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  1. PRESEASON TEAM AWARDS - Offensive Rookie of the Year

    I am going outside the box here for OROY - drumroll, please............ WR Richard Mullaney. Dude passes the eye test as having LEGITIMATE wide receiver size (fu ray and your smurfs) - and he is tough as nails. No fear at all going over the middle. Has shown an uncanny ability to concentrate in heavy traffic and catch the ball............ Whether it is Brock of DeShone - a QBs new best friend. Back up vote: Matt Dayes. Impressed as hell with him. Great pass pro blocker for his size. He went to school at NC State. That's an ACC school. That conference has grown expontentially as a respected football conference. You don't gain 1200 yards and have 200 yards receiving as a senior with out doing something right. He just may be at the head of the class for the "Steal of the Draft" category.
  2. D82's 3 RD 2018 NFL Mock Draft

    Desperado - If you you swap Mike McGlinchey for your second Mason Rudolph selection (LOL - glad I never mess up like that!) that would be a dream first round for the Browns. Joe Thomas won't play forever, so the time is now to groom his replacement. I also think this is Crow's last year in a Browns' uniform as he is set to hit FA next March. So Barkley makes more than a ton of sense.
  3. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    Thank you Webby - finally, a voice of reason and sanity.
  4. 2018 Draft Order

    Good one - CB. In fact, we may have a wire to wire winner.
  5. Posts from old site?

    I can undestand ditching the 2017 Draft posts, but are the 2018 Mock Draft posts that were on the old site to be transferred as well?
  6. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    Bucsfan333 - you pretty much have proved the point of this thread. Saying anyone is a lock for anything at this point of the season is ludicrous. Way way too much football yet to be played and way too much can happen. I will reference our own situation in Cleveland. No secret that the Browns have struggled for 17 years to find a QB. Deshone Kizer had a good GAME Thursday night - as in singular, one game. It was a game both teams were trying to win, but the game didn't count, and it was with the bottom third of the roster players. Was I happy he did well? Of course. But for the two "wow" plays he had, they were several plays where he either held the ball way too long, telegraphed the pass, or tried to squeeze it in where he should he chucked it up into Row F. These are correctable mistakes. They will be fixed over time. He is the eventual starter - just not today.
  7. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    Kinda hard to be better than anyone when you are out for the season. (ACL) http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/9408/bishop-sankey
  8. Deshone Kizer Appreciation Thread

    Very simply, time for a DIFFERENT #7 to rule the AFC North.