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  1. I heard a very interesting football news note. Due to Covid 19 one team is not using a huddle in an effort to separate or distance the players. I know this is a very effective training procedure. If you can do this often during a game you will give the opposing team fits. The NFL doesn't use it enough in my opinion and I know why. Carr can call audibles as needed. I'd like to see the Raiders do more of this.
  2. No Raiders have opted out so far. The Patriots have lost 6. Couldn't happen to a better team.
  3. You're right. However, they did show one from 2017; Raiders at Chiefs. Players and coaches that were easy to forget. Two penalties by the Chiefs causing automatic 1st downs with 0.00 on the clock for a Raider victory. I was so desperate I watched it twice.
  4. Guy's, I am really depressed. I watched an A's, Angels game last night on TV. Cardboard in the stands. No roar from the crowd. It ain't the same. Without fans the Raider games will be noticeably different. It will take a rare player/team to keep their game at a high level in these conditions.
  5. It's likely because we have been a below average team. I go through this all the time with higher hopes than your average sport commentator. We are not liked by many; there is the East Coast bias. Some despise the Raiders. The commentators I referred to ragged on our draft. They said we have difficult opponents. I thought it was just the opposite. We've bolsters our defense. We've added weapons to our offense. We'll have competition at QB. However, this season will be.......different. No fans it looks like. How will we do? I'm up for it and may lay a bet on wins over 7.5.
  6. Not to stop you guys from arguing about Carr but I just heard the over/under bet for wins for the Raiders this season at 7.5. -110 for either bet. Then some prognosticators on NFL Network push for the under bet saying the Raiders will only be 6 &10 or 7 & 9. Boooo. What do they know.
  7. Just got my tribute rings in the mail.
  8. Very nice. I'm worried that we're not going to be able to attend games.
  9. I also considered LV as a permanent destination to set my roots. You need to remember the temp reaches 115 degrees in the summer as it is the desert. At least I've been told.
  10. I will be selling my two tickets. if interested you can PM me. Field level, Raider sideline. Sec. 130, row 35 seat 1&2. A short row and a short walk to your seats. I have not yet determined a price for each game. Please check the going prices at Ticket Master or Cheap Seats first. Try this Facebook site. It specifically set up for Raider fans only and they have lots of tickets for sale. It's called Raider Nation LV tickets. To join you have to prove you are a Raider fan. They want members to only sell to Raider Nation so there are fewer opposing fans present. Good idea. Covered stadium. Do you know what the roar will be like inside............. I hope I don't get hammered by admin for posting it. https://www.facebook.com/groups/186413495936176/?ref=share
  11. If we don't bring him back he'll sign elsewhere, I'm sure of it.
  12. So is there a chance we'll cut Burfict. As I said on the other board, Burfict's an animal but he's our animal.
  13. OK, I need insight and I don't have time to read 7 pages of posts. A poster on another site mentioned he'll be moved or used as a LB then said Burfict is gone. Is Muse destined for the middle? I don't think so but what do I know.
  14. I wanted to get through all seven pages of posts before I made a comment. I don't recall a decent KR/PR on our roster then there's this note: "Ruggs is a kick returner and Bowden is a punt returner. And we're excited about that." - Mayock. Another poster said "Not knowing what his role or multi role will be, I don't believe he'll be a mere spot filller. More often than not he'll be used in a specialty role". You won't believe what they'll do with him much of which we'll see in the preseason. A poster said "Snaps in the wildcat". He can be lined up as a receiver or RB, take a lateral or hand off and pass to a receiver. If they think he'll pass and cover the backs he can run and he's certainly better at it than Carr. Can the opposition defend against this? It will be difficult if they don't notice him come in. This can create a handfull of issues they may not be ready for in a matter of seconds.
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