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  1. Don't think it was just one game DawgX. IIRC, he was leaking oil coming down the stretch last year.
  2. Just like we had never heard of a fifth round pick being used on a long snapper either.
  3. So the NBA is back.............. They can officially kiss my posterior, and I won't be back as a fan. E.V.E.R. For the deep thinkers of the league to restart the season, but to tell some teams - "You suck, so we don't want you" is a major slap in the face. They can't see that is a two way street. Piss on 'em.
  4. BIEBER!!!!!!! But let's not lose sight of ANOTHER very important development....... James Karinchak 1.0 IP 0 R 0 H 6 Pitches 6 Strikes Can you hear me now, Tito? And it's not like this post is a kneejerk reaction to one bad outing on Wednesday night. Since the All Star Break last year, Hand's pitching has been on a downward track.
  5. If I am Plesac, I am telling Hand to meet at the flagpole after school...........
  6. Hand is toast - give me Karinchack (sp) as the closer before Brad pisses away the season.
  7. I completely disagree with the Devonta Smith pick to the Browns. WR may be the deepest unit on the Browns. I don't buy the argument that the Browns may move on from OBJ and Jarvis next year..... WHY?? Move on from the biggest talent they have had at WR in at least a generation? Maybe the problem last year was an offensive scheme designed by a coach that had ZERO clue how to maximize the talent in front of him. Move on from the most productive WR the first 5-6 years in his career in NFL history? And the BEST locker room presence that we have had in forever? The offensive tackle play was so abysmal last year that Andrew Berry HAD to address that first and foremost this past offseason. I think the April 2021 draft will be very heavily defensive themed. Any of these players still on your mock board would help the Browns immensely more than a WR. (Bolded are my preferences) S Andre Cisco CB Paulson Adebo DL Jaylen Twyman (Aaron Donald comp on this website) CB Shawn Wade (#1 corner on this website) S Hamsah Nasirildeen EDGE Xavier Thomas CB Caleb Farley (#1 corner per Pro Football Focus)
  8. Respect and condolences to his biological and Bengal families from the other side of the state.
  9. But, on a much lighter note - I remember being in the Sea Scouts in London. We took a field trip one summer weekend to the RAF airfields just off the coast. I still remember our guide beaming with national pride telling us the key reason that the British and the RAF were able to defeat the Germans and the Luftwaffe was the British had developed radar. They successfully tricked Goering into thinking the RAF was 10x the size it actually was because whenever the Nazis flew in for an attack the British fighters were there to engage them.
  10. It's still close to me as well Ron. Those that we met in England who experienced the war as adults were then the elderly, and yet the pain still ran deep. The young soldiers who actually fought in the war are now the elderly, and they have lived with those memories for 70 plus years. I don't care how it affects you, it does to your core.
  11. I challenge anyone who wants to romanticize about the greatness of war............... To visit that cemetery, or Gettysburg at dusk, or the Vietnam Memorial in Washington......... And really take the time to soak in that moment in time. No way you walk away unchanged.
  12. If I am one of the other 31 owners or GMs in the league, I am thinking long and hard before I ever hire that lying, scheming egomaniac that is Hue Jackson. I hope they are watching how he is trashing his former team........ "If y'all would have listened to me and done it my way, it would have been better....." must be Hue's thinking. Memo to Hue - you had THIRTY EIGHT freaking games to "make it better". Exactly when was this success supposed to start? Firing Hue was the beginning of the success. Let that sink in you arrogant tool.
  13. I hope this more impactful as this is a recount of my own personal life experiences that led to my D-Day remembrance. Here goes. I am now 62 years old. As a lad of 10 in the winter of 1967-68, I came to the supper table one night to hear my dad tell me and my 5 brothers "Boys, your mother and I have something to tell you. Later this spring, we are moving to Europe". After we all dropped our spoons in our soup bowls, we collectively said "Whaaat?" Dad went on to explain the plan was Firestone was moving the family to London for a 2 year assignment, then move to Rome for a year's assignment . So in April of 1968, we jetted of to London. It was an experience that I loved. This British people were so welcoming to us. We settled in Richmond (a SW suburb of London). We made very good friends with an elderly widow across the street. One of the vivid memories I still have is the pain on Mrs. Seeley's face when anyone mentioned the Second World War. For the first time in our lives, we were talking with someone who actually lived through those horrible experiences on her home soil. And they were still relatively fresh in her mind, as that war had just ended less than 25 years ago. FF to 1970 - Dad's assignment in England was ending soon, but we were going to take one more vacation to the continent before moving to Italy. So, we drove to Dover (on the shores of the Channel). There we entered onto a new fangled type of transport. We were ready to depart, and we feel the passenger chamber being lifted as a big balloon inflated below us. Yes, it was the Hovercraft. It really was a cool way to cross the Channel. Anyway, we disembarked in France in the mid afternoon. A coworker of Dad's from the Local Firestone facility met us and joined us for lunch at a local cafe. He leaned over during lunch to my dad and said, "Tom - you have six sons. Take advantage of of the opportunity while you are here and visit the Allied cemeteries." So, we did. Even as a not-yet-wet-behind-the-eaars-12-year-old, I sensed something was very different as we walked onto the soil there. I knew we wre walking on sacred ground. It was surreal. The only other time I have felt that was when I visited the Vietnam Memorial in Washington 30 years later. But this was the scene I remember on that afternoon in France. No matter which way you looked, plain white crosses buried into the horizon. It hit me then that these weren't just crosses, these were young kids who maybe didn't understand at the time, but gave their lives so we could have a world free from Nazi terrorism. The Greatest Sacrifice from The Greatest Generation.
  14. Sad news. A stalwart on the opposition to rhe Cavailer teams of my youth, Washington Bullets C Wes Unseld passed away at 74 today.
  15. I know DePodesta is a key player in this front office, but where is he on the proverbial flow chart? I would guess even with Berry or his boss.
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