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  1. Game 1, 2018: @ Cleveland Browns [TNF]

    Agreed - but there is a reason. This was the result of playing the Steelers in a constant, unforgiving rainstorm for 5 quarters. That was the remnants of Hurricane Gordon. It started raining Friday overnight, all day Saturday and Sunday, and into Monday. Granted the field was covered until 11am Sunday - but the damage had been done. We don't have another home game until Oct 7th against the Ravens - 17 days away. I wonder if the sod cutters are being used en masse today to cut out that whole center section of the field and new sod being laid. Of course, the ultimate answer is an offseason project. Get all the grass up and install Field Turf. Don't know if that is in the cards yet. I bet Mr. Crowell gets a call from Roger's office.......
  2. GDT - Prime Time - Browns to ground the Jets

    Nathan Zegura did what we all do every week. Trouble is - he ain't supposed to do that. Gone for 8 weeks. http://www.footballzebras.com/2018/09/browns-sideline-radio-reporter-nathan-zegura-removed-from-broadcasts-for-arguing-with-official/
  3. GDT - Prime Time - Browns to ground the Jets

    Mr. Willies, answer the door. It is opportunity knocking.
  4. This game, the Browns will be featuring their solid brown jerseys and pants "Color Rush" . Has anyone heard what colors the Jets will be wearing? Will it be their standard road attire - white jerseys and green pants? If they do wear their "Color Rush" uniforms - will it be an all white combo? Surely the NFL would not make the Browns wear all brown and the Jets all green? Then again, we are talking about the NFL. My daughter had the best line ever a few years back regarding uniforms. Oregon and Oregon State were playing. Oregon was in their solid neon green/yellow and Oregon State were in their all orange. She walked into the den and said "Ewww, I cannot watch. That is the battle of the highlighters!"
  5. GDT - Prime Time - Browns to ground the Jets

    Jerome Bogar's crew has been assigned to our game. Oh boy. Get ready for more incompetence and a royal schwicking. http://www.footballzebras.com/2018/09/3-2018/
  6. ST coordinator sucks; Amos Jones.

    BINGO! Playing special teams is all about having the heart and attitude to do it - josh certainly has that covered This clown is worse than Tabor
  7. GDT - Prime Time - Browns to ground the Jets

    Yes it is Otto - from a couple of years ago - then they didn't play on TNF at home. You are certainly entitled to your own opinion about them - I myself have never been a fan of dark on dark (jerseys and pants)
  8. GDT - Prime Time - Browns to ground the Jets

    Color Rush uniforms for TNF..... Not. A. Fan.
  9. GDT - Prime Time - Browns to ground the Jets

    Browns a home favorite for the first time since 2015 https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2796193-browns-vs-jets-odds-cleveland-home-favorite-for-1st-time-since-2015
  10. The Zane Gonzalez job hunting page

    It has now been revealed that Zane was kicking with a groin injury................. W - T - F ?????????? Ever think about saying something, Zane? I know it sucks, but if you're hurt - you're hurt. Man up to it.
  11. The Zane Gonzalez job hunting page

    Greg Joseph is your new Browns kicker. https://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2018/09/browns_to_sign_kicker_greg_jos.html
  12. The Zane Gonzalez job hunting page

    Classic! Post of the year candidate.