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  1. So... The Steelers had a golden opportunity to have a playoff run without the Patriots looming to slap them silly, and they’re totally pissing the opportunity away. Well, I think this is great! You can always count on the Steelers to take an opponent too lightly and crap out in the playoffs. Get it done, Cleveland!!!
  2. Stubbornness is what this is really all about. As awful as the Newton signing was, replacing Newton would be a public admission of failure that Bill’s ego could never let him make.
  3. I’m reminded of the days of Tommy Hodson and Hugh Millen. We’ve been spoiled since 1993.
  4. You both make an excellent case for the 2020 draft. That being said, there is absolutely no visible plan for retooling the offense in general and the quarterback position in particular. Are we in for another free agent stopgap caretaker on the cheap? Young first round quarterbacks are expensive and the odds seeing another Hall of Fame quarterback fall into our laps in the sixth round are minuscule at best. Something like that only happens once every twenty or thirty years. Johnny Unitas and Joe Montana come to mind. I was hoping for Jake Fromm to be drafted to compete with
  5. We’ve all heard how Bill Belichick hasn’t drafted a Pro Bowler since 2013, and we all saw the SNF graphic that showed that all but the two most recent wide receivers drafted are out of the NFL. The QB situation is one of, if not the worst in the NFL. The 2020 draft was an unmitigated disaster. The Patriots are very likely on their way to a losing season and there are a boatload of personnel questions going forward. So... I have to wonder what the Krafts are thinking about how Belichick has been handling his drafts. He has been missing on the overwhelming majority - too many - of his picks,
  6. If they only win one more game this season, please let it be this one. I’m rooting for the Bills to finally win something, and losing to the Jets would actually hurt New York. But the Dolphins... eff them in the liver.
  7. I think with a healthy Tom Brady, the Patriots would have been anywhere from 13-3 to 15-1 and likely would have been back in the Super Bowl. I also think that 2009 wouldn’t have been the bleep-show that it was. That 2009 squad was my least favorite Patriots team of the Brady Era.
  8. I like Zach Wilson. Despite the conference he plays in, he sure looks like a good quarterback...
  9. I guess Tom was too smart to know that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Almost every man has a horrible boss at some point in his life, but he couldn’t put up with Coach Bill for two more years? Brady is finally getting paid and has all the offensive weapons he wants. He was an unrestricted free agent and could go to any team that would have him, but this is where he ended up. On the other hand, I’m glad he finally got paid and has the respect he so richly deserves. Long overdue.
  10. Seems pretty selfish of you. They have as much a right to be happy as you do. I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one.
  11. How about the Dallas Cowboys, the Detroit Lions, and their fans wanting to preserve their decades-long tradition? Is that not a good enough reason? What about what they want?
  12. I’m at the point where I can’t even guess what will happen. As always - hoping for the best.
  13. Pretty sure the Patriots will miss the playoffs this year. In a related story, I think the Dolphins are going to miss the playoffs, too.
  14. February 3, 2002 - The Patriots win Super Bowl XXXVI and become America’s lovable post-9/11 underdogs. March 17, 2020 - Tom Brady leaves the Patriots and America breathes a sigh of relief, saying; “thank goodness that’s over!” Things change.
  15. I’m just thankful that we have a season at all. It’s a down year for the Patriots, but I’m thankful for the past 20 years (17 division titles; 9 AFC Championships; 6 Super Bowl Championships) and hopefully I’ll get to witness the next 20. I never thought I’d see the Patriots win even one title, so I’ve been blessed. I’m thankful for ownership that was committed to keeping the Patriots from moving to St. Louis in 1994, opening a beautiful new stadium in 2002, and building a team that has had only two losing seasons (and one 8-8 season) since ‘94. So, to sum up: I’m thankful to even
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