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  1. Eric Washington impressions?

    Either that or some almost any position on the OL
  2. I don't know and I don't want to think about it, today wasn't a good day
  3. We're bad it's awful to watch and I hate Thursday night football
  4. What a nice play from Smith !!!
  5. Look like he did take over play calling because we just had a nice defensive series
  6. I agree, we're getting outcoached the last 2 games. This team is looking lost on the field, no urgency, no fun, nothing
  7. We don't have any pass rush either
  8. Panthers aren't looking good offensively and defensively right now. We need to make adjustment soon otherwise this game will end ugly.
  9. Early turnover and bad defense in the first half cost us the game. Tough loss
  10. We signed S Eric Reid!

    That's an amazing news !!! Should help our struggling defense go back on top.
  11. It'sssssss TIME!!! Carolina Panthers Training Camp Theard

    Yeah the last 2 games the make shift OL of ours did made a good job, so now I'm looking at our lackluster passrush and thinking that might be a good pick for us, unless Obada continue to have awesome game like yesterday. Feel good to win
  12. Week 2 GDT: Panthers @ Falcons

    This game is going to be an interesting one. We'll see if the OC change help us been more creative with our gameplan and fix our weaknesses (OL). I'm confident in our defense and facing Julio Jones is a good test by fire for our rookies DB. We'll also see if our DL continue to bring sacks like last game. I want to see growth into this team and for them to continue to have fun paying, because with Cam at the heim, if they have fun, they win.
  13. It'sssssss TIME!!! Carolina Panthers Training Camp Theard

    I hope we draft/sign OL for 2019 offseason. It's depressing seeing injury tracking toll on one of our weakness...
  14. It'sssssss TIME!!! Carolina Panthers Training Camp Theard

    How was the OL ?
  15. It'sssssss TIME!!! Carolina Panthers Training Camp Theard

    Im looking at our new offensive coordinator to step up and how the OL are going to perform. Protect Cam, give him time to throw and he's going to be MVP again