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  1. I really wish we could have him a better OL to help he's transition here. QB and OL play are our biggest weakness right now. We're still in rebuild mode IMO
  2. Can we protect the QB with injury issue we have with our 1st round pick ? No we have a good OL ? Oh we're tanking for a 2021 QB ? I mean yeah ok. Joking aside I hope he's improving our run D and helping a bit our passrush, but we're a long way from playoff contention.
  3. I hope you're right and, as you've already mentioned, playing with pressure might make him reverse it's old throwing motion, but I hope practice make him better then ever. I'm still thinking that the best Newton is when he's having fun on the field. His happy/taunting demeanor is contagious and it make the entire team better. It's also help him and it's confidence.
  4. Well that's really feel like a publicity stunt for the organization more than anything, Newton must be 100% for a while to do this kind of social media spectacle. I don't really expect big changes from throwing mechanics though.
  5. Not sorry to let Munnerlyn walk, he wasn't really helping our CBS corps.
  6. I would love to resign Reid for a 4 years contract and go out big on a good FA DE. The rest must be fulfill through the draft. Concerning Riviera, I would like to see him next year since 2018 has been a terrible year onto the Panthers organization with the selling of the team. He showed us that he's a great defensive mind and he's willing to left the offense to Turner, which has been great at the beginning of the season. He deserve a second year with Tepper as an owner just to see what stability bring into the future.
  7. I don't want to see ever again in my life the Panthers trading away future 1st round pick that's a bad idea. I'm pretty sure that our defense is going into a rebuild mode this offseason : no good SS unless we resign Reid, no good DE, Thomas Davis getting older, no real backup to our DB... so yeah every pick count and we should invest into the FA too
  8. @Dingo18287 Making us having a higher draft pick in April I think
  9. So now we know : 2018 Panthers aren't a playoff team
  10. This game is what going to define the Panthers for this season.
  11. Either that or some almost any position on the OL
  12. I don't know and I don't want to think about it, today wasn't a good day
  13. We're bad it's awful to watch and I hate Thursday night football
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