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  1. Who’s else has been cut by other teams we may have interest in?
  2. Hopefully not by us. Like the guy, but his game is limited.
  3. Wrong. He’s supposed to step up if he gets pressure, which he was under all game. Not all Yosh’s fault but nether he nor the o-line as a whole, played well
  4. He had a rough first half as well. Love has been stepping up all night so far.
  5. I think maybe the Yosh Nijman experiment has failed.
  6. I think Gute is being honest when he says Rogers has input. It’s just that he’s going to do what’s best for the team anyway, hence the reason Jake Kumerow is no longer here. Cobb may come back but left for a bigger pay day then GB was willing to pay at the time. What Rogers means isn’t that he wants input. He wants to call the shots. There’s the rub.
  7. That depends on what a team, that he’s willing to go to, can spend. If there is only one true bidder. San Francisco now appears out with what they spent to get to #3. Can the Raiders afford him without moving Carr?
  8. It’s also a kind of a game of chicken. The winner is usually the one more willing to lose. Is Rodgers more willing to sit out than the Packers willingness to let him? May depend on how Love looks in mini camp. It will get more interesting I feel.
  9. I’m actually shocked Seattle is ahead of us.
  10. Ok. I can live with that. Just figured they would want to unload his contract if they traded for Rodgers and we could benefit from it. I’m with you though
  11. Anyone who needs a QB. We just offer him less than market value to keep him off our books.
  12. That’s why we move him and he never sets foot in Green Bay. I like the guy but if we move Rodgers, Love is the guy. All those picks from the Raiders PLUS another 1-2 firsts or a 1 & 2 would be crazy.
  13. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.
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