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  1. Brett Maher has FINALLY been cut

    well remains to be seen I imagine our new kicker won’t do worse, kinda hard to on kicks inside the 45....
  2. Well Philly continues to play worse then us now behind by 14.
  3. some of this we will never know as we can’t just drop in a different QB and see what happens I just don’t like the extremes it was crazy to think that Dak suddenly was the best QB in the NFL just like it is crazy to think he is not a capable franchise QB. He is in the middle closer to the top then bottom level QB. When any team struggles you rarely can put it on one player. I know when I watch the “better” teams their RB actually has lanes to run through on a regular basis. Their QB is throwing to receivers who have separation from the defender. IMO except for the Bills game Dak has had no problems this season making the throws needed and when he hasn’t completed the passes it’s been more a matter of the rush disrupting the play or his receivers being unable to get proper separation then Dak missing throws he should be making.
  4. GDT: Titans -2.5 (7-5) @ Raiders (6-6)

    Nice catch in the under-throw. And I would love for the refs to explain why NO FLAG for blatant PI worse then what they called on us
  5. GDT: Titans -2.5 (7-5) @ Raiders (6-6)

    Saw that. Refs have swallowed all the calls against the raiders
  6. GDT: Titans -2.5 (7-5) @ Raiders (6-6)

    A 100% Henry way more yards then that sigh
  7. GDT: Titans -2.5 (7-5) @ Raiders (6-6)

    Wow nice tackle there by smith but how did the ref miss the block in the back
  8. GDT: Titans -2.5 (7-5) @ Raiders (6-6)

    Yes. Lewis did a terrible job reading that blitz. I have got to say I am in love with our TE’s and FB. no one can deny the heart and drive in Henry I also have to add I am so upset about how that first half ended. Rather ticky tack call on Lewis (pass uncatchable). Followed by a obvious ground ignored by refs gave Raiders a TD. And the missed FG grrrr Can the D actually do something????
  9. GDT: Titans -2.5 (7-5) @ Raiders (6-6)

    Must win to reach play offs
  10. GDT: Titans -2.5 (7-5) @ Raiders (6-6)

    Having jackson and Sims out might be a issue. This is a huge game but with Houston loosing that takes some sting away from a loss but we need a win to keep with the Steelers who I hope loose today as well
  11. I would have fired Garret Friday even though Jones is right the only hope for the play offs is with Garret as the coach
  12. What players do we keep

    Right now it is clear Dallas is not very good we might or might not win the division with out really playing any better Philly and Washington just as bad so what do people want to see happen for next year. Garret is gone but what about the players from last season and a play off win over Seattle and now the only people (players and coaches) who had any significant contribution last year who are not here now are Anthony Hitchins and Scott L i started this after checking NFL stats we have a top 5 player in four of the main categories listed: passing. Dak 1st rush: Elliot 4th Receiving: Coop tackles: Smith 1st Quinn in top ten in sacks so.. we have top performs in the game across the rooster but watching especially on D we don’t see this on the field. do people think the stats are inflated false or do you think the players listed above are true top ten players at their position. I would also add the three OL Smith Martin Fitz and maybe even Collins and on D -DLaw and Jones in D as being at pro bowl level so is the problem with the second level players and we need a major make over or with the coaches and the players having just quit over the last 4-5 weeks or you don’t think any player on this team is worth keeping
  13. Maybe but the reality is he his right everybody needs to do better they have shown over the last two years that they can do better. Basically this same team on defense/offense/special teams beat Seattle in a play off team and looked the better team doing that. Unless you think loosing Anthony Hitchens was the key that made our D suddenly suck.
  14. GB's and Clappers: Dallas at Chicago

    I put up Trubisky stats to show that it’s a team game he got help from his coaches play calling and his team mates executing those plays he really didn’t have to do any thing spectacular. Dak on the other hand was expected to pull something out of his &%# almost every play with a Chicago rusher in his face. And yes Dak had some bad throws decisions but not that many Now you want to jump on Dak for the Bills game I am right there with you but the bears game not so much. you say garbage time fine what ever but that also showed that Dak was throwing the ball good enough but the OL was not doing a good enough job handling Chicago’s pressure and his receivers were not getting open quickly enough
  15. GB's and Clappers: Dallas at Chicago

    Or his sitting in sideline expecting his kicker to make a easy kick and tie the game going into the half now comes out second half down 17 points when he takes the field goes 21-32 277 yards 1 TD A little above average I would say when Chicago is playing pass. Also had the team at Chicago’s 13 when do to time issues we kicked a FG listen I understand with the way our D was playing we needed Dak to be Superman to win this game and he wasn’t. But watching the game I have got to tell you it wasn’t like he was missing wide open receivers left and right. A majority of his incompletions were due to not having open receivers and not having the time in the pocket to wait for his receivers to get open and he didn’t have help like the Chicago QB look at his day 1st drive interception 2nd drive penalty keeps drive going screen to TE goes 30 yards 5 yard TD pass His first pass completed beyond 1st down marker in game 3rd drive no completed pass beyond 1st down marker Chicago gets FG 4th drive short pass turned into 21 yard pass play I think this was the one Smith should have intercepted 8 yard TD pass only down field pass of drive 5th drive miss tackle on 6 yard pass turns into a 33 yards penalty keeps drive going 14 yard TD pass on WR screen 6th drive 3 and out 7th drive 3 plays turn over 8th drive - 1st down by penalty His only real good difficult pass field his 3rd of the day - went into triple coverage should have been defended but ball was thrown perfectly 8th drive 3 out 9th drive again no pass beyond 1st down marker he only completed 3 passes Where he threw the ball more than 7-8 yards past LOS two of those “down field passes” a five yard TD and a 8 yard TD The third should have been defended by Dallas who had triple coverage all the rest of his completions where short drop off 1-4 yards down field where the receiver did the rest Final stat 23-31 244 yards with in my estimate guess 100 plus yards after the catch to get to 244