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  1. GDT Week 3; Browns VS Rams

    I heard something interesting on 92.3 The Fan this morning on the way into work. I am not a sound believer in this, but i will float it out there. Ken Carman brought up the theory that the Browns may have been intentionally holding the offense back in the first two games. His reasoning? Game 3's coaching staff is one of the brightest and most experienced in the league, HC Sean McVay and DC Wade Phillips. He was wondering f the Browns were going to make wholesale concept changes on offense - not because of what happened in Week 1 and 2, but because this was the plan all along. He wonders if they didn't want to give the Rams coaches a chance to analyze it and form a plan to combat it. Specifically, he mentioned the Browns going to an almost exclusive no huddle, hurry up offense. I am throwing the BS flag on this. When it comes to making the playoffs - a win in week 1 is just as valuable as a win in week 17. To engage in an action that deliberately limits your opportunity to win is ludicrous, and grounds for immediate dismissal if it could be proven. Let me repeat, I don't believe this theory at all. And if you are "afraid" of the intelligence of the opposing coaching staff - here's a thought..... Get smarter yourselves.
  2. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Tribe just won - now tied with the Rays (pending the result of tonight's Rays/Dodgers game) for the second AL Wild Card spot.
  3. Njoku Hit

    I agree - Demetrious Harris is NOT an upgrade over Darren Fells.
  4. Njoku Hit

    David broke his wrist on the play - out at least a month https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2019/09/browns-david-njoku-might-need-wrist-surgery-could-miss-significant-time.html
  5. Yaz homers at Fenway......

    No, No - Carl has not come out of retirement............. His grandson Mike, leftfielder for the San Francisco Giants, just lit up Fenway Park in a magical moment. Enjoy
  6. We're Fine!

    EXACTLY...... We have sucked for 20 plus years so all that fans want an iron clad guarantee that we will win and convincingly every Sunday...... Not ever gonna happen. Good point, BTC, about the quality of the defenses that Baker has faced. Tennessee is much better than originally thought, and Gregg Williams always gives a defense a chance. The flip side to that is everyone is singing Lamar Jackson's praises. Well - he has faced the Dolphins and the Cardinals........ Not exactly the reincarnation of the Monsters of the Midway defense. I think we got a glimpse last Monday of the rust coming off of Odell. This team has enough talent to have the pass set up the run and vice versa. The schedule the first half of the season is much more difficult than the second half of it. We will be fine.....
  7. Daniel Jones named Starter

    Hello, Big Blue Nation - Brooksie is stopping by from the Dawg Pound to offer my $.02 on the matter at hand. A few thoughts: On a national level the Giants, in general and Gettleman in particular, were mercilessly ridiculed for drafting Daniel Jones at 6 instead of at 17 with the pick obtained in the OBJ swap. That sounded eerily similar to what we heard last year surrounding the selection of Baker. What we must understand is we are fans of varying degrees and mock drafters. We are not paid professionals who have dedicated their lives to evaluating talent. The prevailing thought in 2018, based mostly on an average of where Baker was slotted in most mock drafts, was that we could select Saquon at 1 and come back and snag Baker at 4. After Baker was selected at one, it became apparent from the comments of most scouts in the league, that there was no way that Baker would be available at 4 had we passed on him at 1. He would have been NY bound, either to you folks or to Gang Green. I suspect that is exactly what happened in the Giants war room last April when Pick 6 was on the clock. Gettleman, and those really "in the know" knew that if they really wanted Daniel Jones, they had to go get him now. Personally, I liked what I saw out of the young man at Duke. I thought he was intelligent in his reads. I thought he didn't try to win games singlehandely, and he had good NFL size and arm strength. So I wasn't surprised that he was taken in the first round. When he was selected at 6, I thought to myself - the scouts from the Giants (and more importantly - from 31 other clubs) probably know if we pass on him at 6 that there is no way he lasts 11 more picks to 17. So his time has come. He seems to be a good kid with a head squarely on his shoulders. Good luck to him riding out the inevitable twists and turns of an early NFL career.
  8. GDT Week 3; Browns VS Rams

    Unless something else happens, RB Dontrell Hilliard should be available Sunday night.
  9. OL Situation

    Buckeye Battle Cry Rules!
  10. Njoku Hit

    Anyone who has seen my in game posts knows that I tend to go after, what I perceive to be, the inequality of the officiating. That is why I feel better this morning - I stayed away from the dang keyboard last night. I don't need to apologize this morning for stupid things my fingers pounded out last night. All that being said, and now away from the heat of the moment - I do have what I consider a legitimate question. On the play that forced Njoku from the game last night, should that not have been a 15 yard penalty? I think so. I think that was clearly a hit on a defenseless receiver. Njoku was in the air and extending for the catch. The fact that the Jets defender was able to get under David and flip him so he landed on his noggin reinforces to me that this is exactly the type of play the rule was revised for. Sure, these are the big, splashy hits - but they are also the kind of hits that potentially end careers. These are also the kind of hits, I feel, that the league revised the rule a few years ago in the name of player safety. Thoughts?
  11. Week 2 GDT: Saints (1-0) @ Rams (1-0)

    We feel your pain - but Walt Anderson has been boning the Browns for YEARS. His latest example was last year in Oakland.
  12. Around the league discussion

    A no call that would have hurt the coal black and pee yellow??? I am totally shocked
  13. Around the league discussion

    And this is news? Tats been happening for forty years now. Still is great - Yinzers are 0-2 now. And Ben is hurt.
  14. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    It was one of those Bleacher Report article. Choose to believe it if you wish
  15. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    And Minnesota has the top rated farm system in all of MLB. And this is why I say that games on Apr18th matter just as much as those on Sept. 15th