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  1. I imagine it's structured so we can get out of year 2 or 3. Cam's camp wanted a five year deal which was NEVER going to happen.
  2. He's the bridge to a QB we'll draft. They were open to Cam playing 2020, but he demanded an extension. I called it ages ago. If he demands an extension to play, he's gone.
  3. I gotta say, watching the video, he looks SUPER pale, his eyes look kinda sunken, he just looks...sick. I hope there's not something else here, I really do.
  4. Good luck man. Loved watching him play, he'll be deeply missed in Carolina, but the speech he recorded really dug into the reasons. He just doesn't feel like he's physically capable of playing the way he believes you should anymore, so he's walking away. The emotion was all too real. Love this dude. Sad day.
  5. Ultimate Swerve: Texans fire Bob after the game Immediately hire Eric Bieniemy Win Superbowl in 2020
  6. As much as I want the Texans/Titans Oiler Bowl, it's uh...
  7. Someone get Reid a sammich, stat! The more grease the better!
  8. I have a very nice beachfront condo to sell you, pennies on the dollar.
  9. Oh wow, they don't usually do live looks for position coaches.
  10. Tyreek Hill's jock strap's at the 30, man card flew to the 50. That hit was BRUTAL. Love it.
  11. Change their name to the Kansas City Chefs cuz the Texans are FEASTING right now. Also Andy Reid jokes.
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