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  1. Time for the Browns to gamble on a volatile, high variance, traits, high flashes, running ability, wild inaccurate throws at times, playmaker ... Malik Willis time
  2. For Matthew Stafford, the Rams had to give up 2, 1st Round Picks, a 3rd Round Pick, and Jared Goff A lot of people believe it's going to take 4 to 5, 1st Round Picks + Other Considerations for Russell Wilson 4 to 5, 1st Round Picks + Other Considerations for Deshaun Watson (if exonerated) 2, 1st Round Picks + Other Considerations for Aaron Rodgers 1, 1st Round Pick for Malik Willis -------- If somehow the Browns end up with the 17th overall pick and have to trade a future 1st to go up to 8 for Malik Willis, it's worth the gamble considering that maybe a future 1
  3. If Baker is out for a bit, sign me up
  4. No. Not all dual threat QB traits, skill, and prowess are equal. As a pure throwing talent requiring the ability to both layer the ball and make big time throws, he's nowhere close to the level of Justin Fields. Willis' deep ball shows a lack of feel and instinctual throwing that's very concerning. Much like Trey Lance, Willis really only has the fastball and doesn't layer the ball well. As a runner, Willis is more quick than fast and shows off RB movement skill and stop start ability. Willis is likely just 6 ft flat and is not the size athlete of Justin Fields or Trey Lanc
  5. vs. Teddy Bridgewater ... perfect underdog, leader-of-men primetime great amnesia-ing game coming up for Baker to silence the doubters... I expect a tweeter or instaflam to come out from him this week about how no one can shoulder the load he has to shoulder and how he was "built for this," Baker goes off for 4 TDs .. the small hands, non-wordsmithians will rejoice and pantaloon tingle to his wonder
  6. Long Story Short: There's no viable path to upgrade the position in the foreseeable future (most viable would've been a gamble and trade up with the Giants for the ability to gamble on Justin Fields upside from 25 to 11 instead of the Bears being able to go from 20 to 11). 1.) There's no QB upgrade option in the 2022 NFL Draft (not Malik Willis, Matt Corral, or Sam Howell) ------- 2.) Acquiring the services of Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and/or Deshaun Watson (assuming he's sufficiently exonerated) is going to take at least 3 1st rounders and likely more. Not going to happen.
  7. That's the worst call I've ever seen in my life
  8. JJIII in the tv copy but the way that played out .. Denzel passes Hopkins off to Harrison ... Harrison then jumps the underneath instead of carry with Hopkins ... JJIII is there on the rotation at the end, but that's not on him... that's on Harrison
  9. Ronnie Harrison with the blown assignment ... wasn't his pass off underneath ... Denzel had that bracket
  10. Baker's tough ... here's to hoping he can get healthy and it's not season ending . that looked like a fully torn labrum if not worse there ... no resistance Baker didn't have to eat the ball and run there and take an unnecessary hit ... just take the 5 yard completion and let the game go on
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