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  1. Well I tried. ... anyways I’ve never been a fan of using stats as a end all. With that said early in his career IMO a lot of the complaint about Dak was he was a “game manager” and not a real QB who you could count on to “win” games in the playoffs or be a franchise QB. In that circumstance I could see using the GW drive stat as a argument that he was more then a game manager and you could trust him in the clutch to do more then just Hanns the ball off to a RB. But yes IMO even back then the GW drives was as much about the TEAM as it was Dak. does only having 1 in his last 20 invalidate what some of us said about Dak. I don’t think so. IMO getting GW drives require a mixture of a lot of things. Your QB is calm and understands the offense and is in synch with the coach calling plays Your OL is performing at a high level and not over matched by the opponents D No bad breaks! Ie bad calls by refs or dropped balls by your receiver etc i think your D also is involved but do not know how to qualify that in any case a lot of the above has zero to do with the QB For example when Romo lost to the Giants in the playoffs one year 2014 I think. he failed to achieve a GW drive. Now we might say that was a sign of Romo being a terrible QB and all his success in the past meant nothing well not me I think it was more the coaches and his OL let him down
  2. And our season of strange continues. Arguably the most important game to this point of the season. A win and we are probably favs to win division. A loss and and we are probably out of the division race. So with a huge game coming up we 1st get zero normal prep time with a short week followed by even loosing more time do to COVID issue of the team we just played. So critical game ZERO on the field effective practice time. Though I guess today they did walk through maybe. This staff just got zero breaks this year.
  3. I voted superstar but yes he does not have national superstar recognition.
  4. So bottom line and chime options are: 1 - keep Dalton And not offer Dak a tag. Also add how many years do you expect it to take for this team to be SB contender 2 - keep Dak Again also add how many years to be super bowl contender For the above option presume getting our two injured starting pro bowl level OL back next year I pick 2. And say 1 - 2 years max
  5. I really feal that loss to Detroit in the playoffs had a huge effect on the Aikman Cowboys team the next playoffs. This is a strange year. I am very concerned our young players like Lamb Gallup learn a winning attitude and I do see players like Coop and even Zeke to some extent play better if they think they are capable of winning. I also want to see other players on D start getting used to “playing better”. Ie LVE Smith Wilson Awuzi etc. gaining confidence is huge and can carry over. if those players start playing up to potential then by happenstance this team will start winning. The Team as a team needs to learn that mistakes are not the norm and except that working hard each game in improving is the norm. I fully believe this was the teams culture in 2018. For what ever reason it went away in 2019 and has yet to return. There is a confidence that goes with playing well and winning that confidence can help give improve effort on each play both in the physical and the mental. thus you make less mistakes and dominating the teams you should dominate. I think this is more important then drafting 4th or 5th over 15th 16th. But I do agree with the concept that getting a top 5 level pick would be a huge help to this roster. Let us just sat that if things were different I.e 100% Dak was going to be available for playoffs then I would be all in emotionally in winning. Right now I want us to win but don’t suffer emotional loss like I normally would should we loose. I just realized did Gregory play today????
  6. As good as this win was it will be wasted if they can’t follow up next week. I was happy to see both AK and CD eventually have success as well as Henry. Have we herd what the status is of Junoe . While I like Long I do see he is real up and down but right now it’s a little hard being picky as we need the bodies. Also I think it takes two weeks or ten days between when you sign and can even practice so pulling a person off the street isn’t happening.
  7. I think Jones learned his lesson after trying to bring Romo back that one year so no Dak tis year please.
  8. well... that was fun. I would love to be a fly on the wall in the Vikings side when they review tape. I would think this was a bad loss for them. IT seemed they went from being able to almost effortlessly disrupt our passing game to not being able to put pressure on Dalton. IT almost is like we made half time adjustments to get the ball out quicker to say Coop and even our TE's. And Gallup remembered why he was having a good season. But who am I to say. I will say in general you never will go wrong with betting against Cousins when the game starts getting close. Especially if you can manage to put pressure on him. Still oddly a discouraging win as watching this compared to the Washington game is kinda sad. I know Brown was bad in this game but, yes it did make a difference having Lee, Awuzi and LVE playing and Lewis was more effective then what we've been seeing from woods and comp.
  9. Yeah GB sure tanked that game. Three and outs and a fumble in second half than in a close game drive settle for a FG inside the 10 with out being real serious about going for a TD then fumble 1sr drive in OT
  10. it kinda was funny they avoided throwing at Lewis or Awuzie all game until that last drive.... To be honest we just played a team and coaches that almost wanted to lose worse then us... Well all of the teams in the east now have 3 wins after week 11 ... funny but not really..
  11. Either way... I should hope going forward that this should give us all hope that the coaches know what they are doing with the offense and play calling. There have been some very creative and high quality play calls in the red zone. We also have soon our OL perform much better then almost any other game this year.
  12. don't worry guys were are leaving a ton of time on the clock based on how our D can not cover their WR's.
  13. hmmm...... well here is game.. 4th and 6 after interesting play call... not a bad one I guess after the last few Pollard runs.
  14. Lamb almost took that to the house. AS he gets older and stronger, he wouldn't have gone to the ground so easily.
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