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  1. GB. Dak. OL Lamb Onside kick team HM. the rest of the team. Some players made some mistakes fumbles happen I didn’t see careless play to lead to the fumbles but players showed effort JS. DLaw has to figure things out HM. The special teams The first fake was an okay call but terrible executions by the players . The second one I don’t understand as by then ATL was ready
  2. I was a happily surprised that Tannihil has played in some ways better this year considering. I am not worried about Henry this game is a clear indication you want to stop Henry then work on getting penetration and stay in you lanes. Henry is unstoppable if he is reaching the LOS without having to worry about dodging defenders today like last week he was dealing with a ton of penetration while Jags filled the gaps. I also was thrilled that CD showed last week no fluke. And Baston was a beast. our D though has some issues I need to watcc the whole game to see how our LB played and Simmons. Getting Adoree back will help a lot.
  3. Just let it go if the players fail to execute it is always the coaches fault for calling a bad play. it will be a hoot to see the game ball thread after this one
  4. I guess we will agree to disagree but i would bet a majority if coaches would pick the option of going for it first. With that much time left it makes it easier to win in reg rather then playing for OT or loose which is what waiting does
  5. This actually was the correct call. Because of tine and score say we kick extra point now down 8. Get the ball back come down score with 10 seconds in the game then fail the game is over. Doing it with enough time left allows the coach options to stay in the game hey that challenge got the ball back
  6. I finally caught up on all the plays. I really need to rewind look at Schultz fumble I sware he got a slight helmet to helmet hit to cause the fumble oh well.
  7. Yeah except the ref will call the penalty in us
  8. Well that makes this easier. I can stop getting excited for game day. With all these injuries this team just doesn’t have personal ready to compete at this level and the lack of real preseason meant the coaching staff was unable to get a clear unbiased view of what they can or can’t do Awuzie is not that “bad” but he is not at the level that he can reliable cover man in man a reciever of Ridley caliber ever play with out loosing a few or a lot. Some good news rams up 14-3 on eagles as well
  9. That was in Dak as much as DL he needed to move out of pocket quicker and get that ball out. Of course it also was on the play call Lamb primary target was running a deep out. In what world did they think Dak would have time to throw a deep pass
  10. I have always wished in these I knew the route tree are there options out are most running clear outs giving Dak only 1 initial option
  11. This is what probably will happen. It is similar to what the rams were able to accomplish. That will allow them to double the outside and cover the middle of the field 10 yards down If we can not figure a way to run 3/4 yards a play and complete passes in a regular basis it is going to be a long game I also am in a terrible mood reading the report on NFL and only obvious calls they even mentioned the Gallup call saying it was right. I just would love to see it okay out sitting with an offficial like that explaining to me what they “see” that made it right beside Gallup slapping down on the hand that is impeading his ability to run. after the Rams game I was ready to accept a 7-9 season with the though if things go right 10-6 is more then doable I have always been hesitant to “trust” OT Smith mostly because I feel he never is at full strength when we need him end of the season. I also would love to know the real story on Collins. This just out of shape is window dressing in my mind. while I was over the moon with Smith as a LB when drafted and his first full season I was probably jaded after watching him kill it at ND every day LVE soso okay offense in the field strap it on boys
  12. Interesting if it wasn’t for the terrible call at the end we would indeed have three WR pacers for a 1000. Can they figure out how to give Dak time to make throws down field. I think why we didn’t see more play action against Rams was because how much Donald disrupted the middle Now I hope we have a easier time of it against Falcons. On D almost opposite problem then the rams. ATL has a high set of WR it will be a huge test of our secondary. But the other side this sets up a rebound game from our front 4. Soooo if we don’t get 4 sacks I don’t see a win unless we get 2-3 turn overs. And on offense. We need to do close to 40% on 3rd down. And TD’s in red zone
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