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  1. We did.......... (just after the season ended) And then we resigned him. Why on God's green earth we did that - i will never know.... He is on the current team roster. https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/team/players-roster/
  2. With our improved secondary, I will barf until the end of time if Robert Jackson is anywhere near our roster this year. No need to even consider a practice squad spot either, even if he is eligible.
  3. And now we are back to the vanishing offense. Props to Rondon - No Nos are special.
  4. Exactly. As long as the cheap assed Dolan's are in control of the purse strings - there is no way in hell we see Shane after his next contract. Plicks.
  5. As much crying and complaining as I have done regarding this team, last night was a real treat to watch. The only thing that would have made this better would have been if this was an October game instead of an April one.
  6. One of the understated topics that impressed me was the leadership shown by Malik Jackson.
  7. I didn't think the AA season started until May. Apparently it has, only in Cleveland. I hope you are proud of yourself, Discount Dolan. Ick-pray.
  8. Completely agree, LbG. I have seen some mocks that if Rousseau is still available when the Vikings pick at 14, the Browns would make an offer to move up to get him. I just cannot get around Phillips' medicals. You need to be available. Not arguing his talent - I am not sure we would be comfortable clearing him to be drafted.
  9. Jaelen Philips is a hell of a player, but his concussion history terrifies the ever living *stuff* out of me. Edge rusher is too important a position, so I would have to pass on him.
  10. What do you guys think about this, because it surely involves a trade up. Every year there is a player (or two) who inexplicably slides. But....... If the draft plays out that we reach pick 16 to 18 say, and he is still available - what do you all think about pulling the trigger on a trade up for LB Micah Parsons? I don't think it would be super expensive in draft capital. Definitely 26 and a 3rd or 4th rounder this year, as well as probably a 2nd or 3rd rounder in 2022. But he is a generational talent. He would solidify the middle level of the defense. We would then have a stud
  11. If that were to play out, I'd be real happy with Greg Newsome, ecstatic with Caleb Farley. I think that, even in his rookie season, Farley would be "The Dawg" of the back end. I think he is that good.
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