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  1. So after this offseason and this draft, who feel that this team is better or as good as last year ? For me, this team is worst than last year except the QB position. We didn't make the moves to improve this team, we just make moves to fill the holes. With the whole division improving in offense and defense, i really don't think we are ready to compete seriously....
  2. Add to that a very quiet offseason. I was hoping this draft will fill the need but this is extremely disapointing. Except the QB position, this team right now is weaker than last year. I can't see us compete with this roster...if someone is hurt on the OL, there's no quality replacement for starters. We couldn't stop the run against the packers and this year will be the same story, maybe even worse. We didn't improve at all in the offseason. It's scary.
  3. Again, i will be the lone wolf in this forum to say this but after this draft, i feel like it's the worst draft since Snead took the GM role with the Rams. They totally ignore the OL ?? And the LB we took doesn't seem to be that good. The position, the players are all questionnable. There are 2 picks that i like (Bobby Brown and Robert Rochell) but otherwise i don't feel this is a good draft. As i say, might be the worst draft ever by Snead.
  4. So they already gave up on Brycen Hopkins...
  5. Well...horrible game by him. Now that i watched him play, i don't have confidence at all to improve our defense.
  6. Taking a player in 4th for special team i don't really know the value here...
  7. This pick, make me even angry that we passed on Terrace Marshall if they wanted a big body to play outside...
  8. Too bad for him but i think the Ravens wasn't the team for him. Hope he will get an oppoturnity elsewhere.
  9. Yes but in College what made him was not the separation but the contest catch skills. I thought just throw the ball to him and he will catch everything.
  10. I don't understand why they didn't give a chance to Proche ?
  11. Damn, how many WR the Ravens are going to ruin the carrer ?
  12. When you see the Lions draft damn....
  13. I think we will pray for him every time he will take a hit on the field...i'm willing to bet that he won't play 16 games next year
  14. Good, we will be competitive in 2-3 years then.... And i agree, the departure of Holmes is a big thing. This draft is horrible, a midget WR, an average LB....and i don't think the OL we will draft now will start this year... We had 2 priorities in this offseason, protecting the QB and improve defense. It's not happening...
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