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  1. General Season Talk

    Yes last year he also has a clear plan and it resulted with a poor roster management. And could you find a quote of me saying that i want to trade or cut Gurley ? I don't think so. It's good you admit that everything was not fine last year. It's the first step of the therapy.
  2. General Season Talk

    It's a lot of move for a team staff where everything is fine.... But again, no one ever question these move except me. Not necessary a sinking ship issue but it's suspicious that so much coach in important position are leaving either they are not retain or leaving on their own.
  3. General Season Talk

    And now Ted is gone too....what is going on ? it's like everybody wants to get out of the ship...
  4. Report: Patriots willing to spend 30m to Bring Brady Back

    Brady is not marketable like LeBron James. Outside of NE, no one likes Brady.
  5. Report: Patriots willing to spend 30m to Bring Brady Back

    Brady is an attention whore. He will resign 1 more year with NE.
  6. What if the Patriots drafted Mahomes instead of Brady

    And if Patriots drafted Manning instead of Brady ?
  7. General Season Talk

    I think the fake punt that Fassel called against the Cardinals kick him out of Sean favor. I never saw Sean so mad after anyone like this in the sideline... i don't know what to think of these departure. Is this the beginning of the end for Mcvay ? I hope i'm wrong but it looks like he's becoming a dictator for the team. He hired Wade for his defense experience and he always said that he wanted to focus on the offensive side. Now it looks like he wants to control the defense too and if Barry is hired i don't think Barry has enough experience to hold back Mcvay on this side. Same thing for ST. I don't see these move as positive for the future.
  8. General Season Talk

    What's the point of letting Wade go if the goal is to promote Joe Barry ? That make no sense at all. If we let go Wade, i would prefer to hire someone outside the organisation.
  9. End of the Patriots era?

    Dynasty is not over until Brady retire. And i think he's going to play one more year.
  10. Thankful for players like Derrick Henry.

    Hope he gets paid for his work...
  11. WC: Titans@Patriots

  12. WC: Titans@Patriots

  13. WC: Titans@Patriots

    We have seen it so many times, the kicker is gonna win a game for them
  14. WC: Titans@Patriots

    It's not over yet
  15. WC: Titans@Patriots