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  1. Las Vegas Stadium News

    40 year loans. I was sure they were coming in 2008. They'll be back.
  2. Las Vegas Stadium News

    I like it. I'll be in Vegas some next season. We can party at G's house. Moving to Vegas? A thought. I want to get out of California but there's too much work to just leave it behind and the weather's exceptional. Actually I like this discussion on real estate. My Son's friends want to make their first purchase. I told them to wait for the decline in property values. It happens every 10 years give or take and we're beyond that point. The last recession was a lalapalozza. It will extend the period beyond what we've experience in the past unless there's a major catastrophe.
  3. Las Vegas Stadium News

    I find this discussion very interesting but where are we going with this topic?
  4. The too ugly to start a thread.

    An optimistic statement. He's right. Can we finish 11-5? Unlikely but possible. I try to be optimistic. 10-6? We'll win more games this year.
  5. Week 12 GDT Raiders(6-4) Jets(3-7)

    So what's your theory regarding that?
  6. Week 12 GDT Raiders(6-4) Jets(3-7)

    Good post. The Jets run D is good. We don't know who they've played or at least I don't. We know how strong our run game is and must be. The quality of the Jets pass defense or lack thereof is questionable and we should take advantage. Waller, Williams hell, all of them need to have a big game. The pundants are saying we have to win this game and I am nervous. The Jets have been playing well. I may need sedation this Sunday which I've avoided up to this point as I questioned the Raiders ability as a team. This and the Chiefs game the following week are make or break games if we're to have the least bit of a chance to win the AFC West. I'm dreamin'.
  7. That seems to be the position of most if not all coaches in the NFL. They want to score first gain the momentum and place pressure on the opposition. Unfortunately if you are unsuccessful you're immediately at a deficit not to mention at the start of the second half. I guess it depends on the strength of your defense. Decades earlier, maybe in the 70's or 80's the Raiders occasionally would defer reception until the second half. I prefer it.
  8. I like to defer possession to the 2nd half kickoff. If you're down you get the ball first. Momentum is so important in the second half and especially the fourth quarter where games can be won or lost.
  9. Whooa! BP is definitely optimistic. I like it. This team is playing better than expected and everyone has bought in. They are playing with passion. Do we have weak links? Yes, but I don't think they'll lose this game They need to get their running game going. With this Oline we have the meat.
  10. Pessimist. We'll run the hell out of the ball. If they stack the box Carr will have a passing field day. Can the Bungals have a once in a season game against us. Not with the rushing success we've had. Jacobs will easily romp for over 100 yards.
  11. Week 8 GDT - Raiders at Texans

    I did not know that and it is good news. I agree, I'll take our O line to their D line. We have THE MEAT. I'm getting psyched up for this game.
  12. Week 8 GDT - Raiders at Texans

    Ouch! But if he can get 90 yards we'll do well. Wait a minute; we have animals on our O line. Is Trent Brown our RT playing? 6'8" 359 pounds. Just a little guy. I heard he was 380. You watch, we'll do better than some people think as we have THE MEAT.
  13. Week 8 GDT - Raiders at Texans

    Is Arden Key playing? Not that I'm overly impressed with him this year.
  14. Week 8 GDT - Raiders at Texans

    I think their run defense is better than top ten. I thought I saw it was in the top 5. Very poor pass defense like 27th or 30th.. Has anyone had the time to see who they played against and how good or bad their opponents running game was? That's our strong suit. We'll need to run against them to win this game.
  15. Las Vegas Stadium News

    The good; getting excited about this. Great shot of the stadium. The bad; my Son's friends asking about my tickets and my Nephew wanting to attend opening day. He says "I'll buy the food". Big Whoop!