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  1. Wentz is gonna get a market ? Who wants a broken QB with a salary of 35 millions per year ?
  2. The loss of Cooks was never an issue. HIs departure is not the cause of Goff poor deep ball accuracy
  3. If there was one backup QB that i want, it would be Fitzpatrick.
  4. I'm more affraid of the regression of the defense than the offense.
  5. Mcvay was very frustrated with Wolford injury during the Seattle game and i think the thumb injury was just a pretext to bench Goff. He was eager to see what he could have done with him and to compare at the end of the season how to move forward. We saw that the playcalling was more open with Wolford than Goff and that's not a coincidence. Now Goff will still be a starter next year but i think Mcvay won't hesitate to bench him if he's still strugling with the turnover. For the offseason, if we could land a FA for a good bargain, why not. But i don't want to spend a draf
  6. I don't know about you but there was something that struck me saturday, it was that Goff was really confortable in a no huddle situation. Maybe when he doesn't have to think, he's more instinctive ? But it wasn't something new, in his best season 2018, there was a lot of no huddle situation and i'm wondering why Mcvay don't emphasize the no huddle for Goff. And as the season is done, i'm really disapointed by all the talk about how Mcvay were going to use more 2 TE in the passing attack. They spent more time blocking than in the passing game. Really disapointed by this.
  7. But i didn't critize Goff for this game, i actually said he was playing good. I just said that you can't compare the 2 QB, it's not the same situation.
  8. Yes it will be tough to upgrade this team with a few draft picks and no cap room...
  9. Don't do this....you are comparing a 41 years old QB HOF with RIBS injury to a 26 years old QB....
  10. On 3&1 you can blame Arians for calling a pass instead of run but you can't blame him for throwing stupid pass on the field.
  11. Well tonight i'm not even mad at the loss. It was a tough game at Lambeau and only a top defense would have give us a chance to win. The defense was bad against the run and we did the max with the player we have. I still think ILB is the weakest position in this defense. Donald was hurt is obvious, he was in tears at the end of the game. I hope this allow us to keep Staley one more year with us. Goff was pretty good tonight, i can't blame him on the loss, he did what he's expected to do. Akers and the WR were also good. But the OL still need to improve in the offseason.
  12. We can't get the turnover, stop the cheating code
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