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  1. Reviews are so boring, way to kill the momentum
  2. Cowboys going to score 7 points in 3 quarters
  3. These playoffs have been awful to watch. Here we come 3rd blowout in a row. Too bad I couldn’t watch Bengals Raiders.
  4. Please no SF, that team is set up to run all over us again. Years have passed but it looks like the story could be the same.
  5. I haven't watched OBJ much lately. Is he good enough to be a WR2? Or is he washed?
  6. Well these teams look pretty equally matched
  7. If they can get a TD here it feels like we were really close to going into half time tied with the Bills 1
  8. Th Athletic post game write up was actually neutral to slightly negative on Love. Thought he tried to be too perfect with his throws and was generally too conservative. Can't say I agree but an interesting take.
  9. I'll optimistically say I think 3 of those will sign. I think if Riggio falls through, they will go hard after 1 of Holton/Rogers.
  10. I am pretty happy with Frelick + Black. Assuming signability concerns on the Miami guy, there wasn't an awesome alternative to Frelick for me.
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