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  1. General Talk Thread

    Nothing to do with anything in this thread, mostly a shower thought, but: Why is it that any time I see “only got better” used to describe a team during the off-season I instantly discount the opinion?
  2. Be a man, make a homer prediction.

    Brady finally hits the wall, there are call to bench him during the season. Pats repeat
  3. NFL Could Push For 18-Game Season In Labor Talks

    I dislike expanding past 16 games mostly because of the symmetry and balance of the current system; you know who and why you play each year. 6 games in your division, 4 vs other conference division, 4 vs in-conference division, and the other 2 same-rank in-conference teams. Who do you add games vs without unbalancing it? (honest question, I can't think of a good solution)
  4. QB Cap Percentage and Super Bowl wins

    Math note; 1 of 53 is 1.8%. .02% would be 500 players to a team also I agree a lot of qbs are overpaid, not sure why so many teams throw elite $$ at average qbs
  5. Where did you hear 6 mil? https://mobile.twitter.com/fieldyates/status/1118505336120512512
  6. Patriots sign Stephen Gostkowski

    Good. He’s been great in every game that’s not a Super Bowl.
  7. As a Pats fan, I would allow a three games loss streak
  8. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    So Vegas is to be trusted cuz they had the Saints and Chiefs as better odds than the Pats?
  9. Favorite Team - Patriots Week 1 - Steelers
  10. The reason I think eliminating the bye weeks is a bad idea is it dramatically lowers the stakes for good teams late in the regular season. You would see many more dinged up star players not playing for the last 1-4 weeks, as they a.) wont be hoping for a week off and b.) have much less incentive to finish with a top two record. “Home field is enough incentive” I think is just untrue. IIRC NFL Home teams win about 57% of the time in the regular season, so it’s actually not that big an advantage. Compare 57% chance to win vs 100%(a bye). Definitely worth sitting Brady, Gronk and any one else you feel is tired or hurt or your scared of getting hurt for the last 2-3 weeks of the season once you are guaranteed a spot and won’t be getting a bye to rest.
  11. Do You Approve of Your Team Bending Rules?

    I tend to think anything you can get the Refs to call/not call during a play is fair game. Faking an injury I would say is where I draw the line. Intentionally vague injury reporting I have no problem with, as long as you don’t lie. Generally I’m ok with anything that isn’t expressly against the rules. I’m all for taking advantage of an opponent’s lack of knowledge by using confusing or archaic rules. PEDs aren’t ok until/unless they are ok for everyone.
  12. MNF: Raiders @ Eagles (Christmas Edition)

    I have not watched much non-patriots football this year, but wow this game seems sloppy
  13. Jerry Rice vs Rob Gronkowski vs Calvin Johnson

    Depend on the yardage. From the 5 yardline I put them all out wide, then run at the remaining 2 guys in the box. This is one of those times there is no wrong answer really.
  14. Seattle Seahawks get Fined

    They do, and the player must leaving the game and get checked. The ref’s have no way of knowing if the player checked out ok, not ok, or just stumbled around the sideline tho.