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  1. I think you may be sleeping on Scott and Patton...
  2. Honestly don't see him making the 53.
  3. Former bears RB Cedric benson passes away

    Really sad to hear the news... he was my age, and you never want to see it happening to someone so young. RIP
  4. Saints vs Chargers

    Kyzir was everywhere.
  5. The only issue I have with it is that the injury risk is much higher, and thus the potential downside for a team is much higher. Also, the cynical in me just thinks a kicker that also does punting is an easy target for cheap shots while punting.
  6. At this point he'll have to put on a show from week 8 on, because it's not likely he shows up sooner. And even then....
  7. I think he's being really hopeful with his open market value... if this keeps up and he actually hits FA, really wonder if he'll even get offered 10 a year...
  8. No one, because rings are earned. P.S: Can't believe no one said this...
  9. You're kidding, right?! I'm absolutely livid to hear we offered anywhere near that!! 10M/year?! Thank God he turned it down, the man is insane to refuse that and Telesco is crazy to have offered it in the first place! See you in week 8 Gordon!
  10. Divided by two.
  11. If he really wants to get paid, he should be traded. The questions is who is willing to give any meaningful compensation and pay him what he wants. I bet the answer is 1 or 2 teams, at best.
  12. Good riddance, and thank you for your service!
  13. Was Tony Dungy an elite head coach

    All I've seen to contradict Dungy's HoF resume, seems to be intuition... I'm yet to see some form of convincing argument. Honestly, I don't understand why he gets such a bad rep.
  14. Gerald McCoy to sign with Carolina Panthers

    Disapointing. Guess he really wanted to stick it to the Bucs.
  15. The 2021 NFL Draft is Headed to Cleveland

    Why is Cleveland getting all the nice things????