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  1. No it's the contrary, statistically he was good on paper, but when you see him play on the field it's another story. And i'm not the only one to say that. Then we agree on the same thing. I was only sarcastic because i can't say a bad thing about Goff, some fanastics are here to defend him.
  2. No what is hilarious is that you can't even admit it wasn't a good game today.
  3. Don't say that , you fool. Goff played like an HOF.
  4. He made a nice throw but overall, it's a very bad performance. Just buy some glasses
  5. No running game, Goff can't step up...
  6. Why put Kupp in the punt return...
  7. Even Mike Pereira said it wasn't an INT. But i will take it. Nice Job by GOff but big shutout to Woods for this TD !
  8. I don't think it's an INT...
  9. Imagine if we didn't have this superstar cornerback called Jalen Ramsey, our defense would have been worst than that errrr waitt...
  10. Another timeout in the 1st drive of the half....
  11. Who was here to argue that ? This game reveal all the weakness that we have. It's not a surprise for me.
  12. But we got Jalen Ramsey, i don't understand why we are so bad
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