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  1. Anyone else feel like our season is like watching a low budget action film? You're on the edge of your seat and not because it's an amazing film but because it is just barely entertaining? We are just barely winning if we do win. I get that this draft was hard and this year has been hard still. But i thought Pitts was gonna have a td before now but hey what a way to make a first td but in a hundred yard game in londond and to be the first rookie to have a 100 yard game in london.
  2. Honestly it sucks that we got rid of him as he was always reliable when healthy. But at the same time he seemed as though he had some injury or another. But overall I did think we were gonna keep him and he was gonna retire a falcon. However I do get why we traded him as well as why he would also want to leave as well.
  3. I definitely see him getting there. However I'm not sure with how our season is going so far that he will make it but he will for sure get close.
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