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  1. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | No More Garbage Thread Titles

    So I don't know if this has been talked about in here before but with all the AD to LA rumors and the KD to NY rumors, I've been thinking about how good the Warriors will be if they lose Durant and Boogie? I'm assuming they are going to give Klay whatever he wants because of his relationship with Steph and the whole splash brothers thing, but is a big three of Steph, Klay, and Draymond still a championship level big three? Will they even get any cap flexibility from losing KD and Boogie since they will have to pay Klay? I know they were a 70 win team a couple years ago before KD but Draymond seems like a liability on offense at this point and my understanding is they aren't exactly going to be able to take the money they want to give KD and give it to somebody else if he turns it down because they are over the luxury tax. Anyone have insight on this?
  2. Kristaps Porzingis Traded to Dallas

    It was funny reading through this thread seeing someone arguing that Dennis Smith was a worthwhile point guard to keep for a star studded team but arguing Kyrie would be detrimental. The same DSJ that couldn't play alongside Luka and went AWOL cuz his feelings were hurt after being shopped around. DSJ can't play off the ball, is a score first point guard, isn't all that efficient, and doesn't play defense. I like the kid and he has some nice tools but at full potential hes a bouncier, less efficient version of Kyrie.
  3. even munchak is tired of this

    Its so easy to feel smart when you're ignorant because you don't know what makes you wrong.
  4. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Agreed, although I will say, ever since AB started blowing up with the business is booming nonsense and I actually started seeing him on camera/ talking, I've always thought he was pretty dim. I used to just think he was a lovable dummy who was a wide receiver savant and worked harder than everyone else. Ahh the good old days...
  5. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Explain to me why you think veteran players are more mad at Mike Tomlin than AB for this specific situation. Cuz I literally can't come up with any reason why someone would feel that way. If I had to guess it was either someone not very bright who let their emotions get the best of them or thats not actually what they said(meant). AB may be a major diva, but until this week it had never affected his work ethic or production on the field. You seem to be blaming Tomlin for this situation because he has let AB get away with things and never called him out publicly even though AB has always been this way behind the scenes. And yet it is well documented that AB is an incredibly thin-skinned, narcissistic, diva who has had his lowest moments when being questioned about things by the press in the past. You think that would have resulted in AB falling in line and not him having a tantrum and trying to demand a trade. Do you think Mike Tomlin should have been able to change AB as a person? Are you saying that Mike Tomlin should have gotten rid of AB a long time ago? Are you saying you can't understand why Mike Tomlin might put up with and/or cover for AB while he was showing up to everything, working harder than anyone, and producing more than anyone? Are you saying its inexcusable that Mike Tomlin didn't automatically identify the best way to handle his best player throwing a tantrum and skipping practice leading up to a "playoff game"? These players that wanna come out and give their 2 cents on the situation without putting their names on it can kick rocks. If I found out who they were I wouldn't want them on team anyways. Only reason you wouldn't put your name on it is because you don't want your team mates and coaches to know it was you and your not man enough to say it to their face. To me it sounds like guys wanting to blame anybody but themselves for the disappointing season. This is why i get labled a Tomlin stan. Because I refuse to hold him to an unrealistic standard just because he is the "head coach". He is a human being who has his own flaws, biases, "blind spots", tendencies, strengths, weaknesses, etc., just like every other human being on the planet. I don't think I'm crazy for saying "Hey lets try to make an attempt to fix some of these issues and see how good we do before we try to change the entire system." It would be nice if Tomlin would have been able to identify his weaknesses and correct them on his own by now, but again, every human being on the planet can struggle with this at times. If the GM and Owner aren't able to tell the head coach that he needs to make changes or he is gone then that is a bigger, structural issue, that isn't fixed with a new coach. If Mike Tomlin is unwilling to make changes after being shown why the changes are being made then he should be gone without any further thought. No one can tell me Tomlin is dumb. He may be arrogant, he may be too proud to admit faults at times, but he is not dumb. If you sit him down and show him all the times that clock management, bad challenges, and situational play calling have backfired and how the teams that do the best in these situations have guys on staff specifically designated to provide input on those situations then he can't argue with it. Then tell him that he is required to hire someone to fill this role and show significant improvement in these areas or he will be gone. By all accounts that hasn't been done yet and that's my biggest issue.
  6. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Look I don't know what happened. I don't care if we fire Tomlin although I wouldn't personally. All I'm saying is I question a player if they think Mike Tomlin not telling them what happened immediately is worse than AB deciding to not show up to practice all week leading up to what was essentially a playoff game. Makes me question whether or not that was the message those players were actually giving. You can argue Tomlin made things worse although I bet we are having the same conversations if he had come out before the game and said AB was benched for not showing up.
  7. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I'd say they are being adults and taking on responsibility themselves stating they need to do a better job policing themselves (which they do) instead of acting like this is all the head coach's fault. Tomlin also needs to do a better job (which he knows).
  8. tomlin lovers

    Ben just had his radio show and says he doesn’t know anything about a “blowup” that happened last week. He said he talked to AB Thursday morning and everything seemed fine and then no one has heard from him since. Also said AB is one of his best friends on the team and has helped make Ben who he is. Definitely seems like he is hiding some things but I don’t hate what he said given the circumstance.
  9. tomlin lovers

    Question for anyone that wants to blame Tomlin for this AB stuff because he doesn’t have control of the locker room, what should he have done to control AB thus far? Would you have benched him prior to this past week? Do you think that would work with AB or make things worse? Fined him? (couldn’t possibly fine him enough for it to have mattered) Make him run extra sprints at practice? ABs in the best shape in the world that would do nothing. If Tomlin had tried to trade AB ever before this point Steelers fans would have demanded his head. Do people blame T.O.’s coaches for His career as a diva? i think this has gradually became an issue with AB as he became more nd more of a celebrity culminating up to this point and Tomlin tried his best not to let it tank the season. Combine this with the fact he found out week by week that he wasn’t going to get his all pro running back back for most of the season and all the extra media circus that went along with it. And finally a defense that simply doesn’t have the talent on the back end to stop anyone unless we could manhandle the oline. . Tomlin still deserves blame and should be given strict orders of changes he needs to make by his superiors (roonies and Colbert) but all this context makes me keep him. This isn’t coaching high school or college, the players shouldn’t need to be told every game is important. I agree Tomlin needs to be advised that some of his philosophies in-game need to to be adjusted and if he is unwilling I would be much more open to let him go but until I see evidence of an attempted change coming from up top I wouldn’t get rid of him. We have some idea of how good we could be with Tomlin and better time management and situational decision making and this roster but we have no idea how good we will be if we get rid of Tomlin for someone else. I’ve been much more critical of Ben lately because i want to hold him to a HOF standard and I don’t think he works hard enough to be consistently at the top of his game like the other hall of farmers of this era (minus Eli), but hoping he can put up another Super Bowl run before he retires is our best chance at an immediate Super Bowl so I don’t wanna risk these last few years to the unknown unless Tomlin absolutely wont make these changes. The mature, professional, talented players that are on this team seem to love playing for him and always play hard. I just think some of our most talented players don’t have the maturity or professionalism to match. I saw on twitter someone make a joke about how the altercation between Ab and Ben went down and I thought it described the issue perfectly. AB: Who did you vote for for team MVP? Ben: Myself, because I knew you would be selfish and vote for yourself AB: *throws football at Ben and leaves pouting”
  10. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I’m calling Gruden if I’m Colbert.
  11. Steelers vs. Saints GDT

    Damn, thats not how I expected the season to end. They fought like hell this game though, thats for sure. Inconsistency cost this team.
  12. Steelers vs. Saints GDT

    Ya I don't understand the obsession with the fake. I wish it was less than 5 yards if we are going with the fullback dive but I don't think the fact that we didn't punt cost us the game. New Orleans is at home and they still have all their timeouts and are at the goal line. The extra yardage would have just let Brees chew more clock.
  13. Steelers vs. Saints GDT

    Game changing call with a big chunk of momentum up for grabs by both teams. Oh well We gotta suck it up and continue to do our job. The Saints are absolutely beatable.
  14. 2019 NBA Draft Thread

    Lol this place is wild. I'm not a huge believer in RJ as a superstar at the next level and I'm basing that off everything I've seen of him so I absolutely could be wrong but its not just the however many games of college bball. Highlights aren't everything but I never was crazy impressed with his highschool highlights in comparison to the success he had which makes me question his ceiling at the highest levels. I don't hate what I've seen from RJ at duke but I wanna see who steps up during conference play for Duke before I really adjust my opinion on those guys. At the same time I think its absolutely possible that he gets to a Jimmy Butler type level at the NBA and he should still be a top 5 pick and probably top 3. I just liked Cam and Zion more than RJ going into the season and haven't seen anything to change my mind.
  15. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | No More Garbage Thread Titles

    So I haven't been around in a minute, but what do people think Kawhi is gonna do? Give up on going back home and living in LA for cold Toronto or leave a title contending team that is a great fit for him to go back to the west?