Donald. So you have to choose to either overpay a guy in Donald that you know is a stud and is going to be the best player on your defense if not the team or overpay on a guy that isn't as important. Donald is a guy who should end his career as a Ram and the start of that is getting him on the field.
  8. The Official Pac-12 Thread

    The only way it could have been worse is losses to Washington and Oregon State in the same season... wait... I think we beat OSU this year so even if we go 1-11 I will see potential for the future.
  9. The Official Pac-12 Thread

    Agree completely. I could even see us dropping more than 5 if the defense isn't better than last season. I hope not but I'm saddened by what Helfrich did with this team.
  10. Aaron Donald's holdout

    This exactly. Donald is a game changer on the D-line and you have to pay them to keep that dominance. I know a lot of people don't like the blank check approach but if Donald walks our defense gets a lot worse.
  11. Lunatic's Season Prediction

    This season is so tough to predict. Anywhere from 6-10 to 10-6 is possible but I think I agree with OP on this one in that the Rams will have some bumps and end up 6-10 before making that stride back up next season.
  12. Expectations for Jared Goff

    I'm rooting for Goff to bring us out of our years of misery. I think they are making the right moves lately bringing in Watkins and the rookies who give Goff more weapons. The key will be if the O-line can give Goff enough time to make the correct decisions. If not then he will likely have another rough year and be in danger of losing confidence in himself and the pressure could mount.
  13. Expectations for Cooper Kupp

    Kupp if used correctly could produce well. I don't think he will ever be a top 3 WR without an injury but after watching him burn Oregon a couple seasons ago I hope he can produce in the NFL to justify that *** whipping he gave our DB's lol
  14. Mayweather vs McGregor

    Would love to see Conor win but I just don't think Mayweather will give him enough opportunities to get punches in to earn the rounds.