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  1. New Orleans ERFA Tags: LB Jacob Phillips Edge Michael Dannas INT McTelvin Agim INT Bravvion Roy New Orleans RFA Tags: RB Nyheim Hines - 7th OG Austin Corbett - 6th LB Foyesade Oluokun - 5th CB J.C. Jackson - 3rd S Terrell Edmunds - 7th
  2. If Shaq Barrett chases cash, then the Bucs would be super appealing especially since they'll have the cap room for him. Out of the contenders, only the 49ers (depending on what they do at QB), Bucs and Bills can make it work. The Steelers would be appealing to play with his brothers, but they aren't winning **** with Ben at QB and I'm not sure the Packers have the cap space unless they want to restructure the **** out of a bunch of contracts and go all-in for this year and punt the next few years away.
  3. It's a random as hell trade but there's nothing wrong with it. Relax.
  4. They're gonna give MVP to Brady, but I don't regret my Devin White MVP pick. Absolute machine.
  5. Hahaha normally that would be a ***** move, but doing that to Hill was a boss move.
  6. I do feel Buffalo does better than the Chiefs if their receivers are healthy. That OL holds up better against the pass-rush and their secondary could actually handle the Bucs wideouts.
  7. JPP to have a sack Shaq Barrett to have a sack Devin White MVP JPP MVP Shaq Barrett MVP Tampa Bay to win Antonio Brown over 49.5 receiving yards Mahomes under 322.5 passing yards
  8. So far so good. A Shaq Barrett or JPP sack would be nice for my prop bets tho.
  9. I've got the Bucs. That DL is nasty and the Chiefs OL doesn't look good right now. It got by against against the Bills who have no pass-rush, but won't have the same fortune here. Plus that Chiefs D lucked out playing the Bills with 1 healthy receiver who was doubled the whole game. They aren't gonna hold down Evans+Godwin+Brown the same way.
  10. Imagine DeAndre Hopkins, Michael Thomas AND DJ Moore with Joosh Allen wooowweee
  11. Yea imma jump in on this, unless there's 5th year options involved or a franchise tag, shouldn't it always just be 75% of the average spotrac salary? Seems pretty uncontroversial to me.
  12. If people, other than yourself, posted trade blocks (with good players and not the jonathan greenards of the world) there would be trades
  13. Stafford's borderline 3uppable now that he's got players like Higbee to throw to and Corbett+Edwards blocking for him.
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