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  1. The stat line was a double check of the post about games giving up 30 plus. in my mind the only real stat I look at is completion % TD versus Interception while the play off record is of some value that also is more about the TEAM. Dak has two losses where frankly we lost more based on what his team mates did. Against GB defense couldn’t stop Rogers and Coaches real consecutive end 1st half. Rams game was all on the D not stopping the Rams run game In both games I thought Dak played as well as his opposing QB
  2. Hmm just for my own mind checked all games 2016. Won 35-30 over pitt 1-0 playoffs lost GB 35-31 0-1 2017 lost 42-17 den 1-1 lost 30-35 rams 1-2 lost 31-35 GB 1-3 lost 8-37 Philly 1-4 2018 won 36-35 NYG 2-4 Playoffs lost 22-30 Rams 0-2 2019 Lost 24-34 GB 2-5 lost 24-31 chic 2-6 so 2-6 regular season rec =.250% with playoffs 2-8 = .200%
  3. Rumor: Cowboys Locked In on Adams

    He would be a awesome addition. I hesitate giving a 1st 3rd but wouldn’t hate it. If we do this then it almost guarantees not resigning Lewis and Awuzi. Which might cripple the CB aspect of our D if Robinson does not pan out. The other problem is yes it hurts down the road as we loose another cheap rookie on our team.
  4. Aldon Smith reinstated

    This is good news but it doesn’t guarantee that Smith will even make the roster. He still has to prove it on the field.
  5. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Hmm. Good luck with that. Wentz was great I would agree that year but then Fowles took over for him and was just as great. There might be something to the fact that the Eagles team could do nothing wrong that year no matter who their QB was that year. this OL QBs argument has been going on sense Romo was the QB and will go on for ever. IMO it’s a balance game between OL QB and the coaches. My take is the QB has a certain time frame designed in each play to make a decision to throw the ball. If the QB is not making the decision/read quick enough well that’s on the QB. If the OL is not blocking the play long enough to give the QB the correct time required by the play design then it’s on the OL. If the coaches are calling plays that give little chance to the OL/QB to execute based on what the defense is doing then That’s on the coaches. in my opinion most of the problems that began with the falcons game started with the OL moved to the Coaches and finished with the QB
  6. Right now I would go 4 yrs 136 mil or 5 yrs 185 ish Mil but then right now I see Dak is as good as Watson better Goff and Wentz. And Watson might have more up side but he has shown less then Dak has to this point
  7. Hmmm. That’s actually how things work in the real world salaries are mostly set by job tittle And location from company to company Not so much skill set. So yeah if Philly says a franchise QB is worth 32-35 then yeah Dallas is gonna have to Pay that for a franchise QB. As right now it’s 35 and rising. But mostly right now it’s not the $ rather then the years so...
  8. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Looking at those numbers I see why we didn’t draft a TE as McCarthy it seems mostly goes 1 TE occasionally 2. I think with Elliot we might see more 2. Either way I have always thought Elliot did better when we ran sweeps or spread the field out. I like the 12 a lot for this team as it gets the best out there. But Jarwin better learn to be atleast a average blocker I don’t know the rating in Shultz blocking but what ever second TE plays needs to be a solid blocker
  9. I don’t know. This is such a hard topic to get a real handle on. In my mind there is no way I would say we had a top five OL last year based on what I saw game in game out. I guess improving our DL will make me think better about our OL. All I know is it seemed almost every game we played our opponents OL was out playing us. I also though when we ran on normal run downs rarely did our OL get any kind of push and we struggled badly on 3rd and short or 4th and short when we ran the ball. I also thought Dak on a regular basis never had the clean pocket that our opponent QB regularly had. This is why I was never high on our OL over all yes we had probowlers but Smith seemed penalty prone and made a lot of mistakes I put to working with a young LG. I also thought our LG and C combination struggled a lot when teams stunted or blitzed on that side. No way was red bird playing at the level before his time away. I would put them in top 10 not 5. But stats are stats I guess. Still Also yes over his 4 years I would say on avg Dak played behind a top 10 Ol. I would not say top 5 as some say
  10. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    And I my mind that is too limiting because RIGHT NOW I would only vote 3 QB in the great area Mahomes Wilson Rogers. Jackson and Watson need a couple more years to prove it to me. Neither has really shown over their careers they are better then Dak. Brady is arguably the best QB to ever play the game but is he a elite QB, well he wasn’t one last year so.,. Brees would have been on the list in times before but he wasn’t elite last year either I would say Dak is well above average just not the best QB in the game So if pushed to pick average or great I vote great by default.
  11. I have gone back and forth on this the TV deal thing with the idea he wants a second contract make sense. right now I would offer 4 yrs 33/35 a year 80 guaranteed that would not break the bank and let Dak feel like he has a chance for a second deal either way they need to sign him before Watson or Jackson because Dak is gonna want and deserves the same salary as these two
  12. Instant 2020 Expectations

    I expect 10-6. This team could go 12-4 but to do that three things need to happen. 1- special teams needs to be vastly better 2-our LB play needs to be like 2018 not 2019 3-we need a better turn over margin then we had last year while Dak is getting all the heat and as QB the buck does stop with him - just slightly better special teams play last year and we are 10-6 and win the division going away
  13. Andy Dalton now a Cowboy

    Sigh... I want Dak here as a QB. But no way would I sign him to a 4 year contract 100 mil guaranteed. If he wants 100 mil guaranteed he gets a 5 year deal. If he wants a 4 year deal then 80 guaranteed is my Max. Either way 35 a year is okay for 4 33-34 for 5. Now I might even go 85 guaranteed over 4. That would be 30-20-20-20
  14. Well it will be interesting to see this season. Right now the only QB that has come into the league sense Dak I would no think twice take is Mahomes at this point. Watson hasn’t been over all better then Dak. I would argue Watson is more up and down then Dak Did any one watch Jackson play the year before last he was beyond terrible and last year he Had a good year yes but was a train wreck in the most important game he played So no if he has two three more great years wins a play off game or two then yeah I would Say he’s outperformed Dak to this point not really and let’s get back to that comment. 4-5 QB’s come out this year say 2-3 perform Dak level or better in first three years. Well that’s a 50/50 shot your gonna get a bust and now your in a world of hurt
  15. 2020 Schedule

    The key to having a great year we have to start it right against Rams and do well against AFC. I think it’s a crime this 3 in 13 days 2 on road with those road games being two if the hardest we have to face. I would be real happy with a 11-5 record. Though yes if the D comes together 14-2 is not a stretch. first guess losses. Balt(physical game Mobile QB tired team). SF - (they stop the run we cant stop their run game). Philly - (we just have a bad game). other options. Cincy - bad weather Dak not good in bad weather. Clev - like the Jets game overconfident not ready washington- always been close games but they haven’t held up new coach makes a difference rook QB gives them life