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  1. Massive improvement. Last year, it was 25 plus yards!
  2. Bowser's WAAAAY-TOO-EARLY 2019 Mock

    The only way - and this is a major stretch at best - that Parris makes it into the first round is as a punt returner. He is so fast that he can turn out his bedroom lights and be in bed before the room gets dark. BUT......... Like the baseball analogy - you can be from home to first in 1.6 seconds - but if you cannot hit your way on; what good are you? Gotta catch the deep balls on a much more consistent basis. And I have had the pleasure of watching Parris play in HS at SVSM, and in college at Thee Ohio State University. Yes, he has matured, but still a long way to go.
  3. Telfer lands in Indy https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2018/05/07/indianapolis-colts-claim-randall-telfer-waivers-cleveland-browns/
  4. But these Browns weren't the ones making these picks - you were. I know , it's still easier to continue to take shots at past regimes who no longer have anything to do with acquiring players for the 2018 Browns rather than do a little research and evaluate what has happened since December. On that note, any draft that starts with Josh Allen at the top is lazy and a nightmare scenario for the Browns. ANY of the other three makes so much more sense. But, oh yeah, you and your buddies won;t be able to laugh at that.
  5. Trade propsal from The Land

    I will only offer these points as a reply. Isn't the the point of any trade that any team makes to feel like they bettered themselves? And what does this trade proposal have to do with the New York Giants? It was posted in a Seahawks forum. Your reply mentions nothing of that team, their players, their fans or their city. I am not going to impugn the good fans of Seattle by carrying this any further on their turf. Let's just agree to disagree. Your reply was just out there.
  6. Trade propsal from The Land

    Hey all - Brooksie here, lifelong (and suffering) Browns fan here. No, I am not Sonny Weaver Jr. calling Tom Michaels here, but that is a bit of humor. Let me be serious here and propose this trade: To Seattle: WR Corey Coleman 2018 Pick #64 (Last one in the second round) 2018 Fourth round Pick (I think we own 3 of them) To Cleveland: 2018 Pick #18 Let me explain what the Hawks would be receiving in return. WR Coleman: HC Hue Jackson's first pick with the Browns (after passing on Wentz - grrrrrrrrr..........) He was selected at #15 in 2016. Showed a lot of promise in training camp 2016. Started the season in Philadelphia with a big game, and was having a big game the next week against the Ravens. He broke his hand in that game. Came back after 8 games and continued to show promise. Started last year with the same promise, and broke his other hand...... Came back after that hand healed, and again was doing well. However, he became the poster boy for frustration of the 2017 0-16 season when he allowed the final 4th down pass to sail through his hands that clinched the final loss to the Steelers. That being said - no one is perfect, and Corey is still just 23 years old. He still has a bunch of learning and growing up to do. Corey is a very fast receiver, and would help soften the loss of Paul Richardson to the Redskins. I think a change of scenery would be best for Corey and the Browns. Maybe he can realize his full potential with Russell Wilson. Pick 64: Any pick in the first two rounds is considered a "premium pick". Shipping this pick west will help to facilitate this trade. There always is risk with any trade, but this pick offers some peace of mind if Corey fails to develop into the full blown NFL star we had envisioned for him. 4th rounder: Generally where core special teamers are found that every NFL roster needs. Ocassionally, you hit on a long term starter here. #18 back to the Browns: We would surely be using this pick to target one of the premier LT prospects - Kolton Miller, Mike McGlinchey, or Connor Williams. Word on the street around town is the three most important positions will be addressed in this draft: QB at 1, Pass Rusher at 4, and LT with our next selection. Joe Thomas will be hard to replace - but what I have proposed I feel is fair. (No, I have not looked at any trade charts or the like). Your thoughts?
  7. GB connection continues...Browns add WR Jeff Janis

    Great reply NT. I agree with your philosophy of not wanting to trade young talent for pennies on the dollar. That is not good business eight days out of seven every week. But...... I look to Dorsey's track record in Kansas City. I look to the fact we have Alonzo Highsmith and Eliot Wolf , who may know a thing or two about franchise building, in key roles in our front office now. I look at the first key moves this front office made: They emphatically dismissed Kenny Britt, they traded for Juice, they traded for Tyrod ....... Dorsey recognizes that success in today's NFL is through the air. These moves were clearly designed to give CPR to a flatlining passing attack. Then yesterday, we have an "under the radar" signing of Jeff Janis, who for reasons known only to God was not given a fair shot at WR in Green Bay. Our passing attack is so much better now than it was just a month ago. Bottom line, I believe in this front office and trust them to "get it right". So, if they think it will be better for the Browns long to include Corey in a trade - I am signing off an that puppy yesterday. Lastly, you mentioned that the Packers were your "first". Mine too. I was a lad of 8 years old - and we went to my aunt's house to watch the 1965 NFL Championship Game - IN COLOR!!! (Yup - I are AARP material). Even though my uncle and I were cheering for Jim Brown in his last game, seeing those green and gold uniforms left quite the impression. The die was cast at that point - I was to be a football fan for life.
  8. GB connection continues...Browns add WR Jeff Janis

    At the risk of sounding overly biased, you SHOULD be hyped about Janis. I will say this. I have been watching pro football for over 50 years now. (Cue up the old fart jokes).I just cannot deny what I see with my own two eyes. All this kid needs is a chance. He'll do the rest. To be perfectly honest, he reminds me of Joe Jurevicious, but with more speed and better deep ball skills. And that ain't bad. I will be stunned if he is not starting for us this year. In fact, he is the reason I think the Browns will package Corey Coleman and either 33 or 35 to move back into the later first round for either, Mike McGlinchey, Connor Williams, or Kolton Miller.
  9. GB connection continues...Browns add WR Jeff Janis

    Don't sleep on this kid - AT ALL. I absolutely LOVE this signing. Watching his college tape, I wanted him so badly. And as it got later and later, I got more hopeful - then GB snagged him. I was beyond livid. Oh wait, that's right - Ray "I am the smartest man in the league" Farmer was running our draft that year. We all know he shot any WR over 5'6". Moron....... Anyway - everyone remember the PLAYOFF game in the desert where he dang near beat Arizona by himself? I never understood why he never got another opportunity based on that game..... Corey Coleman just officially got put on notice! https://youtu.be/LwiBW6j80kI https://youtu.be/eG1t2oDYZHU
  10. Jaguars acquire Cody Kessler

    Hey guys - lifelong Browns fan here (since 1965). Reviewing honestly the 2016 season, I thought I saw that Kessler would never be your franchise guy, but it seemed like he had the making of a 10 year solid NFL backup. Then 2017 happened - I was shocked. He was named the starter to open training camp. All he did all year long was regress. To the point that it was painful to watch him on the field. A couple of times the camera caught him in a deer in the headlights look. I think the Browns did Cody a favor. He never was going to get another shot in Cleveland, so they sent him to a team with a solid offense and better defense. Take the pressure off of him having to be "The Man" and see if he develops. Low risk move for the Jags.
  11. Whatever QB we take...

    I have said this on many occasions regarding the 4 QBs in this draft: I would be thrilled with Baker. I would be happy with Darnold. I would be okay with Rosen.......... and........... I would be irate with Allen.
  12. 3 Round Mock Draft

    Sign me up for the Browns-Bills trade, and like yesterday. The only thing I myself would change precedes the trade. I would select Baker Mayfield as my QB. I have told my buddies - I would be thrilled with Baker, I would be happy with Darnold, I would be ok with Rosen, and I would be livid/irate with Josh Allen.............. Love the balance of your Browns picks. We now have in the house: QBOTF Solid replacement for The Legend Two of the best corners coming out at a position of need A baaaaad man as an edge rusher opposite Myles A complimentary piece to a now very deep WR corps - and this kid has take the top off the defense speed A beast in the backfield who will be our TBOTF Another inside thumper in the front 7 Brooksie approves............
  13. What QB do you want?

  14. Browns cut Sammie Coates

    There goes my Super Bowl tickets.......