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  1. I am certain Bill Belichick will not underestimate Carson Wentz, especially coming off a bye week. There have been a handful of very rare occasions where it seemed like Belichick was caught off guard by a quarterback who completely came out of nowhere, or played out of his mind on that particular day - but it hasn’t happened very often. And I don’t think Wentz and the Colts are going to get the drop on the Patriots coming off a bye week. If the Colts win tonight, it will come down to execution, plain and simple. Frank Reich is one of the best coaches in the league, and the Colts will be ready.
  2. No Damien Harris tonight for the Patriots. I think that means we are probably going to see much more passing tonight. Stevenson isn’t going to get 35 carries tonight. I just don’t see that happening. So I guess we’ll see just how well Mac can carry the offense. I’m a little concerned about how well the Patriots can contain Taylor, but I’m expecting a short-passing; ball-control; grind it out game plan vs. the Colts to keep him on the sideline. I know this would be completely out of character for the Patriots, but that’s what I think is going to go down. Patriots by a field
  3. Really? You WANT it to get worse? I wouldn’t wish that on the Jaguars. Haven’t they suffered enough?
  4. There are some pretty great posts here.
  5. I agree, but he won’t sell the team. Why would he? Even the Jaguars are a certified cash cow. Nobody ever sells without some kind of external pressure or catalyst. This whole situation is fascinating to me. It’s a total bleep-show that’s getting worse every day, and I can’t help but follow it.
  6. I was 25 when the Patriots drafted Tom Brady. His career has spanned two NFL commissioners; three popes; and four presidents. Personally, I’ve changed careers once; moved three times; owned three different vehicles; and gotten married.
  7. AT WORST Rob Gronkowski is number two behind Tony Gonzalez. But I think he’s better. So, yes. Gronkowski is the greatest TE of all time.
  8. If I was a Browns fan I’d want to re-sign him. Who do you replace him with? With a decent team around him (and by that I mean a team that isn’t completely full of nobodies) I think they are capable of making a run. And we all know that if you can get to the Conference Championship Game, anything can happen.
  9. That Buccaneers TD sure looked eerily similar to the Patriots TD last Monday.
  10. Congratulations, Cleveland!!! Thank you. Great win.
  11. WTF is going on with the Raiders??? The wheels have totally fallen off the wagon.
  12. I like where your head’s at, brother. I think they really can. Whether they do or not - time will tell.
  13. I really hate the Dolphins. They’ve been a thorn in the Patriots’ backside for as long as I can remember. No matter how good the Patriots are, the Fish give them a tough game in at least one of the two matchups. However… the two signature games in the series are both Patriots wins - the “Snow Plow Game” and the 1985 AFC Championship Game (January 1986). So at least there’s that.
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