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  1. While I like Gallup I don't think he will have a huge impact. Though if Coop continues to have problems in road games we shall see. We saw Turner on the field late at a critical time this game so Gallup will help for sure. Its just we are so talented in our top 5 as Noah Brown also makes plays when given the chance.
  2. We shall see about how things change as we add players and go through break. Parson's has leveled off a bit so rest review tape will help him I think. Also safety's can use the break to review, and adding Wilson will help. T Smith can use the rest for sure. Getting Collins back will help as Smith sooner or later is going to miss a game or two. But on the other side. I tentatively had Dallas and Washington finishing 10-7. With tie breaker going to Cowboys... To this point I had Dallas and Wash both 4-2 so we are really in a good spot as I have Wash loosing 5 more games.. GB, TB,
  3. GB. Dak, Zeke, Lamb, Schultz, Steele, Wilson, Gregory HM Zurlein, Special teams (rare). Sure had the one miss but when it really really counted was money. Gave up a big return but also had a block JS: LVE, interior DL ,safety play. HM: REFS Interior OL Teams play calling and or execution on short yardage. For how dominate we are offensively we need to be better at short yardage. What was lost in the 4th and 1 fails is both times the team also failed 3rd and 1. though yes one wasn't a fail but called a fail by the ref.
  4. I saw Kazee get hurt this game, was he on the field late 4th qtr. Diggs is good but sometimes makes mistakes over estimating his physical skills. I really didn't notice Oza in the middle of the D, saw Watkins either way those two struggled. Some of our running issue I put on LVE not having a good game, and missing DLaw catching up to us.
  5. Lamb has been great this game... Dak has done well getting out of pocket and making plays..
  6. got a stop.. that was more them then us I think.. good thing rook QB.... Okay.. third straight must score drive...
  7. Not happy our D goes out first... NOW would have been the time for Diggs pic six... can our D get back to way it was between q1 and late 4th.
  8. 12 penalties for 115 yards,,,,,, still wonder what the unsportsman was for... probably said something about being called for holding... that was a legit holding but the others weren't.
  9. Olkay thanks to the fact that we've failed all game on short yardage and stopping short yardage we going to OT..
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