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  1. Who's available in the 2nd that's a day one starter at LT? Eichenberg, maybe. That's about it. Everyone else is a project or a career RT.
  2. I would be utterly shocked if Carolina walked out of the top 2 rounds without a LT. We currently have Cam Erving penciled in at LT.
  3. He's been absolute trash. I think that experiment is over. He probably gets kicked inside to guard if he sticks.
  4. Two rounds and Carolina is still starting Cam Erving at LT. Yikes. Slater at 8.
  5. As a Carolina fan, I am 200% taking Slater over Surtain. We currently have Cam Erving penciled in as the starter at LT. Hard pass on a corner over a LT.
  6. Because we have literally no one at LT, but can now start Bouye/Jackson? We made a concerted effort to not address the gaping hole at LT all offseason.
  7. Can take Surtain off the board. Sewell/Slater, welcome to Carolina.
  8. I think Sam is fixable. I really do. I think the situation in New York was bad enough to say definitively "we can't judge him yet". I am usually all-in on the idea that QBs show you who they are by year three, but I think Darnold, particularly in 2020, had that stolen from him. His receivers were god awful. His oline was abysmal. His running game didn't exist. It's a very short list of QBs who can succeed in that environment, and we haven't even gotten to the issue of Adam Gase, who has now been fired from two head coaching jobs in three years. Not to say I think Sam comes to Carolina, bl
  9. I think this was a stellar move for us, honestly. We needed a QB badly, we would have had to sell the farm to probably overdraft Fields or Lance, and now we get someone with experience (granted, bad experience) that can hopefully flourish under Brady and Rhule. I'm not mad at the value. It's just what QBs are worth. If we can snag Sewell after this, I would lose my damn mind.
  10. Agreed. I don't think Atlanta wants to move with Carolina, and I think they'd charge us out of the market. I think New England is a team to watch, though.
  11. You are leaving a lot of potential on the table for sure, but I think this could feasibly go back to how disconnected fans often are from actual NFL boards. I have this weird feeling Mac is considered top-8 at worst on many boards, while guys like Fields and Lance are going to be in wildly different places on team's boards.
  12. Which is precisely why I don't see it happening lol
  13. Give Carolina Slater. We have literally no one at LT right now. Can shore up DB down the boards.
  14. I sincerely hope it's for Fields, but deep down, I know Lance is coming off the board at 3 and it breaks my heart. Carolina will be stuck with Fields, Mac or Teddy again. HUGE yikes.
  15. I can't see Atlanta trading with us. In-division to get a QBOTF? Nah. It'll be Denver or NE. Carolina is screwed.
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