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  1. It looks like like the season is happening, and I can now say with confidence that I have no idea how good we are. Assuming we play a full season, what’s our final record?
  2. Favorite Team: Patriots Week 1 pick: 49ers I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits"
  3. The dolphins are the really impressive one on this chart
  4. Not sure an exactly 4 to 1 record counts as “almost 5 to 1”
  5. Week 3 pick: Cowboys very hard hard not to pick whoever Miami is playing
  6. It’s crazy how all offseason WR looks like a weak spot, and then we put our 1st rd WR on IR. But Gordon gets cleared to play and we sign AB and suddenly we are in contention for the best corps in the league.
  7. Nothing to do with anything in this thread, mostly a shower thought, but: Why is it that any time I see “only got better” used to describe a team during the off-season I instantly discount the opinion?
  8. Brady finally hits the wall, there are call to bench him during the season. Pats repeat
  9. I dislike expanding past 16 games mostly because of the symmetry and balance of the current system; you know who and why you play each year. 6 games in your division, 4 vs other conference division, 4 vs in-conference division, and the other 2 same-rank in-conference teams. Who do you add games vs without unbalancing it? (honest question, I can't think of a good solution)
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