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  1. D94W's Official Dallas Cowboys 7 Round Mock 2018

    I am really unsure going forward my instinct tells me they will be better off getting the best LB they can be it LVE or Evans who every grades out better on their board both should be available at 19. Then grab a WR second be it your guy or Miller. Either way I just hope they don’t grab a WR 1st or if they do it better be a HR pick as I feel there usually ain’t much difference between talent on Wr 1st to 2nd unless it’s a sure fire pick in which case he will be long gone by 19
  2. Dez Bryant Released

    True the offense was putrid a lot last season but I would say the major reasons for that was injury to smith and loss of Elliot not Dak being unable to get the ball to Dez. What really frustrates me in reading all this and hearing the hate in Dak is the unrealistic nature of it all. The expectation it seems Is sense Dak isn’t a polished all pro QB after having one of if not the best every years as a rookie QB is we should dump his ***. So much about how a QB especially a young QB performs relates to the team around him. Be it a perfect storm as it will. Eventually the real good ones like Brady Rogers Romo can do it with nobody to a point. But it takes time for them to get the feel and find what works for them. I hear the talk 6 or 22 and just how that is major. Well guess what the 6 can be replaced in a number of ways and doesn’t worry me much. I also hear complaints about Witten. One huge difference between Witten/Dez. Witten is important every down blocker Witten can be relied upon to work hard on every route as well as do a better job of getting open and presenting not only a easier throw but a easier read for our QB. I loved Dez and yes thought he was being mistreated by the media and said so. But also I thought he was no longer making the catches he needed to make and had made in the past and also no longer got open like he used too. I also said it before I personally think should have kept him but see why we didn’t not worth the money as it seemed obvious was not going to get the 1300 yards 16 TD’s production
  3. Current Depth Chart - 63

    I find it interesting that you have M Martin over Looney, if that is the case and Smith is healthy (all word from camp is he's fine but we've heard this tune before) then we have upgraded our OL a lot and after we add a tackle in the draft will have a huge battle for back up between Green Fleming Collins and who ever we draft... as I think we only carry 8 on game day.. though looking isn't Green expected to go back to Guard where he performed better. and Yeah we need help at WR. Noah might not make it as we will draft a WR.. (Hope 2nd/3rd round not 1st) ... will we carry more then six. Will Geathers (2) see the field this year.. YET still when I look LB is the weakest link as when Smith goes down for the expected 4-5 games we are TOAST as Smith is still not ready to CARRY the load and lead the unit. OH thought this is interesting (Thanks for who ever posted it) 1st round pics by position last 10 years 3-DB 3-OL 2-RB 1-WR 1-DL --- up until lost Dez 7 were still on the team. That is a very very good record for a teams no 1 pick. And only two of those are not still playing.. both 2008 year pics.. and Taco (injured) last years pic is the only non starter and should start this year I HOPE. Only drafted 2 QB's last ten years.. thank you again ROMO who was the man. One of which is our starter. We complain so much about Jones's and the draft but looking deeper at the results they are much better then average I would think... so I trust our staff on draft day. Had to look...
  4. Dez Bryant Released

    I don’t know about this but I will say we did not have a top ten OL last year and I believe that and injury to Lee was why we missed the playoffs. Remember the Giant playoff loss. Even a high talent QB can look bad if the OL is a sieve to the pash rush. Dez had his moments but sence he wasn’t demanding double teams I understand why he was cut and frankly the only wat they could have done it any different that would have lead to better results was to trade him mid season
  5. Dez Bryant Released

    One key here. How many years did he sit before seeing the field. I don’t think people understand just how huge that is for some QB and used to be the norm until we got to our state of instant gratification on QB
  6. Dez Bryant Released

    Sigh. I hope we don’t draft WR at 19. Sure Ridley might become a all pro. But we need a different talent right now. I really want a stud LB
  7. Top 3 wish list for 19

    I think for best long term after nick draft show on ESPN 1 Smith. Though doubt he will last 2. Evans 3 Ripley if Davenport drops I might take him over Smith. But that is iffy. My top choice is James but no way he will be available NO way I take a TE here. I understand the thought as yes Witten is not elite receiver but we need a TE who also can block and with our team IMO an elite WR with speed does more to open up areas for Dak then a TE who cannot block well
  8. Titans Coaching Staff Hires

    I love the t and comet logo. And just no to Red numbers in white grey pants ? Too much like giants ...... still can’t wait.
  9. Titans Coaching Staff Hires

    I happen to really like the two color blue combo. I just don’t like when we wear all powder or all dark.
  10. Is DeMarco Murray a Titan next season?

    I can let go of mediocrity but a health Murray is better then Henry. The reality though is we did not have a healthy Murray for much of last season and at his age I doubt he will be healthy all 2018. But if the team medical staff is confident he can play 12 or so games healthy then they might keep him otherwise it makes no sense as a less then 100 Murray is not good. So to answer depends on a true eval Of his health I personally have no prob saying bye bye but that isn’t because I think Henry is a better back only Murray isn’t worth the risk
  11. Dez Bryant: Keep, Release or Trade?

    I voted keep but but aware he has limited time left. And Boy do people still undervalue what Free did for this team. He wasn’t a all pro but he was a solid starter something we don’t have now behind Smith who is very fragile
  12. Mike Vrabel Hired As Head Coach

    I actually like that we aren’t getting a retread HC. I hope he is not too set in his ways so he can use what we have to best advantage. Again I have no problem with keeping our DC but we do need a new OC and that will be the key to how this all works out as this team IMO key is improving it’s consistency on offense and eliminating the bad games on the road that this season ultimately cost us the division title.
  13. Playoffs

    We shall see I guess. Can the Jags run the ball enough Will they get the turn overs needed to get a quick start. Sure jags can get pressure but the pats are a quick passing team and Gronk gives them a huge edge. It still burns me but Minny should prevail but so should have ATL against Philly. To be honest I’m just pissed. Last years team would be favorites to win this year or this years team with the O that was playing against GB Rams etc and the D we had with a healthy Lee.
  14. Randy Gregory

    I tend to think having slightly larger roles expectations and rookies around them was a major reason Brown and Jones had “down” years to be fair though ultimately the only major problem our D had this past year was run defense when Lee was out which fairly or not fairly probably was due to the Smith draft as he still wasn’t ready mentally to play and he was I think projected as Lee’s replacement its hard to say about the O. So much about this year was lost due to the Eliot situation hard to get a true gauge. I just hope we improve the overall depth of the OL and some how figure out how to use all our weapons more consistently Dez Beasley Switzer and even Williams are all capable of producing It’s a little frustrating as there is enough diversity in what we have to create a lot of match up problems if used properly.
  15. It killed our pass protection in a game we needed to throw