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  1. Actually I think it would have been better. Kelly was god awful all game. Yosh played much better this year than Kelly and Turner was an upgrade as well. I think Newman should have played before Patric too. Might have been able to run the ball better with that lineup, which “could” have made a difference.
  2. I always felt like speed was a strong component to special teams and I feel like we greatly lack it at LB, TE, WR and backup RB. The only position we have speed is DB. We don’t have great speed to cover kicks or anyone explosive to return them. That falls on the GM and we just don’t put high emphasis on those positions.
  3. That would be bad. I’ve been watching pro ball for almost 50 years and couldn’t come up with anyone.
  4. And Rodgers missed some wide open guys in critical times the led to the end of a drive.
  5. Agree here. It’s a god dang field goal! How many serious injuries have you seen while blocking for a FG?
  6. No. I hate the idea of Jairo in the slot. Tough but kind of small
  7. He’s been better than AR through 6 quarters. Small sample size but still better
  8. I agree but as bad as the offense was, it did enough to win. Special teams cost us a 10 point swing. it certainly wasn’t the only reason. Re-shuffling the o-line that was playing well the last half of the season was also a head scratcher.
  9. Rankings, no. Watching the product on the field… yes. ST hurt us all year and last night was probably the biggest factor
  10. Hate the offensive lineup we came up with today!!! Kelly is garbage at RT. Why not leave Yosh at LT and move Turner back to RT. Put Newman back at RG too. Running game was way better with that lineup.
  11. Of corse skip world say that. Doesn’t he own stock in the Cowboys?
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