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  1. I wouldn’t say so much. I think it’s some divide in the locker room over the “living in the past”. Saying that they can’t play music because someone might walk in the room isn’t helpful. Not saying dump the old guys but I think that there needs to be some recognition that times are changing. Guys get up for playing in different ways. It’s in a way I agree with Claypool but in a way disagree. Playing music more won’t change things. But, stuff like “not music in the locker room” can turn off guys because there isn’t much feeling of a “turn off” mode. I can make this simple an
  2. This quote bugs the crap outta me: I’m sorry but Ben is not coming off well right now:
  3. Tomlin finally called the team out publicly. And friends of mine that for years didn't like him because he kept it in house, are saying it was very "unprofessional" to call out Claypool and say former players are right.
  4. FA is actually pretty decent at DL this year so if you are that concerned you can always buy yourself another year with guys like Ogbah, Ogunjobi, Collins, Reed, Thomas, Harris, Turay. So spending that first on that with how bad the offensive line has been would be a bit of a luxury.
  5. If we did a luxury pick (DL) with all the needs we have (OT, OG, CB, QB, ILB) I’d be pissed.
  6. This is what the NFL owners asked for though. Rookie contract caps means getting a good QB puts you in purgatory. Since the NFL rookie wage scale went into effect you had the following teams with a rookie wage QB make the super bowl: Seattle (x2), Carolina, Philadelphia, LA Rams, KC (x2), SF. Teams with a non-rookie contract QB to win: New York Giants, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, Tampa Bay. Mind you 3 of those times was Tom Brady, who notoriously takes massive under value contracts. Note - I left Green Bay and Baltimore out because while Rodgers
  7. Well might not be too early. First is the dead cap advancement: Ben Roethlisberger (retirement) $10.3mil advances in dead cap Juju Smith-Schester (not resigned - outbid) $5.6mil advances in dead cap Eric Erbon (not resigned - sucks) $3.9mil advances in dead cap Carry over dead cap (Ingram, Roche, Brown, Stiner, Gilbert, Wade, Watson, McKoy, Bundage, Bussey) $2.5mil TOTAL: $22.3mil Cuts: Joe Schobert $8mil savings Zach Banner $5mil savings Joe Haeg $2.6mil savings Tyson Alualu (retirement) $2.5mil savings TOTAL: $15.6mil savings 5
  8. Oh I don’t disagree with most of that. My defense to some of it is there’s really no such thing as a perfect coach and I think at times as fans we can get too locked into our own coaches faults and forget the good. The biggest one that still bugs me with Tomlin is his strange risk/reward decision making. EDIT: My basic point of this is if you want Tomlin fired for football reasons that are actually a problem with coaching then I'm good with that. The decision making, the random dog housing, the refusal to try new things. All of that is good with me. Do it. The new coach is going
  9. Sorry I know I'm picking a small part, but that's why when I see "Fire Tomin" without anything in, that's why I question it. With this same roster what coach makes it good? I know I said it enough over the offseason, this was a fine year to move on from Ben. Take the cap hit when we're not able to do much anyways and move on. But people celebrated it because "with Ben there's a chance".
  10. Basically (again) I see this going 1 of 3 ways: Way 1 - Colbert and Tomlin are back next year, Ben decides he wants to come back, and because Tombert is weak when it comes to Ben they run out this same sad excuse for a team. Way 2 - Colbert and Tomin are back next year, Ben decides to retire, and we end up retooling on the fly without ever bottoming out by getting lucky with a bigger name vet QB wanting to come here. Way 3 - You clean house completely and start over. Ben, Colbert, Tomlin, Coordinators; heck maybe you even trade away some older players you have under contract (T
  11. And that's my point, it's widespread issues yet people seem to get a hardon to argue when you want to say someone other than Tomlin is at fault too. You and I have been right about this season. (and yes I was being hyperbolic about the Colbert stuff because everything is excuses for him)
  12. I've started to blame Tomlin too. Just criticizing the fact that things that Tomlin is getting blamed for (bad players playing bad) isn't in his control. Basically at this point it's going like this: Others - Fire Tomlin, a bad roster is playing bad! Me - Well a bad roster isn't on Tomlin, it's on others. Being flat and not trying new things is Tomlins problem. Others - Colbert is great! Not his fault.
  13. I was going to respond with a longer point. But it's not worth it. Bring Colbert back and we'll continue to be in this same mess. That's all I'll say. See you next year when I can tell you all I was right again.
  14. I don't think any losses will be as bad, but I expect some bad games from the defense, anemic offense, and one vintage game from Ben where we win but shouldn't.
  15. So in the expanded quote from Fitzpatrick, this really interesting. It seems to insinuate that players aren't doing what the play calls for and are freelancing to other spots.
  16. No. Again a misread of my criticism. But you knew something was wrong with the guy and didn't plan something. To me if you know a guy was going to be a matter of pain management, then plan on something going wrong. Again a misread of my criticism here. With how bad our ILB's have been, Buddy not getting a hat and not being given a chance bugs the crap out of me because how bad is he doing of what we can't see that they still think Bush, Scho, and Spillane are better options. If it's Tomin just being stubborn then that's Tomin's issue. If Butler is overruling Tomlin on it that's a
  17. I mean, yea the pandemic didn't help, but saying it's why we lost people isn't the reason. The issue I see is that KC continually failed to long term plan. And KC being a year to year contract isn't really helping either because there's no incentive for him to think about it. But even if the cap went up there was going to be plenty of hard decisions to make. But my point is regardless of how big of an impact the pandemic had on the cap (IIRC it just stayed flat) all teams knew that the cap was going to be impacted. That's why saying it to me is an excuse. We all knew due to no
  18. This is rather interesting. Like as someone that coached there are times to crack the whip. But there are times to use outside items to push tempo. And not saying Chase is right and playing music is the answer. Then again we know that in the lockerroom there are things that Ben "controls" like what is played and who gets to be close to him and who isn't. Maybe it's time Tomin tells Ben "tough crap" on that.
  19. Maybe. I think as well the current CBA is part of the problem. The NFLPA pushed for less contact in practices and more walk throughs.
  20. Here's my thing: Colbert and Tomlin are too intertwined to pull them apart. Cowher had this issue happen too and he won out, ousting Donahoe for Colbert in the first place. But they worked together much much shorter than these two. So if you fire Tomlin, I think you got to fire Colbert as well because he's just as much as the problem with failing to acquire talent. Even healthy this team isn't all that talented. I think it would be fair though to fire Colbert (or let him walk away) and keep Tomin to see if a new GM would want to work with him or move on. As for your last poi
  21. Joe Schoebert is the only one that's said anything.
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