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  1. They went away because it’s easy to know where the ball is going when one of the guys isn’t an option to keep it.
  2. Done and done. Thanks for reminding me.
  3. I am curious to see this. I think a Joe Burrow type mobility is perfect. You can run RPO, move behind the LOS, be able to keep it once in a blue moon and get chunk yardage on the run. I’d prefer that over the Hurts/Jackson of the running opens the pass.
  4. To me the funniest was when he was on Sunday morning one time and Rich Eisen called him out on it. I think it was after the week 17 Browns loss he made a comment about the Steelers should purposely tank to the Ravens or they should try to intentionally tie to help each other Draft stock since neither team was worth being in the playoffs, and Eisen said something along the lines of “Oh the teams that embarrassed your Browns should just give up? Sounds like a Browns thing.”
  5. Joe Thomas is a good analyst on NFLNetwork but he has -100 credibility when talking about the AFCN. He would have tweeted the same thing if the Ravens made it too.
  6. As someone who lost a family member young in a tragic car accident, using Tuitts loss in that way and disparaging mental health is quite disturbing. And honestly I feel quite disgusted having to even read it and hope it can stop. @MOSteelers56 Yes. He did have surgery. And honestly he could have had struggles in rehabbing from the injury. There's some interesting research out there on the impact that mental health can have in physical recovery from surgery. For my job I've been reading up on this research, and it's quite interesting that when you have depression and mental health i
  7. Really reads like they see him more as an interior swing OL than starting C.
  8. I’ve never had a fear of dead money. Just I don’t want too much dead money in places it hurts flexibility.
  9. Even at that there was the QB element to the run game that was missing.
  10. I wouldn’t big yikes too much yet. His qualifier of “obvious tangible reasons” feels like a “didn’t have the right personnel.”
  11. Then Harris (despite how much I like him) makes no sense. He’s not an RPO type back. He’s an inside power zone runner.
  12. I think they'll "try" to bring him back with a small deal. Honestly, if you got him, he's an outside corner only. And on top of that you'll need to make sure he has help. He's better off if you can have a corner that can shut someone down and you give Haden the help.
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