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  1. Most Impactful Cowboys Ever?

    Hershel Walker ..... but seriously I vote Roger the dodger
  2. The Run Game doesnt matter

    What I feal you can take from all this back and forth. Dallas with Dak as QB will win the game if Dak has a high Any/a and loose the game if he doesn’t. Now how we get to that point is up to debate and probably unanswerable. At first blush it is silly to say that running the ball effectively or even the threat of being able to run the ball effectively does not have a positive effect on a QBs any/a. Still there is so much at play that you can not make any absolute type statements. What is the D approach are they selling out to stop run. Blitz. Etc. Let me give you a game example. Rather extreme to make a point: D gets a TD for team A. D gets a 3- out team A returns punt TD. Another 3-0 team a gets a 80. yard screen pass TD. Team A is now winning in a blow out. They mostly just run the ball amass a ton of yards QB doesn’t really have to do anything doesn’t make any errors game over QB has a great any/a. Team has a ton of yards rushing. Stats say. Oh look at all those yard and we win. Dong dong running leads to a win. Oh high any/a passing leads to a win. Reality the D and special teams won the game. And the other stats were built by circumstance
  3. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    Sigh I was hoping close to 29. Looks like be lucky 31 oh well. Getting close to not being worth it but still feel there is no other viable option that will still give me expectations of making the super bowl.
  4. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    I am undecided about Witten. I do think coming into this season he is the best blocking TE on the roster so that’s a plus so he will get a lot of 1st down snaps. he might not be as capable of taking all the snaps but he can be very helpful in red zone and third downs. He also can help our young TE’s learn how to be better. I have high hopes Jarvis will get better and better
  5. Minicamp/OTA/TC Thread

    to me the key Henry getting 1200-1500 yards rushing and Mariota playing at least 13 games including the final games
  6. The Run Game doesnt matter

    This is such a interesting topic. To my mind I think of it this way — ultimately to consistently when in the NFL you better not make mistakes in the passing game. No mistakes passing means you have a Efficient passing game. Oddly I also would think to win you better be able to stop the other team from running. I wonder what the other side looks like winning percentage based on how well you stop the run Thus I can agree with “running game doesn’t matter”. Only in the concept of if you are making a ton of mistakes with your passing game you are gonna loose even if you can run the ball well As a side note I think the last time a team won the super bowl with the best back in football might be Denver then us —- I would also say the best QB in football (stats wise) also rarely wins as well this just tells me its more about having a balanced team with clutch players
  7. Who will be the breakout player in 2019?

    I think Jarvis. Who is helped by Witten taking the pressure attention off J Lewis my second choice. Then Gallup ... but man I’ve gotta see them on the field.
  8. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    I think no matter the numbers it is easy to use eye test and say is Not the pure passer of some of his peers. That doesn’t mean he is a terrible passer either just slightly middle of the road where he makes up for it is he rarely makes mistakes or throws high risk passes thus he rarely turns it over which fits well with our mostly running first offense built around the best back in football. The other part of this is Dak is a better then average of not elite runner himself which helps as teams will try to avoid playing man to man. The other part is Dak is real good at crunch time part of this is I think Jason allows him to run more which losses up his game allows him to play freely rather then with breaks own. In my mind Dak has shown he can make all the throws he also has shown he can miss some throws really badly. In time as he gets more experience and continues to improve his foot work I feel the good throws will increase the bad throws decrease. And I hope also JG continues to limit Dak running between the 20’s to help keep him from getting hurt. I think it is a forgone conclusion at this point he will get extended. I just want to see it closer to 28-9 rather then 31. And about giving a discount rarely do FA give discounts on the first big contract. It is the second or restructuring that they give breaks to help sign others
  9. Elliott detained after Vegas scuffle

    In my mind the other half of the equation is history tells us long term deals for every down running backs is not a good idea as well
  10. Northland's Reality Check

    I hope the best for you and your family and will add my prayers. It is times like these that we truly realize what is important in life.
  11. Elliott detained after Vegas scuffle

    With how Goodel loves to stick it to Jerry I imagine Elliot and the team are gonna pay a price. I guess I will have to watch it again this time on a larger screen just to see what happened as best you can. Watching It first time pre event it’s not like he was doing anything that would warrant extra attention was not being obnoxious loud or anything its sad but situations like this are why most high level players travel with a a security team to keep people away from them and just leads to more disconnect between players and the fans
  12. Ranking the (B)East - HC

    I never really considered the Redskins to have anywhere near the top of the league talent especially in the offensive side of the ball for years now
  13. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    It seems to me over the years there had always been someone in the team that the forums have been split in much like Dak. Romo before him had much the same going on
  14. Ranking the (B)East - HC

    I picked Gruden. Not a fan of Pederson personally I have always thought like Dallas the eagles always underperformed
  15. Elliott detained after Vegas scuffle

    Should know better then say Anything people put the opinion it is all on the QB back if you win or not I point out you should tell Marino it is all his fault he never and know I am comparing Dak as a QB to Marino when in fact I wasn’t saying anything of the sort. Just pointing out you can have a great QB and still never win the super bowl have a average or worse QB and win the super bowl. Some times and in fact most of the time it is about the players surrounding the QB rather then the QB