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  1. New Rule Proposal: Mitch Morse can be traded despite being locked. He's the only exception to the rule.
  2. He's decent. Low end starter in the BDL.
  3. Naw, Spain is in Europe therefore white. He a whiteboi.
  4. Alejandro Villanueva the latest addition to the New Orleans all whites offensive line.
  5. Nice building blocks for the offense. Damn our division's gonna be lit on offense this year.
  6. Jepgs Sacramento team was really **** when I took it over lol, like 0-11 at the time. God that guy had some horrendous deals.
  7. Maybe make it at least 90% of the average per year if you want more years on the contract and at least 125% if you want less years. Starting point = $20,000/2 ($10,000 per year) Then becomes $27,000/3 ($9,000 per year) Which can be beat by $22,250/2 ($11,125 per year) That would speed things up instead of almost equal bids each time since both guys would have to increase by ~10% on their back and forth.
  8. Some nice pickups here, especially JC Tretter on a super good deal.
  9. Never thought I'd see an Ariza gif make it into this thread but here we are.
  10. New Orleans Bids: OT - Alejandro Villanueva $7,000/2 ($3,500 per year)
  11. It may so transpire that way if Wilson has a good year and exceeds expectations, but I think it's pretty clear Ww is signing him to be a starter whether it is just for this year and next year as well depending on how things go. Every good FA signing has future trade value anyway, that's what makes them a good signing. Putting yourself in his shoes, what's the alternative? Go into the season with Wilson and if he plays well, ok you're maybe competitive. If he doesn't, you're not. I mean he's in a division with two of the top 5 QBs in the league, he can't really expect Wilson to be competi
  12. I don't think there needs to be an intention for ww to trade Stafford. He can carry a big QB contract with his only other QB being a rookie. Heck, I drafted both Darnold and Allen when I had Brady with 2 years left. I did end up trading Brady after a year but that was more because Allen showed in his rookie year that he had elite potential sooner than anyone had anticipated. If Allen hadn't been so good so quick, I would've continued to roll with Brady.
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