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  1. The commentator didn't mention that. It would great if he was 7th.
  2. We didn't hear much from Max. I saw data a few days ago as to who is the fastest DE off the snap. Joey Bosa was first. Ngakoue was 5th.
  3. I am exhausted and drained after that victory over the fish. I'm writing a letter to John Gruden. I'm telling him I can't take this anymore and will hold him responsible for my heart attack that occurs during another game like this.
  4. I'm sure you're right. We were driving from a medium sized Scottish town to another, maybe Glasgow. The map said it was a good road, of good size and up over a pass. It took us through residential neighborhoods. I pulled over to ask a well dressed gentlemen if we were on the right road. He replied in about 20 seconds. I thanked him then asked my wife, "what did he say". She said keep going, we're on the right road. And the good road; One lane each way and I had to watch out for sheep. Lots of them.
  5. I've been to London & Ireland, which my wife loved, but by far my favorite was Scotland. Edinburgh (spelling) to be exact. They say they speak English but I can't understand them
  6. I was there about a decade ago with the wife. I spoke with a vendor at Piccadilly Circus. Raider gear was one of his most popular items but he can't keep them in stock due to theft. Go figure.
  7. Actually I don't see the slow start. It happened in week one against the Ravens which I blame on Gruden as Carr and the first team, except Leatherwood, didn't get any reps during preseason. Carr was rusty. An actual game is different than practice.
  8. On this site Injury Report | Las Vegas Raiders | Raiders.com they have Jacob's as "out".
  9. Seymore punched him. I remember that. Way to go Richard.
  10. I skipped pages 5-7 but saw nothing about Koonce. He's our early DE draft pick. I didn't see him listed in the injury report. He can fill in for Ngakoue if he doesn't dress.
  11. Leatherwood and Mariota will play. We need to see the Oline. The Rams will be coming hard. Defense☠️. We need to kick the Ram's butt. If there's some young players in consider it depth on D. Jalen Ramsey will be hitting hard. Someone should break his ohhhh, never mind. It's hard to set up a Dback. A lot of new guys on Defense. Many will play during the regular season. GO Raiders.
  12. Maybe, just maybe our new DC can resurrect Littleton.
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