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  1. Is Cam Newton on a HOF pace?

    As long as Cam’s tenure with the Patriots isn’t a one-and-done, I think he could gain some traction in the Pats’ offense and make a couple of runs with a reloaded New England squad. Newton himself will be the catalyst, and the Patriots will sink or sail depending on Josh McDaniels and Cam. I’ve read on NESN’s website that Cam has been working out with Mohammad Sanu and N’Keal Harry. Both are excellent receivers, and if all three play up to form, the Patriots will do well this year.
  2. Is Cam Newton on a HOF pace?

    I think if he wins a Super Bowl or two with the Patriots, a case could be made for Newton being a Hall of Famer.
  3. What should be the new name of the Washington NFL team?

    The best suggestions I’ve seen here are Warriors; Red Tails or Redtails; and Americans. I’m sure the NFL could persuade the NBA to not make a fuss over having another major sports team use the name “Warriors.” If they did go with “Warriors,” keep the uniforms the same and have a “W” on the helmet instead of the head. There are a few suitable options available that don’t sound completely stupid, but Dan Snyder seems to have his heels dug in pretty good on this. He probably thinks rebranding the Redskins would upset diehard ‘Skins fans. On that note, I think that almost all the Redskins fans would get over the name change if the team started winning on a consistent basis. Winning solves a lot of problems.
  4. Our Offense Now...Where Does it Rank?

    I would say average. Should be middle-of-the-road-ish if everyone plays up to expectations and injuries are kept to a minimum. The games will be won and lost with defense and special teams - think 1980s New York Giants. That’s the team Belichick is trying to build. Could finish 11-5 or 12-4 if everything goes well with Newton and nobody underachieves.
  5. 2020 Browns Hype

    I bought into the Cleveland hype last season and can’t bring myself to do it again this season. I wish the Browns all the success in the world, and root for them to win except when they play the Patriots, but I just need to see a little more progress. Good hunting, Brownies.
  6. New Stadium: Who Is Next?

  7. Chiefs Chris Jones - Wants 20m or wont play

    Well, if one or two players suck up all or most of the money under the salary cap, there's less money for other quality players. If there are fewer quality players, the team doesn't win. If Chris Jones won't even pretend to care at all about winning, then I certainly wouldn't want him on a team that I root for.
  8. Chiefs Chris Jones - Wants 20m or wont play

    So, if Chris Jones thinks he's worth 20M per season, what does he think Patrick Mahomes should get, and how much should be left over for the other 51 players on the roster? Or is that not Jones' problem?
  9. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    Hope he stays healthy. This is shaping up to be the most “interesting” Patriots season in a very long time.
  10. New Stadium: Who Is Next?

    Whatever Gillette’s shortcomings, it’s not even 20 years old! Where would a new stadium go? Foxborough is the ONLY good place in New England for it. Right next to Rt. 1 and I-95, and equidistant from Boston; Worcester; and Providence. As a construction worker, I’d relish the chance to help build a stadium for the Patriots, but it is so unnecessary. Buffalo is really the only team I can think of that needs a new stadium.
  11. New Stadium: Who Is Next?

    The next new stadium should definitely be Buffalo. Rich Stadium or whatever they call it is long overdue for replacement. The Bills and their fans at least deserve a decent stadium.
  12. Should Bill Belichick be banned from football?

    Belichick isn’t likely to show remorse or any other emotion publicly. You’ll see him happy after a huge playoff or Super Bowl win, and that’s about it. To show remorse would be to imply guilt - and you and I both know the likelihood of that happening. I root for him because he coaches the Patriots. I don’t know him personally, and I’ve never met the man. All I know is that I count on him to do a job, and he’s done that job better than anyone else I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. I freely admit that if Belichick coached anywhere else I’d hate his guts. But even if Bill Belichick coached the Miami Dolphins or the New York Jets - two teams I detest - I would have to admit he’s a first ballot Hall of Famer. I also can’t wait for him to break Don Shula’s wins record. I’m just sad that Shula will be watching from that big press box in the sky, and not down here with us when it happens.
  13. Worst Teams to Make the Super Bowl

    If you told me in 2013 that the Patriots would go to four of the next five Super Bowls; win three of them; stage an all-time OT comeback; and only lose a barn-burner to the Eagles, I would take that every day of the week. Congratulations on winning Super Bowl LVII. Enjoy it. The Eagles deserved it. If that’s the cost of winning XLIX; LI; and LIII (especially LI) - so be it.
  14. Worst Teams to Make the Super Bowl

    I remember that. I watched them all.
  15. Worst Teams to Make the Super Bowl

    The ‘94 Chargers weren’t a bad team, but I remember the 49ers being REALLY good. I think they would have waxed anyone in the Super Bowl that year. Sometimes pretty good teams are made to look bad by great teams in the Super Bowl, and I firmly believe that nobody gets to the Super Bowl by accident. You have to beat two or three quality teams just to get there, and then you have to play the best team from the other conference. I would have to say that the number of truly unworthy Super Bowl teams is probably quite low.