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  1. Well that’s what happens when there is no defensive pressure on Rodgers. Just trash defensively on today.
  2. Can’t believe our defense came into this came and have absolutely been outplayed.
  3. And After that very impressive play where only because of Injury to Henderson that Cam even touched the field that McVay pulls him out the game for Malcolm Brown again. I just don't Get It. Cam keeps making plays and showing flashes than McVay Pulls Him. Why did we draft him as our 1st pick if McVay is in love with Brown. We have not utilized Henderson and Ackers the way we should have so far this season.
  4. This was a really strong game accross the board. Im really happy with our performance on Primetime. Selfishly I wanted us to apply more pain on offense to finish off the game just like the Ravens, Bucs and Cowboys did to us last year, lol. My only other little disappointment was that once again Cam Ackers wasn't even worthy off garbage time to close out the game. But nevertheless what a great and much needed win, finally a win against a good team and someone other than the NFC Least, Let's Go Rams!!
  5. Why don’t we ever just go for the kill, we never blow out anyone anymore.
  6. What an horrible offensive play, way to give them a freaking touchdown.
  7. Yes that injury looked horrible, and why won’t McVay give Akers some freaking carries. His only carry was negated on a penalty from Everett.
  8. What do you all think about Darron Lee? I personally think he could be a nice addition in the middle with starting experience, especially only being 25 years old.
  9. This was a tuff game to watch, but a Win is a Win nevertheless. Hopefully we can put up an all around better game against the Team with no name. Also I hate how Leonard Floyd's sack gotten tooken away on a stupid penalty. Floyd is quietly putting some stats up so far.
  10. What's Going on RAMS Fans, last week was a heartbreaker, but also Super Motivating one going into today. This is our get right game where we should show a complete dominance in every area. McVay should have this team completley motivated and focused on not over looking the Giants. We should get back Jordan Fuller at Safety in this game also. The Giants are just depleted with injuries to good players like Saquan Barkley and Sterling Shepherd. Daniel Jones will try to come out here today and use his arm and feet to try and make plays on today. Now there defense has actually played pretty w
  11. So the best response or analysis that you can provide is that I'm a Homer, and he might get injured again, lol, seriously, that's the best you have. All I have done is give real context to your lazy blanket statement. Please explain how someone who is averaging around 1000 yards a season is overrated when actually no one ever mentions Cooper Kupp as one of the top receivers? Kupp has been extremely reliable since entering the league. By the way, Any NFL player can get injured, lol. Kupp had one injury in his professional career and he came back from that with very strong stats. Here are his ot
  12. 🤣😂 Only one man in 2019 had at least 90 recs,1,100 rec yes, and 10 rec TDs: That was the same "Dude is so overrated ", which he did coming off a season ending ACL injury. He completely picked up from where he was before the injury like it never happened. Now imagine with a full year removed from the surgery how more confident and comfortable he will be, but he's so overrated.😂🤷‍♂️
  13. After the way the media has bashed the Rams since our Super Bowl run, nothing surprises me anymore. Everyone praised the Chargers for their Mega Signing of Bosa, but with Jalen they go straight to Gurley, Cooks and Goff Contracts and why we will keep going down.
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