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  1. 2018 Off-season Coaching Staff Changes

    beat me to it buno

    Romo needs to shut his yap too - the ONLY reason that Jax challenged the first down catch to Clay was he kept saying that Clay was out, and he kept the cameras running replays until the Jag coaches finally noticed. Tony - if you want to critique the officiating - out on a dam striped shirt! Otherwise - STFU.

    From your brothers on Lake Erie - Browns Nation - what a key BS call! Why even have a rule book if you are going to call it like you are making it up as you go? That was called the exact opposite of how every call has been called this year........... Gheez - and I thought Jeff Tripplette was incompetent.
  4. Eliot Wolf New Asst. GM - GB Reunion in Cleveland

    I vote YES!!!!
  5. Browns OC search

    OMG - now THAT is funny!
  6. Draft Discussion 2.0

    For me: Mayfield at 1 Barkley or Fitzpatrick at 4
  7. Gentlemen, I Think Its Time...Consider Baker Mayfield At #1

    Their number 1 and what else fir our number one? Better be a bunch - but I like your thinking too. Say we sign a credible veteran QB (Smith/Keenum) draft Baker and Saquon Barkley - thats a great start to a hell of an off season.
  8. I think last night's Cotton Bowl was a fairly accurate snapshot of what Sam Darnold will be in the NFL next year, should he decide to leave USC. You can clearly see the talent he possesses. He made some "wow" throws, dropping it in the bucket to his WRs along the sidelines where only his guy could go get it. Those are NFL throws. But when pressured, which he will see more often than not on Sundays, Sam made some less than stellar throws. The worst of this was the pick six by Damon Webb. When pressured, Darnold locked onto his receiver on a slant from the left to the right. He cut it loose...... Problem was he never saw Damon Webb jumping the route from the right to the left - and we all saw the result. Noe the announcers were so pro-USC it was regurgitating. But the one valid point they did make was about Sam's body language after a turnover. Remember, we are talking about the potential #1 overall pick - not just a first rounder. Instead of coming off the field showing an expression of "C'mon guys - chins up; we'll get that back..." Sam came off with a totally defeated look, his body almost slumping. Certainly not what a pro scout wants to see. It would be so much better for Sam to return for his junior season at USC to continue to develop. He would be away from the pressure that the number one overall pick inherently is saddled with. If he is anything less than stellar his first pro season, he will be prematurely labeled a "bust". He will be better equipped to handle that pressure in 2019, not 2018.
  9. Who deserves more blame Hue or Kizer?

    Hue or Kizer? Hue - all day every day. Because he is the QB whisperer and the playcaller. Hue never tailored his offensive game plans to try to protect a 21 year old kid with accuracy issues. In the right system - not Hue's - Mizer still has a chance to be fixable.
  10. Favorite Announcing Team

    I never listen to the TV announcers - I mute the TV and listen to Jimmy and Doug on the radio
  11. Hey guys, Brooksie here. Lifelong Browns fan. Tough, tough news for you guys to have to swallow today. I wholeheartedly did NOT agree with our former EVP about Carson's ability.
  12. John Dorsey named GM

    I don't think they are as far off as many people think. Listen - the big issue here is whether Alex Smith is starting in KC, or not. If not, he is still young enough that he will want to move heaven and earth to start again in the NFL.
  13. John Dorsey named GM

    Don't think that has much to do with it. It has everything to so with the fact that I bet the reins get turned over to Mahomes next year and Alex will be looking to start somewhere
  14. John Dorsey named GM

    Hello, Alex Smith............ Now, I know that said that Hue returns in 2018 - I think I am throwing the BS flag on that. Dorsey wants his guy
  15. Week Whatever This Is GDT (Chargers)

    Surprised Walt Coleman didnt flag us for that