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  1. Yes i don't even know why i'm still answering in this section. Except a few of you, You are all so blind.
  2. Mahomes is not really the exception. You take Big Ben, he won his first championship in his 2 nd year. Brady won his first SB in his first season he was starting. Even you don't need to go that far, you take Warner, first year, first SB. Experience is not a factor.
  3. Lack of experience is a very weak argument. People like to say this, specially when they lose, because it's easier to justify a lose with that than a lack of competence or that the opponent was stronger. The most recent example is Mahomes. Did he have more experienced than Goff when he won the Superbowl ? No You take Nick Foles winning a superbowl without playing any playoff game before. Where is the experience in PO ?
  4. Yes it's clear, Wentz won a ring at the hospital, he's the best QB.
  5. Of course ! How can you get away with so many case of cheating in the NFL ?
  6. At 34 years old, Doug had ZERO ring, deal with it.
  7. What are you talking about ? At 34 years, he has acomplished more than Doug at the same age.
  8. You are comparing a young man who has 34 years with an old man who has 52 years. Let's wait 20 years to see who will have more SB title between the two.
  9. So everyone seems agree that OL was bad last year and that Goff can't play without a good OL. We didn't upgrade the OL this year. Some of you are sure this OL gonna be better with the same player than last year. Remember, we ranked 31st in the PFF ranking. Also If we have a mediocre OL, the running game will also be doomed. I said it, you said it. Goff with a mediocre OL and running game, is a very bad QB. And yet, people doesn't think it was a big issue that we didn't improve our OL in FA or the draft. It's mind blowing.
  10. This is for training right ? No way they sell a jersey like this...
  11. So we have to wait 3/4 years until a new change of jersey....i won't buy these one.
  12. They didn't upgrade OL at FA, they didn't upgrade OL at draft, why are you expecting they will upgrade their OL now ? Doesn't make any sense.
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