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  1. Week 15 - Rams vs Eagles - SNF

    Man we are Playing really bad on the Sunday Nights. Come on Rams, play like you are Fighting For Something.
  2. Week 14 - Rams @ Bears SNF

    If the offensive line don't start blocking, it's going to be a long night.
  3. Trade deadline - Rams trade for Fowler

    I'm really liking the pick up of Dante Fowler so far. He has a sack in 2 of the 3 games that he's played in so far. He is giving us a nice presence from the edge. Dante has been living in the backfield making some good tackles and hurries so far. I really feel like this is going to be Another huge signing for the Rams FO.
  4. Week 2 - Rams vs Cardinals

    Great Game today, I couldn't wait until 7 PM so that I could watch the game on Game Pass. This was a complete win, cant believe this is the first time that the Rams have went 2-0 since 2001 ( 10th Grade for me, lol).
  5. Rams 2018 offseason

    Yes Mannion has to go, I would love RGIII especially right now! Man it's a shame that Kaepernick still doesn't have a job.
  6. Draft Discussion Thread

    Love this, awesome udfa signing.
  7. Draft Discussion Thread

    I would love to draft Holland here, but the way we'v been drafting, i have not the slightest clue who's next.
  8. Draft Discussion Thread

    Well there goes Jack Cichy, dang it.
  9. DEE RAWL’s First and only Mock Draft

    Nice mock, i would be fine with this. I still dont see how Key would fall that far, especially if Randy Gregory didn't fall that far. But I'd be ecsatic to draft him there period, and especially in the late 4th, wow what a value that would be for us though, good job.
  10. RamsFan24 Last Mock Draft

    Hey jrry, i appreciate your comments, I guess we will just agree to disagree on Key. I truly believe that he will play with a chip on his shoulder for dropping all the way down into the 3rd. Plus I just feel like the Wade Phillips approach will make him want to prove all the haters wrong. I believe looking at this defense will have incredible excited and motivated to play for us.
  11. RamsFan24 Last Mock Draft

    I totally understand your feeling on Key also. Now in spite of some ppl feelings on Key, me personally would make a trade up to the top if the 3rd in a heartbeat every time. Why in the world if I believe in him would I see a 1st round talent with this type of talent and then just hope that he will continue to fall. Hands down in the third there won't be anything close to Arden skill set there outside of Shaquem Griffin, who has one hand. With a culture that the Rams have a hall of fame coach like Wade. Please the defense that Key would fall into, it ain't no way you can tell me that he wouldn't be motivated to play behind that line and have that secondary making qbs hold on to the ball a little longer. I think Key in our system could be a possible DROY canidate. I'm not sitting around in the 3rd or 4th to draft a elite prospect that shouldn't be there period.
  12. RamsFan24 Last Mock Draft

    I here some if the different things that ppl like Mayock is saying. But I'm also hearing those similiar type of reports saying that the New Orleans Saints are in love with him and they don't see him falling past their 2nd round pick, especially past their 3rd rounder. I dont see no way that Arden drops to the 4th or 5th round. Even Randy Gregory went in the 2nd with him being in a similar situation.
  13. RamsFan24 Last Mock Draft

    Thank you very much man.
  14. RamsFan24 Last Mock Draft

    What's going on, this is going my last mock draft. I wanted to change this last one up a little bit. I decided to make one big splash trade, which seems just like something that our FO would do. With these selections, I truly feel that the LA Rams will be able to feel all their gapping holes. They will feel add some much needed explosion and talent in some areas, and some solid depth in others. With the aggressive off season and a strong draft, the LA Rams should seriousy push for a Super Bowl run. ***Trade Alerts*** 1. ) LA Rams trade Round 3 #23, Round 4 #35 and Round 6 #21 Buffalo Bills trade Round 3 #1 The Rams have been very aggressive all offseason while making smart moves. The Rams decide to make a jump up to the front of the third round in order to grab an extremely talented prospect. This type of talent is only here because of some character issue. This could tge steal of the draft because this prospect has shown Top 20 talent. 2.) LA Rams trade Round 4 #36 Cleveland Browns trade Round 5 #13 and Round 6 #31 After all the trades that the Rams have done, they decide to recoup some draft picks. The Rams utilize their 2nd pick in the 4th round to move back into the mid 5th round to pick up an additional 6th rounder. LA started off the draft with 8 and now finish with 7 picks on the night, even after all the trades. This is so important because we need to continue to build our depth on the roster. 2018 NFL Draft- Round 3 Pick #1 Arden Key-OLB, LSU The surprise of the draft, as Arden drops into the third, the Rams and Wade Phillips are ecstatic to get Key here. Key has had high first-round talent and he could be a devastating pass-rusher in the NFL. But falls to day two of the Draft because of his off-the-field issues that are too dangerous to gamble a first-round pick on him. Key was considered to be among the elite talents of this draft class. Even though Arden has had off-the-field concerns, Key has shown that he has a love and passion for the game. Wade and company will come in and guild, teach and allow this explosive talent to be releash the pain on the opposing offenses. Arden will replace the void that Robert Quin left as our Edge rushing specialist. Adding a talented Key to run free behind the Rams defensive line is going to be scary. Round 4 Pick #11. Shaquem Griffin-OLB, UCF This is another player that the Rams run up and grab in this years draft. If it wasn't for Griffin not missing a hand, this kid woiuld be a 1st rounder this year. Shaquem is going to be a star in our defense, especially behind our defensive line. He is a explosive tackling machine. Wade Phillips is doing the electric slide right now as we are building a monster on defense. I love his heart, vision and passion for the game. Shaquem has tooken what would be a possible life impacting situation and he has just continued to prove all the nah sayers wrong. Round 5 Pick #13 Jack Cichy-ILB, Wisconsin Yes the Rams aren't done building a monster on defense, with another rush specialist to our defense. Cichy was an absolute beast for the Badgers when he was healthy.This interior rusher is fast and explosive with a dangerous first step and a relentless motor. He can even come in as a pass rushing specialist and then take over as a starter when ready. He has some acceleration in rhe middle that make him a problem for the opponents. Jack is going to be one of gems of this draft, he has starter abilities and is a strong tackler who is only available in the 5th because of back to back seasons missed seasons with injuries. Round 6 Pick #2 Desmond Harrison-OT, West Georgia Desmond is an technician with excellent quick feet. who didn't give up a single sack last season.He just dominated the competition, now he needs to come in and learn from Whitworth, and continue to build his strength up. With the coaches that we have on offensive line, they should be able to help him improve and grow into our future left tackle. The Rams get a dag good player here in round four, they are building well through the trenches. Because of Harrisons versatility, he will be our swing tackle along with rotational guard if needed. Round 6 Pick #9 Colby Gossett-OG/OC, Appalachian State The Rams make strengthen thw interior line depth on offense a priority with this pick also the 6th round. Colby has all the intangibles to be a really good player and leader in the middle in the NFL. He has vision, strength and quickness off the ball, good hands and technique. Gossett will give McVays offense some much needed depth and versatility. Colby will come in and learn from Saffold and Sullivan, and be one of their replacements when needed for this season and beyond. Round 6 Pick #20 Dane Cruikshank-DB, Arizona Dane will come in and fill the gapping hole that Cody Davis left in our safety rotation and special teams spot. Dane is extremely fast and versatile option for us, he will add some great talent and depth to our back end of the defense. He has good vision and instincts, good tackler and play making ability. Into his senior year he progressed he got better and better, even showing out at the East-West Shrine game, and at the Nfl Combine. Round 6 Pick #31 Bo Scarborough-RB, Alabama The Rams finish off the draft with some more explosive depth for the offense. Bo is a big and powerful back that has speed, acceleration and a great stiff arm. Scarborough will be good relief for Gurley, as he has been use to a rotation already. As Bo slit time with Damien Harris and Najee Harris on that very talented Alabama offense. Bo has a lot of talent, he could end up being a better pro than as a college player. Projected Starters QB: Jared Goff HB: Todd Gurley XWR: Brandin Cooks / Josh Reynolds ZWR: Robert Woods SLWR: Cooper Kupp / Tavon Austin TE: Gerald Everett LT: Andrew Whitworth LG: Rodger Saffold C: John Sullivan / Colby Gossett RG: Jamon Brown RT: Rob Havenstein / Desmond Harrison SDE: Michael Brockers NT: Ndamukong Suh DT: Aaron Donald WOLB: Arden Key / Matt Longacre WILB: Mark Barron SILB: Cory Littleton / Jack Cichy SOLB: Samson Ebukam / Shaquem Griffin LCB: Marcus Peters RCB: Aqib Talib SLCB: Nickell Robey-Coleman FS: LaMarcus Joyner SS: John Johnson III K: Greg Zuerlein P: Johnny Hekker LS: Jake McQuaide
  15. Brandin Cooks traded to Rams

    Alright Rams Nation, I love it, plus we still have 1 3rd rounder and 3 4ths to possile fill the Edge and Inside open spots. Hopefully we are able to get Cooks signed long term. He most definitely will be a lot cheaper than OBJ.