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  1. Marcus Peters traded to Rams

    Not surprised at all. After his suspension last year, he had already burned a lot of bridges there.
  2. Worst cases of cap management?

    Every team that drafted poorly in the past CBA. Right now bad teams just accumulate cap space.
  3. Dolphins expected to Franchise Tag WR Jarvis Landry

    Pretty surprising, everyone said he was gone.... Doubt he's worth all that money, but I wouldn't want to be in Miami's OC shoes, trying to think of next season without him.
  4. Is Tanking Explicitly Against The Rules?

    It's definitely against the competitive spirit of the league and IMO should be banned in an exemplary way. It taints the league, and I honestly don't know how all the sponsors put up with it.
  5. Is paying big money for a QB worth it?

    The cap and draft systems are great equality generators, incompetence is the thing that creates imbalance in the current environment.
  6. Is paying big money for a QB worth it?

    The stats on the OP are interesting, but they lack context. Who are the QBs in that categories? Are they using total cap available %, or used cap %? Also the stat seems to contradict itself a bit, since the #s don't seem to add up. Is there more information available on the subject?
  7. Wish him the best, he was out of his depth calling plays for us, but did a good job by all accounts for the Eagles (without calling plays). Like others have said they need a good play caller on Offense. P.S: He was highly considered for a number of HC jobs last year.
  8. Josh McDaniels Decides to Stay with New England

    I'm having popcorns ready for the time when the Pats finally dump McDaniels, which we all know will happen. BB is not gonna suddenly give him all the keys... he just doesn't have that kind of personality.
  9. 49ers Agree to contract with Jimmy G

    It's a bit of an All in, but the 49ers are in a position to do it with relatively low risk, as they have that HUGE cap space. The wise move would be to franchise him for a year and see if he would pan out, but this isn't that bad as some have suggested.
  10. 49ers Agree to contract with Jimmy G

    They will eventually need to raise the cap #s... Teams are already making a ton of money, so it definitely won't be an issue. P.S: congrats to Jimmy G he made those games matter.
  11. Josh McDaniels Decides to Stay with New England

    So everyone that said McDaniels had matured since his Denver days were flat out wrong?! Totally surprising...
  12. Josh McDaniels Decides to Stay with New England

    How low can you go with your reputation? Guy was already burned after Denver, and just obliterated any chance of getting another HC interview. If by some reason he's not chosen to succeed BB....
  13. Malcolm Butler situation

    Buttler came out and said he didn't do anything of what's been reported... and the post was liked and shared by Brady... The plot thickens!
  14. Wonder how much personnel control did they give him...
  15. Malcolm Butler situation

    That's a lot of hear-say, but it's inline with what I expect happened. Guy doesn't get benched for no reason. BB isn't stupid.