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  1. You are aware we actually take on cap by cutting or trading Artie Burns right?
  2. Bell contract 2018

    Yup. Carlos Dunlap (writer not player) was the one to point it out.
  3. Bell contract 2018

    Also: Mark and Ed were the two that “broke” the story.
  4. Bell contract 2018

    FWIW Bell and Bucky Brooks share an agent.
  5. Bell contract 2018

    Proof Bucky Brooks is an idiot: When are people going to learn this locker room knows how to play the press.
  6. Bell contract 2018

    He’s one of those guys that’s pro-player over team no matter what. He’s made comments when players in the drug testing system are cut are being disrespected by teams, he’s supported Tyreke Hill, he’s one of the ones that think there shouldn’t even be a RFA or any tags Wanna take a stab at who his agent is?
  7. Both. Gilbert would represent a near $7mil savings, has reverted from near all pro to near all IR, and Feiler/Hubbard have filled in for him without a hit to protection. Manchuck can never go. Our OL right now is the best in the league with 2 1st round picks and 3 UDFA’s. Seattle has 5 1st/2nd round picks and they are trash.
  8. Bell contract 2018

    Yup. If you need a good laugh today. Now he’s claiming the Steelers organization and players are unprofessional for cleaning out his locker and “stealing” his stuff. So based on what Bucky says: - Make comments about being mad he lied: unprofessional - Don’t talk about a guys who isn’t there: unprofessional - Have his locker still up like you expect him to be there: unprofessional - Clear out his locker when he isn’t there: unprofessional On top of that, someone tweeted at him that the team boxed up Bells personal items, the players were having fun with team issued stuff like cleats, hats, gloves, sweats. Bucky still said “it doesn’t matter Bell has a right to that stuff as his because it was picked out for him.”
  9. Bell contract 2018

    Y’all should check out Bucky Brooks twitter because he is GETTING OWNED! He keeps falling back on the good ole “coaches tell me” and resorting to people bringing up numbers with “stop box score watching”. 😂 its so funny to see a guy that’s “smart” and “on the inside” got permed so much after his horrible sub-.500 because of no Bell production. He said that DCs told him they had to defend the length of the field more when Bell was there. The response came that Conner has more consecutive 100-yard games, more played of 20+ yards and 30+ yards (aka explosive plays) than Bell did the last two years combined, and the response? “I don’t care what numbers say. Coaches tell me they aren’t worried about Conner.”
  10. Bell contract 2018

    So, if this went to a lawsuit you are now at what it would be about. He didn’t accrue a year by CBA standards. He didn’t play 6 games. But the NFLPA would say it’s technically the 3rd tag applied by the team, not a reuse of the second. So the court battle would be, does the player need to sign and play on the tag for it to count as being applied. The NFL and the Steelers know this would be a long process, have 0 desire to go through that, which is why there could be a back door deal. NFL wins by not having a star player sit out even more. Bell wins by getting to be a “free agent”. Steelers win by getting some value for a player trying to circumvent the rules. A few insiders are saying how this might not even pay off and there’s teams telling them even if they needed a RB that they are turned off by what has transpired. (I’m guessing the Giants, Vikings, Rams, Chargers, Panthers) and there might be a “non-collusion collusion” in that they don’t talk about it but owners refuse to give him what he wants out of fear more players will pull this.
  11. Bell contract 2018

    Yup. Transition tag does nothing more than let the Steelers match if they chose.
  12. Bell contract 2018

    Yea to the Bell being #2 WR....someone on ESPN did the math (I forget who), but they said that the catches rate, yards per catch, TD's, yards after catch, all closely matched that of a mid-grade WR3. They said that about the only place Bell reached "WR2" numbers was targets and catches. But on top of that, if you discounted the average targets and receptions of a RB out of ALL those numbers, you come to the added value of a low end WR3/high end WR4 to what he gives over RB production. So in the end he's not a RB AND WR2. He's a RB and WR4. Meaning he gives you minimal over RB production, which isn't enough to be paid as both. He went on to do the same with David Johnson and Todd Gurley and showed that over RB production, both of them did the work of a WR4 as well, and how their pay levels basically break out to be a RB+average WR4. The guy said Bell was being offered more than that, and turned it down. So really in the end the misguided based on production is Bell's side, because they aren't factoring in typical RB pass catching production.
  13. Bell contract 2018

    That's what it really sounds like. I mean....there's not reason for the franchise to agree to the dropping another tag, seemingly letting him go, and being so OK with the situation without knowing something has been agreed to.
  14. Bell contract 2018

    1 - Someone will give him a contract. 2 - This guy is one of the guys that does NFL Offices communications for the team. The last time he heard something like this was the Brees situation with New Orleans, and he said there was an agreement that they wouldn't tag him because of it being the 3rd time, but he would also "refuse" to negotiate with anyone else. He also told me the communications for the Alex Smith trade was setup within the NFL so they could move on from Kirk Cousins. 3 - We won't get stuck with him. There were urgings from the NFL to transition tag Bell for 2018, and they didn't listen to them. He said he knew of 2 teams willing to sign Bell and give up 2 1sts (he wouldn't say which teams, but I think it was Seattle and Philadelphia). I think if the NFL hints to the team to transition tag him, that means teams know that the Steelers are unlikely to let him walk for no compensation.