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  1. Ummm Seattle's D may not have been great but it was way better then ours. What I said is the upgrade Wilson gives is not worth the LOSS of a 1st round draft pick. THE ONLY QB I think would be is Mahomes. The SUPER Bowl should show you that NO WATSON is not a upgrade. Rogers is a upgrade. Brady is a upgrade. Herbert has more upside. Burrow and Murray have zero more upside and are not upgrades. Allen IMO is not a upgrade but will not argue with those who have him as one.
  2. If you think this team is super bowl ready with Wilson as the QB next year then this is the deal. My main concern is that this team NEEDS THOSE 1st ROUND pics to be anything close to super bowl ready no mater WHO the QB is. That also applies to 2022 IMO as well. Frankly I don't think we are super bowl ready with Wilson or Dak as our QB this year. But with Dak and a good draft this year and next year I think we are or could be close in 2022. BUT WE NEED 1st round high quality DRAFT pics to get there. A swap with say third round pics is the only way I could see this keeping the window ope
  3. While I have no problem having Wilson as my QB over Dak I would not be happy with TWO 1st round pics...
  4. I think one interesting thing will be to see how Wentz and Goff do with their new teams. Not that it will help as Dak's future will be resolved before then but if Wentz and Goff do better with their new teams it goes a long way in showing how current situation goes to determining the success or lack of success of a QB. While I put Dak in top 5, I always wonder about how well would Dak in a different system. I think of Tannahil. NO way did I see him succeeding like he did with Tennessee after how he looked in Miami. Either way 10 days left for him to be tagged. For our hopes and drea
  5. This is my concern and probably why I would love us to trade back and get Baremore then Moehrig or Grant round 2 to be followed by a CB.
  6. I happen to like Coop a lot, he was our over all best WR last year. But when we get to 2022-2024 the two WR's we have on our roster who I feel are the best money wise and field wise going forward are Lamb and Gallup. Just need to add a speedster Rookie to the mix. I say this because while Cooper is better are running routes at this time Gallup will continue to improve and IMO I already feel Gallup is better at making contested catches then Coop. so with all this talk about Pitts does that mean Jarvin is going to be cut...
  7. Has anyone done the math that shows just what the franchise has to do money wise to even afford the second tag under the cap. Either way I think if the team wants Dak there needs to be 40 plus free, closer to 50 if we want to tag dak. We have 23 M or so... draft king seems to say of we restructure DLaw we can gain around 12. Cut OT Smith and LB Smith to add about 25-30 M. That gives us around 40 which we need if we do a deal back loaded correctly. Thus when the big money hits we no longer have the coop or Zeke's contracts. or we also can save around 15 M trading Cooper rather t
  8. OH.... and sorry for double post... BUT if you really want to TRADE a WR to save money the answer is to TRADE COOP.. who really doesn't give us his $ worth based on what we get from Gallup. Then oh yeah I can see a 2nd on a true speed WR.
  9. I wouldn't cry me a river over it... BUT we would have to CUT or trade Jarvin which I guess does help money wise. But the success of this draft would depend on Holland and Campbell (who I like) developing into a starter sooner rather then later. I still though would prefer just swapping Farley or Surtain for Pitts who I don't see giving us much an edge year 1 or even year 2 over what we would get from Jarvis.
  10. A lot of these questions depend upon what happens with QB. IF we have Dak I am okay with saving salary by trading Gallup, but not if that means using 1st round or 2nd round pic on WR. That does not help us much long term and for sure hurts us short term. Again I understand the concept of best player available and agree with it. However when you go 6-8 years with adding only 5-6 quality players through the draft to your D then at some point you have to say.. BPA that is on the defensive side of the ball. I would do a happy dance for a long time if we get... even if we have to tra
  11. Basically MY TAKE.... OTHER THEN RB... if you have a talent that is then top 10 at his position YOU PAY HIM>>>> Dak top ten easy, I say top 5 pay him... ZEKE RB.. NO... JONES... NO.. paying him top 5 made no sense as he wasn't close to that good. Jaylon... on the edge. was not top 10 but we did not pay him top money either he is around the 32nd highest in 2020 close to 26th in 2021 .. over paid by a mile based on 2020 not based on 2018. Also.... IF YOU HAVE A TOP 10-15 QB then DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO TOO KEEP HIM>>>> IT just amazes me tha
  12. if your all about saving money sure.. but I am not convinced and we will agree to disagree that this is the WAY to be a year in year out SUPERBOWL contender. UMMM I don't agree with the comment Seahawks moving because of Wilson's salary. And you can get back to me and say told you so when Seatle is a super bowl fav with out Wilson as the QB. I would also like to add this is a two part situation. The other part is Jones. Who as I have mentioned is never known to spending freely on the D on high level free Agents.
  13. My main point about posting the oddity of the top 5 QB's in the NFL, as opposed to the narrative that you need the 1st round QB to build your program is that their is no guarantee with the 1st few picks in the draft that you can get a top 5 level QB. I am worried and at this point think it's 50/50 that we have Dak as a Dallas Cowboy QB this coming season. What I do understand about the future of this team should Dak be gone is also this narrative that because we are not spending $ on Dak that the front office will now start spending $ on getting a1 FA to play for the cowboys to ma
  14. another oddity... in this age of QB's. Right now arguably the top QB's in football are.. Mahomes, Rogers, Wilson then Maybe Brady after that Allen. Mahomes 1st round pick sat out his first year. Rogers 1st round pick sat out his first 3 years Wilson 4th round pick, Brady 6th round pick. and side note on Allen.. next year is his fourth year on his four year contract and last chance for Buffalo to get to the super bowl on his rookie contract.
  15. While I have had almost zero respect for Wentz and think of him as a good QB when things are going good but a bad QB facing adversity he is solid enough that he can be a very reliable QB. Still keep him in the pocket and put pressure on him and he will not beat you down field. But sense Indy does a lot of work in the flats he can be thrive in that type of offense.
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