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  1. Talent reason never runs out. Just because you were drafted in the 1st doesn't mean you are talented.
  2. which top tier CB could we trade for

    Good news: 2020 NT class can be really good with Shelby Harris, Steve McLendon (reunion please), Al Woods, Timmy Jernigan, Austin Johnson, A'Shawn Robinson, Jarran Reed, Danny Shelton. That's in addition to the top with Michael Brockers, Javon Hargrave, Marcell Dareus. Even edge looks like if you do this right, you can really bargain shop really well. Obviously the top is Clowney, Ansah, Sheard, Mercilus, Ngakoue. But lets go downs some to Fowler, Quinn, Shaquil Barrett, Jamie Collins, McPhee.
  3. I was going to come in and say that: ~ We know (because it's been reported) that Tomlin is involved in defensive game planning. In all honesty I think that some of the game planning is good, and the execution sucks. But some of the game plan elements make me scratch my head, like Barron on the NE running backs, then playing too much McCullers against Seattle. ~ Butler is a horrific play caller. Just absolutely horrific. No feel for the game. His entire career he's run a NCB blitz right after a big pickup. His 2 DL nickel package is the exact same with the same 3 plays. Heck, I don't even credit him with the introduction of stunts. That's Tampa-2 101 defense. ~ Steelers Offense: I preach balance, balance, balance. Over, and Over, and Over, and Over. Even when you look at some of the best offenses (NE, NO w/ Brees, KC, LAR) they can be quick strike offenses; but at their core they are very balanced offenses that can methodically move the ball down the field. We're 3-and-out or Quick-Strike. That's where I'm hoping Mason kinda balances. I've grown extremely tired of 7 yard run on 1st down; incomplete deep on 2nd down; PA incomplete deep on 3rd down. What I'm hoping we see with Mason is 6 yard run on 1st down; 2 yard run on 2nd down; high percentage pass on 3rd down. Mix in the PA shots on 2nd down here and there and you are cooking with kerosene. ~ The players. Yes defensively we have plenty of problems. For all of Cam and Stephon's many many upsides, they are not great 2-gapping 3-4 DE's that can keep lanes clean for the LB's. There is a gif floating around from the Seattle game where Tuitt was lined up at 5-tech. Supposed to take the OG and OT on in blocks. The G got an arm chop on Tuitt, engaged, took Tuitt out of the play without the OT getting a hand on him, so the OT took out Bush easily. That left the TE&FB to double up Watt and now you go a 8 yard gain. Secondary wise, Edmunds, Davis, and Kelley are all aggressive body players, not guys that play the ball. Haden and Nelson are great man players, and have been asked to play zone quite a lot here. Add in that all our corners beyond that have major questions: Is Burns worth anything? Can Sutton keep up foot speed wise? Does Mike Hilton know he's not a LBer? ~ And I'm going to add an option that wasn't on here: The GM. Lets go back a little, just even 8 years: 2011 - Heyward early, but the Curtis Brown, Cortez Allen, and Chris Carter in rounds 3-4-5. None of them even played more than 1 season as a backup. 2012 - Sean Spence had extenuating circumstances, but then Alameda Ta'amu was cut within 6 games. (BTW, we drafted Mike Adams because he drove to Pittsburgh to plead his case. Next 4 defensive picks? Lavonte David, Vinny Curry, Casey Hayward, Trumaine Johnson). 2013 - Jarvis Jones....yuck, but then we drafted Shamarko Thomas (4) and Terry Hawthorne (5). Again one never played, and the other barley played. 2014 - Ryan Shazier and Tuitt in RD 1 & 2. I'll give a pass on Shazier as you can't really anticipate that. But then Shaquille Richardson (who never played in RD 5) and Jordan Zumwalt (who didn't make it past PS). 2015 - Really think of this one:: Dupree (1), Golson (2), Grant (4). That's your defensive picks in that top of that draft. A bust (again at OLB), and 2 guys who gave you a total of 3 games. We were weak at DB that year, and looking 5 picks later.....Byron Jones. Bet he would be nice to have. 10 picks later...NT Malcom Brown, one of the best there. RD 2 had some decent rotational players soon after: Markus Golden, Quinten Rollins. Round 4, right after Grant was Za'Darius Smith, then 3 picks was Kwon Alexander (LB was becoming an issue at this time). 2016 - You get 1 good player out of your top 4 picks. 1 damn player. Burns (1), Davis (2), Hargrave (3), Hawkins (4). 2 picks after Burns was Kenny Clark, one of the best NT's. 9 picks later Jaylon Smith (again LB was a need). Xavier Howard was the next CB taken. Then you got Sean Davis. Next two S's taken were Vonn Bell and Kevin Byard. Next pass rusher was Yannick Ngakoue (who I loved). 2017 - I think there's only really 1 top spot to nitpick here - Cam Sutton. Eddie Jackson wasn't picked much longer after. So if your a coaching staff, in a 7 draft span on defense, 10 players never played a snap, another 5 gave you very little. 7 years, 15 wasted picks.
  4. which top tier CB could we trade for

    None of them. We don't have the draft capitol.
  5. jalen ramsey

  6. What we should do is flood that side with an overload blitz early of Watt, Heyward, Hilton.
  7. Fantasy football. $5000 on the line here.
  8. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    Listening to Minkah's first press availability and I'm impressed.
  9. I mean....what if they scouted Tua and Herbert (especially Herbert last year) and decided...."We don't like those guys"?
  10. Yea I like ya'lls future though. May Kittle and Gould have great games but ya'll lose
  11. One counter I'd also put out there is our OL is also far better than either of theirs.
  12. Balance basically. Even though we kept running the same offense with Rudolph in there as we did with Ben, it looked dramatically different. I think given the time, there’s going to be some concepts used by Fichtner to get Rudolph some easier looks. I think we will look to push some deep passes to Washington. Utilize our RBs and TE more in the passing game. With Ben we tended to pass to open up the run, and though y’all have a decent run d, I think there’s going to be an attempt to establish the run this week and soften things up some.
  13. I don't think he will. I think no Sean Davis changed that. If Davis were available, you play "big nickle" with them.
  14. Two of my favorite thing that McVay, McDaniels, Reid do that Fichtner does not is the TE wheel route and the TE shallow cross-post route. For them to look to run a cross and suddenly break upfield creates so many openings.