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  1. FWIW, old discussion, but we discussed Tomlin not reporting DDC had a heel injury; Me thinks TB not reporting a TORN MCL (!!!) is slightly worse.
  2. Player replacement. Him retiring means $850k in cash came off the book, but top 52 replacement charge is $850k.
  3. And while I don't disagree necessarily, I can give you an example from this person in the know: Part of the reason the analytics department is so small is partially the less voices in the room, but it's also the limiting the stream of information. There's companies and places out there with statisticians that calculate all this stuff for you. So it's better for them to just pay someone else to compile the data for them and hand it over with no opinions. They do a similar thing with scouting. They pay a service to compile prospects that fit what the Steelers look for at different
  4. FWIW we lost 2 in the last two years, we’re actually one of the first teams with this department, and quietly it’s regularly poached. Edit: Wanted to add on staffing size, I was able to talk to someone in the know, and gave me an interesting answer as feedback. They have an organizational philosophy that a smaller decision making team means better decision making. Sometimes when you see the teams with the biggest departments they can be the ones that struggle with bad picks because everyone wants a say.
  5. Resident troll is saying that Ingram was brought in to start and Highsmith should be lucky to get rotational snaps over Marsh. In unreleased news guess who’s agent told them not to go on said trolls show.
  6. 1 - The offensive line development: To me it's not about the individual players on the line. It's more about the cohesion between the unit than it is about any one player. So I want to see them as a unit in early pre-season games. Are they coming together? Do they communicate well? Who's at center? How's the communication between Ben and the line? 2 - The secondary as a whole: Not just what's going on with the CB position. How does Minkah get moved around? What impact does Edmunds playing for a contract have? What's the communication like? What's the movement around l
  7. I get these frustrations with it, and I've gone through some of the extra things that play into why these talking points are what they are. I think something some don't realize that the talking heads are mainly just people who can talk well and look good on TV. Honestly that's what it is. The people that matter most are the researchers who put the data in front of these people talking on TV/Radio. They are the smart people. Yes it was frustrating to hear about the Browns non stop when they were playing a worse schedule, and how good everyone was playing; yet early in the season al
  8. No you can't, but it shows the hypocrisy of the NFL's injury reporting system. If I were Tomlin, I would list the entire team as probable at some point this year and claim every player was sore and they needed to end practice 15 minutes early. Just to be a donkey (if you catch my drift). The BB one cracks me up, because he listed Brady as probable for like 3 years yet Brady was notorious for taking every single snap possible in practice and not taking time off or taking it easy. So BB was acting like Brady was missing time. Plus there are a lot of players that end up probable that
  9. It's interesting because I believe this could be seen as one of those grey area calls that the NFL does look to avoid at times. Like, I'm sure that DDC was effected by the injury, but if there was never a doubt that he was going to play, does listing it really do what these things are supposed to do. Remember, IL's are really for the opposing team to judge who may or maynot play. I could see Tomlin looking at the Probable in the inverse way of BB, especially since Tomlin has long had "vet days" on Wednesdays as a break day regardless of if they are injured or not. So Tomlin could
  10. How about the blatant almost lie DK is spreading about Dodson related to all of this? What's up with these loser guys without press passes to the Steelers making crap up?
  11. I honestly think the Steelers frustration was that they could have been more proactive in replacing him than reactive had he been more upfront about things. I feel as though they expected him to get surgery, he put it off, then they just hit a breaking point. Seems to me as though he doesn't really care when he says "I'll leave that up to my agent and NFLPA". The Steelers have a long long history of guy leaving on "bad terms" but always end up coming back to the franchise. There aren't many I can think of that still actively avoid doing anything Steelers related. Spurs don'
  12. It definitely sounds like the bone spurs thing from the Steelers contention is something that didn't come up while playing. Add in that he already played on it and was waffling on surgery. My gut instinct is that maybe that he didn't want surgery because the recovery time pretty much takes his last year of the contract off track. We're in basically July, and 3 months means September, tack on about 4 weeks to rehab into game shape, and at this point that's November when he's normal again. Going to be 32 at the end of the season, relatively healthy compared to other OL players when they retir
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