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  1. Nope. But he said if he can't play for Tomlin he doesn't think he would keep playing.
  2. I think Spillane is going to be good. If his mental aspect is what I'm curious about. If he can communicate well then this defense might have hope of not dropping off too much. And Spillane might be VWills replacement (although recent comments makes me think VWill either comes back cheap or retires).
  3. So I spent some time thinking about this and I've got a few feelings: 1 - Juju is talking about how he doesn't care because they are winning and that the grass isn't always greener. I love that. Hopefully that keeps it up. 2 - Juju is still getting doubled. Claypool is getting single looks and so is Washington. Sometimes I hate the way fans can be and when Ben forces it to a double covered guy anyways there's complaints he doesn't throw it to the open guy, then when he throws it to the open guy there's complaints he doesn't go elsewhere with it. 3 - Ben has targeted someone different every game with a high number of targets. 4 - This is good. The more he throws to everyone the harder it becomes for a team to lock into a single player as "the guy" to take away down the road because Ben can use everyone and can trust everyone. Look at the past few SB champions. They've had that ability to go to any WR at any time.
  4. Yea. The game Pouncey and DeCastro nearly killed Reid.
  5. Man, McFarland is so close to breaking one soon.
  6. Because I'm making them call for mercy by benching a bunch of their guys before I even think of it. Its a rivalry. No need to be nice.
  7. Nah, I'm not doing that with Ben. Don't want Mason out there at all. I would be starting to run Snell some more though.
  8. Two weeks in a row with just the most ticky tacky OPI calls.
  9. RPO issues tend to be on the QB not making a great read. But that one was RayRay. Gotta catch that.
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