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  1. This was another huge problem with this game. Jets gave up 10 sacks last game and we barely had a wiff if their QB one sack happened first drive and was on a play Donald was trying to extend the play. What was worse was there was zero pressure to make Donald throw the ball early or throw it away
  2. For the record didn’t like the two point conversion play. Dak had no options to deal with a hot blitz Still that’s the problem all the silly ness of the game before put us in a bad spot. just so mad already deleted my recording of the game
  3. Well Garrett. This loss on You we left 10 points out there
  4. Well. The flags Helier they were legit. But don’t worry Jets they evened up sigh. I find it interesting they didn’t show the Conner hold but man got bailed out in Witten play that can save us.
  5. Sigh. Stop and go???? The guy is playing 6-7 yards off you that route isn’t there guys. Well four down spot. But hopefully can get the first on third.
  6. Well that’s our D. Game time been rested and give up points .....
  7. Sigh should be ahead now!!! and can our D get a 3 an out
  8. I am so upset. That 1 st down run a jet was lined up in nuteral zone
  9. We got one and it didn’t help us at all just ran some clock off the game. Right now my three big parts 1 going for it and not making it 2. Refs take away 4 points. 3 missed Fg
  10. The failed play to Witten which would have been a TD was the killer. Witten got held up just a little so Dak pass a step to long. Thats the game folks With the missed FG our D just can’t get off the field too many mistakes
  11. Well. That was a break. Huge break. It was kinda funny Lewis had no idea what to do once he got the ball
  12. Wide wide open WR. Are D is a huge problem for this team. Personally I think a lot of it starts with DLaw he is not doing anything disruptive at all and out secondary has taken a step back this year or our coverage design is seriously messed up
  13. And the ref didn’t throw the Flag tell after Witten scored Garret needed to challenge that and what the crazy play was a drop off the Zeke. Oh well. Refs refs refs.
  14. Absolutely hate that second down call