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  1. that 3rd and 12 completion down 20-17 is exactly the type of play we never used to convert. great game given how beat up the defense was.
  2. i still can't believe they over turned that TD with replay.
  3. i would've been happy with Harrison in the 2nd. not that happy we passed on him late in the third. even less happy he's about to be in our division.
  4. with Winfield, Delpit, and McKinney still available, I have to think a safety makes it to us. if not, i think Blacklock, Epenesea and Harrison would be interesting picks.
  5. if Kareem Hunt gets us an extra second (i don't think he will) I'd stay put for sure.
  6. no doubt that the overall skill level isn't super high, especially at QB, but it's certainly a good fan experience. i have only watched about 3 or 4 games, but i have really enjoyed the change of pace.
  7. not gonna scroll the entire thread, but am i the only one that likes the XFL? this league is fun. they show play calls, they allow look ins to the replay booth, they have interviews on the bench after big plays, and the 1,2,3 point extra points are interesting. overall i find it to be a fun change of pace from NFL and college.l
  8. congrats chiefs fans. great team, great win, deserving champions!
  9. personally like that he intends to be the play caller. didn't like the idea of a rookie HC also being the play caller. that said, this is a rookie OC calling plays, so we shall see if it's a good decision. really don't have anything to base any opinions on, but i do worry about our diva WRs mixing with limited experienced coaches.
  10. from what i have been able to observe, he seems to have the chops to be a HC. I'm perfectly happy with the hire, though we'll have to see what coordinators he gets and whether or not he intends to be the play caller.
  11. could've given me this advice 10 years ago, jerk.
  12. I'm rooting for Roman but I'm pretty indifferent at this point. feels like we are in a spot where we aren't going to get our first choice due to the other openings.
  13. we've had scouts for 20 years. i, for one, welcome our AI overlords.
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