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  1. Should have kept running and Kupp should have caught that td. Ughhh
  2. About damn time we establish the run. Keep going.
  3. No rhythm or balance on offense so far. Very lousy start, hopefully it gets better.
  4. Lewis almost had his first sack. Looks solid out there so far.
  5. He’s always 2 steps behind and moves like a slug. Get him off the field.
  6. Offense looks great so far. Hopefully we keep running the ball with Henderson. Defense is doing alright. Reeder is so damn slow at ILB, we need to address that position in the off-season and draft.
  7. They have 0 running game and not a lot of weapons. It’s going to be a long season for them. awful turnover
  8. Fantastic opening drive by the offense. Morgan fox has been a making plays these last 2 weeks. Good to see. edit, spelling
  9. Donald looks decent lol. Very impressed with Henderson today. Rowo is so versatile and fits this offense perfectly.
  10. Great response on both sides of the ball. Great play calling on offense. Let’s get another turnover
  11. Of course you don’t. You’re the biggest pessimist on this site
  12. Well that’s a weird play. Hopefully it’s a turnover
  13. Why did they sign him before Robinson? That’s baffling.
  14. Solid deal and well deserved. He does so much for this offense.
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