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  1. Free Agency Tracker

    See I’ve been brought through coaching with “anything over 4 rushers is a blitz” because of the increased use of 3-4’s. Because technically could be argued with your version that we Blitz 80% of the time. But NFL tracking had us only at 31% of the time.
  2. Free Agency Tracker

    I think he can handle it for one reason. He’s good at keeping the lid on. I would expect our pass rush to improve if we did a better job of not springing leaks that easily. I was looking over some stuff from last year and we had a league worse 2 coverage sacks. 2 sacks because no one could get open. We were terrible in pressure from that too. So, IMO, part of the blitzing came from the leaky secondary (I’m looking at all the issues that happened in the Davis/Mitchel/Burns cover 3) so we blitzed to give the QB less time. Also matters what a blitz is. Is it anyone that’s not a DL coming? More than 4 rushers? Someone from an unexpected spot? Because some “blitzes” were just 4 man rushes with a DB or ILB coming instead of a OLB.
  3. ILB Jon Bostic signed to 2 Yr Contract

    He is. But he’s a 2 down thumper. A little more sideline to sideline than Williams but not much. It’s a slight upgrade but depends on the numbers if I like it or not.
  4. ILB Jon Bostic signed to 2 Yr Contract

    Meh. We already have him and his name is Vince Williams. There’s a reason this is going to be his 5th team in 6 years.
  5. Let's talk WRs...

    It’s pretty easy what I’m referencing. You don’t take a guy in a round just because you like him and the need might be there. You do it because the value compared to the position works. Take St. Brown for example. I really like him. I have him a 3rd round grade. That doesn’t mean I force myself to take him there is I have other guys available to me. Now if he’s there in the 4th, there’s a great chance I take him because the value outweighs the draft spot.
  6. NFL General - Steelers Forum

    Yes. Slater is better to the point that the loss of 10 catches a year is sustainable.
  7. Mike Pouncey

    I’ve brought up trading Gilbert a few times. I’m for it. I wish we could have retained Hubbard on the cheap though as a starter.
  8. NFL General - Steelers Forum

    He’s better.
  9. Let's talk WRs...

    While I agree with most of that forcing yourself to take someone just because is terrible GMing. Forcing yourself to take a position in a bad class at that position is how you make big mistakes. That’s how you only end up with one guy sticking in a class. Jordan Matthews, Brice Butler, Jarious Wright. There’s still some good WR4 options that doesn’t make you do something silly in the draft. Sign one of them to a 3 year contract and see what happens the next two years in the draft. Next year looks like a much better WR year anyways.
  10. NFL General - Steelers Forum

    Patriots ST ace Matthew Slater quietly visited yesterday and is still in town.
  11. Let's talk WRs...

    There's not a ton of the size speed guys in this class. I wouldn't force myself to take one unless I knew it was really needed.
  12. Around the AFC North Offseason edition

    Something to be on the outlook for: Jets traded up to pick 3. Now it all hinges on the Giants. If they take Barkley we can dodge a bullet. If they don’t Cleveland could get their QB of the future AND Barkley. A really bad situation for us.
  13. Around the AFC North Offseason edition

    Oh 100% agree. The structuring of contracts is my personal biggest pet peeve. Yes they are great at creating space then and there when they need it, but they aren’t great at looking ahead and structuring contracts in a way that they have flexibility in the future. Like they have to do the work because it wasn’t set up great. Look at a ton of the Niners Contracts that went out this year. Front loaded, guarantees all in early. That way if you have to cut a guy you aren’t stuck with money owed on the cap. There’s incentives in the contract that locks in more guarantees or salary kickers.
  14. Around the AFC North Offseason edition

    As much as I rag on them the sustained success without being in the top 10 is amazing.
  15. Around the AFC North Offseason edition

    Ravens lost their starting center. Weak line gets even weaker.