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  1. Yeah, I was too lazy to look it up earlier, but AFCCG is Sun. Jan 30 at 3 - SB is Feb. 13th. You all can make me feel better about last Sunday's game by doing me one big favor...... Kick the ever living snot out of Lamar and the Ratbirds this weekend.
  2. Bingo! We acted like Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce were unknowns to us. That was a bad mistake on our part. But NFL games are never perfect, so it was what it was. I just want to take the game for just that. We gave one of the best teams in the AFC all they wanted before coming up short. It was a wonderful game. Congrats to all of you - see you in January or February.
  3. I come in peace from the Land of the Walleyes. As hurting as we are today, and having taken 24 hours to remove myself from the heat of the moment, I want to extend my congratulations to your squad on a hell of a win yesterday. Three primary reasons we came up short yesterday. 1). - Chubb's 3rd quarter fumble. Up until that point, everything was going our way. Our offense was humming to stay ahead of your offense that was playing just as well. But good defense on your part, helmet went right on the ball and out it popped. 2). - Gillan's fumbled punt snap - Are you freaking k
  4. If Delpit is IR'ed prior to the final 53 - he is done for the season. He must be on the 53 man roster in Sept. (and I think it is through game 1) to be eligible to return.
  5. Willie Harvey to the rescue! Montrel Meander back too https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/08/20/browns-sign-montrel-meander/
  6. Looks like we didn't completely dodge the injury bullet. TE Carlson rumored to be done for 2021. https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2021/08/mack-wilson-and-stephen-carlson-awaiting-mri-results-some-injured-browns-due-back-tuesday.html
  7. Nude - my solution was to classify Felton as RB3. Or we could keep 2 RBs and ATH1. I know this is high praise, probably too high for someone yet to step on the grass in a real NFL game, but I have heard Felton's name compared to the electric Eric Metcalf. Even if that proves to be remotely true - that is one hell of a lot of value for pick 211. Almost Brady-ish.
  8. I hope it is not lost that that foursome will make each other better by leaps and bounds - just from practicing against each other 4 times a week.
  9. Spot on, Kiwi. DPJ's rise means we may have to cut NFL quality talent at WR in September. I see us carrying 6 WRs WR1 OBJ WR2 DPJ WR3 Juice WR4 Higgins WR5 Hodge WR6 Schwartz This room got real talented, real fast.
  10. Cleveland has been a key manufacturing center throughout the years. Why not The Builders, or the Forgers, or The Erectors...... Wait - I can hear the bad jokes on that last one already. Or they could have honored the commerce in the area because of Lake Erie. Could have been the Shippers, Transporters, or Sailors..... I am with you - AW - it will be a while, if ever, to get used to the Guardians.
  11. Better yet, there were 20 rounds - and the Tribe selected 18 pitcher, 1 outfielder, and 1 middle infielder. Hope they didn't cut off their nose to spite their face.
  12. He should have been charged with felony stupidity.
  13. Tribe selects 6'6" 240lb RHP Gavin Williams with the 23rd pick in the MLB draft. Big boy. 21 year old. 4 year college player at East Carolina. 94-97 mph average fastball, with 2 power breaking balls. Projects as a starting pitcher. How fast will he rise through the minors? Will he work out in Cleveland? Who knows - but..... This organization's track record for developing pitchers is good.
  14. Shut out and NO HIT AGAIN!!!! Tell me again why Ty Van Burkleo deserves to keep his job? (Oh, wait - he is being paid minimum wage - so he is Dolan's golden boy...)
  15. In both this start yesterday and the previous one vs the Cubs in Wrigley, there was a defensive play NOT made by the Indians that extended innings. Both times the scorer ruled them as hits, so the subsequent runs were earned, and shouldn't have been. Should have been out of the inning. Of course, that led to elevated pitch counts, and what followed were two seeing eye hits, and then a game changing hit. That kind of non support is crushing to a young pitcher. What I do like about Eli is he is aggressive in the strike zone, aka he doesn't nibble, and he is constantly changing speeds a
  16. Congrats to Eli Morgan - FIRST ML win. This kid sure passes the eyeball test, and is only going to get better.
  17. Valid points. But I have always liked his defense, and I heard last night during the broadcast that Bradley has raised his home batting average to over .300. That is usually the tougher side of the equation to accomplish. Hitting for a better average is usually easier on the road, due to self imposed pressure from the fans. Now, all that being said - who I be chagrined if we got a better prospect in CF? Of course not. But I think Bradley has finally put the injury bug behind him and is showing what he is capable of. How long that lasts? Who knows....
  18. Looks also like one of our home grown selections is bearing fruit too. Bradley Zimmer was a first round selection (21st overall) in 2014. Hopefully, his injuries are behind him - because I think he has found a home home in the 9 hole of the batting lineup and in center field. The other outfielder the Tribe must be patient with was acquired from the Cardinals for a now now AAA/AA outfielder and one that is no longer in baseball. Oscar Mercado had a fabulous rookie season, then the wheels fell off. It happens. The clock is ticking, but he still is 26 years old. Plenty of time to have a
  19. I think they way it works is (and I have been wrong plenty of times before) but each team is allowed to designate an "annual interleague partner". That way, no matter what cross league division your division is playing that year - you always have a home and home series with that partner. (Until both teams agree to pick other partners). For the Tribe, it is the Reds. So when the AL Central is playing the NL East, the Tribe and Reds still have a home and home. For the Tribe to play the Pirates more than the AL Central vs. the NL Central dynamic - they would need to sever the Tribe-Reds
  20. This move to Rosenhaus Sports should not greatly affect Greg signing his initial rookie contract. A second contract? That's where it could get sticky.
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