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  1. Ogletree traded to the Giants

    Yes the negative side is that we lost the captain on the locker and on the field... But i was stunned by the news and because Ogletree signed an extension in october i didn't saw him out of the team this offseason. Overall it's a good news, he was very bad in the 3-4 scheme and will be back at form with the Giants.
  2. Rams 2018 offseason

    Sproles has 34 years old.....
  3. 2018 NFL Combine (measurements in OP)

    Damn ! He's fast !
  4. Combine Press Conference Discussion

    Yes the way Snead managed the cap, even if we extend Donald now, it won't affect the FA. Snead never made a splash in FA, always signing FA with great value, not overpaying them
  5. Robert Quinn traded to Dolphins

    This season, i never saw Quinn playing really good as a 3-4 OLB. Yes the number shows that in the second half of the season sacks was coming in his way but that doesn't mean anything. He can only do pass rush, but i never really see him containing the outside against the run and he can't drop into coverage. I think Philipps want more versatility and Quinn salary for what he does is too expensive. I don't know if we can replace him easily but i think it's a win win for both of us. Quinn will regain his domination at 4-3 DE and we will find a replacement with more versatility and cheaper than him.
  6. Combine Press Conference Discussion

    We can say whatever we want but since Snead is the GM of the Rams, he shows us that he knows how to handle contract and deal with the salary cap. Not every team can say that with their GM.
  7. Combine Press Conference Discussion

    I still feel they would tag Watkins and evaluate him this year.
  8. Robert Quinn traded to Dolphins

    Well, i like Quinn as i person since the draft, his story, has a very good character and always smiling on the field or outside the field. It's sad to see him traded, it was like the Chris long Cut or Hayes traded... Damn this Dline will be much miss Quinn Brockers Donald Long. But in the field it's make sense. Despite his sacks in the second part of the season, i didn't think he was doing a good job in 3-4 OLB. We save cap and like something i read, we are going to rebuild our LB Corp and that means that Barron would be the next to go. Well at least, Snead, McVay and Phillips made the same conclusion than us with the last playoff game. Not capable to stop the run, we lost the game. They identify the issue and try to resolve it. That's what I like!
  9. He gave us some memorable moment, had the opportunity to win a starting job but failed multiple times. I never saw him more than a slot WR. Good luck, maybe he will become a Ted Ginn in another team.
  10. 2018 Franchise Tag - Placed on Joyner

    Why tagging Joyner instead of extend him ? i would tag Watkins instead, it's less risky that way.
  11. Marcus Peters traded to Rams

    Well that's Seattle mistake
  12. Marcus Peters traded to Rams

    Which Gm would give a 1st for a player who is no longer wanted in his old team ?
  13. Yes i was referring to him from my previous post, a bad nightmare
  14. Rams 2018 offseason

    What bother me about Barron and Ogletree is that they missed a lot of tackle this year and that is a killer for any LB...Beside when a OL grabbed them, it's over, they can't get out the block...
  15. Damn ! When was the last time a TE coach was in charge of the pass game ? erghhh And instead of having 1 OC we have 2 coach for run and passing game ? But i can trust McVay after the turnaround this year