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  1. Who do you want at #58?

    Yeah I am hoping the injury to DLaw was a factor in why the Rams gashed us so bad but the more I been reading all the comments and thinking it through I would love a Russel Maryland clone for the middle of our D that would also really help our LB’s getting from side to side
  2. The Beard Is Back

    QFT. Just think how many other teams are adding a all pro If not the best player in his position in the game to their team this year
  3. Josh Rosen trade value

    I think there are a number of things to consider in those six games first the way the NFL handled that whole suspension they gave us zero chance to really address the issue of not having Zeke for over half the year. Second I would argue loosing Lee and Smith was in a lot of ways more important while we could be semi effective running the ball without Zeke the other team didn’t have to fear the home run so it was easier for them to commit to stopping the passing game which was made even easier yet when we lost Smith and had zero answer to protect Dak
  4. Around the NFL - Playoffs Baby

    I still think 27-28 Is the number the cowboys agree to if Dak sticks to 31-33 then who knows. As far as pieces around him Dak/Cowboys do not need Zeke yes they need a top level back but it doesn’t have to be the best back in the game and it is easier IMO to win with a rookie high level RB (close to Barkley) then find a QB in the draft that can win a super bowl. Does this team need Coop. Probably as well as Jaylon. L Collins would help but not. A deal breaker i love Zeke he is our best player by far. But think back the past many years. How many teams have won the super bowl with one of the best RB in the game. I think you have to go back to Lynch with Seattle and maybe the Denver back before that then Smith and the Cowboys that is what two teams the past 15 years not a good trend
  5. Dallas Cowboys - NFL Draft Prospect Meetings

    I went Abram in the poll but would be ecstatic if we went interior DL instead i just dont expect us to go there. Frankly if there isn’t a safety available that is high on our board I would not be surprised if we trade the 58 pick.
  6. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    I see it ending up around 24-27. Which I feel is in the right ballpark for his level. With the team starting around 23 and Dak wanting 28 plus. While Dak is not a top 10 Passer I would say he is close to a top 10 QB. And definitely a top ten finisher in the clutch
  7. Agreed here I think we might be pleasantly surprised by the improvement in Williams next year I was encouraged by his late season seemingly improvement in technique
  8. I don’t see the franchise tag for Dak I agree Coop is probably next followed closely by Dak and Smith also the amount we pay for these three determines just what we offer for Jones we may let him walk as the past has shown drafting young secondary seems to have worked well past few but in thinking that you might see CB this draft then This is also the year to decide between Fredrick and Loony if Fredrick struggles then we will have problems as Looney is also a FA soon and he may be allowed to walk as well. Which is why it is never a bad idea to keep adding depth.
  9. Well the way things stand it seems Taco might be important the first few games as we ease DLaw into game shape I don’t see how DLaw will effect us signing Dak Coop and Elliot. I don’t see Smith treating us bad when his contract comes up and we will be able to at least pay him a fair share in resign especially if what I am reading on RFA status and reasons for it. Also I think with the front load part of DLaw salary it will be easier to deal with the cap in his later years. In my mind now the main question is Zeke. I do not see us offering an extension over the next two years then deciding at that time what’s left in the tank
  10. I was a little pleasantly surprised to read this news today. It made my day the boys have been smart with the offers the last few years and this one is no different and I am glad DLaw took it. From what I understand it is front loaded which is good and also DLaw I thought was looking at 25ish us 20ish so going 21 means S Jones talked DLaw into it and the front loaded deal was probably part of it. Means injury down the line won’t have as a much effect on his total pay day
  11. I don’t see any of these getting a deal done this off season maybe Coop but then ... Dak Jones Jaylon Elliot
  12. DE Robert Quinn acquired for 2020 6th Round Pick

    Line the Quinn trade just hope it translates into production in the field. And on a aside word is we offers 20 mil to DLaw for six and he wants 22. To me these numbers are so close I would hope 21 gets him signed DLaw has said I have heard he will sit unless he gets a deal
  13. I am all on board with Marcus though yes a quality 2 is a huge but there also needs to be an attempt to have stability and a little better game plan. The designed runs need to go though I am happy with Marcus having the run option if the D starts ignoring the threat of his run it needs to be done smartly based on D. He also does need more quality depth at WR so things stay consistent when WR rotate in and out I am not sold on Humphries telll I see him in the field I like Davis Sharpe and Taylor but they need to stay healthy and who knows what walker will bring but we have good depth when healthy here as well I just want a little better balannce between running Henry and the passing game it seems it’s just too easy for the D to say okay they are running Henry or okay they are passing and if we try to fake them out we can’t execute well enough so the D don’t care and we don’t punish them when they play us for run and we pass or vise versa
  14. Offseason Thread

    I defiantly agree with 1. Landry was way too inconsistent hopefully that changes going forward I would love some one more dependable who can make the basic play 2. I am wish washy on either way 1 or 2 has to be a major need we need 1 solid player who can help control make plays along the line of scrimmage 3. Guard is one position that we can get a serviceable starter as late as round 4 in the draft. So move this down 4 I disagree here I love in theory our top three young guys but Taylor and sharpe are injury prone and can disappear at times though they showed improvement either way I want more reliable depth here besides Humphries. In my mind one problem Marcus has had here is besides the revolving door at OC there is a revolving door with no1-3 WR. No consistency So move this up in front of 3 or even 2 if we can hit a home run with 1. I also @gasp. Would work in both cb help and RB help. I really thought our CB play really struggled game in game out We were killed in our dime packages all year
  15. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    I can defend a lot of on the field mistakes but there are some off field mistakes that are just plain stupid that I put in the do it once okay maybe things just got away from you and it sounded like a good idea at the time and everyone makes mistakes but you better learn from them. A free pass no but I won’t crucify either. So next year no spring break beach trip and maybe rethink who you have in your inner circle helping you make decisions are they trying to help you be your friend or just hang with the cool guy and I laugh a bit reading as I guarantee NO Dallas Cowboy gets any pass for any behavior. Period How about Romo and his trip during the off week leading to playoffs . A few years ago side note. This whole cap thing. So... Dak crashes and burns next year. We draft rookie 2020. That means 2022 would be realistic for a. Super bowl run. Zeke DLaw night still be effective then which I would put at the high end of this core group. Now if Dak continues his natural progression then things could be extended as we won’t be using multiple pics to move up to get a “blue chip” QBs and instead get multiple starters to keep the rooster fresh around the basic core