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  1. That's outdated. For the post season if you test positive and are asymptomatic you gotta iso for 10 days minimum. In fact, starting today anyone that tests positive will be only able to play next Sunday, by midnight if you test positive you'll only be able to play in the SB on February 7.
  2. I always wondered how teams/fans get in love with some college QBs in the draft with such a low ceiling and yesterday I got my answer. I already knew throwing deep to wide open receivers against backs that can't run helped hype up some QBs but last night I had more answers on why people assume a QB is NFL ready with his reads and all that crap. Jakobi meyers' first pass showed me more QB level talent than Jones yesterday. And throwing is only part of the job for a NFL QB. Some say the easiest part.
  3. Well, it seems they hate that Easterbay dude on a personal level. Probably wont work out if they keep him. So 4 first round picks if it's a bad team and 5 first round picks + minor compensation if it's a good team inside your conference. Otherwise let him try play hard ball.
  4. #6 might as well throw to himself at this point. If you draft Jones better bring #6 with him. Ohio's D is terrible and while they can't follow DeVonte's shadow and that's bad enough the coaching staff doesn't intend to do anything about it. But I'll stop beating this drum. Go watch it for entertainment purposes.
  5. This QB sucks. Didn't see that coming, didn't react, fumbled like Danny Dimes...
  6. The color commentator in the last game said that the OC(?) was preaching for the Coach(?) to use more the TEs for months and finally they used it last game. I was baffled when I heard that. Those TEs look great for Field. Obviously I've only watched last game Just absurd to not use them.
  7. So far he may have scored a TD after he led his receiver out of the endzone, and the catcher was wide open, then missed a pick play that had DeVonta alone in the endzone. Don't like. Edit. Second Drive: Dude's ceiling is Trubisky. I don't really care about other games because If he showed before he was much better the play calling wouldn't be so conservative. It seems the coaching staff knows they have a better team but worse QB and are playing accordingly. #6 is much better than the QB. Edit. 3rd drive. Another lateral pass to #6 to get 15 yards then doesn't see the blitz, i
  8. Now Watson's PR site aka ESPN is saying not only he demands to be traded but he'll pick which team he's going to. They're so kind that they already suggested Miami for freaking Tua 'no hips' Valua, houston's former 1st round pick back and some more trashy value in return. That's pathetic. I know lots of NFL fans are hopping Watson is going to their team but this is becoming NBA's diva crap. It's looking like Watson will have his own narcissistic show this off season but the narrative of him being a victim that needs to be rescued can only go so far. Dude signed for almost 200m after Hopki
  9. God help us then. Anyways, anything is better than Mitchel T. (too late in the night to get it right). Dude decided to run on a 4th down and gave up 2 yards short. He's a mediocre QB at best and all that that we don't need to repeat ourselves but even if he had all the tangibles likes Wentz I still wouldn't want him. Plays like a loser, gonna be a loser.
  10. Hard to say. Voted the Ravens to win because Bills can't stop the run but I'll be cheering for the Bills because they have the best chance to stop the Chiefs.
  11. Tomlin and considering all the aspects, not only the statistical aspects it was way worse. Titans vs. Ravens was a low scoring game, both defenses were playing better than their respective counterparts and Titans were down only 4. Steelers were down 12 which per se is bad enough but also they were coming back from a 28 points deficit. So they were already in 4th down mode for a long time (scored a TD on a 4th down) but when they got closer Tomlin got scared against bottom10 defensive unit in the NFL without their two starting corners and their coach. Last but not least 3rd or 4th &am
  12. Trubisky had an open field plus two lead blockers. WTF was that? Can't blame Nagy here. How can you trust such a coward QB?
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