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  1. DC Offensive Line: The Scapegoats.

    Okay. You did see the stat that over half the RB’s in the top 20 of totally yardage have a higher YPC then Zeke and also Zeke is one of the leaders in carries over ten plus yards. What does that tell me Very few doubt Zeke is a top 1 or 2 Rb so our OL is not blocking as well on most plays as a lot of other teams. Sure they block a few good plays a game so Zeke gets his one or two big runs but mostly he faces crap blocking which if you watch the games the eye test will tell you this as he’s on more then half his runs getting hit it having to avoid contact behind the LOS. And YOU can not make me believe that the high sack total hit totals that Dak faces every game is not at least half or more on the OL. Also holding penalties are regularly Almost 2-1 or 3-1 for us versus the other guys Have you watched us try and run short yardage???? Have you watched our OL struggle to protect when the teams even only rush 4 or 5??? just to be clear you are saying our weakest link with our offense is DAK
  2. Dak

    I know this is going to be an interesting situation but we have TWO more years after this one to PAY Dak or Elliot and yes there has been no better back then Elliot during his three years but ask yourself this also the way he is being used and the way he runs how many years will Elliot last. If history is any indication I would say 4-5 at the max. And is how Pittsburg handles the second best back in the league any indication on what Dallas is going to do with Elliot. I see Dak at the 22-24 range. But if anyone has read all my posts they know my stance it is way way harder finding a QB even at Dak level then finding a good RB maybe not at Elliot’s level but a very very good one. Just saying
  3. Feed The Zeke: A Leader In The Making

    Right now Elliot is getting 20.6 carries a game 2 more then next on the list and 4 more then third place that Is a lot in the course of a year Especially sense he is such a physical runner and more often then not gets hit before the line of scrimmage there actually are 11 rushers in the top 20 of yards list who average more YPC then Zeke — The fact that Zeke is leading the league is a teatimate to just how good a RB he is and just against what people here seem to think how we STICK to the running game I want to actually limit his carries going forward especially after this upcoming week
  4. 2018 Playoffs

    I just want to get in sometimes I worry about keeping momentum going but right now I want Elliot to get as much rest as possible as well as Smith Martin etc and let’s not have Lee get hurt again. Mostly doesn’t matter Seattle or Minny at home different problems Wilson can be clutch but Minny plays a better over all D at NO or LA flip a coin hard game but both winnable with our D and if our running game is on point
  5. Dak

    We just should give this thread up one side thinks Dak is a a very serviceable NFL level starting QB who has a lot to learn still like almost every other young QB in the history of the game one who might never be one of the top 5 or even 10 QB in the game but yet still has the skills to win any game including the super bowl other side we are winning despite our QB and Dak does not deserve to be a starting QB in this league and should anyone point out that Dak is not our main problem with the offense then We blindly think Dak has ZERO faults and is the best QB in the game oh side note I would not put Mahomes as the best player in KC and would come close to putting Mariota as best on his though that is debatable I guess I also vehemently disagree with the statement that Dak is not an accurate thrower. There is a a huge difference between being accurate with the ball and not having timing down with a few receivers and unwilling to throw the ball in risky spots and making an occasional bad pass like the second interception of the last game due to mechanical errors that don’t always show up. The first interception was not an inaccurate pass it was right on target it just was a pass that shouldn’t have been thrown in HINDSIGHT as Dak didn’t do a good job of not zoning in on Cooper which allowed the other CB to drop off coverage I am just sorry spin it how ever you want you can not set the franchise record for consecutive completed passes in a row with out being accurate with your pass Dak has a ton of problems as a NFL passer he struggles reading complicated defenses and reading the defense as the play develops and his pocket awareness needs work all typical of a young QB -/- and for some reason he and Gallup are not on the same page as yet
  6. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    These are all good points about or situation with OL but what I think is going to be the sticking point is how they view the injury situation. Is Fredrick going to be okay what long term thought do they have in Smith our medical staff will have to give answers during off season on these questions before front office makes a draft plan. And while I trust our med staff that is still a question mark. I just know it would be great if Smith and Fred are back strong we have improved the depth of they have otherwise we in a bad way must say Conner play last game should give some hope a offseason will make him a solid inside lineman but I do see a swing tackle a priority either way as far as TE. I like what we have going forward with the top three as basic blocking and release type TE. But if I spend a draft pick I want a more athletic down field pass catcher who is starter ready not some one who in one or two years will develop with our WR core we have right now and going forward I really want one who is a mismatching just running up middle of the field and in red zone is a mismatch type. For record last game at TE 11 targets 11 receptions 92 yards. To me that is good enough basic production from TE considering are main starter was out I want more of a weapon downfield here rather then the normal blocking release type and yeah doubt Gathers is here going forward but also when the staff look at things they see that kind of production in no 2-3 TE and they are going to put TE down the list of need
  7. And the first real test of our secondary in a long time It will also be a hard balance of our secondary covering the intermediate are while still supplying excellent run support Indy is also a solid D team though really have only watched them play about a half of a game. And for the record we are not even close to the same team that lost to Seattle or Carolina BUT if we come out and start the game with offensive penalties preventing our O from getting started like both those games it could be a long day if our D is not ready to play
  8. Dak

    Well all I will say is 59% completions 3500 yrds 7.5 avg 18TD 23 interceptions versus adjusted for 15 games to match 68% completions 3600 yrds 7.5 avg 19.6TD 8 interceptions Top Big Ben year three stats bottom Dak this year ... sure I don’t see Dak ever being close to the pure passer Big Ben turned into but he is just as much a warrior and leader and yes some stats don’t travel as the game really different now but the int rate and completion percentage are telling main point stealers fans fairly happy with how Big Ben ultimately developed but like MOST young QB he had issues as well pits finished 8-8 that year were 10th in NFL in rushing and 7th overall in yards per game 3rd in AFC they were Also 9th overall 6th in AFC in defense that year so they weren’t loosing all those games due to really bad D Thus I think most fans looking at the high interception rate bad completion rate and would say yikes thats why we didn’t do better and make the playoffs we need a better QB Thus cherry picking just one or two bad plays in a game is never a good way to evaluate overall performance So yes bad plays can be ignored or put to other factors when you have success or other factors to evaluate as well especially in young QB
  9. GB's and Clappers: Sheagles at Dallas

    I don’t agree about above average run blocking I think it’s average rum blocking that pulls off 3 or 4 well blocked plays out of 25-30. We just have a superior runner making something out of nothing turning -1 to 0 runs into plus 1 to 2 which with the 3-4 plus 5-15 yrds runs gets him to his 4 average
  10. GB's and Clappers: Sheagles at Dallas

    YES Looney has been one of the mire productive linemen other then a healthy Martin. —— This should tell people just how much drop off we have with our OL compared to 2016 at its prime. We went from Elite to middle road average
  11. Dak

    Personally with a Dak I think it is interesting to compare him with Big Ben in a lot ways now will he develops to be the passer Big Ben is who knows but for his first theee years has been a better PASSER then Big Ben was his first three years and you could argue Big Ben has a better surrounding team his first three years in both sides the ball No way compare to Brady Manning but there isn’t yet another QB period past or present IMO to compare to Brady Manning except maybe Dan Mariono in how they came out and ended up dominating from beginning I also disagree with the statement made about him needing all these no 1 around him. Yes he needs a good top 10-15 level WR core but So do most QB. He needs a top ten OL RB top 15 would do but these are my Opinions. The thing that bugs me a lot in all these debates is the level of extreme that seems to be taken by a lot. I put Dak at about 13 to 15 in rankings as a. QB Personally I think that is good enough to win a super bowl. I also feel he can move up that list as years go by and he improves his feel for the game and gets more consistent with his mechanics so real bad throws are eliminated I also get real made when we point out mistakes made by top flight QB where they okay worse then Dak at times. When I do this I am trying to say all QB at times make mistakes we ignore it with top flight QB because we know that’s a aberration Dak is a young QB like young QB he will make mistakes. I also like to show that even with the BEST QB they have to have a solid base around them both in play calling and personal to succeed and it’s a balance and thinking of it as a balance when I say the main problem facing Dallas right now in its struggles scoring POINTS per our expectations is the OL I am not saying Dak is not making mistakes or is somehow a top flight QB being held back I am saying the mistakes by the OL - the penalties the poor blocking are a bigger problem then Dak limiting the offense
  12. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    OL is my top need by leaps and bounds. If there is a guaranteed Ertz or Kaycee okay pull the trigger but to say we need TE we have NFL starting level TE right now not close to elite but starter level and I doubt elite TE falls to us round 2 We are Weak at OL I say need two here to improve our starters and depth and depth at LB and I still would love to upgrade Heath but that’s just me. We could find starter quality OL at two then .... might go there rd 3 as well back up LB 4 safety help at 5. Thus we improve our special teams
  13. It shouldn’t matter but I really think focus playing for something makes a difference in Oak he never played for anything (one reason I was glad to see Dez leave he stopped giving effort in every play). Here he is brought in to make a difference so his focus concentration is improved I personally meaner reallybsae him as a top 4 type top 10 or 15 oh yeah and his skill set is just what we need though
  14. Around the League Week 14: KC cuts RB Hunt

    Interesting I have zero knowledge about Chicago as a whole can’t say I really watched them enough What level are their WR my impression was they had better WR play then we did pre Cooper and I think their OL is better then ours they are weaker at RB yet managed only 11 rushing yards a game less. Just by stats Dak is the better passer they’ve completed about the same number deep 20 plus yard passes and Dak has a 5 percentage points better completion percentage and thrown 5 less interceptions and to this point 4 less TD. They are even most every where else in stats only
  15. Around the League Week 14: KC cuts RB Hunt

    I did and still think we are better off as any way I looked at it we were in big trouble if we lost to Philly Yeah maybe Philly wouldn’t have played so hard against us if they had lost but frankly when division teams play us they always are UP so ... this way Philly puts Washington to bed ending their season then we do the same to Philly. And our team can continue to play with a edge. They might have taken the Philly game for granted if Philly came in out of it.