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  1. Can we name every team's best player ever?

    Bills: OJ Simpson Dolphins: Dan Marino Jets: ????? Patriots: Tom Brady Steelers: Joe Greene Browns: Jim Brown Bengals: Anthony Munoz Ravens: Ray Lewis Titans: Earl Campbell Texans: JJ Watt Jaguars: Tony Boselli Colts: Peyton Manning Raiders: Gene Upshaw Broncos: John Elway Chiefs: Derrick Thomas Chargers: Dan Fouts Eagles: Reggie White Cowboys: Emmitt Smith Giants: Lawrence Taylor Redskins: Darrell Green Bears: Richard Butkus Lions: Barry Sanders Vikings: Alan Page Packers: Bart Starr Saints: Drew Brees Falcons: Deion Sanders Panthers: Julius Peppers Buccaneers: Leroy Selmon Rams: Deacon Jones Seahawks: Russell Wilson Cardinals: Larry Fitzgerald 49ers: Jerry Rice
  2. Super Bowl XLII. The rest of the losses sting a whole lot less due to the hundreds of regular season wins, dozens of playoff wins, and the six Super Bowl wins. Those cure a lot of heartache.
  3. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    This. The head coach MUST bear SOME responsibility for this. If I were the owner of the Browns, I’d want to know why one of my players tried to kill a man on a football field on national TV - and I’d want to know from the coach how that could have ever been allowed to happen on his watch. PS: I am ok with the suspensions handed down. I think everyone got what was fair.
  4. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    I’m dying to see Harry play. He has the talent to be a Patriots all-time great. Time to torch those turkeys.
  5. College programs your team seems to favor

    Patriots seem to like players from Alabama, Rutgers, and lately Georgia.
  6. What players and coaches are media favorites?

    Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson seem to be getting a lot of play in the media right now.
  7. The Browns. They’ve been so bad for so long, and STILL suffering the consequences of The Move. I’d love to see them win the Super Bowl just once because Cleveland fans don’t deserve THIS. And I’m a Pats fan.
  8. GDT 8, Browns run the Blue and Red GOAT Gauntlet

    Super Bowl LII set a record for most yards gained in an NFL game. Ever. One punt in the entire game, and only two takeaways - a Patriots interception deep in the red zone and the Eagles’ strip sack that ended the game. The Patriots are transitioning to a 1980s ball-control style of play. Think Bill Parcells’s Giants. Brady won’t kill the Browns, but the defense might. For the Browns to have a chance to win on Sunday, they must get first downs and win the time of possession battle (thereby wearing down the defense); and keep the turnovers to a minimum. It’s very basic stuff, but the margin for error is razor thin. Good luck on Sunday.
  9. 2019 Defense. I always pick the defense. That’s what wins championships.
  10. Nostalgic/Throwback games chat thread

    Week 6 2001 Patriots at Colts. David Patten rushes for a TD; passes for a TD; and catches two touchdowns. I’ve never seen another game quite like it in almost 35 years. One of my all time favorites, and very underrated game.
  11. Do NFL executives want a Patriots-Cowboys Super Bowl LIV?

    Millions upon millions of people watch no matter who’s playing. I watch no matter who’s playing. It’s not like the World Series or NBA Finals. I don’t think the overwhelming majority of Americans really care. Don’t get me wrong; everyone wants their team in, but we all watch even when our team doesn’t make it.
  12. Nothing says “Thursday Night” like Titans-Jaguars. Seriously, the NFL invented TNF to get teams (and markets) like these on national television.
  13. Around the NFL 2019

    Ben is the only good QB I’ve ever seen suit up for the Steelers. I’m too young to remember Terry Bradshaw, but Pittsburgh will try to rebuild through defense and running backs as they always have. Roethlisberger was a home run for the Steelers, and it’s not likely they’ll find or even look for another QB like him. They’re more likely to emulate the Dallas offense than someone like New Orleans or the Rams. The Roethlisberger injury likely speeds up the rebuild, and the Fitzpatrick trade won’t hurt them as they likely would have picked a defensive player with that pick, anyway. The Steelers get a proven defensive player and don’t have to wait a year for him to hit the field. They’ll take a serviceable QB sometime in the middle rounds and go from there. Standard Steeler operating procedure.
  14. Pats Sign OL Caleb Benenoch

    Thankfully, the softer early schedule will allow for any new players to integrate into the system and gel with the rest of the line. The Patriots’ defense also looks good enough to bail out the offense if the O-line has a bad day. I’d feel better if a trade was made for a high quality lineman, but we’ll see how this works out. Still plenty of time to patch things up or make a trade. I’m sure the coaches and personnel guys are working on the problem.
  15. As you like, sir. I respectfully disagree.