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  1. Hey fellas, hope all is well. Good to see BDL is still kicking! This league popped into my mind today and I was able to find this thread pretty quickly after googling it. It's pretty cool to see so many of the old regulars like JLash, Pheltzbahr, SirA, MD4L, Blue, Rags, Bcb, PR, TedLavie, and Lukic still around. Seems like RackCity has taken over my old team as well, which is another great WF throwback from the mafia days as well. Enjoy the off-season, and Orlando Ospreys forever! - Football2ky
  2. Thought I would check in briefly. And woah, this new Orlando owner is an idiot. Some advice from the grave: Stop dealing away young stud QBs on fantastic contracts and 3rd round picks for RBs on expiring deals. You were born on BDL third base and still can't score. Shame. Enjoy tearing apart the team, folks. Footsy out.
  3. Certainly understand your frustration, but I changed jobs since then and my schedule is going to make it next to impossible to check in here regularly. Trying to take care of this ahead of time and let you guys know so you aren't left high and dry without an owner and can find someone else to take the team.
  4. Hey all, I underestimated how much responsibility I am going to have for work in season on a weekly basis. I may have to give my team up.
  5. I've already voted on every topic, those votes have not changed.
  6. - Reduce the % of 3ups from 85% to 75%: YES - BDL Cap is set at NFL cap (in thousands) for the given season: NO - Add Franchise Tag - Franchise tag player for 1 year at the average of the top 5 players at their position in the BDL if they're set to become a UFA: NO - Increase # of years on mid to late round picks: NO - Increase the FA minimum bid from 40% to 50% of IRL salary: NO - Reduce Max contract size for players from 6 years to 5 years: YES Those are my votes.
  7. Orlando bids: David Amerson 3 years $900 per year
  8. Orlando bids: Jason Verrett 5 years/$4,500 per year
  9. Orlando offers: Christian Kirksey 3 years/$3,800 per year
  10. Orlando offers: Danny Trevathan 2 years/$3,400 per year Sheldon Richardson 3 years/$3,800 per year Jason Verrett 3 years/$3,400 per year Dylan Cole 3 years/$501 per year
  11. Orlando offers: QB Phillip Rivers 6 years/$13,850 per year
  12. Orlando offers: QB Phillip Rivers 6 years/$12,400 per year
  13. So, the bid should be valid then. The contract value went up $3,000 from my bid, and the total value is over the $20,000 line. "Contracts greater than or equal to $20,000 the current offer must be beaten by $2,000" is the language of it.
  14. I thought it was $1,000 total, not per year? May need some clarification on that.
  15. Orlando offers: QB Phillip Rivers 6 years/$10,500 per year
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