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  1. Griese was more capable of carrying a team when he had to than Aikman was, which is all the more reason why he's underrated. I wouldn't consider Aikman as good as Griese. You couldn't replace Griese with any number of QBs, that's a very false narrative. Griese could read the D as well as any QB in history, and was as accurate a thrower of the ball as any QB in history. When he was asked to step up and throw more, he could really decimate a defense.
  2. I would say Ken Anderson is the most underrated QB of all time. Him and Bob Griese, especially Griese. Bob Griese was an amazing QB who gets sold way short. He was surgical. It's such a shame that he lives in Marino's shadow in Dolphin history.
  3. To be fair, Elway also gets underrated. I read one comment on this thread where a guy said Elway wouldn't even be a top 10 QB today. That comment was so stupid, I had to re-read it several times to make sure I wasn't losing my mind. There seems to be a lot of recency bias on this forum where kids think there were no good quarterbacks before 2010. Elway might become like Namath one day, where he gets called overrated so much that he becomes underrated. John Elway was a great, great quarterback. Just not top 3, which is how he's often rated.
  4. Joe Namath is no longer overrated at this point. He's undergone a very typical phenomenon where an icon gets trashed and called overrated so frequently that they actually become underrated. Namath has become so underrated that I've read some Jets' fans actually say that Ken O'Brien was better - which is comical. So, most overrated award goes to Elway for my money. Far too often Elway is called a top 5 all time QB. I've seen him rated as high as #3. That's just too much. Elway is acceptable as a lower top 10 guy, but certainly not top 5.
  5. I don't think Steve Bartkowski has been mentioned yet. He had an incredible arm.
  6. Roger Staubach had a rifle of an arm. He's up there. Overall though, I think Farve, Elway, Namath, and Bradshaw had the four strongest arms ever.
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