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  1. Playoffs

    We shall see I guess. Can the Jags run the ball enough Will they get the turn overs needed to get a quick start. Sure jags can get pressure but the pats are a quick passing team and Gronk gives them a huge edge. It still burns me but Minny should prevail but so should have ATL against Philly. To be honest I’m just pissed. Last years team would be favorites to win this year or this years team with the O that was playing against GB Rams etc and the D we had with a healthy Lee.
  2. Randy Gregory

    I tend to think having slightly larger roles expectations and rookies around them was a major reason Brown and Jones had “down” years to be fair though ultimately the only major problem our D had this past year was run defense when Lee was out which fairly or not fairly probably was due to the Smith draft as he still wasn’t ready mentally to play and he was I think projected as Lee’s replacement its hard to say about the O. So much about this year was lost due to the Eliot situation hard to get a true gauge. I just hope we improve the overall depth of the OL and some how figure out how to use all our weapons more consistently Dez Beasley Switzer and even Williams are all capable of producing It’s a little frustrating as there is enough diversity in what we have to create a lot of match up problems if used properly.
  3. It killed our pass protection in a game we needed to throw
  4. This game was always how we were gonna respond when they scored and we responded well but the ref made a bad call and Marcus missed on that deep pass to Mathews then the mess that is our play calling.
  5. At some time you have to give credit to NE designed offense to put the other teams D in bad match ups. Our D has little options to stop NE at this point just have to middle blitz and hope. Still this game turned in the PI call against us
  6. I really didn’t think we would see worse refs but. And boy do our coaches have questions to answer about play calling and I sure hope Taylor improves with the off season or that is a wasted pick
  7. Yeah pity refs changes the script. And we needed to have scored thAt last drive. Hope can keep them out but we don’t cover well enough so unless we get to Brady.
  8. Yeah same stuff got us a offensive PI call earlier
  9. Again bull **** call center moved first. Glad to see some one stand up for us and bad calls That Last one was bad
  10. It is the ref missed it should have been a flag but no surprise it wasn’t called this is why that bull **** call on us was so bad it gave NE ball in great position instead of us with the ball moving forward. It is a little frustrating like NE really needs the refs help It was always gonna be a struggle cause when NE opens up the offense we put everything into coverage then struggle when then dink and dime it