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  1. Rounds 2 and 3 discussion thread.

    A bit steep but I'm totally fine with dumping a 5th (possible roster cut) to make sure we get the player Dorsey and company believe can be an impact CB.

    Or when our kicker continues to botch easy FG's and 1 point converts.
  3. Pre-FA/Draft Expectations

    We need a kicker. Frequently botched 1 point converts and easy field goal misses are killers. It's easy points lost, it's deflating, and it gives the opponent a big boost usually after a nice drive by our offence.
  4. Official Week 17 GDT: Browns vs Ravens

    Should have challenged the spot. Dammit.
  5. Official Week 17 GDT: Browns vs Ravens

    Agreed. You can't risk missing the playoffs because of an inept kicker. These misses on easy FGs and 1 point converts are so damn deflating.
  6. Serious thread: Freddie for HC

    Freddie should be the frontrunner just for wearing that Dawg Pound hoodie on the sidelines during yesterday's game.
  7. We drafted Nick Chubb at #35. This makes any scenario where we spend a #1 pick on a RB to be 100% nonsensical.
  8. Official GDT, Week 8: Browns vs. Steelers

    The most frustrating part of these missed kicks is that it kills our momentum and gives the other team a boost when the Browns should be the ones feeling good about themselves.
  9. Official GDT, Week 8: Browns vs. Steelers

    I'm so sick of raw young kickers giving away easy points. A team that struggles to win should at least have a dependable kicker.
  10. That was not Peppers fault

    Come on now! 1st overall vs late-1st aren't the same. Baker is great but Peppers isn't Justin Gilbert.
  11. OFFICIAL GDT: Week 7 Tampa Edition

    Hue certainly would have had a better start with Giants but wheels would certainly be off by now just like what's happening in NY.
  12. That was not Peppers fault

    And Hueball "blame everyone else" Jackson didn't get over 100 yards in penalties.
  13. That was not Peppers fault

    Your quote about Peppers... "The guy is 1st round pick and you all are treating him with kid gloves. If you know me, I try to call things as they are" Baker is also a 1st rounder. Is one year of additional playing experience really the difference maker? I'm not blaming Baker or Peppers but I think you're being consistent.
  14. Coaching targets

    Can't wait for McDaniels to hire his coordinators and then go back to NE right before free agency period.
  15. OFFICIAL GDT: Week 7 Tampa Edition

    LOL! Have you not visited this site during the last two seasons?