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  1. I mean...k? The worst weapon in the NFL joins the best offense.
  2. I remember spending several hours watching Kelvin play from recorded games at FSU, and not really understanding where the hype was. Sure, he's big, but...that's about it, really. Questionable hands, poor route runner, stiff, etc. I had him as a 2nd-3rd round guy. Honestly, I was disgusted when my team was stupid enough to select him over A-Rob. Broke my heart.
  3. Panthers @ Lions

    Second game this year Cam has had a wide open man in the end-zone at a critical moment in the game, and he folded. That's honestly really troubling.
  4. Moton isn't playing LT. Chris Clark is. Moton slid over to the right to replace Williams. Both have been tremendous.
  5. MNF: Steelers @ Buccaneers

    Every single time I watch a game with Chris Conte, I ask myself how the hell this guy still has a roster spot in the NFL.
  6. Preseason Week 1 GDT

    Ya'll are just torching Seymour. Yikes. Dude looks rough. If Benjamin had ever shown that much effort here we might not have traded that fat scrub rofl
  7. Man, not a fun topic. Armanti "The Mistake" Edwards - You traded a future 2nd for THAT!? Jimmy Clausen - I got the logic. It was hard to pass on him. Everette Brown - You traded a future 1st for THAT!? Kelvin Benjamin - Best WR class in over a decade and you came out with THAT!?
  8. Panthers Cut Jonathan Stewart

    Neither one deserved the contract they got in 2011, but Williams' was far more offensive. Dude spent the next two years flopping to first contact like a gunshot victim.
  9. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    First name that popped into my head when I read the news was Norv Turner. I'll be utterly shocked if he isn't our OC by the end of January.
  10. Giants hire Gettleman as GM

    You couldn't be more wrong on both fronts if you actually tried rofl. 1. Blame Norman's cousin, who was, at the time, Norman's agent. Red flag for stupidity #1 right there. Gettleman told him he could sign the tag or it would be rescinded. The cousin didn't inform Norman, good game, do not pass go, do not collect however many millions. Hire a decent agent instead of trying to sneak your worthless cousin a paycheck. 2. Christian McCaffrey is the most athletic, agile back i've ever personally scouted. It's going to take a little time. I said from the start he needs a year or two in an NFL strength and conditioning program. He's going to be special. As far as this hire for the G-Men, love it. Good call. Gettleman if a terrific GM.
  11. Week 15 Game Day Thread

    My issue arises with how a situation like this is handled so differently from elsewhere on the field. If this play occurs at the 40, it's likely called a fumble. He secured the ball, turned and extended, which would be construed as a "football move", establishing completion of the catch. The play should have ended the moment the ball crossed the plane, as he had already established possession and performed a "football move".
  12. Benjamin traded to Buffalo (per Schefter)

    Dude was straight garbage. I don't know that i've ever been more excited by any singular move we've made. Addition by subtraction.
  13. Sending Bumjamin's trashbag scablord inconsistency off to frosty Buffalo was the best decision this club has made in years. Good riddance. So much more space. Things are opening up.
  14. Trade Deadline News

    I am thrilled.
  15. Cam Newton

    This is incredibly selective. Yes, this play is terrible. We have left 4-5 TDs on the field so far through three games not because of pressure, but because Cam never saw them, or launched the ball fifteen feet over their heads. All three of his INTs against the Saints came on plays where he wasn't pressured. Not to mention, at minimum he was responsible for one of the sacks last week, probably two. He ran into pressure twice.