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  1. OLINE was trash. Def. would explain why DAK barely air it out. AARON was abusing everyone on the line. Defense front 4 especially the DTs was getting SHOVED back. Might need some size in there to stop the run. Snacks and Poe together?
  2. CeeDee Lamb has been impressive in traffic.
  3. Skins front 4 comprised of 1st round draft picks feasted on the Eagles O Line today.
  4. You BASTARDS jinx it. Crawford will probably START since Mccoy went down.
  5. Paging David Irving. Otherwise we roll with Crawford.
  6. I have no issue with this. Just stating the facts of last year results.
  7. Last year Skins were 0 and 2 vs. Cowboys.
  8. Skins are imploding as an organization. Looks like they had some cheerleader trafficking etc...several cases of sexual harassment...head coach benching a player cause he was banging the same girl...LOL.
  9. Redskins are under pressure to change their name again. Nike remove their apparel.
  10. Thanks. I remember watching that Defense that year and they were killing it.
  11. I do have a PAST SEASON question. When Bill Parcel first join the BOYS, I remember we had the no 1 defense in the NFL. WTH happen the following 2 years? Was the switch to the 3-4 that drastic to drop us to mid level?
  12. Trying to look at the positives after the debacle picks with TACO and TRYSTEN( would love to strangle both JG and RM ).
  13. Racism is such an easy word to label anyone not agreeing with what is trending. LOL.
  14. Look at Aldon Smith as our 1st round draft pick. What would you expect from DE in the first round? He is a beast but I won't expect 10 or more this season. If RG comes back they will prob. rotate in and out.
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