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  1. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    Sigh such a thing Dak wins games doesn’t lose them and that will only continue sure he needs to improve and will If you look at rooks who started as a rook and played continues through the years they all have improved especially years 3-6 etc Look at their stars players like Big Ben even Brady they were not stat fillers as rookies or second year players BUT THEY WON. Getting a young QB who wins is harder then you think. The Sad thing is Dak was good enough last year to get this team to the Super Bowl But his team mates let him down by not playing to their potential also you think Alex Smith Winston can replace Dak well good luck with that TB sure wins a lot of games and Alex Smith is more known for loosing the. Winning
  2. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    While I am fully on board the Zeke is easier as is any RB to replace then Dak Looking just at $. It is easier for the team to say give Zeke 90% say 14.5. Cooper 90% say 15.5 Then Dak 90% 36. The trickle down is if have to go 37 to Dak. No way will Coop or Zeke be happy with 13.5 or 14.5 respectively. Same goes for Jones. Get Dak done at 35. Then Zeke will take 14.5 Coop 15.5 seeing that Dak didnt demand the moon and stars. and maybe can get Jones signed
  3. How should the Cowboys handle Zeke?

    I just can’t see Pollard being good enough to be a 10-11 game solution. Yes we can manage a game here a game there against some teams but to win the tough battles against the top we need a something better then Pollard Thus in my mind if Zeke isn’t playing by say week 4-5 then this is another wasted season like the one two years ago
  4. Pre-season G2: Dallas vs. LA Rams

    Well this has been fun pics up a match - I rewatched the game today and umm it was that safety who supposedly wasn’t involved in the play who actually ended up touching Gallup down And re watching it I originally thought Gallup stopped but he just turned and jumped. I could argue he could have made a hands catch with out jumping and just slowing down a half step. You also realize the jumping is more to make a uncontested catch then adjust for a short ball you don’t jump to catch an underthrow and as another aside earlier he made a real nice out pass in a covered Austin as well
  5. Elliott detained after Vegas scuffle

    Yeah total extortion but that is why high profile people have learned to have body guards with them everywhere to keep situations that are no consequence from escalating like this into something that “looks” bad I can still see after Zeke signs or what ever league coming back and saying ohh you got a three game five game suspension
  6. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    Yes Gallup STOPPED then jumped and made a good catch but ball was not underthrown like Whites was later in game big difference. If Dak has thrown it farther down field it would have allowed safety to make a play. Do all 22 you want I use eye test and results and after watching Football for over 40 plus years I’ve seen enough to tell a QB who can win games when needed and not make critical errors and generally throws the ball where it needs to be more often then not Most Of the time it is a combined effort between receiver and QB. Receiver needs to learn how to run routes hold up in spaces run to the open spot and it’s up to the Qb to make the correct pass I thought about a third deep balls missed were Gallup error BUT YES that means DAK was wrong the other times which was more often Obviously Dak is no where yet a complete QB especially in reading defenses but very very few young QB are Just like young receivers need time to adjust to the speed of the NFL game. Gallup made a lot of mistakes last year in route running which is one of the reasons there was such a huge difference between his target/catch rate and almost all the other receivers. I posted the numbers a long time ago in a different thread. It was like 90% to RB TE. High 70-low 80 Cooper and Beasley. Gallup was like 58 don’t remember the exact figure
  7. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    Thank u Matt’s. But the haters still hate. Just like today was 6-6 team scored a TD on his only drive that at one point was at their own two and all the comments that mentioned Dak were negative.
  8. Pre-season G2: Dallas vs. LA Rams

    That was a real bad spot and the refs blew the call the rusher held the back before rushing just like Taco got called for earlier and boy is out back up secondary a mess. Its real windy so a long FG not the easiest of kicks.
  9. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    Yeah good luck with that ... i still see 33-36 as the number and am okay with that. NO way would I pay market setting dollar to a RB
  10. The Run Game doesnt matter

    It is like any stat you have to look closer to see what it actually means. To continue the busted play comment which is a very good point there are a lot of teams in the NFL that use passion g to the RB as a critical part of their offense like NO KC NE to name a few ... Dallas and the Giants are not two of those teams so yes we like the Gaints will not have impressive RB receiving stats
  11. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    I hope that a lot of this is just postering by his agent who job it is to get Dak the largest contract he can. I just finale is it interesting that this gets “leaked” just days after Jerry says they won’t be a market setter which 40 would mean. Either way I am a little bummed. I was hoping 25 range at one time then we quickly hit 30 with QB’s who haven’t even proved themselves any more then Dak. So now I guess I can hope for 32-33
  12. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Sigh still gonna be a long preseason
  13. Preseason Game 1, @ San Fran

    That and our starting secondary was real good as well today especially Awuzi
  14. Preseason Game 1, @ San Fran

    Boy you can sure tell when we pulled our starters on D
  15. Preseason Game 1, @ San Fran

    It’s gonna be a long preseason.