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  1. The game wasn't as close as the score indicates. Refs certainly played a part in that. With that said, this Bucs offense lives of explosive plays, and the Rams did a good job, both covering downfield, and pressuring Brady. On the other side, Tampa was letting them have YAC, by letting them catch short and missing a lot of tackles. It was way more death by a thousand cuts, but that's definitely the Rams' style, and played to their advantage. Not sure if Tampa wasn't willing or able to man up on those Rams' receivers, but they needed to tighten it up.
  2. Anthony Lynn's ghost came and called that play.
  3. 31 is an awful tackler, 3rd or 4th play he didn't attempt to tackle.
  4. It was Favre!! First completion as a pro, was to himself!
  5. Who was it, that his first completion as a pro, was to himself?
  6. That was going nowhere, either way.
  7. Agree, Rivers' one was pretty clearly not a fumble.
  8. How is that "going forward with control"????
  9. And everyone is doing it across the league. Haven't seen this whistled down in ages. Really poor decision.
  10. Why did they whistle that????
  11. That's not greed, it's taking a shot, on an open guy downfield. If the deep receiver was covered, that would be greed, but he wasn't.
  12. Both receivers were fair game, it's not greed.
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