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  1. What are you most excited about for 2017?

    I'm excited to see Tomlin's defense still evolve. It seems as though he's finally got what he wants with just speed everywhere. Burns, Davis, Shazier, Dupree, Hargraves, TJ....all some of the quicker and most athletic guys at their positions. So I'm looking forward to a defense that in that way matches our offense.
  2. 2017 Breakout Player

    Tyler Matakevich. I really think it's going to be shocking too. I suspect he will rotate with VWill, and will end up out performing him and just have the knack to be at the right place at the right time.

    First Name: Greg Age: 32 Location: Richmond Va Job(s): Personal Coach at GOLFTEC College/Degree: Undergrad - Geography PSU, Going for Masters - Environmental Infrastructure Engineering Favorite Pastimes: Playing golf, playing with my dog, watching movies Favorite Movies/Shows: Anything MCU, Agents of SHIELD, Gilmore Girls (Don't laugh, I'm from Connecticut, reminds me of home) Favorite Current/Past Steeler: Antonio Brown/Aaron Smith Goals in life: Own my own golf academy and high end club fitting experience.
  4. Official Training Camp Thread: Beta Style

    Canaan Severin cut.
  5. Official Training Camp Thread: Beta Style

    This likely goes borderline ICK, but last night I dreamed that we woke up and we had traded Bell, Foster, Cockrell, and a 2nd for Johnson and Gurley. I need to get over this cold so I don't need Nyquil anymore.
  6. Steelers give Tomlin a contract extension.

    Amen!!! The thing NO ONE ever dares mention when talking Cowher! That he came from an era where you didn't need a stud QB. How many "elite" QB's played most their career in the 90's? Steve Young, Troy Aikman....and who else? I'm sure I'm forgetting one or two but I can't come up with much more off the top of my head. And even at that...I think the COwboys would have been just as good without him because Emmitt Smith and that OL was really damn good. You know what makes me comfortable with Tomlin as a coach? At least through Oct 29th last year (closest article I could find to now) with Tommy Maddox, Charlie Batch, Dennis Dixon, Byron Leftwich, Michael Vick and Landry Jones at QB the Steelers are 13-11. The fact that we don't sink to the depths of the NFL without Ben and a majority of his career has been under Tomlin (IIRC it's 11-11 under Tomlin alone when starting a backup), I think we got to give Tomlin his props for keeping this team together in tough times. And honestly that's how I measure a coaches success. How well do you hold the team together when it hits the fan? I think BB might be about the only one better than Tomlin at it.
  7. Steelers give Tomlin a contract extension.

    I agree with you Cowher gets way too much credit for his time here. Any way you cut it, even in injury filled seasons with Ben out, no reason to be in 90% of the games we're in....Tomlin has still only had 8-8 as his worse record. Heck since Tomlin took over, only 2 teams have a higher winning percentage: Packers and Patriots. But sure, throw all of that out the window.
  8. Official Training Camp Thread: Beta Style

    Maybe send out Ross Cockrell or William Gay?