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  1. Pay him now, I’ve seen enough to see He’s a good working on great player. Sometimes you have to take a risk on greatness. Do it before he Has another really good season.
  2. Oh gosh no. Adams has got to be better than this guy.
  3. Did they really sign Dequoy to be a CB?
  4. Experts according to who? Sure some of these guys played ball and scouted like Bucky Brooks but most never played or were evaluators. Obviously the Packers has a 2nd round grade on Dillion. Our 2nd and 3rd round picks will both play a lot this season unless they totally suck and then you would be right. Both are positions we kind of need. Williams is just a guy IMO and A. Jones May split after this season. The HB is also a need, we don’t really have one. MLF also wanted a much more versatile HB and now we have one. It’s sure not a sexy draft that’s for sure. I also agree with your take about value. I always felt if you draft that late and look at every pick as if it’s a round later, they start to look a lot better. Call Dillion and Deguara 3rd and 4th rounders and they already look like better picks... according to the experts.
  5. I totally think Rogers could be a **** and push back against what MLF want to do or game plan. MLF may want more leverage in case things do go south which is ok. Keeps Rogers working as a team player while building the future. If report’s are true about how he acted toward MM and his calling his own plays it would make sense. There have also been more and more times when Rogers sits on the bench and looks to be pouting when things are going south.
  6. I’ll trust our guys too. I really like the Love pick especially after seeing the board. I actually really like Dillion too. The one pick I have issues with, and I hope I’m wrong, was the HB. I get it, we needed/wanted to replace our FB and from what I read, he can do that and is a better receiver as well. OL we needed help and depth. We will most likely lose Taylor and maybe Lindsey next year as well so I like those picks. Is this draft exciting? No but with what MLF want to do, it was necessary
  7. Nice examples. Those 2 situations actually turned out great for those two teams.
  8. That would be crazy. Students still learning on line so they become eligible but how do you know who got bigger, faster, stronger and better?
  9. I was going off a list I found. I’m actually not sure the exact date of the supplemental draft but it could be helpful. We have dove in before. I know there are a few OT’s and DT on the list should be eligible. We have gone that way before.
  10. Word out there that the supplemental draft may get flooded with applications with athletes fearing the college season gets canceled. Who on this initial list could help NOW and do you have any other names we should know about? Quarterbacks 1. Trevor Lawrence, Clemson 2. Justin Fields, Ohio State 3. Jamie Newman, Georgia 4. Brock Purdy, Iowa State 5. D’Eriq King, Miami Running Backs 1. Chuba Hubbard, Oklahoma State 2. Kylin Hill, Mississippi State 3. Travis Etienne, Clemson 4. Najee Harris, Alabama 5. Elijah Mitchell, Louisiana 6. Josh Johnson, UL-Monroe Wide Receivers 1. Jaylen Waddle, Alabama 2. Rondale Moore, Purdue 3. Devonta Smith, Alabama 4. Tylan Wallace, Oklahoma State 5. Justyn Ross, Clemson 6. Tamorrion Terry, Florida State 7 Jamarr Chase, LSU 8. Marquez Stevenson, Houston Tight End 1. Pat Freiermuth, Penn State 2. Brevin Jordan, Miami Offensive Linemen 1. OT Penei Sewell, Oregon 2. OT Walker Little, Stanford 3. OT Alex Leatherwood, Alabama 4. OT Jackson Carman, Clemson 5. OT Samuel Cosmi, Texas 6. OT Liam Eichenberg, Notre Dame 7. OT Jalen Mayfield, Michigan 8. OT Abraham Lucas, Washington State 9. OC Creed Humphrey, Oklahoma 10. OG Trey Smith, Tennessee 11. OG Wyatt Davis, Ohio State Defensive Linemen 1. DE Quincy Roche, Miami 2. DT Marvin Wilson, Florida State 3. DE Carlos Basham, Wake Forest 4. DT Osa Odighizuwa, UCLA 5. DE Xavier Thomas, Clemson Linebackers 1. Jabril Cox, LSU 2. Dylan Moses, Alabama 3. Garret Wallow, TCU 4. Micah Parsons, Penn State Defensive Backs 1. CB Caleb Farley, Virginia Tech 2. S Trevon Moehrig-Woodard, TCU 3. CB Elijah Molden, Washington 4. CB Paulson Adebo, Stanford 5. S Richard LeCounte III, Georgia 6. S Hamsah Nasirildeen, Florida State 7. CB Eric Stokes, Georgia 8. S Sean Wade, Ohio State 9. S Caden Sterns, Texas
  11. I agree but who says Aiyuk would help that much this year already? Odds are it will take him a couple years to get up to speed. Worked that way with Adams, Jennings, Nelson, Driver, Jones, etc. Plus, who was the last rookie WR Rogers trusted and took advantage of? Best bet for the WR corp to improve is from within.
  12. I’m actually not so sure. If the Packers view Love as a franchise QB, and so much so that they traded up for him, I feel he was their guy regardless of what WR would have been there. QB’s trump all other positions.
  13. Lol. How so? They were in the NFC championship game last year after drafting in the top half the 2 years before that with MM in charge and primarily TT’s guys on the field. Looks like Gute is doing something right!
  14. In that last game the 49ers ran it down our throat. They didn’t need more WR’s in that game but I get it.
  15. Lol. That’s a little high. I think 50-60 is reasonable if he stays health and plays the slot. I also think Funches could be the guy with 70-80. Lazard could put another 33-45 All on the low side and if Adams is Adams, we will be good.
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