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  1. New jerseys leaked?

    The helmets look good.
  2. New jerseys leaked?

    They like the color rush jerseys but with more neon. All they had to do was update the blue/yellow or blue and white. Instead they dropped acid and came up with this abomination
  3. New jerseys leaked?

    These are horrible looking. They’ve really botched the logo release and now the jerseys. Quite frustrating
  4. 2020 Schedule

    It all honestly depends on the current quarantine rules. It’s quite strict here in California, should be more information in the coming months.
  5. 2020 Draft Thread

    That’s the most likely scenario. I have a feeling Gurleys knee problem is a lot more serious than we all know. Total shame. He was such a great player for us.
  6. 49ers trade RB Brieda to Dolphins

    Good move for the Fins. Brieda is a solid back, just needs to stay healthy.
  7. 2020 Draft Thread

    Wish we could have gotten a pick from the Fins for Gurley.
  8. 2020 Draft Thread

    Because he’s always mr positive
  9. 2020 Draft Thread

    As long as he stays out of trouble...
  10. 2020 Draft Thread

    Nope. Choo choo
  11. 2020 Draft Thread

    I have a feeling we’ll trade down with one our next 2 picks.
  12. 2020 Draft Thread

    Dammit Seattle, you better not.
  13. General Season Talk

  14. YOUR 3 guys

    1. Dobbins rb 2. Uche LB 3. Williams DL
  15. New logo/colors unveiled Monday

    It looks like the chargers reject logo from a while ago. Not a fan. The actual ram one is decent.