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  1. Finally some good news!!! 0 concerns with this contract, it's well deserved.
  2. Was that supposed to be a counter to my argument? Half a dozen joke buys don't change that.
  3. Beyond the obvious jokes, I guess they aren't invested in selling team gear.... because no one in their right mind would buy this, after it was announced it's only temporary.
  4. As big as this deal is, it's gonna be "fun" seeing it eclipsed in the coming years.
  5. I think even more adjectives are in order... This is awesome from the Chiefs perspective.
  6. That's kind of the low end ballpark everyone is expecting, interesting to see how high?
  7. YOU HAD ONE JOB!!! Somebody had to do it....
  8. Houston, Minnesota and Arizona, are one step closer than the rest. Minnesota might be the team that are closer, but they may actually be at their ceiling.
  9. Someone needs to find out what happened to him... Such a character!
  10. Glad he's OK, the dice rolled and I'm glad he didn't get the stupid death number. Nothing he could do, life sometimes is a little b...
  11. Really awful... facing an health emergency and we still manage to kill each other in the most ridiculous and unnecessary of ways.... Only 41.... RIP!
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