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  1. Well played, sir.
  2. Screw what the rest of the world thinks. It is ALWAYS a good thing to beat like a red headed step child anything in coal black and piss yellow.
  3. Dear Bills Nation - You are my new best friends. Sincerely - Your Lake Erie Brethren The Dawg Pound
  4. Screw the Ratbirds now and forever. I hope you guys hang a hundred on them.
  5. Then why postpone it? Sign street free agents if you need to. Just because a few KEY players are out, the NFL kisses the Ravens' butt. That sentiment is not across the board - so put your big boy pants on Ravens and play with whoever can play.
  6. 7 players with Covid? Still leaves 46 on an active roster, and you play with 11. That decision is pure fertilizer.
  7. The video of Dak on the cart being wheeled away was just heartbreaking. From the Dawg Pound to the Star - our condolences on the injury. But with what Dak has already overcome in his life, I think he will rehab properly and be back leading the Cowboys once again. He is a good overall dude, the kind that is needed in today's NFL. Hoping and praying for a speedy and successful recovery.
  8. No they are not. But.... We cannot make the mistake of underestimating them. We need to come in - stomp on their throat, and not let up until 60 minutes of game time has come off the clock. Need to be very workmanlike Sunday.
  9. Washington put Scherff on IR today, so yeah - he is OUT for Sunday. https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player/12678/brandon-scherff
  10. I wonder if TBDBITL will be there blaring out Buckeye Battle Cry for the Ward/McLaurin matchup? Looks like we will have Conklin, Mack and Greedy back. My Rx for a big win Sunday? Run Chubb. Run Hunt. Run Chubb Run Hunt Run Chubb Run Hunt Run Chubb Run Hunt Run Chubb Run Hunt
  11. Don't think it was just one game DawgX. IIRC, he was leaking oil coming down the stretch last year.
  12. Just like we had never heard of a fifth round pick being used on a long snapper either.
  13. So the NBA is back.............. They can officially kiss my posterior, and I won't be back as a fan. E.V.E.R. For the deep thinkers of the league to restart the season, but to tell some teams - "You suck, so we don't want you" is a major slap in the face. They can't see that is a two way street. Piss on 'em.
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