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  1. Yup. Jimmy has 2 Touchdowns and 5 picks his last 3 games. Not good at all. He single handidly cost us the Titans game and almost help us implode today. I'm ready to move on. We have too.
  2. 49ers never make it easy. Jimmy hits Aiyuk down the field, it's probably 26-7 or 30-7. But no, 49ers HAVE to make it a close game. Always. Ugh.
  3. I know we won, but that was one of the ugliest games I've ever seen. Both teams played like morons and McCarthy and Shanahan were awful. On to GB I guess.
  4. Great play call by Shanny. I still think he sucks managing games.
  5. It's what Shanahan does. Guy doesn't know how to coach 4 qaurters.
  6. Yup. Shanny doesn't know how to coach for 4 qaurters. His conservative playcalling has cost us games.
  7. There's a reason Shanahan has blown multiple 4th quarter leads. This game is a great example.
  8. They're shutting down the run game because bad Jimmy sucks at passing.
  9. This team is so dumb. I'm sorry, but blown 4th quarter leads seem to follow Shanahan everywhere.
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