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  1. CB is really developmental this year. It’s why when looking at cuts/FA it’s imperative to keep Haden and Hilton/Sutton.
  2. This team isn’t hard to read so put Harris high on the list for 1st round pick.
  3. They really help each other. I think Eichenberg will be there in Rd 2, which is why I’m for Eteinne or Harris in Rd 1.
  4. Positional value is there for late 1st RBs. The positional value isn’t there for second contracts to RBs. Basically if I were a GM I’d have the rotation of this drafting strategy every 3 years: Year 1: Round 1-3 RB to be my lead back. Year 2: Round 3-5 RB to be a rotational/change of pace type RB. Year 3: Round 4-7 RB who’s a Jack of all trades, not stellar in anything, set to be a ST contributor. Sprinkle in an UDFA in there for injury/depth reasons. Id almost never offer a second contract to this, and if I did I would skip the mid-round RB still drafting one
  5. I “shadow follow” him. So when he gets quote tweeted I see it which doesn’t impact his views. Anyways, you know it’s bad when even respected media insiders like La Canfora, Schefter, Fowler, Mortenson, Glazer, Aditi (sorry can’t spell her last name), Rapaport are all taking the players side. A side note: I do know one former player who was a FA at one point who was an ok, not great player. Anyways he’s from PA and always dreamed of playing for the Steelers or Eagles. He ended up signing with the Eagles, because he agent said for the amount offered, the local media was going
  6. Another JAG running back in a room full of JAGs? Pass.
  7. Big grain of salt here due to source: Mark Madden is claiming TJ Watt blew off his exit interview.
  8. How many years do you think Ben has left if he isn’t physically declining in your opinion (which is wrong).
  9. Fitchner didn’t help but continuing to absolve Ben like this does nothing. Ben was a big part of the issue too. Cant push the ball downfield as well anymore. 10-20 yard passing was non-existent and that was his wheelhouse. One of his worst years for 25+ Yard plays. Like I said. He’s 38. Nothing wrong with his career ending or saying he’s declined and not as good.
  10. His play didn't really change. What changed was facing better teams and not getting lucky with kickers missing game winning FG's.
  11. Anyways, this isn't a worthwhile conversation to have. I don't get the insistence that everything is fine with Ben. Tom Brady has 2 top 20 WR's, a top 5 OL, an above average run game, along with 2 TE's all better than what we have, along with AB playing here and there. Only reason Tom could throw 3 picks and not look done is the rest of the team is that good. Ben's 38. He's played 17 years. Absolutely nothing wrong with hanging it up or admitting he doesn't have it anymore. Does it suck to see it come to an end? Sure. But it's gonna end at some point, and the longer you hold onto hi
  12. You are really underestimating how hard completely rewriting a playbook in season is if you think those changes aren't that significant. As for the last part of the edit....all of that matters. If you are going to run out of shotgun and have a lateral baised offensive run game, you have to be a threat to use the entire width of the field on any play, which is why there's a correlation of mobile QB's and use of RPO out of the shotgun. And when you have a QB who can't do that, it involves running an offense more based in running from under center because it creates a situation where playe
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