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  1. Who Dey Gameday? Bengals @ Steelers Week 7 GDT

    My ex that cheated on me was a brunette. Ruined it for me.
  2. Who Dey Gameday? Bengals @ Steelers Week 7 GDT

    Gimme a tall leggy blonde any day of the week.
  3. Who Dey Gameday? Bengals @ Steelers Week 7 GDT

    It turns into a raisin?
  4. 2018 Draft Prospects

    Which one? PS I miss your input on this stuff and hopefully you can start giving some soon!
  5. mitchell fined

    Dude's a thug. I'm surprised he hasn't hit the point where something like this gets him a possible suspension.
  6. I miss my Harford Whalers.
  7. AP Trade

    This last game aside......AP isn't a good back anymore.
  8. Who Dey Gameday? Bengals @ Steelers Week 7 GDT

    I've been very tempeted in GDT's I've done to play "Who's Eve and who's Steve?"
  9. Who Dey Gameday? Bengals @ Steelers Week 7 GDT

    I too need this information for.....similar reasons.
  10. Steelers@Chiefs Ups/Downs

    Problem is Mitchell has a reputation around the league for cheap shots so it doesn't shock me Smith had the reaction he did, And no @CKSteeler the attacks on Mitchell are not entirely exaggerated. The guy calls himself the "Lurk Squad" and does the popular gang hit thing of wearing the bandanna from the eyes down with a flat brim hat pulled low. The guy is 30 and should have long put that in the past. He's a thug on the field and looks to take people out over make the right play.
  11. Who Dey Gameday? Bengals @ Steelers Week 7 GDT

    I rather focus on stopping AJ. In the pass game if you take him away they don't have much else. If Mixon gets 100 on us, I rather have that.
  12. Steelers@Chiefs Ups/Downs

    Honestly...if you dominate TOP you're very likely going to win. To me even if you don't get a TD, but you go all the way down the field you are forcing their defense to really work to get the stop. It then forces the opposing offense to feel like they have to press to move the ball, which leads to mistakes, which leads to 3&Outs and TO's. We got oh so close to that last one, but Haley decided to change up the game plan and it creates less pressure on the opposing offense. It should have never come down to that last part of the game. This is the way that the offense and defense is designed to work together. The offense is meant to put pressure on the opposing teams to have to do more.
  13. The Austin Seferian-Jenkins Fumble/Touchback

    I've watched it so many times and here's the thing I have an issue with: You can't say for 100% sure that he recovered it inside the endzone to create the touchback. I also think they misapplied the "re-recover" or 2nd time thing. You can shift the ball while recovering to have a better hold of the ball in the process.
  14. Chiefs defense reminds me of the mid-2000's Steelers. You can move the ball between the 20's so easily, but coming away with 3 is a good drive.