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  1. Free Agent Possibilities

    The funnier part is its never going to happen. Not even mentioning the scouting issue, the team is proud to be a 34 front and right or wrong I don't think they would allow a change
  2. How are we gonna lead the league in completely obvious and failed wide receiver screens without Todd Haley?
  3. Rookie watch thread.

    It’s possible that Tatum is in a “really bad shooting slump” or it’s possible he was crazy hot and confident to start the season and he is starting to regress as a shooter back to where he really is at this point. I don’t know if any of you Celtics fans watched Tatum before this year but one of his “weaknesses” was that his range didn’t really extend to the three point line. I like Jayson and preferred him over Josh Jackson going into the draft by a good amount because of his skill level. His form looks smooth as hell and I think he will be a good shooter but I don’t expect him to be one of the best 3 point shooting wings his whole career and more so just an above the average one.
  4. So he showed them the back door to the locker room in an attempt to keep the peace?
  5. Rookie watch thread.

    Ya no disrespect but it sound like you haven't watched him much this year.
  6. People wanna blame the team for not rebuilding the defense better and it’s true in an ideal world they would have done a better job. But like I said before we have Ben on a franchise quarterback contract. We have built the offensive line into one of the stronger units which people complained about for years. They couldn’t have thought about not locking up AB long term without massive uproar from the fans. And now not many people are in favor of letting Bell get away either. That basically leaves the draft for rebuilding the defense which they’ve definitely made a concentrated effort with in the early rounds. Again I’m not saying we should be content with the defense where it’s at and I haven’t agreed with all of their decisions so far but a lot of people were happy with the Jarvis pick when it happened. Tuitt is a pretty good player when healthy. No one has complained about the Shazier pick. Everyone was super excited with Burns, Davis, and Hargrave going into this season. They went out and got Haden before the season. I don’t think they have neglected the defense they just haven’t been perfect by any means. My biggest complaint would be not having better depth past the d line but a lot of teams don’t. They need to continue working on the defense but not many teams have the money invested in the offense like we do and have a better defense.
  7. NFL General - Steelers Forum

    Could be that. Or it could be they told him that if he wants any chance at getting traded he better shut his mouth so they might actually get value back if they did want to trade him.
  8. Jaguars vs. Steelers Divisional Playoff GDT

    I do find it funny how much Jacksonville defensive players are the ones talking on that side when they gave up 42 points.
  9. It was turning Keenan Lewis into a a good starter and the flashes from Cortez Allen. I remember thinking finally we had a coach to turn the secondary around.... I really hope Artie Burns is mature enough to cling to Joe Haden and soak up as much as he can from him this offseason.
  10. Jaguars vs. Steelers Divisional Playoff GDT

    At least we didn't lose like the saints just did. I really hope the NFL gets Jags vs Vikes in the Superbowl. That's the Superbowl they deserve.
  11. Jaguars vs. Steelers Divisional Playoff GDT

    Lots of emotions in here.... I think everyone would be wise to step away from the forum for a minute, take a breathe, have a beer, calm down.
  12. Jaguars vs. Steelers Divisional Playoff GDT

    Ahh yep misread "aren't" for "are". Now I got it.
  13. Jaguars vs. Steelers Divisional Playoff GDT

    Wait.... Are you actually defending Tomlin??? Have you been hacked???
  14. Jaguars vs. Steelers Divisional Playoff GDT

    He obviously still has it. He's just as healthy as hes ever been. Theres a talented enough team around him to contend. And hes just gonna lay down without getting one more chance to knock off the Pats and win the Championship?
  15. Jaguars vs. Steelers Divisional Playoff GDT

    If Ben retires after this I would look at him differently honestly.