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  1. I actually think this team has some of the best World Series potential I’ve seen in a Brewers team in some time. If it’s a 3-4 man pitching rotation in the playoffs, we can match up with anyone, including Dodgers/Padres. Especially considering bullpen. The offense kind of stinks but I feel that can get better just with Yelich and it’s more easily fixed at the trade deadline.
  2. I'm just so glad I never have to see him start at 3B again. Memories of Yuni B at 1B.
  3. Sheesh another scrub pitcher is pitching a career game against us, what bad luck we have
  4. There was a lot of talk about Mitchell needing to change his swing to be less of a slap hitter. Glad to see him hitting HRs.
  5. I don’t think Cain or Hader gets traded this year, although I could see us flipping Hader this summer if the team bombs (10 games back for the WC). We just love overloading on position players and playing guys out of position. That and we’re obsessed with defense his year apparently.
  6. umphrey

    FFMLFB V 2

    I can’t pick due to roster size error and last I checked I couldn’t drop anyone. @Dingo18287 can you give me Zac Veen, I can check in later today
  7. umphrey

    FFMLFB V 2

    Are we posting picks here or just making selections on site?
  8. umphrey

    FFMLFB V 2

    Wow my roster was a mess last year, I had about 10 guys on IR including my top 3 pitchers Do I have to cut some of these guys? I'm going to have a really big roster going into the year.
  9. I think our offense can be good, you just have to pretend 2020 didn't exist and their projections will be pretty good
  10. Why would they say anything besides "he's our QB and we love him"... even if they are going to trade or cut him
  11. Why does Donald keep getting pulled? Is that normal?
  12. As a Packer fan I would Buy Tonyan yards/TDs Sell Davante Adams Buy Rodgers TDs but not yards Buy Aaron Jones rushing yards/TDs but not receiving MVS is a 50/50 chance to catch a 40 yard TD, otherwise will likely do nothing Sell Rams WR1 Buy Rams WR2 Sell the Rams rushing game (Akers yards got too high)
  13. Thought they would at least go on 4th
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