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  1. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    I feel both will slide. Too many DL, edge and OT’s 1st round worthy for a TE to get drafted that high.
  2. Perry to IR Looney brought up from practice squad

    Sometimes the difference between getting a guy like J. Clowney or not is 1-2 million per year. Cutting a guy who basically gives you nothing and freeing up that money is totally worth it.
  3. Nick Perry?

    That’s not the case on every passing down. There has been plenty of opportunity to get after the QB for all the OLB’s and they can’t get there.
  4. Nick Perry?

    Maybe they’re being schemed out. It when asked to attack the QB, none of these guys can get there, so... we must rely on the DL for pass rich because they the only ones who can get home.
  5. Trade Deadline Thread

    I think 3mil for Wilk is close but 8mil per for Cobb and Clay with 24-30mil guaranteed!!! Are you crazy?
  6. Trade Deadline Thread

    Ok. I’ll give you you the fact that it may have been his most impactful game but I’d say that’s pure LUCK. Here is Perry’s stat line for that game T/A - 0/0 Sacks - 0 Int. - 0 FF - 0
  7. Trade Deadline Thread

    Reaked havoc? Guy couldn’t get anywhere near the QB and had balls thrown right at him he could raise his hands to block.
  8. Trade Deadline Thread

    Exactly which games this year?
  9. Does Nick Perry still play for us or did we trade him?
  10. Why don’t we ever scheme anyone open like that?
  11. Or any other DT in the league
  12. Packers sign CB Breeland

    Welcome back Norm.
  13. Wk 3 postgame: GB 17 • WAS 31

    How is a player supposed to tackle a QB and NOT land on him?
  14. Rookie Watch (Week 4 Update)

    Thought this was interesting since many on here, myself included, thought Vogal was a decent punter for us. https://purpleptsd.com/how-good-is-your-teams-punter-all-33-nfl-punters-ranked/