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  1. yes. I only trade up for Simmons. trade down a lot. Ended up with 20 picks a couple of times....so much fun
  2. How about "Oakland Raiders of Las Vegas" ?
  3. Refreshing to see a mock without Jalen Hurts...nice work,
  4. Best ability is "Availability"
  5. Murray fits Grudocks criteria like a glove! Leadership, High character, loves football etc. I agree
  6. the rate should go down when more people are tested
  7. Jeebus! Need separate thread for "PISSING CONTESTS"
  8. Did a fanspeak draft simulator using Walter football rankings, wow every pick I did was "this can't happen?" 12 Okuda 19 Ruggs 80 Queen 81 Baun 91 Gallimore 141 Gilmon I do a couple everyday for Shizz & giggles, when I'm partially through and it's too good to be true I just stop. Just had to play this one out
  9. I remember all there was between the crowd and the bench was a rope, I would run under the rope and a security guard would shoo me back under. Wow I haven't thought about that in awhile. You could literally talk to players on sideline
  10. Risner can play any position on O-line, and is great "character" leader, which Grudock puts alot of stock in. Makes sense to me
  11. Fant, Hockenson, Irv Smith at 24 or 27 works for mw e
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