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  1. Week 10 Pick: Los Angeles Chargers pls I just want to beat my father
  2. I was honestly terrified of my pick after losing 13 to 10 at half but now I don’t know what to think
  3. Also, I’m going to the Washington game as a Chiefs fan in a Mahomes jersey and I’m betting on Washington losing. I have a small feeling, I’m going to get pitchforked
  4. oh dad, if one team is going to screw it up hilariously, it’s going to be either the dolphins or the jags. You might as well flip a coin for you to choose
  5. Week 6 pick: Kansas City over Washington. I only have a little shame
  6. Week 5 Pick: Minnesota Vikings vikings please don’t lose to the lions
  7. I thought I picked the bengals. Sigh Anyway, Week 4 Pick: Bills
  8. I’m about to get crapped on so hard Week 3 Pick: Ravens (don’t frick this up, Jackson)
  9. Definitely agree. My dumbass has a point differential of 3 and I’m already onto week 3.
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