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  1. Something I want to revisit this offseason is the number of years on rookie deals, especially those taken in the first round. Either first round picks have 5 year deals initially or we can opt to exercise an option in year 4 which is a 5th year equal to the 75% of the BDL top 10 average rather than 75% of what's used IRL.
  2. I'm well aware of that and it's not to say you won't have any success running the ball, but they've got an edge in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Anyway, it's more that I reject the idea that they're going to be one dimensional just because their RBs suck, when there's a solid OL and a light box in front of them.
  3. This is a tough one as I think there's a compelling argument which can be made for both teams. Hungary obviously boasts that ridiculous receiving trio which will give any secondary trouble. Wentz will obviously benefit from having a much better supporting cast around him here than in real life, but at the same time I can see a lot of his troubles persisting because that Ivory Coast defensive front 6/7 is nasty, especially with Geno and Young coming off the bench. Hungary's OL is rather nondescript, which I guess isn't a bad thing, but it will take its losses against that DL for sure. Despite this, it wouldn't surprise me to see Wentz connect with Metcalf an Golladay deep for TDs because I'm not exactly bullish on IC's secondary. On the other side of the ball, Ruskie obviously knows Tannehill's strengths and weaknesses as well as anyone and has written the gameplan as I'd expect. The running game definitely takes a hit with these costco running backs, even if Hungary's got a poor front 7. I actually think playing Baker and Smith back hurts here because against what will largely be a 6 man boxes, the Ivory Coast OL is good enough to get some push and a **** running back behind a solid OL is still going to produce. Having watched more of Tannehill recently, the guy's just ridiculously good passing out of play action and I think between the weakness of that Hungary defensive front and strength of the IC OL, he gets enough opportunities to make the plays downfield and keep that balance going forward. End of the day I'm giving it to the home team. Tannehill from a clean pocket with a decent enough group of receivers around him will eventually find his receivers or make the plays necessary on his feet, and even if Hungary has some awesome downfield receivers, those plays take time to develop and the game fittingly ends with Hungary driving down field but Garrett forcing an incompletion on 4th and long. IC 27 - 23 Hungary
  4. I still don't see how that Antarctica offensive line is improved. It's brutal - yeah Howard was an upgrade over DJ Fluker? Or whoever was at RT before him, but this is an OL that would struggle in the NFL, let alone the BDL. Kelly is obviously really good, but the other 4 starters would be among the worst, if not the worst in the BDL at each of their positions. I'm going with Seoul here 16 - 9 I've worked from home the past 2 days and I've watched 6 games. No QB is going to succeed when they're constantly facing pressure and the OL crumbles. We saw it with Dalton and Allen on MNF because their two OLs played like absolute dog****. At least KC has some good pass-rushers in Clark and Jones, Dallas' OL was getting destroyed by a Chandler Jones-less Arizona front. Rodgers faced pressure and struggled against Tampa and it was basically a theme this week that QBs who played behind OLs that were beaten comfortably ended up struggling. Anyway, I can't in good faith vote for that Antarctica OL. I get the running game being the focus to try and simplify it for them, but Seoul's DL is good and they've named a number of guys on the bench who can rotate in. That OL gets blown up on most plays and even if they may break a couple runs on the outside every few drives, they aren't scoring many points. Mind you I don't think Seoul scores many points either. Antarctica for as bad as their OL is, has perhaps an equally good defense - heck maybe even their roster outside of that OL is up there too. Thing is Seoul boasts a solid OL, decent enough weapons and even if Kyler isn't having success as a passer, has an arm and guys that can stretch the field and the ability to make things happen on his feet.
  5. Holy ****, Hicks just gave Elliott the rock bottom!
  6. Parris Campbell also looked good until he got injured again. He is unfortunately entering that can't rely on him territory though.
  7. Eagles are gonna win it 6-9-1 lol.
  8. A 3rd for Darnold is probably the best you could hope for I'd say at this stage. Pittsburgh or Washington, maybe NO.
  9. Darnold will only have 1 more year on his rookie deal though. Might as well trade him because you're not taking up the option if Lawrence is being drafted.
  10. A running back won MVP last year lol.
  11. He was hardly dog**** apart from that 2nd pick to Butler. His receivers let him down big time with a ton of drops.
  12. The Bills desperately need interior DL help. They should be in the market for someone like Geno at the deadline or even look at picking up Snacks off the Seahawks practice squad if they don't sign him first.
  13. I wouldn't count Mahomes out of the MVP race though, he's not playing quite as well as he has in prior seasons but the Chiefs are winning and the numbers look good. That was Allen's first poor performance of the year. Admittedly the stat line looks worse because of the penalties which don't count, but he was just off on too many throws and made poor situational decisions. Credit to the Chiefs D as well - called a very clean game and dialing up pressure + playing tight coverage is going to work against a struggling OL in wet conditions.
  14. Agree, but he did a decent job as their anchor against the run last year and at least eating double teams. Now Oliver just gets washed with double teams and the other interior DL aren't doing enough.
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