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  1. I don’t know how much we can trust 35 as the asking price. If that is true then I feel real good about getting him signed.
  2. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    Yeah I was watching and thinking why oh why did we continue to just rush three
  3. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    Not the thread for this but it sure is discouraging watching KC in the super bowl make all these mistakes they sure didn’t make against us Mahomes missing wide open receivers again and again. it’s a pity because Sf hasn’t really looked that good at all either
  4. GDT: Definitely America’s Team at Chiefs

    I know there is a lot of disappointment but the we showed that our formula could have won this game. Sure a lot of what if’s but this game came down to two of three little things that went KC way 1. Started off with a FG in red zone for first time in how long???? 2. defense did not okay with same physicality to end the first half they needed. To and gave up a TD at the end ... 3 a couple of questionable calls in the second half went KC way rather then ours .:. One led to KC points another stoped one of drives cold swap those situations and the game is going to the last five minutes at one score... still.:.: The ultimate reason we list is KC from midway in the second half on totally dominated the LOS on both sides of the ball. Thus Henry didn’t run wild especially in second half.... tannehill was pressured regularly. KC was able to run the. All successfully against us setting up a lot of 2nd 3 3rd 2 type plays. We hardly at all bothered Mahomes he routinely had excessive time in the pocket and was able to escape the pocket easily at will force huge gains About the speed of our secondary NO team in football has the speed in the secondary to rival the speed of KC receivers. to stop KC you have to be able to push the pocket back with your front 4 keep Mahomes in the pocket and use a 5 th rusher to make Mahomes throw the ball when he is not ready he is deadly on the move as it gives his receivers time to get open and has the speed agility to make plays with his feet we just need to improve our DL and upgrade our depth in the secondary
  5. GDT: Definitely America’s Team at Chiefs

    PI ignored. It’s just so frustrating as KC didn’t need the help from refs
  6. GDT: Definitely America’s Team at Chiefs

    I wonder if the NFL will have anything to say about that ... and that last false start crazy did he really move before the chief moved in the edge
  7. GDT: Definitely America’s Team at Chiefs

    Now it’s over. ??? They have too much speed we can not let Mahomes have time like that in the pocket. whike we were still in the game e lost control when the offense couldn’t keep the lead To be honest in reality this game was over when we failed to get a TD in opening drive then failed to move the ball final 4 min of second half and then gave up a TD While yes still in the game we never made a game changing play on either side of the ball and yes this game was lost in the trenches during that time
  8. GDT: Definitely America’s Team at Chiefs

    OMG. We actually got a tackle with out giving up YAC
  9. GDT: Definitely America’s Team at Chiefs

    And there we go again. 5 yard curl in receiver catches the ball guy in coverages comes up misses tackle guy runs for four more yards and 1st down. Difference in the game
  10. GDT: Definitely America’s Team at Chiefs

    Lip read. Who the ¥%#% called that?
  11. GDT: Definitely America’s Team at Chiefs

    Hmmm. I like our core group but having another receiver wouldn’t have made any difference in that series Tannehil had little time in the pocket for anyone to really get open
  12. GDT: Definitely America’s Team at Chiefs

    That’s the main difference tannehil last two plays KC had a meeting at the QB with a basic five man rush. We can’t get quick pressure on Mahomes and then let him escape the pocket and run for plus yards when we have good coverage
  13. GDT: Definitely America’s Team at Chiefs

    Yeah except That last drive was all Mahomes getting yard out of the pocket and their RB getting 4-6 yards every time those are plays we need better Lab play to stop
  14. GDT: Definitely America’s Team at Chiefs

    That’s been the difference see how easy they ran it in we had little push with our DLine almost all game. Mean while the last two drives we’ve got zero push with our o line
  15. GDT: Definitely America’s Team at Chiefs

    Sigh terrible. Can’t let mahomes run out of pocket for 6-8 12 yards like that again terrible tackling should have been 1-12 those extra 6 yards are killer