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  1. Wk 3 postgame: GB 17 • WAS 31

    How is a player supposed to tackle a QB and NOT land on him?
  2. Rookie Watch

    Thought this was interesting since many on here, myself included, thought Vogal was a decent punter for us. https://purpleptsd.com/how-good-is-your-teams-punter-all-33-nfl-punters-ranked/
  3. Who is your favorite Packers player,

    Easy one for me for all-time. Not only was he one of the best QB’s ever but a would class guy. While at the Ron Wolf Packers Hall of Fame induction dinner, Bart stayed and signed autographs and took pictures with each and every person in line to see him. He was the last Packer great left in the room and was obviously VERY tired yet he stayed until the end. His wife, Cherry, tried to get him to leave and explained to everyone left that it was a very long day for him with travel and the festivities but Bart told her, “There’s only a few more” there were maybe 20 groups left. He stayed for the last group, my father and I, and was the last one to leave after signing a ball for me, for my son.
  4. Rookie Watch

    I feel a little vindicated as well. I really liked Davenport and his combination of speed and power. I felt he was an all around OLB. Didn’t like Edmunds because he played ILB at Tech, not OLB. Rarely blitzed or played the edge. All that said, I wouldn’t change this draft and give up the #1 pick next year. I feel we will be more than happy with a number of edge players from this next class.
  5. Diggs vs Secondary (JA, Tramon, King) (~150MB)

    Ahh, can’t we just make sure we match up JA agaioDiggs next time around and let Tramon take their #3? Seems like an easy fix.
  6. 2019 Draft Discussion

    They do have a history of taking multiple players at positions of need. Even recently
  7. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Seems like the packers new defense may use a 4-3 type player at one OLB Spot and a more typical OLB at the other. Sweat or Brian Burns, then Joe Jackson or Allen at the other. I don’t see a SS so far I like that well early on so OG or RT for me in 2-3 round. Ill add that I wouldn’t rule out 3 straight OLB’s if it fell right. If Clay is gone we have Perry, Gilbert and Fak left, very uninspiring. Having Jackson backup Perry and Sweat and Burns rotating could, “could” be outstanding.
  8. Stock Up, Stock Down Weeks 1&2

    Half the NFL has the “ability” to be better but their not. Well, a lot of players do. Some guys just got it.
  9. Week 2 GDT - Minnesota (1-0) @ Green Bay (1-0)

    Are we sure King is hurt? I missed that
  10. Trade one of our TE's?

    Maybe but my point still stands, why, what would you get back that we need and could use? Could we get a #3 OT, no. Could we get anyone who can get after the QB... no. So why not keep what we have and be strong at TE
  11. Trade one of our TE's?

    My point is why? No way we get anyone that can pressure the QB fo a #2 or #3 TE. Draft pick... is it worth giving up maybe one of the best #2 or #3 TE’s in the league or a promising young TE for an end of the draft pick next year? I just don’t see any value to it.
  12. Mike Pettine Defense

    Actually I think I’d had reached straight up instead of right in front of Robinson’s face he blocks it but why would you reach anywyelse but where he did. Thought he did all he could there.
  13. Mike Pettine Defense

    That was pretty darn good coverage. Sometimes the other guys just make a play. Very good pass and a talk WR makes a great high point catch.
  14. What the hell is Collinsworth talking about? Inadvertent contact while the ball is in the air?