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  1. XLVI. Because of the New York - Boston rivalry, and the vengeance factor. Given how LI turned out, I wasn’t as upset about LII because I figured the football gods might want repayment on the comeback. Hopefully the Pats can get it back this year. Preferably by a 68-0 score. That would be nice.
  2. Who's due for a career year in 2018?

    Jimmy Garoppolo.
  3. Eagles vs Patriots SBLII GDT

    Nice post, but the Patriots Super Bowl vs the Packers was the 1996 season. Looking forward to a good game tomorrow
  4. What was the first Super Bowl you watched?

    Super Bowl XX when I was 11 years old. It was the second NFL football game I ever watched. The first game I ever watched was the AFC Championship Game vs. the Dolphins just 14 days earlier. I was at my aunt's house and my cousins were watching the Pats beat the Fish in the Orange Bowl for the first time since 1966! I got sucked in and have been a Patriots fan through all the ups and downs ever since!
  5. I am looking for a team to follow outside of the Browns

    Before the turn of the century, some of us Patriots fans put up with a lot over the course of our time rooting for the Pats. ‘Member the grand total of 9 wins in the years ‘90-‘92? ’Member the Patriots being thisclose to moving to St. Louis? ’Member the Patriots getting stomped in Super Bowl XX by the Bears? ’Member Bill Parcells leaving New England to coach the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets? ’Member the Lisa Olson incident? ’Member the Pete “the poodle” Carroll years? ’Member when all the home games were blacked out on local TV? ’Member when the Patriots were THE laughingstock of the entire NFL? I do. and I stuck with my team. Sure, there are PLENTY of Patriots fans who don’t remember the bad olde days; but many of us do, and we know how blessed we’ve are. If someone wants to climb aboard, and root for the Patriots, I’d love to have him. Although the Patriots haven’t had the same misery as the Browns have over recent years, I sympathize immensely and would love to see the Browns get it together. Here’s hoping things take a turn for the better. If the Patriots aren’t your bag, I would try the Bills (similar to the Browns and on the way up) or the Forty-Niners (up and coming QB and a seemingly competent front office). God be with you on your search.
  6. Brady's Alleged 2016 Concussion

    If there is evidence, the average fan has no access to it. The average fan hasn't seen the so-called "spygate tapes" and the average fan has no desire to learn what the "ideal gas law" is. The rest of the country doesn't care, therefore I don't either. Whatever. Eff 'em.
  7. Brady's Alleged 2016 Concussion

    There are some things that you just can't talk to some people about. Things like religion; politics; and the New England Patriots. Everyone has an opinion that is impossible to change. I don't even try to convince people anymore. Just a waste of time. Just move on and let them rant. I'm entertained on Sunday and that's all that matters to me.