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  1. PFF has adjusted their big board. (by the way - on what sites do you guys look stats etc. or do you watch tapes?) I find it interesting that now there's an austrian guy in the top 30 (Bernhard Raiman, OT, Central Michigan). Would be the first austrian who is picked in the draft.
  2. You could also say, that we don't know who is the coaching staff next year or who is really available in FA. Therefore we shouldn't discuss about Carr's Future with the Raiders or if we land Adams, Robinson, Fuller etc.
  3. Is rushing the passers something untraceable for a guy like Jordan Davis? I think the CB class is deeper than the IDL class and we rather find a good CB (McCreary from Auburn?) in the 2nd than an IDL. But I might be wrong.
  4. And how do we improve our run defense? We're slightly out of the Top 10 in the pass defense and far away from them in the run defense. And you guys would like to pick an CB in the 1st.
  5. I don't think he's done with the NFL: 3 NFC Championship Games and a lost Superbowl (against his brother) as HC and one lost Superbowl as QBs coach. I think he would like to prove that he can win the big game. And who would be a better fit than a (former) local rival of the team that fired him after internal power battles. Maybe he demands as much power as Gruden in personnel decisions. But at least you can give him an GM that he likes to work with and an owner which doesn't get involved to much in the football operations. And again. His worst season in SF (8-8) wo
  6. https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/12/24/gameplan-annual-future-general-manager-list On this page from last year there is a guy from the raiders categorized "rising name to watch": DuJuan Daniels Do you guys know something about his work, which made him on this list? He has been a Scout for the Patriots before. I don't hate the idea of fill up the GM-Role internally, if he has the skills for the position. But then I would a HC who had success as HC in the NFL before.
  7. I think it doesn't matter what the position value is. More or less. If you look at the big boards there are around 8 CBs in the Top 50. IDL is only one or maybe two if you count Leal too. So I'd rather pick the best IDL in the draft first and get an CB later than picking the 2nd or 3rd best corner and pick a project IDL later.
  8. GM + Jim Harbaugh + Malik Willis
  9. Neither is Carr the Problem, nor is Mariota the solution for our problems. Yes I do think, that we should use Mariota more often. Especially when things don't work out at the offense. But he won't be our saviour. I think our team is mentally broken, because of the things that were going on with Ruggs. It's one thing if your Boss gets fired because he did something wrong and a totally different thing if your colleague gets took someone's life and gets fired. You can't expect from anybody to get that out of their heads. Therefore I think our season is over. Our focus should be tha
  10. That's easy. Theoretically. Mahomes is imho more than beatable when he get's pressured from the defense as seen in the super bowl vs. the bucs.
  11. I think before we talk about player personnel decisions, we (or the raiders as an organisation) should get our future coaching staff together. I think you can't start shaking things all around the organisation up and expect that it would work right from the start. Therefore we need to ask ourselves, what kind of playing style do we want to present as the "raiders style" and then we have to get a GM and a headcoach at first. Then we can go on and talk about changes in the roster.
  12. I don't know. Without googling I know 3 GMs - Gutekunst, Keim and Mayock 😅 Besides that there would also be the optione that Harbaugh gets the full control without a GM or Mayock stays as GM.
  13. I think after the whole negative events in this fall, Mark Davis is seeking for a more proven guy to get back on the road to success. No one can guarantee us the success, I think the chances are higher, if we get one who had success before Therefore I kind of hope we would hire Jim Harbaugh. The 49ers had 8(?) consecutive loosing seasons and he turned that into 3 consecutive championship games. His worst season was 8-8, which would be pretty our best in recent years. Also I think it might help us with our lack of playmakers in the WR corps, if we switch to a more run-heavy scheme.
  14. I don't think our new HC is on that list anyway.
  15. I think you can't blame anybody for picking Moehrig in the 2nd round. (I know you didn't) This guy was seen as the best safety in this draft class and many guys out there would've taken him over Leatherwood in the first round. It was more of a miracle that he fall to us, and was picked as the 3rd safety. Moehrig's plays for us are no highlight reel plays. And that's good. That means at least he doesn't make a lot of mistakes.
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