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  1. Well 1 out of 3 there. Good enough to keep us in game
  2. Okay best field position all day own 35 need 30 yards 1 time out
  3. Not that many but he for sure missed those
  4. D wa not allowing that with a colapsing pocket spy in the middle and edge contain now they want Dak to run to run the clock this game was lost in the third qtr when our O was only given one shot with the ball and that was at its own 10
  5. Not good by Dak there at all the second scramble needed to be a pass period not enough tine for those kind of plays.
  6. Get in FG range three throws for TD kick field goal
  7. Dak has to get better dealing with the blitz and collapsing pocket but man I don’t know a rookie yet that I’ve seen deal with blitz collapsing pocket If you remember that is how NE always beat Manning was with quick pressure. Yes Wilson was okay and Cam but they started there career running more then passing so wow there was a penalty in Washington of course didn’t matter as we got it go figure
  8. Or the fact that in third and short all our WR are running routes 10-15 yard routes plus down field i rewatched. 2-3. Dak makes a mistake in reading the D on the snap. Beasley was the open route not Elliot. 3-4 really bad designed okay had no shot unless you consider a scramble the shot the reason Dak dropped back mire was the WR were running deep routes and here we go another starting drive from the 14. Not once have we been outside the 25 not once has Wash been inside the 25 and mostly 35-45 wow no penalty. And yes Beasley and yes ref makes a cheap call hold us. No replay rewound it and it wasn’t a obvious hold he did the push rub out you see it a lot and it’s not called a lot and again a penalty changes the game sigh
  9. No Dez would have dropped it not been open
  10. And Dak passing rating this game should be better then Alex I think at this point and... I hear the voice has time... big play to Hurns
  11. Yeah Dak needed to throw that first pass away as got back there not hold it waiting for a reciever to come open. But also got no help as Hurns needs to make that catch. Mid we had been running the ball better a run would have been okay. But man our OL is getting abused today
  12. Yes it is but has given up two huge key big plays leading to Ten points while Washington’s only given up one. Also we have been real up and down against the run. AP 17-72. Versus 12-19 for Elliot
  13. Sigh and didn’t get the three out. Again terrible field position. Now the 11
  14. We need three out to exchange field position
  15. Do not like that run second down. Now we are trying to pass in a passing down to continue the drive and as expected too much pressure on Dak and no WR running a route that will be open “quick” leads to a punt. Hey. 42 yrd punt wow not the game normal 35. Yet still 6 th straight drive starting 25 or less that’s 3 at 35 and three around 16. Tough to get a flow backed up like that we you can’t run the ball at all