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  1. Whither Josh Jones?

    Well, that’s kind of what the ILB has always been. Sometimes they cover sometimes they play run. Safety does too just not as often. Hell every position does it once in a while. I do get your point and understand that ILb’s need to cover more and more. Your still not asking him to chase down WR’s from his ILB position.
  2. Whither Josh Jones?

    Kind of a wack question. Take Jones off the field and replace him with Burks. Same situation but I wouldn’t call Burks the safety in that defense. Have the TE come back in motion, from split wide, to the OL and lead block, did Jones just turn back into an ILB?
  3. Whither Josh Jones?

    I think I’d keep him low as an ILB. And hope for improvement there with the reps. Don’t think it’s there as a safety. If reps can make him an average ILB then the pick is not wasted. They just have to leave him in one spot to really learn it. If he can’t then we move on. Needs to happen now though.
  4. Whither Josh Jones?

    Ya I don’t get it with him. At very least he should be a special teams demon. He’s got the body now to be an ILB so I think the questions are... 1. Is there still time for the light to go on at safety? 2. If 1. = false, can he play ILB full time? Has he shown enough to just move him there and be of value?
  5. Whither Josh Jones?

    Isn't being in the right place at the right time kind of a good thing?
  6. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Don’t think we can go wrong with either of our 2 first round picks. Guys I’d be happy or good to get 2 of 12. Gary, Allen, Sweat, Burns, Oliver. Ok with and understand the talent of White, Bush, Fant, Hock, Williams. 30. Fant, Wilkins, Simmons, Aderly, Fant, Hock, Ferguson, Dillard, Jacobs.
  7. Whither Josh Jones?

    Not sure now. I guess I thought he was referring to his skill set and not being able to play deep. I was thinking the initial thought, Nagler replied to, was having Jones play ILB. Nagler’s argument could be used for almost every ILB in that scenario.
  8. Green Bay Big Board - #2

    Hey... OP!... we draft #12 not #2!
  9. Whither Josh Jones?

    Not if he’s playing ILB and you have 2 other safetiy in the game.
  10. Gute's Amazing Roster Purge

    I agree with all this.
  11. Gute's Amazing Roster Purge

    Totally agree. My point is how shocked I was with how bad they were. Hopefully this kind of a purge doesn’t happen again for a long time.
  12. Gute's Amazing Roster Purge

    No no no. My point was that what we had and replaced were washued up, HUGE prospects and just a guy at best. I think TT got a little crazy the last few years. Not that Gute would do this every year.
  13. Gute's Amazing Roster Purge

    Not really. That’s a pretty crap list of guys. Guys who were not athletic enough for the NFL, guys who had never played a certain position we played them in and others who were over the hill when we brought them in in the first place.
  14. Gute's Amazing Roster Purge

    What is amazing is how many over the hill, total projects and below average athletes are on that list. Every team has a couple but dang that was 2/3 our roster.
  15. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Almost like an A/A- student vs A+. All this said, if a team uses them both correctly Hock might be better right out of the gate but I still feel Fant has a higher ceiling.