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  1. So predictable but it doesn't make it any less disgusting.... Sadly he's gone.... no way they bring him back after all these injuries.
  2. Tony Sparano Dead at the Age of 56

    RIP Always felt he would be around for a long time, being a football guy through and through.... very sad indeed.
  3. How would Alabama fare in the NFL?

    1. The 2017 Alabama team would have gone.... Crushed by everyone 68 Below .500 9 Compete for the division and be "in the hunt" for playoffs 0 Win the division and be a playoff team 0 Win the conference and be a superbowl contender 3 Seriously though, this comes up every off season, and it seems the general perception is moving more and more towards the crushed option every year. 4 or 5 years ago, when the question started popping up, it was much more even.
  4. Do we overuse the phrase "Could have drafted him later" ?

    It's a question of perceived value. The most common occurrence of this sentence is in connection with the concept of "over-drafting". Well, this goes into two different aspects of perceived value, perceived player value to your team, and perceived player value to the other teams. Since most picks can only be judged reasonably after 3 years, and if one is to consider the draft odds and margin of errors in player evaluation, you should also consider that the definition of over-drafting is completely based on your perception and not an established fact. Given the fact that every team has access to a lot more information than the average analyst and is on another galaxy in comparison to the average fan, mos of the uses of the therm are probably not even what you call an "informed decision". Also going back to the start of my post, there's a huge mix-up in what is considered an ability to evaluate a player and an ability to "guess" what the draft order will be.
  5. CW21's 2018 NFL Draft Review (Browns Up)

    Really anxious to see which teams were drafted into the AFC West!!!
  6. Day 2 Draft Discussion Thread

    Out of likes for the day.... but hell yeah!
  7. Day 2 Draft Discussion Thread

    ZOMG THAT WAS AMAZING! What a troll job!!!
  8. Chargers to cut Gates

    Hard to face it, but at this point he's just wasting a roster spot. Hang'em up, take an assistant job with the team and move on to the next step. One of my favorite Chargers, so I'm not saying this lightly.
  9. Don't like this trade for the Raiders.... Love it for the Chargers.
  10. Cowboys cut Dez Bryant

    And suddenly Brady to Dez becomes a thing that everyone in hindsight predicted.... I know there's a lot of Pats stuff concerning players in the down slope of their careers, but at 29, he still has plenty of football left to play.
  11. Chargers sign QB Geno Smith

    Finally someone to push Rivers into the spotlight years of his career! And after Rivers hangs em up at 52, we'll have the future Aaron Rodgers ready to boom!!! The future is bright!
  12. Chargers Offseason thread

    Geno?! Hope he's just another camp body. But we already dragged Cardale all of last season, so who knows...
  13. Raiders Release P Marquette King

    Love all the BS being thrown around to justify this move, when there's no apparent reason for the move... You don't just cut one of your best performers because he has a flamboyant personality. By all accounts he never run into trouble be it with fellow players or otherwise. Lately you only see this kind of release when the player was indicted for something, which clearly isn't the case.
  14. Raiders Release P Marquette King

    I really don't understand this.... He's a beast! Were his cap #s that high?
  15. New Rule: 15 yard penalty for initiating contact with helmet.

    It's dumb. (period) But making an ejection of any kind, not subject to review is even dumber.