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  1. On 10/10/2021 at 10:54 PM, Kiwibrown said:

    To me he needs to go. 

    Him and Baker dont work.

    It may have been an ok trade at the time, but it just doesnt work. 

    This is it in a nutshell.

    No sense trying to figure out why, we have had enough of a history to see that OBJ and Baker just don't work together well. Best of intentions, but just as in other areas of life - it just doesn't work out.

    Time to move on.

    But, here is why we probably won't... and can't.


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  2. Maybe I am going to be in the minority here, that's OK.

    With the rules having been modified last year, I would STRONGLY consider putting Baker on IR for three weeks.

    Our next three games lay out like this.

    10/10/21 - @ SoFi vs the Chargers. Our strength (running the ball) hits the Chargers where they are weakest. Plus they just IR'ed on of their top LBs. If we control the game on the ground, it limits Herbert's opportunities. Give Keenum this game to shake off the rust.

    10/17/21 - CARDINALS Case Keenum is very capable in directing a "shootout" game, which this one could very well be. The Cardinals have a stout defense with good edge rushers. This is the game you really NEED to protect a healing Baker, and it is why you have a very seasoned veteran as your back up.

    10/21/21 - BRONCOS Playing a freshly rehabbed QB on a short week, even though they both are at home, is never a good idea. I don't think the Broncos have the offensive weapons to match our firepower.

    Then the team has a mini-bye, a 10 day break until the Steelers come to town.

    A pissed off Baker (since he was forced to sit the last three games) goes nuts and shows why the Browns are the kings of the AFC North.

    Divisional play starts with the Steeler game. You certainly want Baker at his healthiest then.

  3. And this is also why you have a grizzled, yet still effective veteran Case Keenum as your back up that you are paying $6M this season

    Time for Stefanski to look Baker right in the eyes and tell him that he loves his work ethic and his attitude, but he is hurt. We need him for the bulk of the season.  Sit him this week when you can exploit the Chargers' lower level rushing defense.

    See how it feels next week.

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  4. I cannot find it now, but I saw a tweet noting the Chargers run defense.

    IIRC, 70% of the run plays against the Chargers go away from Joey Bosa, and net over 5 ypc. Those at Bosa - 3ypc.

    Then there is this.

    Maybe we get a call or two this week?


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  5. This is the second consecutive game that Baker has been "off" - missing wide open receivers. That is not the Baker we saw in 2020 and for 1-1/2 games this season. So, something has definitely gone off the rails.

    So, to me, the solution to getting Baker back to being Baker is this.

    I think there is just enough pain remaining in his left shoulder that it is causing Baker to overthink his throws - instead of just reading the field and reacting. Time for a heart to heart talk with the coaches. I'm sure medical tests up the wazoo have already been done. If the coaches sign off on Baker being ready to go - he is and remains your starting QB. If he is healthy enough to play the only way he is going to extricate himself from this funk is playing through it.

    Now after that honest conversation, if it is determined the Browns are better served by resting Baker to let that shoulder heal, I would not even blink an eye by starting Keenum. It is why you are paying $6M this season for a veteran backup QB - and not a wide eyed rookie, or a journeyman scrub.

  6. Has this gotten as far yet as to determine what type of new stadium will be built, wherever the location?

    When First Energy Stadium in Cleveland was being planned, the NFL preyed on the city leaders desperation to get a team back. With the abbreviated time crunch the NFL placed on the city, the only viable option was to build First Energy Stadium on the site of old Municipal Stadium, and in its current configuration - open air, grass stadium. Now, that qualifies as a missed opportunity.

    Had more time been afforded, a better option in my mind would have been a hard dome/retractable roof facility on a more accessible location. You certainly could use it more than the present facility is used. But what I think was happening behind the scenes was the NFL was miffed that Cleveland was DEMANDING a team back after they failed to act to block our former owner from moving. You want a team? Fine - You have 3 years, take it or leave it.

    If the Bears are proceeding with a new facility, I hope they realize there will be certain amenities their fans will expect. Sitting outdoors in January to brace against a wind that bites so hard against your face it threatens to snap off any facial hairs is not at the top of their list. I hope the powers that be design a facility that make more sense for the fans and the facility's owners wallets.


  7. Did a quick scan over the Vikings Defensive stats, and it is promising for us.

    I am attaching the link, but just cruising over them - this is what stood out:

    • 1 out of every 3 third downs is being converted.
    • They are surrendering 120 ypg on the ground, and they are surrendering 409 yards of offense per game.
    • Their rush defense has surrendered 4.8 ypp, and the same for the total offense is 6.8 ypp. And they have yet to see a pair of backs of the quality of Chubb and Hunt.
    • They are surrendering 26 ppg. Baker knows his effort against the Bears was sub par by his standards, so I bet he is licking his chops.

    The Vikings opened the season with two road losses at Cincinnati and Arizona, and beat the Seahawks in their home opener.

    If this game comes down to a FG try, I like our chances. Why, you ask? Because the Vikings kicker is........

    Greg Joseph.

    Going on the road is never easy, but I think we got a major glimpse last Sunday how good we can be. The offense had an off day and still won going away. And for the first time in two years, we saw how special this defense can be.

    I really like our chances Sunday.

    31-21 Good guys.


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  8. On 9/14/2021 at 10:07 AM, onejayhawk said:

    I don't think February is possible, but certainly January.

    I have to give it to Cleveland. They had a plan and they played hard. Like the Chiefs, there are rough spots that need work. That's what September is always like.  

    Yeah, I was too lazy to look it up earlier, but AFCCG is Sun. Jan 30 at 3 - SB is Feb. 13th.

    You all can make me feel better about last Sunday's game by doing me one big favor......

    Kick the ever living snot out of Lamar and the Ratbirds this weekend.

  9. 12 hours ago, onejayhawk said:

    The strength of the defense has been creating turnovers. They work at it and they're good at it. Chubb was trying to hold onto the ball with three Chiefs punching/pulling at it. I would add the sack, which seemed to put Mayfield in close protection mode. 

    That was his first punt all season and the pressure could not be higher.  

    How is Hill all alone with a safety? 

    Consider what the game would be like if Cleveland did not convert three 4th-down plays. 

    You say Mahomes went Mahomes. I say the Chiefs did what the Chiefs do. it works out the same, but it's not all Mahomes. it's also Hill, Kelce, Chris Jones, and now Mike Hughes. 


    We acted like Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce were unknowns to us. That was a bad mistake on our part. But NFL games are never perfect, so it was what it was.

    I just want to take the game for just that. We gave one of the best teams in the AFC all they wanted before coming up short. It was a wonderful game. Congrats to all of you - see you in January or February.

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  10. I come in peace from the Land of the Walleyes.

    As hurting as we are today, and having taken 24 hours to remove myself from the heat of the moment, I want to extend my congratulations to your squad on a hell of a win yesterday.

    Three primary reasons we came up short yesterday.

    1). - Chubb's 3rd quarter fumble. Up until that point, everything was going our way. Our offense was humming to stay ahead of your offense that was playing just as well. But good defense on your part, helmet went right on the ball and out it popped.

    2). - Gillan's fumbled punt snap - Are you freaking kidding me? It hit our punter dead nuts between his right and left hand at waist level. High school kids catch those 8 days out of every seven. At that point, our collapse was complete. No excuse for that one. I don't care how good of a punter you are, or how much hang time you get - that simply CANNOT happen.

    3). - Mahomes' incredible bomb to Hill - we had just pushed the the lead back out to a more comfortable 9 points until.......

    Mahomes went Mahomes on us. As I told my boys on our Twitter game boards, there is only one guy that I know of in this league that can make that throw - and he did. Sliding to the right, throwing back across his body without his feet set - and it is a 50 yard plus pass in the air on target...

    That when you realize how special of a player he is. Mucho respect.

    There were other secondary reasons, but those are really part of the ebb and flow of any NFL game.

    Sucks that we lost, but looking forward to seeing you in the playoffs. Hopefully, it is in Cleveland next time.

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  11. 1 hour ago, zelbell said:

    Final cuts are tomorrow.


    if Delpit goes on IR-Return he can come back after 3 weeks I believe 

    If Delpit is IR'ed prior to the final 53 - he is done for the season. He must be on the 53 man roster in Sept. (and I think it is through game 1) to be eligible to return.

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