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  1. That’s my concern with evans as well. Just can’t stay healthy.
  2. We’re either rolling with Allen or Shelton. Unless, there’s some FA out there that they have in mind. A little worrisome.
  3. High upside guy that dominated in D2, don’t hate it.
  4. I’d be surprised if he even makes the team. 7th rounders are basically throwaways
  5. Are there any centers left out there with upside?? id be stoked with Dylan Moses and Trey Smith
  6. That’s actually not a bad idea. I like that
  7. Wouldn’t mind that at all. shocked that Dylan Moses is still available.
  8. Shocked to see another WR..
  9. Thought that was cheesy as hell too
  10. Agreed. Would be very surprised if we don’t take OL/CB
  11. Bobby brown. Great replacement for brockers
  12. Such a big mauler. Not sure he would’ve fit our blocking scheme.
  13. 2 fourth rounders.
  14. If we can draft a LB and Oline in round 3 I’ll be stoked. Until then I need more beer
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