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  1. Big names are vastly higher impacted. Cam was a rookie who barely got a hat. There might have been 20 in the pro shop other wise it was likely custom ordered.
  2. That’s long been the rule even before now. Even applies to putting tags. So if Minkah had a kid and named him JR, and wanted Fitzpatrick Sr on his jersey he would have to pay to buy back unsold ones with the old name. Hence why number changes typically come with moving to a new team or a popular player compensating you for it (like Brady to Godwin). We might see a player or two not care and just want that number this year; but most will wait.
  3. Honestly take the Steelers single digits: 2 - Rudolph. Might have to pay something. Could just wait. 4 - Jordan Berry. He’s on a 1 year deal so his fee is low because he might not be there. 5 - Dobbs. See above. 7 - Ben. Ain’t happening 8 - Waitmann. Wait. Man. 9 - Boz. That’s gonna cost a lot. Plus a majority of Steelers who might switch (Juju, Haden of note) are set to be FAs so why waste the money on changing now.
  4. I don’t mind. Doesn’t really bother me. At least we won’t see QBs in the 20 or the fat guy wearing 1. But again, Ramsey switching to 8 in 2021 only happens if he buys out the remaining stock of 20’s. Let’s say that’s $3mil to buy out. He doesn’t see the money of jersey sales. And he’s likely got to pay/trade something (their kicker wears 8). So declare for 2022 the switch, pay the kicker less because he might not be with the team anymore, don’t have to buy out the stock.
  5. I feel so up and down about Harris. Partially he more of the “smash mouth stiller football” kinda guy, but is that what you want in Canada’s offense? Canada’s offense seems better suited for the guy who can run with power but is super versatile.
  6. Well if they want to change their number in 2021 they have to buy out the existing unsold stock, which IIRC some economist calculated when another player wanted to do this and it was upwards of $1mil easily even at wholesale pricing. So expect rookies to use the new numbering system in 2021, with vets making the switch in 2022. I get why this passed. Some teams retire/don’t distribute certain numbers (were one of them) and for the skill positions it really cramps up numbers available. So it opens up other options. Plus if you rely on the number system to know what position t
  7. Just want to pull this out, and I’ll try to find an article, but I’m pretty sure we brought someone in for this already. Well to some degree: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thebiglead.com/amp/posts/steelers-will-have-replay-assistant-to-help-mike-tomlin-with-challenges-01dxkyp9qg98 The thing that’s good and bad about Tomlin is he “jumps on the grenade” so to speak. Hell always tell us it was a gut decision when something fails so he takes the heat. Maybe an analytics guy told him to go/not go for it but we’ll never know. As an assistant, Tomlin is a guy I would want t
  8. So the combine is going on....and Davonte Smith came in a 6.002, 166lbs. Massively under what Bama’s pro day had him at.
  9. Additionally: Tomlin got extended for 3 reasons - 1 - His work with backup QBs has shown the ownership and FO he can keep them competitive without Ben. They rather be organically bad (what led to getting Ben) than intentionally bad (like Miami) 2 - IIRC the current contract was supposed to expire in 2022, so this “3-year extension” is most likely just a 1 year with a slight pay bump. Keep in mind they’ve never printed how much Tomlin is actually paid. 3 - Extending Tomlin to me is much more a reflection of the Ownership/FO than it is Tomlin. If we fired Tomlin, he wou
  10. Plus if Duck were even slightly better Mason likely wouldn't have come back. Especially in that LAC game. He was so decidingly replaceable. If he played at a slightly higher level I think they are more comfortable with Duck playing the following week against Miami and Mason gets more time to recover. And this is just my personal experience from taking a hit like Mason did: 2 weeks isn't a recovery time. He should have been out longer.
  11. I’m wondering if he does a few years of Prez of Football operations/HC with Khan as GM then steps down from HC and is full time PoFO.
  12. I think it means we’re gonna see what I want to see: A Tomlin team without the influence of Ben. I think it’s smart that if you are going to lose the face of the franchise from a player standpoint then you need some stability, especially when your GM keeps getting year to year deals.
  13. For poops and giggles I did two quick PFF mock simulators. Here's with me putting things a touch random but sticking to their board of needs: 34 Walker Little; 55 Pat Freiermuth; 66 Najee Harris; 87 Kendrick Green; 128 Baron Browning; 140 Aaron Brooks; 216 Drake Jackson; 245 Ian Book; 254 Tommy Doyle. 2 OTs, 2 OGs, 1 QB, 1 TE, 1 RB, 1 LB, 1 OC. Grade: A What I want to do with a slightly less random but using my board of needs: 35 Samuel Cosmi; 55 Quinn Meinerz; 68 Ifeatu Melifanwu; 87 Trey Sermon; 128 Shaka Toney; 140 Kary Vincent Jr; 216 Tony Poljan; 245 Shane Buechele; 254
  14. Pass on Peter King. Can't stand the guy with his random moral compass and also for the crap he pulled with Troy.
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