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  1. New England Patriots Spygate 2.0?

    Would actually have to read the rule to see if their unintentional breaking of it actually matters in determining punishment. It really depends on what is written and if/what exceptions are made to it.
  2. New England Patriots Spygate 2.0?

    This whole situation is borderline ridiculous. It's nearly impossible to not go into copyright infringement against the NFL, while shooting in a football stadium.... let alone shoot a whole documentary.... It really baffles me how billion dollar organizations fail to lawyer up and clear things with them, before doing the most basic of actions. It's pretty obvious you'd need the NFL's permission for that kind of stuff. As to the illegal videotaping of the Bengals' sideline, the timing certainly doesn't help, considering they're gonna play them next week. But is this a pattern or some random event? Unless proven otherwise the big deal here is the copyright infringement.
  3. Jaguars to start Gardner Minshew

    Just by the sheer amount of money invested they in him, you do expect he's given more than a fair chance to show something. Don't know how you dismiss that.
  4. Jaguars to start Gardner Minshew

    This thread is missing the point a bit. Yes he deserved to keep the starting job, but they needed to see how Foles would pan out, and let's not forgot that Minshew was coming of his worst performance. The real question here is what will they do, going forward, if Minshew comes back and continues to play at that last game's level. People are assuming it's a sure thing that he comes back balling, and even though that's a possibility, there's also a chance (and not so miniscule as you're all making it out) that he doesn't. I think he has the potential to be an above average starter in this league, bu he may not be ready, right now.
  5. NFL Week 13 Sunday GDT

    People will be fired because som dumb refs screwed a game.... Not that they don't deserve it, but NFL should take this seriously instead of making it a joke.
  6. NFL Week 13 Sunday GDT

    Screw these refs.
  7. NFL Week 13 Sunday GDT

    This is so pathetic.
  8. NFL Week 13 Sunday GDT

    Saving the miss for extra time.
  9. NFL Week 13 Sunday GDT

    He's good not great.
  10. NFL Week 13 Sunday GDT

  11. NFL Week 13 Sunday GDT

    OMG just kill the damn horse!
  12. NFL Week 13 Sunday GDT

    Chargers suck.... that whole TO on a 4th and 1....
  13. NFL Week 13 Sunday GDT

    Is this real life?
  14. NFL Week 13 Sunday GDT

    This Chargers' team is hard to watch.
  15. Why do teams hire unproven Head Coaches?

    Because no one trades a good coach. Even for an epic haul.