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  1. If we could shore up some defensive weakness in FA( DT and FS ). Then I'm down with PITTS as TE.
  2. Was hoping he stayed for another year or 2 with Philly and implode them further.
  3. Crawford being on the team was an abomination.
  4. Well...we can go the cheaper routes...Johnathan Hankins whom I wanted in 2017. Good run stopping NT. That's it. Can't rush the passer. Will be 29. Been watching him play for the Raiders. Daquan Jones is cut from the same mold. Age 29. Jaleel Johnson and Poona Ford.
  5. Dalvin Tomlinson Age 26.
  6. Key is getting DAK sign ASAP before the Tier 1 level NT/DT FA are gone.
  7. Well...there IT IS...the CHEAP signing option at NT/DT with limited upside for 1 year.
  8. I would look to shoring up the NT position with Dalvin Tomlinson. Let Gallimore and Hill battle it out at 3 technique.
  9. SB win? When do your predict that? NextYear? Or the next next year. Or the next next next year? Nevermind...we can just agree to disagree...10%.
  10. And something tells me...it'll always be NEXT YEAR FOR DA BOYZ with that mindset.
  11. JJ and SJ had to step in for that decision. And it took till the end of the season for this to happen?
  12. Mike Nolan is the cause of the defense problem. Mike McCarthy was the enabler. The MM hiring concerns me if he can't recognize that the Defense was historically bad and his stubbornness to stick with his nepotism hiring.
  13. Once again...Defense wins championships. They had Mahones running for his life all game.
  14. If we are building INSIDE OUT like the WFT then I would go for BARMORE at NT/DT. Then have Hill and Gallimore battle for the other DT spot. The only other option I see is going for a CB at the 1st round. Caleb or Surtain. Are we playing mostly ZONE in Quinn D? Cover 3 right? FS does need to be address...maybe a psyche test on Earl Thomas for a year or 2.
  15. They could have traded up for him: https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/nfl/dallas-cowboys/article209956059.html
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