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    After they beg for mercy from our Chubb, we'll give them our Killer Johnson. Seriously folks, if we can run the ball with the authority we did against the Falcons, AJ Green becomes a non factor. Hard to help your team when your offense can't get on the field. Hue will be Hue. He will have concocted the greatest defensive game plan in the history of football. Just ask him. It's his players that didn't execute it properly.

    Here's why I think we all should have a good bit amount of faith in Dorsey's ability to get the right coach. I am going to say right out front that this is not a chance to fling tomatoes at the Haslam's for the conditions that they hamstrung Dorsey with when he was hired. They were what they were, and Dorsey did agree to them. That said - let's not rehash the past and move forward. Rumors and opinions are like people's backsides - everyone has one. I had heard that, as many have guessed here on the site, that Dorsey had a list of preferred head coaching candidates the instant he walked into the building on Lou Groza Blvd. Supposedly, the name on the top of that list was - then Chiefs OC, now Bears HC Matt Nagy. Matt's record through 10 games with the Bears - 7-3. According to Sportscenter this am, the only other Bears coach with that record through his first ten games? Papa Bear himself - the one the street is named for at the Hall of Fame - George Halas. So, with Dumb and Dumber removed from the picture - I am fully confident we will find the right coach.

    The more I see how this season has unraveled for Green Bay, the harder the pass becomes on Mike McCarthy.

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  5. Shout out from Browns Nation...... Home teams seem to have a tremendous advantage in Thursday night contests. I am really looking forward to this game. Packers are my second favorite NFL franchise, but I really expect Seattle to pull this one out in a close one, say 24-21 or the like. Has anything been said if the Seahawks will be wearing their Color Rush "Electric Green" uniforms? I know I am firmly in the minority outside of Seattle on this one, but I think they are cool.
  6. Tracking Baker Mayfield VS. Sam Darnold's 1st Yr Play

    Wow. Just wow.
  7. Nick Chubb

  8. MNF game moved from Mexico to LA due to field conditions

    Ouch - LOL. Let alone the fact that every time a game is attempted to be played there - the media puts out warning after warning to the players and fans about the local crime adjacent to the stadium. Not exactly a Chamber of Commerce ad. no? Back in the '60s, the biggest thing you had to worry about was being pickpocketed. That would be the least of your worries today. Not that LA may be significantly better, but the elevation of the stadium in Mexico City is high and the air quality (smog) very poor. Bottom line - if you are going to entice an entity that can provide a big financial windfall for your city - get your ducks in a row FIRST. You must always remain cognizant of the fact that you need the NFL more than the NFL needs you.
  9. Nick Chubb

    As a long suffering Browns fan - since 1965 - it feels wonderful to see the progress being made. I know we are not there yet, still work to do. Yes, Dorsey was gifted with oodles and oodles of cap space, and a treasure chest full of draft picks - but YOU GOTTA HIT ON YOUR CHOICES. Dorsey is off to a hell of a start. Lastly, boys, I sincerely appreciate the love from this thread. Yes we all have our own teams to cheer for - but we were all bigger football fans first.
  10. 2 good 2 b true? Hue to the Bengals?

    Me loves a good conspiracy theory. I heard something on the radio this morning that made me pause and it made me think. I was stunned when the details came out about the depth of the acrimony between Hue and Haley. Those two self serving narcissists were at war with one another. Totally unprofessional behavior - both had to go. Then I also thought, "What if that had happened before?" And when the following was proposed, I thought - "That son of a gun. What a snake!" Let's rewind to the trading deadline 2017. Hue claims to Sashi/Haslam thathe cannot win with DeShone Kizer throwing it to the wrong colored jersey every other pass. Let's also be reminded of the fact that Hue's record is already cast in stone as terrible. So he claims to have an answer - and makes a desperation play for AJ McCarron. But let's reverse gears here and stop looking at this from the Browns' perspective and look at it from Hue's perspective. Hue had to have known he was already on thin ice. If he would be let go in Cleveland, where would he land on his feet? Most likely with his old buddy, Marvin in Cincinnati. That being said, why not try to swindle his current employer, the Browns, out of not one- but two premium picks and gift those to your next prospective employer, the Bengals? All he would have to do is endure the last half a season with a QB he knew wasn't as good as advertised. Of course, we all know that would not be Hue's fault. This whole scenario aligns perfectly with the theory that you help yourself, and hinder a division rival all in one fell swoop. Thank goodness Sashi stepped in to take the hit in the media for this one by holding up the trade long enough make it past the deadline - and invalid. Hue is such a snake.
  11. Bye Week Musings

    I just saw this The Bengals still have a week to get beat up by the Ratbirds before hosting us. I see Baker taking full advantage.
  12. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Oklahoma - Nebraska circa 1969. LOL
  13. Week 10 GDT: Chaos in Cleveland

    You are not the only one, bud. I could stand seeing that 16 consecutive weeks. That may be the best news of all coming out of First Energy Stadium today. But in all honesty, I will never complain about a Browns win. We have all seen the incredulous ways that this team has repeatedly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. And when our attempts failed, we have had help from the officials to make sure we cross the finish line, so to speak. Needless to say, watching Browns football can be a long and frustrating exercise. But I have to think that we got the exact kind of help we needed from the Falcons play calling. As we entered the 4th quarter - Matt Ryan was down18 points, 28-10. But he zipped his team down the field with slick passes and bruising runs by Tevin Coleman. They ended up with a 1st and goal on the 1 after a PI call on TJ Carrie. I thought "Uh oh, the Falcons are about to be within 11 or 10. I thought 4 shots from the 1 with Tevin Coleman sounds like a great plan........... But, what happens? Atlanta decides passing the ball is a better option. D"OH!!!! The Browns pull of a goal line stand for the ages - and victory is ours.
  14. Week 10 GDT: Chaos in Cleveland

    Me thinks we see Baker on BLAST this week........