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  1. I was thinking of his teammate. My bad
  2. Think we’d need to go a lot higher to get Little anyway. Plug him in at 62 and hope he’s there. I too don’t want Wade. Got to say I really don’t want Taylor either. Just not the athlete you need.
  3. He was hurt to start the season and got healthy as the year went on. I’d be pi$$ed if we passed on him at 29. We may lose out on a good OT but that guy was a man in the championship game against a very good OL
  4. Who wouldn’t be in trouble if their top 2 pass rushers went down?
  5. I literally just did that and then came back to see you did it in the next post. My bad for being too anxious. Lol
  6. Start trading back until Pitts or Chase make sense. Use that ammo to move up in the second and third, providing we have those picks.
  7. I think your a little harsh about Little’s run blocking. Is he a power guy, no but we run more of a zone scheme and his athleticism works for that. Not my first pick at OT but a pretty good prospect.
  8. I think Little is pretty underrated. Didn’t play last year and hurt the year before has people thinking he has long term injury concerns but I believe he just opted out. He and Cosmi are 2 of the better pass protectors who will (should) be available end of 1st early second or even later. Only issue I see with these 2 is that they really don’t fit the mold the Packers like of OL who can play multiple positions.
  9. Clark is obviously good enough but the jury is still out on Keke and Lowry is all we got. They’re only good enough to start because they’re all we have.
  10. Maybe there would be more reps if we had any talent at DL besides Clark.
  11. Oh, I agree with all that as well. King F’d up the play. I just put more in the coach there than you do. I too am glad we got along back. Every player F’s up once in a while.
  12. Maybe not 3 DL but we need help up the middle.
  13. Kings play was all on him but the TD was more so on Petine. I’m not absolving King from his play on that down, just saying he never should have been in that situation in the first place. Guy made a bone headed play. I still think he has value and is better for what we spent on him than what we could get to replace him at this time. A draft pick will hopefully push him down to 3rd CB.
  14. 2 back injuries with one a herniated disk, scares the crap out of me. Honestly, I wouldn’t draft him any earlier than our second. Disk issues scare me. Everyone I know who has had something like that, it has lasted forever.
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