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  1. He changed position, to outside football stadiums, and was pretty successful at that, great solution for everyone involved.
  2. Weird situation. Does he outright get cut? Seriously doubt anyone would trade for him.
  3. Oh soon another team will know the joys of seeing Tre Boston looking lost, while his receiver is 10 yards down the field.... so much nostalgia! But some wise people will tell you he's actually a box safety, one of those who possess the unique trait of having been trucked by every RB he went up against.
  4. Very different situation with Wentz, he's neither crap nor wahsed up.
  5. Good for Wentz and the Colts. Can't fault the Eagles too much here, at glance is a low investment by the Colts in draft capital, but the real issue here is Wentz' contract. I feel this is a decent deal for everyone.
  6. How telling is that a thread that begins by mentioning RBs are becoming irrelevant, ends up as a thread discussing a QB (one which isn't even that great)?!
  7. Just woke up and saw this... Completely shocked! He's just a few months older than me.... Really hard to take in... I loved him as a Charger for a long time, as he worked really hard to become one of the best. And definitely was a really fun player to watch with all those deep balls and amazing grabs. His DUIs were the thing that derailed his career in SD, but he was still top level and had a collection of great seasons in Tampa... Hard to see someone go, with so much to live for, especially someone who you followed through the years...
  8. Mike was definitely done in the league, his body just can't take it. I suspect Maurkice just saw that and decided to call it off, before it gets that far. Two great players that were, perhaps, a bit a overrated by the media.
  9. One of my favorite players. Come to sunny California, JJ!
  10. Someone will get a steal, if he can stay healthy, and his injury history is mostly bad luck. Still one of the worst decisions by Telesco, letting him walk, at the time.
  11. RIP coach! Completely underrated, elevated every franchise he worked with.
  12. He started as our LB coach and moved up. Don't have any impressions on him, but he seemed to moving upwards in the organization, so maybe it's the next logical step for him to go back to being DC somewhere. Not sure this is what the Packers were looking for, especially their fans.
  13. Brady system QB confirmed. Only problem is that he has his own system.
  14. A bit of a let down. Game was over with that garbage backup OL KC fielded. Congrats to the Bucs! Go hot at the right time, and rode their wave to a SB!
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