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  1. For week 1 QB (3) T.Brady, B.Hoyer, J.Stidham RB (6) S.Michel, J.Develin, R.Burkhead, D.Harris, B.Bolden, J.White WR (6) J.Gordon, J.Edelman, N.Harry, M.Harris, J.Meyers, M.Slater TE (2) L.Kendricks, M.LaCosse C (2) D.Andrews, T.Karras G (3) S.Mason, H.Froholdt, J.Thuney T (3) M.Cannon, I.Wynn, D.Skipper DE (5) M.Bennett, D.Wise, C.Winovich, S.Calhoun, D.Rivers DT (5) L.Guy, M.Pennel, A.Butler, B.Cowart, D.Shelton ILB(1) J.Bentley OLB(4) D.Hightower, K.VanNoy, J.Collins, B.King CB (6) S.Gilmore, J.McCourty, J.Williams, J.Jones, J.Jackson, K.Crossen SS (2) T.Brooks, P.Chung FS (2) D.McCourty, D.Harmon ST (3) S.Gostkowski, J.Cardona, J.Bailey
  2. Idk I think they like Lacosse more than most people think and are comfortable with him and ASJ.
  3. Right footed punter is surprising turn. Guy needs to stop putting it in the endzone. I'm surprised all the WRs still out there. Lodge, Sills, Morgan and Hall are still there. Well UDFA is going to be interesting with these guys continue to fall. Cowart is interesting guy wonder if they can have him put together he apparently interviewed well.
  4. I don't get confusion of RB. We didn't have a GL guy. I didn't expect it to be this early but I thought very least they were going Day 3 guy like Kansas State guy.
  5. I think Wesco is a guy that Patriots would really like. Has FB versatility but he's a mean blocker. Him in the 7th/UDFA would be solid I ended up watching JJ Williams' game this morning vs Ole Miss and man that guy looks to be special I'm pretty hyped. Guys I'd like today: WR: Hakeem Butler, Stanley Morgan Jr, Demarkus Lodge, Hunter Renfrow Though I wanted hate Emanuel Hall fit. DL: Anthony Nelson, Terry Beckner JR, S; Amani Hooker LBer: Mack Wilson, Blake Cashman, David Long TE; Wesco, Moreau
  6. I really like the Cajuste pick. I thought he had starter upside even if he is raw he is pretty long. Good guy to replace Fleming with. JJ Williams is just another defensive piece to matchup with bigger guys. Secondary is just turning into a matchup game. Butler falling is killing me. His hands aren't that bad. He has so much more upside.
  7. If Lock continues falling I'd take him. Grier to me is Keenum. I'm interested in a lot of guys left though. Zach Allen, Butler, Adderly, some of the OL.
  8. I wouldn't say that. Dobson had no route skills and was extremely raw. Harry high points ball has amazing leverage and elite ball skills. I'm still concerned about him getting consistent separation but he knows how to use his body to get him some space or atleast enough where it turns into fight for ball which he tends to win. His size and body control and ability to use leverage he should feast more on slants or anything where he can use his leverage to get open. The more I think about it and talk the pick out the more I like it and I might be overrate importance of getting big separation with a guy with his skillset.
  9. I'm not a big fan. He has some insane catches and really good using his body to get into position. But it just seems like he was a guy that just never got a lot of separation and would just fight for the ball which isn't the type of WR Brady usually likes. I wonder if BB thinks they can fix his feet and will help him get a better release and do better getting separation.
  10. If Lock falls to 32 he'd be a fun heir to the throne to develop. Though if they go DB I'm really fond of Adderly.
  11. I'm pretty hyped for this draft. I set up a 2nd TV to have Bruins game on my left lol.
  12. HIm fielding the punt at the 10 was also pretty dumb
  13. I like him. He was a draft able talent but his injury had him fall out. He's a pretty stout player but pretty stiff and limited upside as a rusher.
  14. Hollister also probably plays big role. Even for a short term they can be fine with Patterson Dorsett and Hogan. I wouldnt mind kicking tires on Lafell who imo had more in the tank than Decker. I also wouldnt mind seeing asking price for Kevin White. Just no STs ability always injured and just buried as 6th WR on Chicago's depth chart.
  15. I think Dorsett looked pretty good. He clearly has earned Brady's trust. Decker looks pretty trashed and McCarron who cant catch with his hands looks more useful. Things aren't great. Tobin looks like our swing tackle right now. I think BB has to look at trading some guys to get depth on OL and possibly at WR. The big positive is JMac played some S early on and ideally maybe he makes it as a S and Jordan Richards can finally gtfo.
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