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  1. Ohio High School Football

    I was following the St VM - Streetsboro game Friday night. SVSM had control of the game into the 4th quarter, 14-7, and driving. But.............. This is the same result in pee wee ball to the NFL - turnovers will kill you. So kudos to Streetsboro for causing the turnovers and then capitalizing on them. First turnover (all fumbles) was at midfield with 10 min to go. 6-7 plays later, Rockets score to tie it up at 14. Then the Irish turn the ball over on their own 10 with 2:30 to go. One play later, 21-14 Rockets. And on SVSM's final drive to a would be tying touchdown - they fumble at the 2 and Streetsboro recovers with under :30 to go in the game. Streetsboro was 10-0 for a reason. They just won their first playoff game in school history. So good for them.
  2. Week Ten - Official GDT Vs. Bills MAFIA

    I am sure I will catch highlights sometime
  3. Week Ten - Official GDT Vs. Bills MAFIA

    Thanks brother. My daggone temper strikes again. Was that the drive we scored on then?
  4. Week Ten - Official GDT Vs. Bills MAFIA

    OK - I come crawling back............. My setup is to watch the game on the computer (Spectrum TV) and since I hate the network announcers - I always have Jimmy and Dieken on the clock radio.. The TV feed has a delay on it, the radio broadcast is always a play or two ahead of the video picture. So............ I heard Jimmy announce that when the Browns were driving - down 16-12 - and Jerry Hughes of the Bills returned the toss for a TD.......... (I never saw the video) I got seven kinds of pissed off, slammed the radio off - and stormed off to do errands. I was sure Buffalo was leaving FES at 7-3. I just went to Fox8 website and saw I was wrong........ So what happened? Bless me Father, for I have sinned.......
  5. Week Ten - Official GDT Vs. Bills MAFIA

    This team is a bunch of frauds straight up. I'm out.
  6. Week Ten - Official GDT Vs. Bills MAFIA

    Memo to Hilliard: Instead of wussing out on fair catch after fair catch - THAT is how you return a punt
  7. Week Ten - Official GDT Vs. Bills MAFIA

    No, Buffalo overloaded that side and the Browns didn't adjust
  8. Week Ten - Official GDT Vs. Bills MAFIA

    49 comes through UNBLOCKED on Hubbard's side
  9. Week Ten - Official GDT Vs. Bills MAFIA

    I liked the one in New England two weeks ago - false starting on 4th and 11 so we could go for it on 4th and 16 Classic
  10. Week Ten - Official GDT Vs. Bills MAFIA

    Three and out on the next series - clear hangover from the 0-7 from the one. Better quit feeling sorry for yourselves and get your heads out of your butts.
  11. Week Ten - Official GDT Vs. Bills MAFIA

    0-8 from the one yard line.............. Unbelieveable. Then again - beleivable
  12. Week Ten - Official GDT Vs. Bills MAFIA

    Old school today - brown over orange
  13. SJ makes his debut today

    Join the club bud
  14. Alabama missing the playoffs

    And if Bama had a set - they would agree to play north of the Mason Dixon Line after Sept 30th. Play in Columbus on Chicken S**t Saturday in Week 10 instead of at home against a team you are guaranteed is a glorified scrimmage. But they have shown over and over and over that they have no rocks
  15. SJ makes his debut today

    This is pretty cool