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  1. He can't keep up with people anymore. Once teams figured out that the money was on double moves and go routes, he got toasted a lot. He could still be a good RZ corner, but if he plays like last year, he's a major liability on the outside.
  2. DJ Daniel also undrafted... a lot of gems out there.
  3. Damnit! Great pickup. Still baffled he went undrafted.
  4. That's pretty scary, and a lot closer to home than one likes to think.... my wife has the same problem, but fortunately has managed to control it. My sympathy is with his family and friends.
  5. He had a meniscus tear in college, broke his foot in 2019, and missed the 1st 11 games, and last year in TC, had another meniscus tear and missed all season.
  6. Really hoping Derwin James doesn't go down that route.
  7. Mixed feelings about this trade. For the Chiefs they are getting a 1 year deal (before a huge paycheck, which they'll struggle to afford), but did gave up a late 1st. For the Ravens, it seems they aren't getting enough return for finding a gem. It seems, when you look at this deal, if you value the draft class for the Ravens to replace Brown, you should also devalue the Chiefs decision to trade instead of drafting someone. If on the other side you don't fancy either's chance of finding a replacement, you have to criticize the Ravens, for not getting more. I'm not even go
  8. That makes it a little more palatable.
  9. Honestly, who cares?! This is the biggest non-issue in recent years. Were teams having problem with having enough numbers? I really can't believe this is a priority for the Competition Committee above a lot of the other changes proposed.
  10. So, what now for him? Self-imolation and ending up being injected into Tom's veins?
  11. I think people in general tend to overestimate the importance of multi-million dollar deals on the ultra-rich of this world. We're not talking about pocket money, but Dean has money to spend over half a dozen lives. And yes, he's not on Kroenke level of money and influence, but people keep acting like the NFL is looking to get rid of him, when in fact, they have backed him up extensively over the years.
  12. This is insane! Now, to balance out the universe, all Miami has to do is turn all those 1st rounders into a FB.
  13. Why? It's not like these guys were bums and went on a rampage solely because of Brady. Most of these FAs are genuine NFL stars, and consistent ones. No reason not to bring them back, yeah Suh is getting up there in age, but is still a valuable player, and certainly has a role in the trenches.
  14. They'll be back in full strength next year, didn't expect that. Wonder if it's a case of other teams undervalueing their FAs or everyone just hitching to be back for another run.... Probably a bit of both. Anyways, great job Bucs!
  15. What's his actual market value?
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