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  1. About the same...damn these Linehan, Spagnuolo and Fisher era...we suffered a lot... I was mad at Linehan wasting the talent of S JAx, Marc Bulger, Holt and Bruce. Spagnuolo, we still had a good team at the moment. Spagnuolo era, very hard to watch the game... Fisher era, pfff just wanted to punch him in the face everytime he spoke...
  2. Last year against the Packers we couldn't stop Jones or Williams and that matter most for me. If team decide to run against us, there won't be any challenge from us... I thought Tutu were going to KR/PR this year....if it wasn't the plan then he's useless. We already knew this but it only confirmed our impression of a huge waste of pick.
  3. I finally watched the game. A couple of things : A great performance for Stafford, 2 TD pass + 50 yards that's what we were waiting for and he delivered Looks like he established a big connection with Kupp, Higbee but not so much with Woods The running game is scary...even though we run well in the 4th. We weren't able to run the ball during the first 3 QT and that's a big question mark. You can put Sony MIchel but the issue i think is that the OL is weak and can't open anything. Where is Tutu ? I mean, we spent a 2nd round pick and he's not even in the field for
  4. He threw 2 TD during the garbage time...
  5. It's obvious Rodgers wants to sabotage his team...
  6. There won't be a miracle....Goff will be Goff, no improvement, can't read a defense, can't beat the Niners.
  7. AD and Jalen are stud for sure...after that we have Darious Williams, Floyd, Fullar as good player and after that we have very average player. Bears have Mack, Smith as a stud and then a bunch of good players Hicks, Goldman, Jones, Gibson,Jackson. Only weakness are CB and they also have a good defensive bench.
  8. It's not because last year we were a top defense that this year will be the same.
  9. If the ref doesn't help Brady, how many rings would he get ?
  10. Very anxious to see this team playing this season. Offense should be okay but i'm more worry about the defense....
  11. They are so confident in their player, they didn't even try to claim another player from another squad....waouh... But you can't convince me, we can't find better option than this PS...
  12. Not sure if it's serious or not...
  13. Earnest Brown IV was also released....our 5th round pick this year....
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