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  1. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    The petition is a start but going havroc on Twitter has a bigger impact. Let's put a tweet with the Rams winning record with this guy and maybe link the hasardous decision he make against us. And then we tweet that to every Rams player, the staff, the media, etc...
  2. Cowboys @ Rams

    Oh boy i never saw it coming... But heck, if someone would have told me we were gonna run 273 rushing yards against the top 5 running defense while our defense limit Zeke to 47 rushing yards. Who would have believe this ? But this win doesn't erase my concern about Goff and the passing game. We were lucky the running game was efficient and that we didn't need Goff to win the game. This might work against the Eagles but against the Saints, it's another story.
  3. Rams vs Cowboys: Divisional Round

    TAlib and Peters = Dumb and dumber
  4. Rams vs Cowboys: Divisional Round

  5. Rams vs Cowboys: Divisional Round

    Goff is really playing poorly
  6. Rams vs Cowboys: Divisional Round

    I don't understand why Dak don't throw deep. Our secondary is garbage
  7. Rams vs Cowboys: Divisional Round

    Seriously, MCvay has to learn when to take a timeout
  8. Rams vs Cowboys: Divisional Round

    Oh my, we have a rush defense
  9. Rams vs Cowboys: Divisional Round

    I didn't get it
  10. Rams vs Cowboys: Divisional Round

    Hum we already got him
  11. Chiefs vs Colts: Divisional Round

    So much hype for MAhomes but HIll is the real MVP of the team
  12. Cowboys @ Rams

    Yes on paper we are supposed to be the better team. But in reality their defense is better and running game too. The home field advantage i don't believe in it. 30% of cowboy fans in a PO game, outside LA i don't think the % is that high ? But i don't really know. I said positive thing but i'm not blind either. Our record is 13-3 but that the weakness in our team could cost us the game tonight. There is so many question mark on defense and offense. I' m not confident at all.
  13. Cowboys @ Rams

    People think that our rushing game will be effective against the 5th rushing defense... I expect the same game scenario like against the Bears and the Eagles. I'm more confident about the Cowboys Running game that our running game and they will run a lot, playing the clock while stopping the run and putting pressure against Goff. That's their recipe and it will work unless we step up in defense or Goff playing like at the beginning of the season. If he played like the 2nd half of the season, it won't happened. I will support the Rams but i don't really have faith for tomorrow.