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  1. I’m not disagreeing with you. Just pointing out I get the logic of the mobile QB thing.
  2. I get what he’s trying to say there though. With a mobile QB (or at least one who sneaks) you create a true 11-on-11 situation. Without that you are effectively playing 10-on-11.
  3. Good. He’s not good enough to take up 20+% of the cap.
  4. Mahomes is also playing like TT Mahomes right now with a lot of good throws but a crap ton of piss poor decisions too. Mahomes = Favre
  5. RT moved early at least 10 time by my count in the last two TD drives.
  6. And this is why I want to see Tomlin without Ben to be honest. There’s so many thing where we've heard Tomlin say things like this then it can’t happen for some reason. I want to see if when Tomlin says stuff like that and he’s got a young QB if they carry through on it. I also have a growing suspicion that the lack of checks, audibles, and no huddle isn’t the too many new players; it’s a QB who doesn’t like his options.
  7. Man some have a history of thinking OLBs are better than they are. Lol.
  8. He felt like the new Howard Jones. A PS player who could be called up at times that puts up preseason stats.
  9. Maybe. But that’s why saying now you’d move down because a guy has a flaw is a silly idea to me. First off from a fan perspective we can only go off tape and interviews pre/post game. NFL teams can go much more in depth. And diving into these guys warts, some of them are coachable, and some are starting to prove to be wrong. Like Willis starting 1.5 years. There’s plenty of NFL QBs that are decent with that experience (Brady, Murray, Burrow, Tannehill). Take someone like Spencer Rattler. I’ve heard some of his warts being the taking unnecessary risks with the ball. Kinda like Big Ben
  10. Here's the thing though.....If they are sitting at 5 and really like the kid from Liberty, or Rattler, or the UNC kid....draft him. Getting the kid you believe in there and having that 5 year contract is worth more than waiting because you never know when you will be in position to get it again. This is the exact mistake the Giants made when they took Saquan. They didn't go with the QB, so the next year they had to take a lesser QB because they weren't bad enough, and now they are stuck. And just because you take one high in 2022 doesn't exclude you from taking someone else you may
  11. I’m sorry but that would be stupid if they like one.
  12. That’s what I prefer too. Hard to win with paying a QB top dollar these days.
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