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  1. The Search for a GM

    Just the mental image of Stef barging on Jimmy cracks me up We are in lockstep on this one.
  2. The Search for a GM

    Schudel for the win! GREAT tweet.....
  3. Stefanski’s staff

    I am telling you - I am totally on board with the hiring of Stefanski. But this irritates me. I think it is a HUGE mistake for a ROOKIE head coach to call his own plays just because he did it with success as a coordinator on his way to a head coaching position. Just because Sean McVay had success doing it - all others THINK that anyone can do it. It is inevitable that you get too involved in the minutia of the offense, and slight your other duties as head coach. Hue and Freddie fell on their face doing it. I hope and pray that Stef follows through on his promise that he will decide on that via what is best for the team. (Hint: Hire a true OC, Kevin.....)
  4. Stefanski’s staff

    OK - let me start off by saying I know I will be in the minority on my opinion. I was in favor of retaining Campen. I think he was given the equivalent of a row boat and a dinghy with a hole in it and told to have at it battling that big ominous battleship. I think Campen was given, at best (to use a baseball analogy) AA level talent at the two most important positions on the OL (tackles) and told to turn them into Pro Bowlers. I know a coaches' job is to cultivate and grow the talent, but you need to have a certain base level of talent to begin from. The Browns were not even close to that in 2019. I think Dorsey and crew had two huge swing and misses with no backup plan to Greg Robinson, and the talent (or lack thereof) evaluation of Chris Hubbard. Joe Thomas had retired long before Campen hit town, and yet no serviceable replacement was found. But - at the same time, the NFL always has been and always will be a results driven business. Given that this decision has been made - I can see why. The line , as a unit, was the weakest link on the team. We are being forced to select one if not two offensive tackles in April. You have a new coaching staff in place. Not hard to connect the dots.
  5. Stefanski’s staff

    The coach from the previous regime I really want to keep is ST coordinator Mike Priefer.
  6. Stefanski’s staff

    Thank goodness - keeping Wilks would have been an awfully awkward fit.
  7. Stefanski’s staff

    I didn't see this earlier - but Wilks is officially gonzo. Highly skeptical if he returns in another capacity - to say what the kids say - "He Gone!"
  8. Stefanski’s staff

    Schefty's tweet to what Candyman was saying:
  9. The Dawg Pound Introduction Thread

    Welcome to the Pound, WD. FWIW - you are not alone. 33 years later, I STILL cannot watch what HorseMouth did to us in consecutive years. Grrrrrrrr....... I also have a similar family story to yours. My wife's family roots are the strip mining communities east of Pittsburgh. Wonderful, simplicity of life kind of people. About 1994 or so, our youngest daughter was 7 or 8. We were visiting my wife's Grammie in PA. My youngest was on Grammie's lap, and they were watching a Steeler game. I came in the room and remarked "Steelers - YUCK!" To which my daughter said "Go Steelers!" She knew what reaction she would get out of me, and she was right. But the die was cast that day - and she is still on the dark side 30 years later. At least I can respect that. She made a choice that day and stuck with that choice all these years. What I despise with a passion even more than the Steelers are fans that turn their back on their home team just because they are going through a rough patch and align with the Stoolers just because they are not. Only thing worse is becoming a Michigan Man.
  10. Stefanski’s staff

    With former WR coach Adam Henry moving on to Dallas, the Browns have hired former Dolphins OC Chad O'Shea as their new WR coach and passing game coordinator. https://dolphinswire.usatoday.com/2020/01/19/former-dolphins-oc-chad-oshea-lands-with-browns/
  11. Stefanski’s staff

    I heard they bombed Pearl Harbor.
  12. Whats up with Baker

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ This!
  13. Damn Walkthemock Drafts

    Pass on Tuf. He plays about as fast as if his feet were stuck in molasses in January outside in Minnesota.
  14. No HOF for Modell

    AGAIN. Yes!
  15. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    After the Astros cleaned house following the sign stealing scandal, the Red Sox followed suit and cut ties with manager Alex Cora. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2871219-alex-cora-fired-as-red-sox-manager-amid-astros-sign-stealing-scandal What do you think the chances are that the BoSox float Tito an offer to return to Bahhhstun - and If so, would he take it? My feeling is no - unless the offer is a Monopoly Money offer