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  1. Blogging the boys had a great break down of how our OL regressed over the year and teams stopped blitzing. One stat was Dak took 2.6 sec to throw (10th in NFL). 1st half year that increased to 2.75 second half. Not a huge increase but also there was a huge increase in pressure and QB hits 2 nd half of season to 1 st half. Going from 11 a game to 15 a game that is telling as noted teams stopped blitzing and went to a 4 man rush and yet managed to increase the pressure on Dak Now Dak has a ton of issues and is no Brady or Mahomes. But he also is capable of leading the No1 offense in f
  2. It is just depressing. Doesn’t matter much that I think we can win a a super bowl with Tanny what matters is we lost a game we should have won while our QB threw three interceptions. In know way shape or form as an organization can you accept your QB throwing three interceptions in a play off game something needs to change and realistically it isn’t going to be the QB based on his contract
  3. McCarthy is more a power game type coach while Payton is a spread out type. Look at what GB did with Rogers still focused o. Power run game Payton at NO with Brees. Creative offense a lot of underneath stuff to backs quin and Payton good fit. Payton would also help Moore develop as a OC
  4. Agreed and while we had Julio and AJ both play I do think it was a huge issue that they had so few actual game action together on the year. You need game action and more importantly game tape to see how teams react to what you do so you can make adjustments and Tanny can read it real time. Though I do think Baston is a nice addition we do need 1 more talent in the receiving core..
  5. To me this is a good read of that play, combined with a little luck. AS it was a great play by Hilton... This also goes to one main complaint I have... I rarely see audibles from Tanny and the Titans. IN this case with this alignment on both sides of the ball the perfect call would be to run the ball and just have the TE instead of going in motion go up field to block their LB'r. When we ran the play you could see very little reaction to the TE in motion by their LB'r in fact you can see him adjust slightly to his right first to cover the back side run.
  6. totally bad play by Bills... they just presumed the game was over much like KC did before after their TD... MUCH like Dallas figured OT after the FG back in the play off loss to GB.
  7. Any talk about this and all things go back to Dallas fans blame the ref's blaah blaah blaah... but there is a legitimate complaint that Dak should have handed the ball to the ref... what REF.. the ref that was there 4 seconds after the the lineman showed up and got set... NOT reason we lost, and no guarantee WE SCORE... but it is just crazy how many times in play offs we get these type of plays that seem to show the REFS are for sure doing what they can to help us loose. ON the OT thing.... why the 90&... IMO I think it is real simple, you need to have a talented offense
  8. Okay... No 1 Dak is no way no how any where close to being as "good" a QB as Rodgers or Brady,. No 2 Saying Brady or Rodgers rarely had great weapons IMO is just crazy WRONG.... for example Brady has spent most of his career with arguably the best TE in the history of football. Plus a lot of other WR's "better" then Coop, Lamb and Gallup. Plus there is little doubt that Brady had a "huge" edge in coaching... Same for Rodgers IMO, who also had a lot of WR's that I would say are better then our "three". Plus how many super bowls has Rodgers won, more the Dak of course but you
  9. SF beats GB.... with a FG as time expires... GB scored 3 points after the opening drive... as a team SF had three drives that reached GB's 25 yard line scored 3 points... GB had 1 TO, a fumble and missed a 39 yrd FG at end of 1st half.. GB also only had three drives inside SF 3 yard line..
  10. Jimmy G 9-17 105 yrds 1 int - SF failed to score twice inside GB's 25 yard line... trail 10-3 with 5 min and change left.... oops as typing SF scored on Blocked punt game now tied 10-10 with 4:40 left.......
  11. OH... don't forget penalties... so far SF 4.. just gave GB 1-5 inside 20 and GB... 2 with just over 3 min left 3rd qtr.... miss read clock that is through 3 qtrs,,
  12. Difference though GB D is ready for SF... first 4 drives SF had -10 yards... then long drive ended in intercpetion.. another long drive for a FG... followed by another 3out neg yards.... Also GB seems to understand using a RB in the flat is a good thing ... Jones 7 catchs 126 yards... we should have used Pollard outside way more against SF to slow the rush.
  13. Tanny played like he wasn't a top 15 QB today but make no mistake Tanny is more then capable of being a top 10 QB but yes no where close to a top 5....
  14. telling stat.. burrow with three pass attempts 15 yrds down field... Cincy with 242 YAC.... Chase only had one catch past the LOS the final catch of the game... yet had 109 total yards on 5 catches....
  15. with out our best player, best player in the NFL for over half the season........ yeah..... YES THE THREE INTERCEPTIONS WERE HUGE IN LOOSING THIS GAME. STILL SHOULD HAVE WON THE GAME ... AND WE PLAYED WITH A LESS THEN 80 % HENRY...
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