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  1. There's sooooo much to say about this game but right now i will just shut up and take the hat off for Stafford beeing clutch in money time. And also Kupp to catch this ball ! I'm very happy to win this game.
  2. Damnnnn we are doing everything to lose this game, it's inevitable
  3. Knowing that we can't run and Stafford is mental prone mistake errr.....if we don't put point in this drive, it's over
  4. I have a bad feeling about this fumble....if we don't score at the beginning of the half and Buccs score a TD, the momentum will change
  5. If we can't run the ball, we will have a big issue....
  6. Well we all see Stafford turning the ball at the end of season so...it's an esay answer. But whoever advance tonight, won't make it against the Niners. They have defense + luck, you can't beat that.
  7. I don't know, the buccs are getting Fournette back and it seems that majority of the player will return from injury. It will be hard to play them.
  8. Damn this Niners team, nothing can beat them. They will win the superbowl.
  9. It's not like Stafford was schredding the worst defensive passing team each time. He was supposed to destroy the Titans and Ravens secondary and that wasn't the case. Worst games of the season. So i don't buy the narrative he will punish the Buccs secondary and Whitworth is not there, he will get pressure and made some mistake.
  10. All of you saying losing Whitworth the number one in pass blocking tackle is not important...are you out of mind ? Noteboom is ok at replacement of Whitworth but he's not Whitworth. And what happened if Noteboom is hurt ? I'm affraid this OL won't hold against the Buccs DL...
  11. Yeah i mean we saw the difference between Akers and Michel yesterday. On the play where Michel gained 3/4 yards, Akers could run for more yards and can make people miss tackle. He's more dynamic than Michel and it feels good to have him back. What i didn't like yesterday was the QB sneak from Stafford....i mean he's not good at it. His body is too high when he sneak, and when i see this formation it makes me sweat. Also, the timeout we waste....i think it's the first time in a year that i saw these timeout early into the game. It reminds me of when Goff was there and we took early t
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