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  1. Myles Garrett Reinstated

    I’ve seen little pearl clutching, and I’m honestly glad the NFL was swift at the end of the season to resolve it. From the start I felt remainder of the season was fair enough and that’s what it ended up at.
  2. Myles Garrett Reinstated

    Where did I compare? You said start a support group as if there’s no one else with brain injuries or have been it in their heads. There’s plenty of support groups out there. Saying people have fake outrage is so crap man. Fake outrage is wanting suspensions over a little back and forth shoving. A player literally used equipment as a weapon. There’s no needing to fake any feelings there.
  3. Mock drafts !!!!

    Pad level, leg drive, vision, ball security. All things Snell does at a better than average rate compared to most backs. Also runs with a low center of gravity.
  4. Myles Garrett Reinstated

  5. Mock drafts !!!!

    Ooph. Hard disagree one the Snell thing. He showed a lot late in season. Not his fault the QB situation was trash and teams could load the box. Why cut Nix? Great ST player and way above average FB. Your counter there more proves usage than ability problems.
  6. Mock drafts !!!!

    Beyond that we have (IIRC) Conner, Samuels, Snell, Whythe, Edmunds under contract. We tend to only carry 3 RB at a time in season. So that means cutting on of Conner, Samuels, Snell.
  7. Myles Garrett Reinstated

    Either way, I’ll bow out of the convo. For the most part we agree @AlexGreen#20 because I do believe Mason should have gotten more and wasn’t appropriately punished. Myles holding the helmet as long as he did didn’t help the situation. Who knows if he drops it maybe Rudolph still charges at him, maybe he doesn’t. We'll never know. Just get a little tired of some of others attitudes meting that Mason kept on doing everything and Myles just took it and took it until the end. Both guys were damn fools for what happened.
  8. Myles Garrett Reinstated

    Don’t keep another mans equipment and be surprised when he comes for it.
  9. Myles Garrett Reinstated

    See I disagree on that one. As much as you can say that last statement, I could say Myles wanted to hold it like a trophy. Myles should have dropped it after ripping it off. No need to keep ahold of it. EDIT: Maybe it’s my sports background that tells me that. Playing lacrosse my coach had 3 simple tenets while on the field regarding equipment: 1) If it isn’t yours and you are holding it, drop it. 2) if you are giving something back, use your stick. 3) If you are holding someone’s equipment never back away.
  10. Mock drafts !!!!

    No. Because I think we’re fine with the combo we have, we’ve got to get better at using them in favorable situations. Conner, Samuels, Snell are a fine stable to have, and we got to put them in situations to succeed. It’s like we expect them all to turn into Bell. Use Conner down to down, Samuel to mix it up, and Snell in short yardage and to close the game. Spending a 2/3 on a RB that’s going to be just another in the stable is an absolute waste with Edge, TE, OG, OC, ILB being bigger needs than another rookie contract RB, especially when we’re short picks.
  11. Myles Garrett Reinstated

    It’s not like I disagree with what happened. Lol. Just the implication of if Mason didn’t want to be hit with the helmet he shouldn’t have charged. Would it be fair to say that if Garrett didn’t want to be charged at he should have dropped the helmet? (Honestly not asking to antagonize a point but that was a full 10-15 years DDC backed up Myles and he was still holding the helmet)
  12. Myles Garrett Reinstated

    I don’t think there’s a disconnect between you and I on #1 because that’s the way I feel. I think the other response to my initial post of laughing at the idea that it might not of been intentional is where the disconnect is.
  13. Myles Garrett Reinstated

    See this is the issue I take. It’s framed within your statement as if there weren’t two parties escalating the entire thing. No no one deserves to be hit in the head like that. Ever.
  14. Myles Garrett Reinstated

    And FWIW I’ve been ok with it if Mason got suspended too. He was no saint in the whole ordeal. He dealt with something he thought was excessive in a complete crap way. Both guys seemed to want the “last word” in the whole ordeal, and neither being able to just walk away is absurd IMO. There’s just two common statements I take exception with: 1) the Mason kicked Myles in the manhood like he was 100% in control of what happened and 2) Mason grabbed Myles in the manhood when photos showed that didn’t happen. Outside of that it’s all fair game to me to say Mason was an idiot and deserved to have Myles retaliate in some degree. Myles took that retaliation across the line by swinging the helmet.
  15. Mock drafts !!!!

    If we waste a trade pick again on a RB with all the needs we have, Colbert might as well quit on the spot.