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  1. Patriots Defensive Coordinator Greg Schiano stepping down

    So long, Greg. We hardly knew ye.

    Looks like the Browns are going for it. Good for you guys. See you in the playoffs.
  3. Pats acquire Eagles DE Michael Bennett

    I’m not crazy about this. I’d rather the Patriots keep Flowers, Gronkowski, and draft. Does anyone remember Michael Bennett from Super Bowl XLIX? Not impressed.
  4. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    You forget that things were pretty lean here for a while. Over 15 years without a title from 1986 (Celtics) to 2001 (Patriots). In the ‘90s, Boston sports talk yakkers were calling Boston “Loserville.” Yes, the Celtics were great in the ‘60s and ‘80s, but aside from that, all Boston had to show for itself between 1918 and 2001 was five Bruins Stanley Cup championships (1929; ‘39; ‘41; ‘70; and ‘72). Ancient history. Just trying to catch up to other cities that have had more success. The Celtics have the most NBA titles ever, but almost half came in one decade 50 years ago, and Boston’s trophy case is basketball-heavy. We were sorely lacking in football and baseball and are just trying to catch up. Could use more hockey, too, but Bruins ownership is THE. WORST. I’m 44 years old and remember the bad old days. There are fans my age and older that deserve every last bit of this.
  5. Greatest non SB winning Team of all time.

    Sticking to teams I’ve seen play. 2006 San Diego Chargers. 1986 Chicago Bears. 1988 Cincinnati Bengals. 2011 Baltimore Ravens. 1987 Cleveland Browns. 2018 Kansas City Chiefs. 2014 Seattle Seahawks. 2016 Atlanta Falcons.
  6. Greatest non SB winning Team of all time.

    Despite their 16-0 regular season record, I always felt that the 2007 Patriots were a great passing offense, but had some other holes. I never felt 100% confident in their defense, and the running game wasn’t terribly strong. These weaknesses were eventually exploited, obviously. I might go with the ‘86 Bears.
  7. Rebuilding the Patriots

    OBJ would be huge. Part of me thinks Brady might talk Gronkowski into staying one more season to try for three out of four. So many questions...
  8. Are most teams ok with their current starting QB?

    Tom Brady’s been a pretty ok quarterback for a little while now. He’s the perfect stopgap at the QB position until the Patriots can finally get a real franchise quarterback...
  9. Who are the greatest never was' of the NFL?

    I completely agree with you. He would have changed the course of NFL history. He really was that good. I didn’t know this before, but I also read that he was the first black player to win the Heisman Trophy. I had never heard of him until Sports Illustrated ran a story on him several years ago. I think far too many people don’t know who he was, and he would have been one of the absolute greatest.
  10. Who are the greatest never was' of the NFL?

    Ernie “The Express” Davis. Heisman Trophy winner in 1961 with Syracuse, and drafted number one overall in 1962. Died of leukemia in 1963. Never played a single down of professional football. Gone far too soon.
  11. Has Tom Brady has 3 different HOF Careers?

    I love these threads for two reasons. 1. Because I’m a Patriots fan. 2. Because I love reading the posts of other fans. Believe it or not, there is a fan base even worse than the Patriots’. I belong to a hockey forum and it is absolutely overrun with fans of one particular team who love to crow all day and all night about how amazing their team is - and especially how good they’re going to be. The thing that makes these fans so insufferable, is that this once-proud Original Six team hasn’t won the Stanley Cup in over FIFTY (50) years! It’s comical, and I feel bad for them. They haven’t even been to the Finals since 1967!!! Anyways, as bad as we Patriots fans can be, (and we enjoy being insufferable), at least the Patriots win. Imagine how awful it would be having to deal with us if the Pats weren’t winning. I like you guys far too much to subject you all to that, so I’ll continue to pray for the Patriots to keep winning. As for the OP... I don’t know about three HOF careers. Each phase seems to lack “something.” The whole is most definitely greater than the sum of its parts.
  12. Do the Chiefs win the SB with Hunt?

    Yup. 1-3 all time vs. the NFC East in the Super Bowl.
  13. Do the Chiefs win the SB with Hunt?

    Wow. Now I’ve seen everything. An Eagles fan using the Giants to troll the Patriots. I expected more from you than to stoop that low. The Eagles played a great game against the Patriots in Super Bowl LII and are now .500 in the Super Bowl against New England.
  14. AFC Early Predictions

    If the Chiefs go 16-0 you better pray hard they win it all. If you thought losing this years AFC Championship Game was bad, you don’t ever want to know what “18-1” feels like.