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  1. Sign me up for week 2 against the Ratbirds in the Land of Crab Cakes
  2. Here's a good analysis of DeShone's Monday night against the Giants. I am really, really impressed with how he seems to self correct so quickly.
  3. I tell you I have a hard time being in Josh's camp any longer. Bottom line is he has kept the Browns hostage for the time he has been suspended by his irresponsible behavior. Every time there is a hope that Josh has his life in order to rejoin the Browns - he does something stupid to get himself denied readmission. Johnny/Billy Manziel as a roommate? Seriously? I know football is secondary and Josh needs to get it together for Josh - but we have a football team to run. I can no longer support any more time and effort being wasted by the Browns on Josh. The fan base is delusional if they think
  4. Here is a small school prospect I have been watching for a while - record setting WR Jake Wieneke of South Dakota State. Once in the NFL, I think this kid will quickly become a QB's new best friend. He is not a burner by any stretch of the imagination. He does have a large body with long arms and he knows how to use them. It appears that he knows how to get open on the 3rd and 6 or 7 plays - and then catch the ball to keep the chains moving. That is every bit as important to a passing attack as being able to fly past defenders when you are catching a 25 yarder over the top.
  5. Monster night for Ballage against Texas Tech
  6. Like a lot of others, i am all in on Saquon Barkley. Complete back. But another back I have my eye on for this season is senior Kalen Ballage of Arizona State. Nice option for the Browns If Crow flies away in free agency and Saquon is gone by the time they pick. He certainly fits the term "power back" and he gots himself a set of wheels too!
  7. I really don't like the double wide receiver selection of the Browns. I can understand your thought process, given the lack of production to date. However, I think the class of 2016 will begin to show itself tonight - and people will realize it is less of a need than previously thought. In their places I would select Tavarus McFadden - who you have being selected by the Eagles two picks later, and at 15 - I would go with any of the following 3 - Minkah Fitzpatrick, Mike McGlinchey, or Jerome Baker.
  8. Lou - that is why I said your point is very valid. I guess I was kind of star struck watching JK Scott repeatedly pin my Buckeyes back against their goal line - no matter where on the field it came from. I thought he struggled mightily against the Saints.
  9. Why? This kid dang near killed the Buckeyes in the Sugar Bowl by continuing to flip the field and pin the Bucks deep. Limited the offensive playbook for us. If the Browns could do that routinely to opponents - think of the fun Gregg Williams would have opening up his chest of toys....... Lou. I respect your opinion and I understand the conventional wisdom that punters can be routinely had as street free agents, so why in the world would you burn a pick? Because I stake watching 50 years of football on this - this kid is special. I have not seen a leg with that much thunder in it in many y
  10. This will be a big game for Britton Colquitt. If he struggles again - I am all for the thought of using anything from the fourth round on to draft JK Scott of Alabama. That kid is a hell of a weapon.
  11. Ditch - I just did as you suggested Copied the video share link from You Tube Pasted it into the reply box here - it automatically embedded. Thanks!
  12. If Cam Erving has a zip code that starts with a 4 anytime after Sept 2 - we need to exhume the body of Eliot Ness to investigate.
  13. The other one that qualifies in the "OTHER" category is a biggie - DC Gregg Williams https://youtu.be/JH5xgdTVFuM
  14. Great post Ditch. You wanna know the best part of this post? We always tend to overvalue our own players or prospects. Brett Kollman in a California guy with no ties to NE Ohio or the Browns - and yet he is still very effusive in his praise of Kizer. I think it is genuine.
  15. As I have said in other forums, brother, the time has come for another jersey number 7 to take over the division........ That being said, I think the trickiest thing for Hue to determine is when he inserts DeShone as his starter. This needs to be carefully planned out because that is a bell that you cannot un-ring. Once you make that switch, you must have the intestinal fortitude to live with the on the field mistakes which are bound to happen. If Brock struggles you can easily switch to Kizer without any push back - However, if you start Kizer before he is ready and he struggles - you ma
  16. I am going outside the box here for OROY - drumroll, please............ WR Richard Mullaney. Dude passes the eye test as having LEGITIMATE wide receiver size (fu ray and your smurfs) - and he is tough as nails. No fear at all going over the middle. Has shown an uncanny ability to concentrate in heavy traffic and catch the ball............ Whether it is Brock of DeShone - a QBs new best friend. Back up vote: Matt Dayes. Impressed as hell with him. Great pass pro blocker for his size. He went to school at NC State. That's an ACC school. That conference has grown exponte
  17. Desperado - If you you swap Mike McGlinchey for your second Mason Rudolph selection (LOL - glad I never mess up like that!) that would be a dream first round for the Browns. Joe Thomas won't play forever, so the time is now to groom his replacement. I also think this is Crow's last year in a Browns' uniform as he is set to hit FA next March. So Barkley makes more than a ton of sense.
  18. Thank you Webby - finally, a voice of reason and sanity.
  19. Good one - CB. In fact, we may have a wire to wire winner.
  20. I can undestand ditching the 2017 Draft posts, but are the 2018 Mock Draft posts that were on the old site to be transferred as well?
  21. Bucsfan333 - you pretty much have proved the point of this thread. Saying anyone is a lock for anything at this point of the season is ludicrous. Way way too much football yet to be played and way too much can happen. I will reference our own situation in Cleveland. No secret that the Browns have struggled for 17 years to find a QB. Deshone Kizer had a good GAME Thursday night - as in singular, one game. It was a game both teams were trying to win, but the game didn't count, and it was with the bottom third of the roster players. Was I happy he did well? Of course. But for the two "w
  22. Kinda hard to be better than anyone when you are out for the season. (ACL) http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/9408/bishop-sankey
  23. Very simply, time for a DIFFERENT #7 to rule the AFC North.
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