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  1. If Don Shula and Chuck Noll are part of the ‘Paul Brown Tree,’ then Mike Vrabel is part of Belichick’s.
  2. How very NHL of them to change the format. There was nothing wrong with the NFL’s format. Just more fixing what isn’t broken.
  3. Hopefully N’Keal Harry gets his first touchdown this year. Really pulling for him to have a breakout game. The key to this game will be time of possession. That’s the only way I can see the Patriots having a shot at winning this. If KC loads up against the run, hit them with short passes.
  4. The uniforms the Rams wore in Super Bowl LIII were amazing. Timeless. They moved back to LA - fine. Why not keep the traditional LA threads? One thing I can say for 21st Century marketing is that there is a relentless push to fix everything that isn’t broken.
  5. Patriots 3 - Dolphins 0 December 12, 1982. “The Snow Plow Game.”
  6. I’m expecting more ball-control offense tonight to keep Wilson and the Seattle offense off the field. Lots of Burkhead, Michel, and Taylor (“BMT”). Looking to see the tight ends get more involved this week, and when are we going to see Kyle Duggar? I want to see if he was worth picking at #37 overall.
  7. Hoping for solid games from my adopted Patriots tonight!!! I think N’Keal Harry won’t have a ton of catches tonight because the ‘Hawks will throw the kitchen sink at him, but he should make amends for his fumble last week. I expect 5-6 catches and a touchdown. Stephon Gilmore MUST have a good mistake-free game today for the Patriots to win. The offense is still very much in transition, so the defense needs to stand up to the test of Russell Wilson. Containing him will be the key to success tonight. Obviously, we all know this and none of it is particularly insightful. But I don’t see the need to over-complicate this game, and it seems very simple to me.
  8. I’m going to go defense and add #24 Stephon Gilmore
  9. https://www.nbcsports.com/boston/patriots/patriots-nkeal-harry-big-brother-cam-newton-developing-strong-bond?fbclid=IwAR0zdErG1UeuzdpOXCgpCV2S3kjG3V_ATwpNfQoKlobhPhY08Ap6rD3EfRA My man ‘Keal.
  10. I’m a hardcore Pats fan since ‘86 still rooting for Tom Brady. The funny thing is that I always liked the Bucs, too. Perfect landing spot for Brady as far as I was concerned. #PewterPowerReturns #PiratesInPewterPants
  11. I’m in. Looking forward to Sunday!
  12. Though it’s highly unlikely, I’d like to see New England’s Super Bowl drought come to an end. Feels like it’s been forever...
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