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  1. 2019 NBA Draft Thread

    Lol this place is wild. I'm not a huge believer in RJ as a superstar at the next level and I'm basing that off everything I've seen of him so I absolutely could be wrong but its not just the however many games of college bball. Highlights aren't everything but I never was crazy impressed with his highschool highlights in comparison to the success he had which makes me question his ceiling at the highest levels. I don't hate what I've seen from RJ at duke but I wanna see who steps up during conference play for Duke before I really adjust my opinion on those guys. At the same time I think its absolutely possible that he gets to a Jimmy Butler type level at the NBA and he should still be a top 5 pick and probably top 3. I just liked Cam and Zion more than RJ going into the season and haven't seen anything to change my mind.
  2. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

    So I haven't been around in a minute, but what do people think Kawhi is gonna do? Give up on going back home and living in LA for cold Toronto or leave a title contending team that is a great fit for him to go back to the west?
  3. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    Obviously the reffing was working against us big time but I hope this team learns from this. I'm not gonna let them off the hook and say we didn't have chances to still win this game. The championship level teams can win games like this and I believe we are a championship level team with major consistency issues.
  4. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    OH. MY. GOD.
  5. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    We still have to be the type of team that doesn't shutdown when things are working against us if we wanna win a chip.
  6. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    Everyone and their mom knows they are looking for Allen and we still have Fort on him. SMH
  7. Welcome to the mind of Mike Tomlin. I love the guy but he onlly likes to challenge things when the odds are against him.
  8. He's not asking if the penalties being called would have mattered obviously, hes asking if the actual blocks in the backs were necessary for dude to take it to the house.
  9. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    Did it really have to be this bum?
  10. Looks like a blatant attempt to copy that movie where Jim Halpert couldn't talk.
  11. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    Sean Davis with his best Mike Mitchell impression. Complete lack of awareness.
  12. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    NBC trying to blow up our spot with Munch right now.
  13. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    The line really shining tonight.
  14. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    Gotta get that next play off come on. force them to make a rushed decision.
  15. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    Ahh thanks. I wasn't even thinking about the fact that we dove on it after it crossed the LOS. It all makes sense now. Play on