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  1. I’m not giving up on him because he hasn’t really done anything. It’s a luxury pick that feels wasted because we have issues at ILB,Corner depth and Center(which seems to be fine now).
  2. Our defense scheme is absolutely garbage. We’re continuing to struggle against sub par teams it’s very frustrating.
  3. Weird game so far. Still not happy with the defense
  4. Sloppy sloppy playing by us. Too many stupid penalties. Run game looks solid so far today so that’s good
  5. Still don’t understand the penalties on that fake punt. Would’ve been a huge momentum change for us. Ughh
  6. Can’t stand the play calling by morris. It’s the f****** giants, they suck!!
  7. That makes sense. But at the same time it’s Geno friggen smith. Guy hasn’t played meaningful football in 5 years or whatever. Pressure the guy
  8. This defense is bull****. Having all our corners play 10-15 yards off is ****. Morris is coaching scared and I’m getting sick of it.
  9. Playing Ramsey at this “star” position is awful. Keep DK and half the field locked down. So tired of this.
  10. I can’t believe Seattle paid that much for Adam’s. Guy can’t cover anyone
  11. And the kickers tonight. Just nuts.
  12. Ehhh Seatle’s offense is decent, wouldn’t call them real. As far as our offense goes there seems to be 0 flow, lots of bad throws by Stafford and we’re awful on 3 rd down tonight.
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