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  1. Steelers listening to offers for RB Le' Veon Bell

    There is a window between the Super Bowl and the start of the new league year to work something out.
  2. Steelers listening to offers for RB Le' Veon Bell

    Bell needs a special type of blocking. Might actually work for him. More like zone blocking than man blocking. But yea.....ET for Bell. Let's solve each others headaches.
  3. Steelers listening to offers for RB Le' Veon Bell

    Packers need to give up some cap to make it happen.
  4. WEEK 3 GDT - Steelers @ Bucs MNF

    It's honestly not as bad as you make it out to be. Haden isn't exactly beating guys up on the other side either. They are playing jam and trail man defense. You don't need to be a bully on the line for that. You need good safeties for that.
  5. WEEK 3 GDT - Steelers @ Bucs MNF

    I would not judge anything about anyone based on facing Hill.
  6. agree?

    Our boogyman in the playoffs are good rushing teams with strong pass defenses. It's more a style of play than a certain team. And unfortunately there's 1 of those a year in the AFC.
  7. Steelers listening to offers for RB Le' Veon Bell

    Le'Veon Bell going full heel today liking and reporting stuff about his last game as a Steeler and random posts about being traded.
  8. Steelers listening to offers for RB Le' Veon Bell

    Teams can give him more money on the 1-year tag than the $14.5 mil. They can't add years. The reason they would trade for him is guys on the tag can negotiate between the Super Bowl and the start of the new league year. That's about a 2 month window. So if you trade for him you are thinking that you have enough cap and sway to sign him long term. But given the way Bell has raised his price non-stop, I wouldn't want to trade for him if I were a GM. What's the guarantee that he wouldn't decide to change how much he wants after the season and decide our offer wasn't good enough. Bell strikes me as wanting to hit FA no matter what to get a big contract.
  9. agree?

    I hate Colin Cowherd and people that do 'outside looking in'.
  10. WEEK 3 GDT - Steelers @ Bucs MNF

    Only thing I would disagree with here is going back to 'zone blitz'. That was a great defense when passing wasn't the way it is now. Part of the problems with it is because teams aren't running as much, you don't need that many eyes on the ball. You can't hit people running across the middle, so having a LB sitting there to hit someone isn't as important. It's all about manning up, taking away those holes, and relying on players making plays.
  11. WEEK 3 GDT - Steelers @ Bucs MNF

    Brian Baldwinger (or whatever his last name is) did a good 15 minute video on the breakdown of the Steelers secondary and spent some time talking about the DBs. He did a good job talking about how zone is not something Artie does well, along with lack of flats coverage, and Sean Davis struggling in cover 2 half field coverage. He showed how the Chiefs did a flood concept. Ty Hill on the go, Conley on a deep comeback, Hunt with the swing. Burns did what he was supposed to do, he followed Hill and Conley to the top of Conley’s route, then broke off the cover Conley. Problem is Davis didn’t carry and pinch Hill. He broke off with Conley too; then Burns dumped shallow with Hunt, Davis tried to recover, Conley was wide open. He talked about how the same thing happened with Kelce’s TD. Both ILBs jumped on the crossing, Davis took the outside WR (covered by Hilton in a cover 4). Left Kelce wide open in the middle. He juxtaposed it with the man defense and how Artie gets up in the face of the guy, runs well with him, but again isn’t getting the correct over or under help. Basically the the evaluation was we use Artie too much in zone, and when we aren’t Davis just isn’t anywhere near where he needs to be.
  12. WEEK 3 GDT - Steelers @ Bucs MNF

    Sounds like Artie Burns is getting benched.
  13. Bell contract 2018

    No. His value right now is 0. It's been 0 since July 16th. As soon as that deadline to extend him passed no team will touch him. Why trade for him when he'll be a FA soon?