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  1. Just to be clear, I do think he cares about winning above all else. But you make a great point about his ego that can be a great detriment to the team and was one of the reasons for the demise of the 90s team. But to be fair, it does appear that he has learned a lot from those days and has done a better job of not letting his ego get the best of him. He still wants the credit but has relinquished some decision making, especially to Stephen and Willie. Not saying if giving those two more power is a good thing or not, its just an observation.
  2. I think the article is less an indictment of Jerry's priorities and more about how great a marketer he is. Is he not supposed to do his best to market the team? Does that mean that he can't also do his best to win at the same time? However, his best hasn't been good enough but he has spent plenty of money trying. I think this is more about the players mentality once they get a taste of the Star. It's on the players if they're more worried about their brand instead of winning. I also believe many players in most sports are too focused on their brand as opposed to winning, especially in basketba
  3. For me the question isn't if Dalton is as good or nearly as good as Dak. I really like Dalton, especially as our backup QB but he is not better than Dak. For me, the question is if Dalton is good enough to take us to the SB with what we have. Will our offense be as good as we think it can be? Can our defense be top 10 again? If yes to those questions, I think Dalton is good enough to let Dak walk and spend our money elsewhere. If not, we better keep Dak. For the record, this team is not proven enough to let Dak walk and roll with Dalton. We have to keep Dak as long as he isn't asking for
  4. This draft helps expose JDS (Jerry Derangement Syndrome) This draft has been the most opportunistic draft I have ever seen (thankfully we did not squander the gifts that fell to us) Of course Jerry doesn't get any credit for this draft. If it goes well, let's give the credit to someone else, if it goes bad it HAS to be Jerry's fault. Also we have had some very good drafts over the last few years but ya lets act like they have all been putrid (at least some of you do)
  5. I vote for center. We will miss fredbeard if we have a season this year.
  6. What am I missing here? You are spending all our cap space on a handful of players and rookie pool. Don't we have like 30 free agents and how do we replace them with all the money spent?
  7. That was a perfectly thrown pass. The receiver didn't run fast enough!
  8. I've been reading this forum for over 15 years, before you and the DCRA chased everyone away. You are one of the reasons I never posted because I didn't want to get into arguments with anyone. However, I think I will start posting just to get under your skin. Capiche? Please check my grammar for me. Thanks!!!
  9. They only talk about you when you're a ******, which is often when you come out from under your rock. I wouldn't brag about it.
  10. This forum won't stop sucking until you die!!! I would immediately go to Taco Bell for a celebratory dinner so I can remember you when I flush the toilet after the diarrhea that my dinner caused.
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