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  1. Rams Acquire Sammy Watkins

    If we had a 3rd round comp pick if he leaves then it's okay. I don't think you read well. I said IF Watkins is average, i'm not saying he's average. But worst of case like Chris said, we would receive a 3rd if he leave. But i do care about Franchise tag Watkins as our situation with Cap room is very tight ! Also if we extend his contract, it's gonna cost us some goood money. We will see how it's gonna pan out but i'm not very excited by this.
  2. Rams Acquire Sammy Watkins

    Well that's a scouting report and i agree with his speed and all, as he has a high percentage of 20 and 40 yards + catch with the Bills. I don't deny this. However in my eyes, he's not a big playmaker. He knows how to catch and contest a catch. But as his poor YAC shows, he can't miss the tackle and running the field. If Goff can't throw downfield, Watkins speed and burst would be useless.
  3. Rams Acquire Sammy Watkins

    Well it seems again that i'm the only one who hate this trade. First we gave up a potential 2nd high round pick for a WR who' gonna be costly for us if 1) He's average, we lost our high pick for nothing 2) He's good but we have to either tag him or give him a big contract. Reminder we have to extend contract of several key player ! Do we have enough money to do so ? And finally, i'm not a big fan of Watkins, he's a good possession WR but he's not so much of a playmaker. His YAC are very low although catch + 20 and 40 yards are high. So Watkins is a good weapon if Goff open his throw, if not, Watkins would be useless. For me, this trade is a waste, What to do with Austin ? He has a very high salary and if Kupp take the slot, Austin will be again a gadget player. But we already know Austin can't handle the X or Y position. There's no strategy whatsoever. If Snead thought of this earlier that Austin is not X or Y WR, then don't waste draft pick on Kupp or Reynolds. Fact was, this draft was deep in defense position, we needed DB help and we just draft a safety.... This is such a waste, every year we are not drafting position where strengh is there. Next year, there are gonna pretty descent WR in the draft but we won't draft one of them because of this move. This is sad. I'm starting to question Snead ability to make a descent roster...