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  1. Now with all those weapons I feel/hope BB will trade up for a QB or he really likes Mac Jones and is going to draft him. Can't imagine thinking he's going to win a SB with Cam but clearly he's building the roster to try to be a contender in the following 3 years or so. But he still lacks the QB.
  2. It'll take me a week or so to process all this.
  3. Not sure why people like those fellas but I just want the team to not be mediocre. I bet those guys probably suck more efficiently than Cam so they're probably better options. Run it back HAHAAHAH. f this dude.
  4. Because maybe being mediocre is like Dante Alighieri's inferno for sports fans? I don't want it. Cam sucks but not enough to lose us 12-14 games in a season. Btw, I agree with you on calling out this bs about young QBs need to be a back up first to learn from experienced QBs but I extend your thought: they learn absolutely nothing that they wouldn't learn anyways if they were any good and/or had the work ethic and the desire to be a perennial starter in the NFL. This is an outdated talking point back when QBs would almost never start for a year or two, maybe even more. NFL changed. I
  5. So sad. But I guess we gotta take the L's.
  6. Stid guarantees a top3 draft pick and for that alone Pats are stupid to sign Cam. Cam is not terrible enough to go 2-15 or 3-14. Also, we are supposed to improve our pass catchers core. If we do manage to sign maybe a great TE and a great WR1 with the money we have then it's almost guaranteed that Newton finishes 8-9 or 9-8 and next year people will probably call to resign him one more year because we don't have a good pick to draft a top2 QB prospect AGAIN. FML!
  7. 1st round: DE's Gregory Rousseau or Jaylen Philips 2nd round trade up if Mac Jones is available (some mockers are saying he'll be there early in the second) or Trade down if not. We should get a 3rd plus a 2nd in 2022, right? Now It's too hard for me to point any names in the 3rd round but I have a feeling there are a lot of talent on D hidden in this year's draft because of the pandemics (look at NFL too, Ds looked like crap all year. Herbert set all time records for rookies and Burrow was on pace with him before the injury. Multiple QBs had career years or a significant bump i
  8. Nope. Quite the opposite. Their schedule last year was brutal for a 7-9 team. This year they have one if not the easiest schedule on paper. I guess NFC east will improve but by how much we don't know.. To be fair, if Carlson Wentz was as good as everyone expected he'd still be praised. In today's NFL only QBs and WRs contracts can get you in trouble and Tampa is safe in those positions. They probably let CG go next year because he'll demand absurd $ after a full year with Brady
  9. Great contract for the Bucs.
  10. Van Noy can't replace Shaq. He's a very good player but he doesn't win 1v1 at the LOS at a decent rate. Not his game. Now, Bucs have the money to sign back every one of their FAs at nearly market value. The question is if they are willing to do that. But I'd bet David, Shaq and Godwin will be back. They have the most cap available in 2022 and beyond. It's just a matter of spreading the cap hit with bonuses and backloading the money past 2021 to new contracts. If anything they tag CG but I feel it'd be wise to sign Chris long term at a higher price because at his age you actually want
  11. Come on. Even as a fan you gotta admit that going to the toughest division in the NFL even if the Cards were the best team there wouldn't be wise. Considering you're 3rd or 4th best in your own division makes hard to believe he went there because of anything other than money, his stats and maybe the weather. He's gonna play alongside with Jones or Reddick. Arizona likes to blitz too plus their O is very dynamic I think top5 in total yards so that generally leads to a lot more passing plays from the opposing O. He gonna get his stats if he's healthy (a big IF) and then get extended another
  12. Alex doesn't have a calf anymore. He can't stay healthy. But the second part is what I'd be the most afraid. Pats shouldn't want to be 8-9. Cam with his legs and Smith with his brain plus the D/ST can get the team to 7 to 9 wins max and that's gonna keep pats in mediocrity for another year. Either draft a QB or ride with Stidham our way into a premium pick in the draft.
  13. Well, lets not discuss what a contender means in that context but Colts are way ahead of the Cards and are on an easier division and the Browns last 3/5 of the season was great and they actually were fighting KC close even with Mahomes in the playoffs after destroying the Steelers. That fumble at the goal line changed the game. Only thing Arizona has on those teams is the weather and it may not be a small thing because Watt's body is broken. Since 2015 he only had one season that could be graded as above mediocre. So going to cold places may not be his thing right now, even tho colts play
  14. Yeh dude, gotta believe 100% of what an Arizona insider doing a favor to Cardinals' GM tweets. Do you really believe that any contender offered him more money (already a big BS) but he declined to play with the right now the 4th best team in the toughest division in the NFL?
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