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  1. No more Bell offseason Mock

    I've got quite a few reasons for me personally: Vision. He sees the field really well as a runner. Sees lanes before they develop. Presses the hole while continually moving. Balance. I personally have never seen anything like him when it comes to his ability to stay on his feet. I know this is something everyone has seen, but this is gif its the encapsulation of how hard it is to take him down: https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/Piy6pDt1-lbxGx47Ku0z7pyg_7k=/0x0:565x300/320x0/filters:focal(0x0:565x300):gifv():no_upscale()/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/9311039/saquon_flies.0.gif We've seen most RB's in college and pro's go down from hits like that. Size. He's about prototype as you can get. 5'11" 230 pounds. Speed. He's got breakaway speed, but he's also got lateral speed. Change of Direction. You don't find guys who can change directions at his size. Power. Again for his size and agility he can power through a lot of tackles. He's got really powerful legs that let him keep driving and he doesn't stop them. Pass Protection. This is something most young running backs struggle with and Barkley already has the ability to pick up blitzes already. Pass catching. Again he is somewhat advanced it in that. He has really good hands, and the hardest part for a RB is he uses his hands properly to catch the ball and is not a body catcher. Return. He's also an exceptional return man.
  2. Give this 3 weeks and it's calming down.
  3. 4th and a foot

    You can still be in a 3-4 and do situational pass rushers. Look at Aldon Smith and his rookie year.
  4. No more Bell offseason Mock

    That's the difference. I'm willing to take the risk on something like that. I really am. The Falcons did with Julio and were laughed at when they did. Worked out well for them. Same for the Eagles and Wentz. I'm going to relate it to my favorite musical right now: Your Aaron Burr, I'm Alexander Hamilton. I'm willing to take and take what I need and want. You're talking about waiting for it. We talk a lot about the Patriots around here....part of the reason they can do the things they want to is because they are willing to take risks and go get a guy they want.
  5. No more Bell offseason Mock

    Few things here: Most RB's aren't risking the future over. Fournette and Barkley are the two most recent ones that I would. Breakaway speed is a must. It's half the reason Conner looked ok, but not starting material in his plays. The other part of it is it's not just running style. For us you need to be able to pass protect, catch the ball, and other things. I'm not quite seeing other RB's in the draft able to do those things day one. What I put as contract is comparable to 2 guys that have similar stats to Ansah: Everson Griffon and Cameron Jordan.
  6. 4th and a foot

    I don't think he will. More snaps will mean he's not as fresh, will be responsible to the run game as well, won't have the same burst. Happens all the time as rotational DE's are asked to do more.
  7. This is all much easier said than done.
  8. 4th and a foot

    Ok? Easy to do when literally that's all you are asked to do. Elvis Dumervil had 6.5 snaps in 30% of snaps played. Better rate than Lawson right? Dante Fowler had 8 sacks on 44% snaps played! Arthur Moats had 4 sacks in 9% of snaps!!! That's 16 in 40% of snaps!!
  9. No more Bell offseason Mock

    Shazier's contract this year was the 5th year option, fully guaranteed no matter what with his injury. Can't be put on exempt list through all my research. I just want to work through things with it. Don't forget the tag for DE is likely to be north of $17million, and Detroit is looking at about $45mil (after draft picks are pulled out) with plenty of holes to have to fix (FWIW we're really underestimating them as a potential Bell suiter). I think with what they have to fix (everywhere else on the DL, LB, OL, RB) they would be a team (like us) better suited to fill out other needs than to dump almost all of their resources into 1 position. Personally I don't think that RB is as deep as they are making it out to be. I think Love is going to struggle, as he hasn't shown himself to be as versatile. Guice, Harris, Johnson, Penny are all more runners, without showing much in pass pro, or pass catching. Chubb is going to be an inside the tackles pound it specialist in the NFL. Ditto Freeman. Michel is going to be a change of pace for the every down back in the NFL as well. We said the same thing in Bell's draft of RB being super deep. That draft had Bernard, who a lot of people liked; Bell; Ball who a lot of people liked; Lacy, who almost everyone here wanted; Christine Michael who was a hot name; Knile Davis who was a late riser; Johnathan Franklin; Marcus Lattimore (our of his control); Stepfan Taylor; Zac Stacey; Kenjon Barner; Latavius Murry; Theo Riddick. Basically it was looked at as really deep, and now you got most of those guys out of the NFL, barely seeing time, or a rotational player. I'm not a fan of either of those guys you said. Evans is a mid-2nd to me and Edmunds looks like a jack of all trades master of none to me.
  10. 4th and a foot

    Just out of curiosity, do you follow him on IG, Twitter, snapchat? He is always posting workouts especially in the offseason. The problem I see is (from the 1 Steelers TC I've been to), when he does do something wrong, he's not really coached on it. Harrison (I was at this years TC) stood off to the side talking to no one, TJ Watt and Dupree were working hard, and Moats was going through the motion. Porter was so focused on Adams that when Bud and TJ did something wrong, he just told them to do it again without correcting them. In fact I saw the OL players teaching Bud more on hand fighting than Porter.
  11. Just like the title shows, here's an offseason mock in which we no longer retain Bell. CUTS Mike Mitchell - $6,371,668 saved Vance McDonald - $4,318,750 saved JJ Wilcox - $3,125,000 saved William Gay - $1,750,000 saved Coty Sensabaugh - $1,400,000 saved Ramon Foster - $2,675,000 saved CAP SPACE REMAINING - $21,483,466 RESTRUCTURES Cameron Heyward - $5,390,000 saved David DeCastro - $2,250,000 saved CAP SPACE REMAINING - $29,123,466 STEELERS FREE AGENTS Ok, so like the title hits at, this is a mock without retaining LeVeon Bell, so using my rollover cap to have for the draft, I can retain our own FA's and spend in FA quite a bit. Roosevelt Nix - Tender at lowest level $615,000 Anthony Chickillo - Tender at the lowest level $615,000 Eli Rogers - 3rd round tender $1,000,000 Xavier Grimble - Tender at lowest level $615,000 B.J. Finney - 3rd round tender $1,000,000 Kameron Canaday - Tender at lowest level $615,000 Matt Feiler - Tender at lowest level $615,000 Mike Hilton - Tender at lowest level $615,000 Chris Boswell - 3rd round tender $1,000,000 CAP SPACE REMAINING - $22,433,466 UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS I'm going to admit to going and doing some "big game" hunting with this money. Most likely more than Colbert normally would. Ezekiel Ansah - Rush - 5 year; $55,000,000 deal, $24,000,000 guaranteed; Year 1 cap hit - $10,000,000 (fully guaranteed) Todd Davis - ILB - 3 year; $18,000,000 deal, $6,000,000 guaranteed; Year 1 cap hit - $5,500,000 DeAngelo Hall - FS - 1 year; $3,000,000 NFL DRAFT ROUND 1 - Ok, big risk here: I traded our 1st, 3rd, 2019 1st, 2020 2nd With the 3rd pick, the Pittsburgh Steelers select: Saquon Barkley RB PSU ROUND 2 - Traded down with Chicago, picking up 3-13 (77) and 4-15 (111) ROUND 3 - With the 13th pick in the 3rd round, the Pittsburgh Steelers select: Ian Thomas TE Indiana ROUND 4 - With the 15th pick in the 4th round, the Pittsburgh Steelers select: Cameron Smith ILB USC ROUND 5 - With the 11th pick in the 5th round, the Pittsburgh Steelers select, Brandon Facyson DB VT ROUND 5 - With the 29th pick in the 5th round, the Pittsburgh Steelers select, Richie James WR/PR/KR Middle Tennessee State ROUND 7 - With the 29th Pick in the 7th round, the Pittsburgh Steelers select, Kentavius Street DT North Carolina State UDFA - Tracor Daniel P Tennessee; Timon Parris OG Stony Brook; DaeSean Hamilton WR PSU; Akrum Wadley RB Iowa; Iman Marshall DB USC ROSTER: QB - Ben Roethlisberger, Landry Jones, Josh Dobbs RB - Saquon Barkley, John Conner, Akrum Wadley FB - Roosie Nix WR - Antonio Brown, JuJu Smith-Schuester, Martavius Bryant, Eli Rogers, Richie James, Darius Hayward-Bey, DaeSean Hamilton TE - Jesse James, Ian Thomas, Xavier Grimble OT - Alejandro Villanueva, Marcus Gilbert, Jerald Hawkins, Matt Feiler OG - David Decastro, BJ Finney, Timon Parris OC - Maurkice Pouncey, Mike Matthews DE - Cam Heyward, Stephon Tuitt, Tyson Alualu, LT Walton DT - Javon Hargrave, Kentavius Street OLB - TJ Watt, Ziggy Ansah, Bud Dupree, Anthony Chickillo ILB - Todd Davis, Cameron Smith, Vince Williams, Tyler Matakavich CB - Joe Hayden, Artie Burns, Cam Sutton, Mike Hilton, Brian Allen, Iman Marshall FS - DeAngelo Hall, Brandon Facyson SS - Sean Davis, Jordan Dangerfield Special Teams: Canaday, Boswell, Daniel
  12. War's offseason mock

    Ok? I think he's going to be better and more reliable than Gilbert, that's why I did it.
  13. War's offseason mock

    Agreed. Man corners and we play a bunch of zone.
  14. War's offseason mock

    Basically I want to see how a real FS impacts their play. Are these little mistakes that are amplified by the play of Mitchell and what he does or are they big mistakes that no FS could cover for? Are they trying to cover compensate for his poor play. As I watched the all-22 here and there, I kept just seeing Mitchell jump on ghosts of WR's as they ran around the field.
  15. War's offseason mock

    Not giving them a pass. Just explaining part of the thing that frustrates me with all three of them. They need to communicate better or study the tape. If Davis or Burns know that they need to adjust. Either Davis or Burns needs to carry deeper.