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  1. God Henry and Guice too now is a real kick in the teeth.
  2. 7100 gold pieces for 6 years
  3. Lew Jazz 3up no.1 Travis Frederick Current = 7100/3 Irl Avg = 9400/per (6 yrs) 0.75*9400 = 7050 New Offer = 7100g https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/dallas-cowboys/travis-frederick-12311/
  4. Yep, appreciate the effort you put in SirA. Treat Jimmy & Snacks well.
  5. BDL 2018 Summer Owners Meeting

    Yes to 75% 3up. No to reducing FA contracts
  6. Pretty sure its roster lock until end of season even if he retires no?
  7. lou jazz fa cut: owa odighizuwa
  8. haha, by clearing waivers he actually reattached to the hawks on ir. not an fa lol.
  9. BDL 2018 Summer Owners Meeting

    yes to 5 no comment on my mom
  10. BDL 2018 Summer Owners Meeting

    Trailing year works with me as well.
  11. BDL 2018 Summer Owners Meeting

    Yes to BDL cap (starting next ssn)
  12. Not an offense that could take many more hits. That week 1 Berlin lineup could be uuuuuuuuuuuuuuugly.