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  1. If Adams is blitzing, then Amos will cover the RB and it will be more of a cover 1 look. If Adams isn't blitzing, then Amos will be a safety in the cover 2 and Adams will have the RB...
  2. Imagine if Josh Allen had Hopkins, Thomas, Moore and Deebo... hee hee
  3. I don't think Goff is much better than Jimmy, if at all. Jackson is far better than both. I would also stop short of saying Goff/Garoppolo necessarily had success in the playoffs - while their teams won, they weren't the reason why they won. I'd say there's probably only maybe 8 QBs in the league at the moment who I'd say are good enough to win you games in the playoffs consistently. Jackson is among the next best group.
  4. To be fair, he did win an MVP. Hard to go up from that. But I do agree he is overrated. I can't see him having any success in the playoffs. I personally like him, but he just doesn't have the arm to be among the best in the league and the legs will only open up the pass for so long.
  5. Remember when I said Gregory Rousseau was pick of the draft? He's lookin like that guy so far.
  6. When slant boy comes back my WR group is gonna be NASTY Also shoutout Nick Bosa - looks great back from injury.
  7. St Juste may have earned himself a starting spot with this performance.
  8. Is Heinicke actually good? 3 games in a row now he's looked good.
  9. My goodness what is William Jackson doing
  10. Things Benjamin St Juste carries in his pockets: - Wallet - Car Keys - Phone - Kenny Golladay
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