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  1. Week 11 - Bears @ Rams

    Watching the Bears last night was like watching a worst version of the Rams. This game was a nightmare. the only thing positive to say was watching Gurley running.
  2. SNF Week 11: Rams v. Bears

    Damn Goff what was that ?
  3. SNF Week 11: Rams v. Bears

    DAng Gurley is done...
  4. NFL Week 11 GDT

    Marcus Peters is impressive since he's playing for the Ravens, he's having an elite season.
  5. What are things Goff can improve on?

    Only when he has a perfect condition, he played good. But great QB don't need perfect condition to be good. A great QB can win without the running game. A great QB can win without a great OL. Right now, Goff is not a great QB, he's just a good QB.
  6. General Season Talk

    Yes he should seriously considering step off the NFL for his own good. He has money, a wife if i were him i would stop now. Don't be a Jordan Reed.
  7. Week 10 - Rams @ Steelers

    I'm calling Fisher to get back with the team right now
  8. Week 10 - Rams @ Steelers

    What ?? Damn Fool It's a W for me. We are going 12-4 all the way, ALL THEE WAYYYY
  9. Week 10 - Rams @ Steelers

    There's nothing to add. Finally someone who still have faith in the Rams. Amen. By the way, I booked the Rams to win all the games starting next sunday. I put all my savings. I can't wait to buy my new car.
  10. Week 10 - Rams @ Steelers

    What ? Our OL is the one the worst of the league ? Imagine, if someone said that in the offseason, he would be crazy. Hey but we got Jalen Ramsey and that my friend is rock solid ! No you're wrong and i hate people that despise the performance of Goff. You will see but Goff is going to be better next week because i have faith in him. He will learn his lesson from yesterday and from the last games and he will step up and go havroc against the Bears throwing 5 TD and 500 yards. He will become elite next week but in fact he's already elite in my heart. Don't you dare critize our beloved coach ! This season is not lost, what are you talking about ? We are going perfect for the remaining season and we will win the superbowl. Oh my, you are too much pessimistic. I want to slap your face. Yes we were infortunate but it's not like we had the whole game to overturn these misfortune. I don't really understand why we haven't score a TD yesterday, we were playing so good football. Our luck was not on the right side. We can blame Luck but he's retired. So much pessimistic, i'm tired to read all the negative stuff. Of course we can fix the OL, we just need to put Jalen Ramsey at RT and it will be just fine.
  11. NFL Week 10 GDT

    Goff typical turnover fashion
  12. NFL Week 10 GDT

    We could play the entire game with offense, we won't score any time soon. Like the Niners game.
  13. NFL Week 10 GDT

    This is the same Goff we saw when he was coached by Fisher....panic throw all the time.
  14. NFL Week 10 GDT

    Goff inability to move outside the pocket make me crazy
  15. NFL Week 10 GDT

    There's no surprise to see Rams offense struggling. But hey we got Jalen Ramsey ! It's all good.