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  1. I personally really like both the Royal and the Bone colored jerseys. I just don't get all the negativity behind them. No matter what the Rams would of put out it would be no pleasing to a decent amount of the fans. I'm happy they are finally released and they will look good on that beautiful new field of ours.
  2. I would love if the Rams grabbed Lary Warford with him just being released from the Saints.
  3. I wonder if we had any money left that we would take a Flyer on Linebackers Alec Olgetree, Mark Barron or Vontaze Burfict?
  4. I wonder what is taking the Rams so freaking long to release their uniforms. That's not a good look that our rookies our picking numbers and posting pictures of them in uniforms that they will never wear most likely anymore.
  5. I like the udfa pick up of Levonta Taylor out of Florida State. I mocked him in one of my mocks. You never know, could be a gem for us.
  6. I would add Troy Dye to thank list also
  7. The 4th round starts off Horrible for us. First Akeem Davis-Gaither is gone, none the Freaking 49ers now get Trent Williams for Basically nothing.
  8. Freaking hate the Ravans for that, man I wanted Harrison in Horns.
  9. Oh man, Bye Bye Jonathan Taylor
  10. 1.) Jonathan Taylor ( If he somehow falls to us) 2.) JK Dobbins 3.) Claude Edwards-Helaire 4.) Zach Moss 5.) Leonard Fournette should be an option for an 4th possibly.
  11. Thanks for response, I I just forgot to change the receivers around since I just copied and pasted the lineup from my last mock. I really like Amik, I think that he can be a star sir. He plays so big and powerful for his size.
  12. Re-sign QB Blake Bortles Trades Rams trade: Round 2 Pick #25 (57) Detroit trade: Round 3 Pick #3 (67), Round 4 #3 (109) and Round 6 Pick #3 (182) The Detroit need playmakers in a bad way so they decide to jump back into the 2nd to grab their guy. With the lack of draft capitol and lack of free agency money. Along with grabbing a pair of edge rushers in free agency. They decided to jump back in the draft in order to accumulate more picks. The Rams utilize the pick from the Cooks trade in order to get more draft picks. We know Les Snead and team loves to trade, so we do just 1 draft trade this year. Rams trade: Round 4 Pick #20 (126) Miami trade: Round 4 Pick #35 (153), Round 5 #7 (153) The Dolphins have a boat load of picks so they decide to jump up 15 spots in the 4th in order to grab another needed piece. The Rams decide to take this package where they grab an early 5th round pick in order to build our depth. Draft 2. (20) Josh Uche-OLB, Michigan The Rams decide to grab the pass rushing specialist here with this pick. Josh is a fast and dangerous edge rusher with good awareness and a great motor. Uche is an athletic player with an dynamic burst of a first step and bend on his pass rushes. Along with his impressive quickness he has some really good techniques and pass rush counters. He hunts the football extremely well and has really good range to play the pass effectively. The Rams are excited to get younger and explosive at this position right now. Uche will be a very nice pass rushing specialist for the Rams as a Day 1 Starter. 3. (3) Malik Harrison-ILB, Ohio State I Absolutely love this kid, Malik is a Freaking Hard Hitting Tackling Machine. The Rams utilize this trade pick in order to grab a nice replacement for Littleton in the middle. Harrison is a fast and dangerous linebacker with excellent sideline to sideline speed. He plays with a Mean Streak, he has great awareness and pulls himself off blocks well. This well be on of the steal of the Drafts, Malik can come right in as a day 1starter in the middle. Malik will be able to not be so pressured up the middle as every team will have to focus on Aaron Donald first, then have Uche and Floyd also coming off the edge also. 3. (20) Zach Moss-RB, Utah Here we celebrate as we grab a replacement to Gurley that the Rams just can't past up on. Zach has everything that you are looking for in a running back. He is a very explosive back that has an amazing ability to set up defenders in the hole. He has incredible feet and lateral jukes and cuts as is an elusive power back with some nice blend of speed and quickness. Moss balance is effortless at times and is a very physical pass protector. Zach is a mismatch nightmare as a pass catching back where he is a good route runner with soft hands and is just hard to get down. Moss is the total package that will also punish the tackler in front of him like no other. This will give the Rams a Kareem Hunt type of back in a rotating backfield with Henderson and also Brown. With this three headed monster the Rams can wear teams down and have some very good receiving options with their backs also. 3. (40) Amik Robertson-CB, Louisiana Tech The Rams are extremely ecstatic as they grab the Best Player Available with this ball hawking playmaker. Amik is absolutely a fearless competitor that plays with extreme physicality. Robertson has excellent covering abilities and plays extremely big for someone so small. His ball skills and anticipation is just amazing to watch. He reminds me of the Honey Badger along with LaMarcus Joyner with the way he plays. He will come in and compete for the slot position that is now open because of the Rams letting Robey-Coleman go. 4. (3) Tyler Biadasz-C, Wisconsin The Rams decided it's time to invest in building a strong interior online. The Rams Front Office is celebrating as the best center in the draft falls to us in the early 4th. Tyler had an very strong season and career for the Badgers. Biadasz has a strong anchor to handle bull rushes and the strength to sustain his blocks into the whistle blows. Tyler was also strong in pass pro as well as made a living blasting open big holes for the running backs. This is another big hole filled for the Rams as Tyler is a Day 1 Starter 4. (35) Devin DuVernay-WR, Texas The Rams are excited to see the explosive receiver sitting here at this spot. Devin is a true deep threat player with his elite speed to go along with his strong hands. He can really eat of space with strong route running ability. Devin is excellent at playing through contact and fighting for the ball like a bigger receiver would. With his deadly speed to take the top off, this gives the Rams 4 solid receivers again. 5. (07) Kenny Robinson Jr.-S, West Virginia / St. Louis Battlehawks The Rams and New Defensive Coordinator Brandon Staley is very happy about this pick up. Kenny is an absolute baller that will give us very nice talent for Staley's defensive packages. Robinson is very hard hitting playmaking safety in college and in the XFL. Kenny has great awareness and coverage skills with some good speed and quickness. He will come right in and fill the Marqui Christian role in our defense. Giving us some great depth with John Johnson coming back, with the ability to slide right in to one of the starting spots if a injury occurs. Kenny will also be a nice addition as a special teamer. 6. (3) Shaquille Quarterman-ILB, Miami This is another kid that I really like. Shaquille made sure his presence in the middle was felt for Miami. He is a strong hard hitting linebacker that also plays with a nasty streak. I love how he gets off the blocks and just wrecks plays. He can be a very nice 2 down backer for us. His Coverage skills needs a little improvement. 6. (20) Trey Adams-OT, Washington The Rams are very serious keeping there streak alive with drafting Washington players, lol. Trey is an effective tackle in space with good footwork that plays hard into the whistle. Adams stock dropped tremendously this off season. This will be our gain as we will get him trained up with our offensive line coach. He is an smart football player that has played well at the left tackle position. He has great length and balance, good strength and Awareness also. He would come in and learn behind Whitworth. Trey gives us a possible chess piece and option to rotate or start at guard / right tackle for this year and possible replacement for Andrew next year or two. 7. (20) Jeff Thomas-WR, Miami The Rams decide to take a flier on another speedster with some uncapped potential. A lot of Jeff poor production was due to their terrible offensive play. He has phenomenal quickness with very strong hands. Thomas made some absolutely spectacular catching in traffic. He has elite speed and good vision. This will give us good depth in the receiver and special teams department. This is another great value pick here with future potential. Projected Starters QB: Jared Goff HB: Darrell Henderson / Zach Moss WR: Robert Woods WR: Cooper Kupp WR: Josh Reynolds TE: Tyler Higbee LT: Andrew Whitworth LG: Bobby Evans C: Tyler Biadasz RG: David Edwards RT: Rob Havenstein SDE: Michael Brockers NT: A'Shawn Robinson UT: Aaron Donald OLB: Josh Uche / Samson Ebukam ILB: Micah Kiser / Shaquille Quarterman ILB: Malik Harrison OLB: Leonard Floyd LCB: Jalen Ramsey RCB: Troy Hill SLCB: David Long Jr. / Amik Robertson FS: John Johnson III SS: Taylor Rapp K: Lirim Hajrullahu / Austin MacGinnis P: Johnny Hekker LS: Jake McQuaide
  13. Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Cam Ackers and Zach Moss would be 3 to name that I fell would be an immediate upgrade to Malcolm Brown especially.
  14. Hey, don't forget we didn't see the Rams grabbing Gurley with our first pick early in that draft. The Rams are going to beed to draft the best talent available. I love me some Moss but what if we wait until the 3rd and he's selected before we draft. CEH is a potential star in the making, especially in this offense with the talent and system that we have. We would look like a deeper Saints offense. Please I believe that would take some of the heat off the FO for releasing our star running back going into a new stadium. Also if you think that we are going more 12 personal than why would we waste a earlier draft pick on a 4th string receiver for our team?
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