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  1. While I don't disagree, I don't agree 100% on the last bit. They rushed more because Lebeau brought more pressure and didn't subpackage as much. Hence all the Timmons on a slot WR stuff. But, even through Harrison and Porter before him dropped into coverage at times, it was not the normal thing for them. Lebeau was very tied to bringing the pressure off the blindside, so that means if there was no DL zone dropoff, that the LOLB was dropping into coverage. That's one thing that I see Butler has really carried over. The LOLB is still more prone to drop into coverage than any other LOS player. That means that the expectations of that player is going to be different. They don't expect gaudy sack numbers, rather better coverage, and the ability to take away passing lanes. Right now, Dupree is serving as a very solid to slightly above average coverage LB in a 3-4 defense, so I think that's why the team is happy with him. Of course us fans see him as drafted as a pass rusher, and consider it a failure when he isn't putting up big numbers. I'm starting to think that's why they pass up pass rushing talent almost every year. They rather have good coverage OLB's that can rush, as opposed to good rushing OLB's that can cover. It's stupid. Just because I'm pointing it out doesn't mean I like it. But I think Tomlin, Butler, and the defensive staff want it that way so they don't have to go to a specific player and give away who's rushing. Which again is stupid. There's certain players you know are pure pass rushers and they still get there.
  2. Pre-Training Camp Roster Prediction

    I wouldn’t be confident in 9 OL making the roster. Wouldn’t be shocked to see Hawkins cut and put on the PS and 4 RBs being on the squad early in the year. Feilers ability to play both OG and OT will play into that as well as Finneys ability to play OG and OC.
  3. The two articles from Woodley won't come up anymore, but he complained about dropping into coverage more and expressed a desire to rush more or to go to a place that he would be able to.
  4. No. They let him rush more because we typically have had the ROLb rush more than the LOLB. It’s why Woodley wanted out. It’s why Haggans never put up gaudy numbers. It’s why Jones is even more of a bust.
  5. What if I told you they see Dupree as productive, just not in the way that fans like? :InsertLawrenceFishbornMatrixMeme:
  6. @Armsteeld2 La'el Collins isn't fair to keep in there. That's not something that happens every year. And sure HoJo did that....as a blitzing LB on a 4-3 team, not as the everydown 3-4 OLB.
  7. No he's saying not to pinpoint one guy. How many years in a row did someone say Howard Johnson would be a near lock to make the roster? And he was on an active roster for basically 1 year. That's it. Now he's a FA and hasn't been picked up by anyone. But for so many people he was a lock to make the roster, better than so many other players, on and on. It's not a stretch to think a UDFA or two will make the roster, but to key in on one guy, and to say they could be a player, and will they be on the roster.....if that was the case then they wouldn't be an UDFA.
  8. Sorry but pet peeve here: can we stop calling UDFA and Rookie Mini Camp pickup guys “players”. He he had a shot at being a “player” he wouldn’t have been available. I feel like every year there’s a 6/7th round guy and 2-3 UDFAs that people say is a player, can contribute, etc; and we never end up hearing from them. The odds are so low. Yes we got a few guys that way (Brown, Villy, Foster, Debo, Kiesel) but it doesn’t mean it’s a lock to happen yearly.
  9. Oh I think it’s stupid. A good returnman is a good returnman.
  10. From what I’ve read his logic is that as a defensive player they aren’t used to handling the ball so the likelihood of a fumble or bobble is higher than the offensive player who is used to it. I mean...it makes sense...unless that guy has been doing it a long time.
  11. Tomlin is stubbornly against using defensive players on returns. Henderson is a guy you bring in knowing what he can give you at worse; return ability. But he’s a guy you hope will take to coaching and can give you more. If he does great, if not, it’s a skill set that you can easily find (returns).
  12. It's not even a full defense anymore. You need a good pass rush. That's it. Other than the Seattle and Bronco's those teams that won didn't really have a dominating corner, especially the teams that were in it. They had a good corner, but they also had an impressive pass rush.
  13. Who plays MLB this year

    Very much agreed, which is my point of it's going to take some time to get this done. We don't have that 3 down LB right now, Frazier might be the run stuffing NT but you got to be dedicated with using them, and lastly we don't have the OLB yet (Watt can be that) who can get the pinch pressure. But this is also why I've been wanting the base 4-3 end as a rotational guy. So when they are in a 4 WR set (or 11 with the TE/RB flexed), you put that 4-3 base end in the 7/9T area, and you don't give up much against the run, but you got a better edge rusher than Tuitt. Hargraves and Hayward are your interior rushers, Watt off the OLB wide 9 spot.
  14. Who plays MLB this year

    I pointed out. There are no quick fix solutions and that's what you're asking for. 1 - He's not seeing the field again. And 2 - there's no one else in the NFL that can do the things he could do. You aren't going to 1:1 replace him. Will the coaching staff give him the chance is the real question. But outside of him giving the chance it's a matter of those other guys starting to play different. In game adjustments is one of the most overrated fan go to things IMO. Do you know how hard it is to suddenly change like that? Calling different formations isn't an 'in game adjustment'. That's just better reflecting with your defense what the offense is showing you. That's as a play caller having a better pulse on the game. Problem is plenty of other teams are doing fine with it. It's because of the teams they draft from. Putting value on cerebral players over athletic players. Going with guys that play with leverage over guys that play with their body. I didn't point out problems, rather what you have to do to have the solution. You aren't going to snap your fingers and suddenly be better. You need all that stuff to happen to be better at the run game. You need coaches that will put the players in better position to make the plays. You need to get players to dedicate to wrapping up. You need to get players to stick to their assignments. I think a very underrated part of Shaziers game, that Burnett will help replace, is the communication. Shazier actually did a great job at helping get players into a better position. Williams is an idiot, and compound that with Mitchell trying to communicate but unable to tell right from left, and you will have a crap defense. I see it as a problem for a lot of people that are fans. You tend to think there are easy answers to change this out there. That shifting this guy there, or putting that guy on the field will suddenly change things. And it wont. The real answer is so much more complicated and involved than that.
  15. Alright let me explain what I did and why saying talent isn't really covering it: I took what is a rather standard play for us. 3-4 base buck a gap blitz. That's where almost all of Williams sacks came from. Run it 2 times a game and then the OL catches on and can shift protection. They usually did by bringing a blocker off Tuitt since he had 1-gap responsibility. So how I'm tossing a wrinkle in to make it tougher to block: 1 - Either have Tuitt 2-gap or replace him with a more stout run defender to 2-gap. A slight wrinkle but not too much. 2 - Flipping Hayward and Hargrave. This is wrinkle #1, that makes the offense react. Do the assignments stick with the player or the position? I would leave the assignment with the player, but if the offense guesses wrong it helps us. 3 - Flipping Williams and Dupree. Wrinkle #2 with the same effect as above. To the assignment stick with the player or the position. Even though Williams isn't the most athletic guy out there, he is good at playing the zone, and he can get out to the spot. He's not a stiff that can't move. So let's say the offense adjusts to seeing Williams out there, so slide protection to the right. Either Watt off the edge of Dupree in the A gap is left un-accounted for. There are very realistic different things to sprinkle in from time to time to add wrinkles to the defense.