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  1. I haven't had the opportunity to read all the posts on the trade for AB but wonder could this be an early result of the future attractiveness of playing for the Raiders in Vegas? I mean we got him for nothing. Browns had to give up a 1st and 3rd plus a player for OBJ. Someone will say that's the Browns but I think it could be more than that.
  2. Random Raider Stuff

    I couldn't find a decent spot to do this other than here and I may be late at that. Regarding cap space; the Raiders are 5th among NFL teams and I mean 5th from the team with the highest cap space. We have $72M. Not a bad place to be.
  3. Official: Raiders to play 2019 season in Oakland

    You passed through an industrial and a business section. I should talk; I haven't been back to Oakland in 15 years (Oakland HS reunion) and quite a while before that. They have some nice sections or at least they used to. Oakland Hills; Redwood and Sequoia Parks. I spent a lot of time up there.
  4. Rumor: Raiders Considering drafting Haskins or Murray

    I believe there is truth to what you said. He cleaned house what......five years ago. Carr was gun shy for the use of a better term after he broke his leg then he struggled with a new play book. He finally, in my opinion got his mojo back last year. I feel he can be a first line QB for the Raiders. Remember, Coaches and GM's do serious lying this time of the year. I guarantee the draft will be exciting this year. Four pics in the top 35......or 36?
  5. Official: Raiders to play 2019 season in Oakland

    Oh look who just got it. We know what the NFL is all about. There's a lot of positive happening with this move and you're dwelling on the negative. Sour grapes dude.
  6. Las Vegas Stadium News

    That was very cool. Thanks for the link. I'm getting excited. Am I confident they will be in that stadium for the 20/20 season......NO.
  7. Raiders hire Mike Mayock as GM

    This lucky duck. I mean he had a gravy job that meant very little. Probably paid well but he's in NY I presume. What a pit. Maybe only answers to himself though everyone at the network has an opinion on the prospects. Now he gets to work for the RAIDERS. Mingle with the best fans in the league. Oh yes!!! He'll be stationed in Vegas baby with a new stadium...…….and no state income tax. I'm sorry, I'm excited.
  8. Raiders hire Mike Mayock as GM

    Rolni: Shame. Pessimism. Let's not go south on this at this stage. What a draft we have to look forward to.
  9. Las Vegas Stadium News

    LA Coliseum has had decent seating since the 80's. I saw the Super Bowl at the Rose Bowl in '77 and the seating was not good at that time. I can't remember if it was bench type. We beat the Vikings by the way.
  10. Las Vegas Stadium News

    I've already heard UC Berkley will not take the Raiders. After watching the game yesterday; fans pleading for one more year. I personally would like the Raiders to stay in Oakland for 2019. A lot depends on the City of Oakland, their attitude and approach to this suit. We have time but not a lot. Let this play out. It could be very interesting.
  11. Las Vegas Stadium News

    I've heard no other team can play at the Rose Bowl. I'm not sure if it's in UCLA's contract or it's a City of Pasadena ordinance. On game day it gets out of control on the West side of Pasadena. Actually the Rose Bowl was my first choice. Archaic stadium however. I think it's going to be QUALCOMM in San Diego. It's empty; San Diego and the local Charger fans are pissed at Spanos for leaving. We won't make huge demands of the City of San Diego...…..I don't think and we could be there for 2 years depending on progress of the stadium in LV still to be named.
  12. GDT: Broncos @ Raiders

    I couldn't have said it better; well maybe I could have. I get too caught up in the game. I want the draft position but if we play well I want to win. Wouldn't it be nice to have the desire to win beyond the 4th or 5th game of the season.
  13. Las Vegas Stadium News

    Cool video. I got a little dizzy watching it.
  14. Las Vegas Stadium News

    LA Times reports: "The palatial, $2.6-billion stadium that is being built for the Rams and Chargers in Inglewood, originally projected to open in 2019, will be delayed almost a year, to the start of the 2020 NFL season. Developers, who broke ground on the project in November, blamed the postponement on record rainfall during the excavation phase of construction." What record rainfall? No LA Coliseum for the Raiders.
  15. Las Vegas Stadium News

    There's a huge fan base in LA and it would rejuvenate some fans. At first I thought there's no place to play. If Kroenke's stadium in Inglewood is finished and I believe they said 2019, a year ahead of Vegas, the Rams could move in and the Coliseum would be available. That would work but I haven't heard anything more about the progress of that stadium. Ohhhh, I could get season tickets.