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  1. Yeah the depth at DE sounds good but can we afford to keep that many on the rooster. With our questions at TE and WR
  2. Witten to retire after 15 seasons

    I believe the relationship between Romo and this organization was not in a good enough place to make a transition to coaching work. But yes Romo has shown he would be a excellent qb coach or offensive coordinator
  3. Ranking The Roster - #6

    I might vote Orakpo here but Butler is a good choice. What would be interesting is if we voted most important to the team. Either way I wouald have voted Marcus higher on the list
  4. Team Leader For Each Receiving Category In 2018?

    I am really undecided and need to see how Hurns works out and how Beasley rebounds. Preseason is going to be huge and any small injuries to our TE it WR group will really hurt our teams developement more so because of missing practice rather then the game action. Personally I think a lot of TWill hate comes from his lack of consistency we get two three huge games a year mostly early them nothing but yes I see him as no 2 hard to eek out as he blocks so well and can run a variety of different routes to perfection at times
  5. Greatest Cowboy to never WIN.

    Dandy Don. Romo.
  6. Guess the Top 53

    Way too early but qb. Prescott. Rush white rb Elliot Smith Austin scarbo fb olawale wr Hurns Williams Beasley gallop then two out of brown Thompson wilson te. Swain Jarvis Swartz. (Gathers May replace Jarvis I hope) ot smith Collins Fleming og martin x2 williams c Fred. Looney de. Lawrence Charlton Crawford Armstrong tapper ealy dt. Irving Collins ward. (And Either ash or price) lb Lee smith Wilson Esh thomas cb. Jones Lewis awuzi Brown white s heath wood Frazier showers. (Ward might replace showers diff positions I know) st. Bailey jones LP that leaves one spot. For either green or the ash price looser or the looser of the above WR battle or if Witten doesn’t retire unlikely
  7. Round 7 # 236 Bo Scarbrough RB

    One thing is for sure Never has preseason been more important then the one up am coming. We have so many questions on who is gonna make the final 53.
  8. Round 7 # 236 Bo Scarbrough RB

    We could use him in FB roll as well maybe. But a lot depends on how many WR we keep I would think. Have to review the depth chart list to see just what our final 53 might look like
  9. Cowboys trade for Rams WR Tavon Austin

    I agree with this. That is one reason I see Austin on field in a lot of hire down plus five or second long packages. He cannot also be a real weapon on dump offs and wheel routes I imagine lots of options here to add the speed we missed last year
  10. Round 6 # 208 Cedrick Wilson WR

    This to me means Switzer is on notice more than anything as Miller also is a good returner. Most likely we don’t end up keeping both Switz and Beas
  11. Cowboys trade for Rams WR Tavon Austin

    I got zero problem here. Better value to the team then the QB we drafted. I actually am also on board with him being part of the backfield rotation.
  12. Round 6 #193 Chris Covington OLB

    Sounds like a good special teams guy if he makes the squad otherwise good practice squad and good back up depth if we get hit with a lot of injuries.
  13. Round 5 #171 Mike White QB

    I am unsure need to see what other teams got here don’t really like it as I feal we need way more quality depth In other areas on the D and this really wasn’t an area of need to me.
  14. 1.19 - Welcome to Dallas LVE

    I am okay here was a toss up between him and Evans. But I think LVE is the better choice for those games Lee miss
  15. 2.50 Connor Gonna Guard #HookEm

    I also love this pick as improving the OL was num 2 priority after LB even with out Dez Witten. Interesting to see who comes next.