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  1. @Dcash4 Heres the thing to me: If I had to pay one it would be Hargraves. Even at 50-60% of the snaps he had just as big if not bigger impact than Dupree. I feel with that justification you might be able to get him to take a slight discount. That said: I wouldn't resign either. As you said in your post, there are two much more important guys to resign coming up: Watt and Fitzpatrick. Neither is walking out that door on me. So I look at this year as working the edges (like you agreed the cap situation isn't all that bad, especially if you let Dupree and Hargraves walk), draft really solid. I think too that if you let those two walk you are getting likely a 3rd and 4th round compensatory pick, which would be huge in 2021 draft to have 6 picks in the first 4 rounds. Edit: Playing around on spotrac's cap operator, if we cut Barron, McDonald, Foster, Holton, Lynch, and Switzer; restructure Nelson and DeCastro, we got $24mil in cap space. At that point I look to shop the edges much better: Nick Vannett: 3 year $6mil, $2.5mil guaranteed Quinton Spain (OG): 3 year $12mil, $4.5mil guaranteed Bruce Irving (OLB): 2 year $10mil, $4mil guaranteed Vic Beasley (OLB): 3 year $12mil, $3.75mil guaranteed Timmy Jernnigan (NT): 4 year $12.5mil, $5mil guaranteed. If my math is right, you could be talking about $17mil in space in FA signings, and I think what I managed to do there was give some wiggle room (especially at OLB) to not have to be super aggressive going into the draft of needs. RD 2 - Cole Kmet TE ND RD 3 - Akeem Davis-Gaither ILB/OLB Appalachian State RD 4 - Trystan Colon-Castillo OG Missouri RD 4 - Trevon Hill EDGE Miami RD 6 - James Proche WR SMU RD 7 - Bryce Perkins QB UVA
  2. There is absolutely a way to make them useful. The question is can the coaching staff. Play a 3-3, go more base package 3-4, play them in rotation. What's so bad about depth and ability to rotate and keep guys fresh in game and in season? Why is OLB far more important? Because of the FO failure to have proper depth? I would say given Tuitt and Heywards health issues (Tuitt has 1 season of full availability) it's prudent to have a guy with positional flexibility like Hargrave. Also saw the other question you posted....why is that the case? Baron, Chickillo and Haden all come off the books. Lets say Ben and Pouncey retire, that's another $43mil opened up. The 2020 year is the year we have to be careful with. 2021 has $119mil in committed contracts, 2022 has $85mil. Now I know that changes with this offseason, but unless we make big mistakes with the cap this year we should be fine in 2021 offseason. I think what's important this year is for the FO to retain the guy they think is the one, add some fringe parts, get Ben back healthy. I think the worries about the cap is much more overblown by fans than it needs to be. Sure we're looking at a hole at TE, but how often do we lean on one that much? FS was about to be a big hole and we plugged it without spending. ILB, CB, OL are all likely to be retained without needing to add. Same with WR. Not that they have ever been accused of this, but if they really wanted to, they could be very creative, and just create new deals for Haden and Heyward where they add extra years and convert current money into bonus for the new deal. Move out one of Williams or Barron.
  3. I just disagree. They used Hargrave much more this year the way he should be getting used. If we let Hargrave walk because we wanted to pay Dupree thinking he's more impactful, we'll regret it by year two. And I'm bookmarking this if that signing happens.
  4. I believe my stance is quite clear by now.
  5. Yea. I supported him when he wasn't the greatest, but now that he had a good year the opinion seemed to swing the other way when he really wasn't a different player. So the idea of people being so open to paying him, but not Hargrave who dramatically improved year to year is amazing to me.
  6. Spending money on Dupree is a waste of cap and time. Period. Funny after 4+ years of bashing him how some of yall act like he's a can't lose player. I know you can easily laugh at PFF, but some of their stuff is good, and what it shows is whoever pays Dupree is making a mistake, especially if you pay him as a top end pass rusher. He benefitted majorly from Watt, Hargrave, Tuitt, and Heyward this year. Many of his sacks took longer than 2.8 seconds (roughly about the line of it being categorized as coverage sacks). He also saw a low amount of chip and help blocks (Watt saw most of that). This is a passage that interested me the most: For as "great" as he was this year, he just made more of his opportunities when he got pressure, and that to me is tied to the secondary (Dupree's stats BMF were a lot worse). That's why I feel with the DL we have, Watt, and the secondary, it's more beneficial for the cap to have a player on a lesser rate with a low pressure percentage and a high sack rate (and there's actually more of that than initially realized when you look at it). EDIT: If we're going to spend $16mil on keeping Dupree, I rather use in on Shaquille Barrett, Shaq Lawson, Yannick Ngakoue, or Matt Judon. Especially Ngakoue or Judon since they can play a little more with their hand in the ground.
  7. It's the emergence of Watt and Hargraves. Dupree saw the lowest double team rate of any starting edge player, and highest TE blocker rate of any starting edge player.
  8. Offseason Work to do

    He made reference that he would like 1 more year and get to leave when he wants to. I think him and Tomlin are basically year by year, and if I had to put my gut on the line, they'll stay 1 year after Ben, Ben and Pouncey retire together.
  9. Offseason Work to do

    I keep seeing this “Dupree put up numbers” as why to pay him if you have to pick. What I don’t see is anyone contextualizing those numbers and why Hargreaves numbers were more impressive.
  10. Offseason Work to do

    In a vacuum no but that’s what seems to be getting applied here. Forget the positions. Who’s the better player, Hargrave or Dupree? Now which impact is easier to replace? Based on the ability for Heyward, Tuitt, Watt, Hargrave to beat doubles (therefore necessitating doubles), Duprees spot should be the easiest to replace because it’s facing the least resistance to the QB.
  11. Offseason Work to do

    I haven’t kept up too much on it, I’ll take a look this weekend, but there’s a few.
  12. Offseason Work to do

    Ok so the justification for paying Hargrave over Dupree: I think looking at it as "we have Tuitt and Heyward, not an OLB" is ver very short sighted. Heyward, Tuitt, Hargrave, Watt were all top 10 in terms of double team percent beat. Guess what, Dupree was average in single blockers beat. So it's more wise to spend 7 digits on a player that has proven to beat double teams and has an effect, and we work to rotate DL more (in case you didn't notice, we did that much more this year) over spending 7 digits on a guy that doesn't consistently beat single blockers and struggles against the double team. Let's say you budget $19mil to these positions. So the options end up: Dupree at $14-16mil a year, and Beau Allen at $3mil. OR Hargrave at $12-13mil, Jabaal Sheard and a rookie, OR Hargrave, Mario Addison and a Rookie. Give me the ladder options. When you throw 2-3-4 options that need a double, anyone will work on the other end. Paying Dupree would be a stupid mistake.
  13. Week #16 GDT Steelers at Ravens Ho, Ho, Humbug!

    Well it’s been a hot minute but here’s my take on the 2020 season: Im happy. Yes I know that sounds strange. But preseason 4th QB, no #1 CB most the time, lost AB to insanity, constant injuries all over the offense. We managed to make it to 8-8. Especially when we traded away our 1st rounder for Fitzpatrick and people were calling us stupid, it’s a top 5 pick, we were giving up the QB of the future for a safety. To just barely miss the playoffs to the Public’s favorite son at QB (Allen), to see the Browns season unfold the way it did, for karma to hit Harbaugh harder than a Ray Lewis hit, all made me smile. Yea we didn’t make the playoffs, but our season was more satisfactory to me.
  14. Fans are at Times Very Fickle

    Mason - he’s a career backup at best. Juju - this isn’t a good season to assess his ability as a #1. Mason didn’t have a rapport with anyone. Duck has it with DJ and Wash because they ran scout team in preseason. I think he’s a Super 2 (think Holt to Bruce) but I need a healthy Ben before thinking that. Conner - Not a feature back. He’s part of a stable of backs. Too back the others suck. Duck - thanks for your service but there’s a reason you were Undrafted.
  15. Draft Approach

    I want Thaddeus Moss. He got so open so much and made Burrows job incredibly easy.