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  1. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    I am all for a large NT type to help clog the middle and keep the OL from putting bodies on our LB I know nothing about the college recievers but would want some one who offers something different then what we have with Gallup and Coop quickness and precise route running is my need
  2. 2019 Free Agency - Potential Targets

    That’s true but part of Cooper value is he demands attention on the outside opening up space in side for the routes Beasley was good at and also freeing up space for the TE. I just think to complement Coop and Gallup we need a quick precise route runner who is a miss match for LB and safety’s. I had hopes Austin would fill this roll but he seems unable to run precise routes
  3. No New Deal For Garrett

    Agreed. But even there you have to evaluate what went wrong And what failed us in 2018 was The strength all season Zero running game on offense and our D could not stop the run. Do you blame the coach because the players suddenly failed to do something they’ve done all year Maybe you do I don’t think Jones will
  4. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    PI see us in a wait and see mode do we bring back Beasley - hope so but doubtful is Fredrick healthy - hope so a healthy Fredrick to me means we can go TE 1st pick no Beasley means we need to add a quick possession type WR as I don’t trust Austin yet A Heath upgrade would be my third pick then some DL depth LB depth if we resign Beasley then I might go defense sooner
  5. Around the NFL - Playoffs Baby

    Came in nothing changes. People are still stuck on Dak hate. Last 8 games and play offs he played top ten plus level and as well during that span as Goff did yet the narrative is always Dak sucks shouldn’t be starting for any one Goff a franchise top five playoff match up 20/32 266 yrds 1 TD pass 1 rush TD 15/28 186 yrds Zero TD’s Guess who’s who.... Super Bowl Goff 19-38. 228 yrds 5 - 3 outs Moved into NE Territory three times all game had critical game ending interception final 6 min when team down just one score 1 FG 1 FG miss Dak Indy game 24-39. 209 yards no three outs moved ball into Indy territory EVERY drive Dak threw his interception with 50 seconds left score 23-0 1 blocked FG those aren’t the same at all Dak moved ball all game just bad luck and some bad play calling at critical times Goff didn’t move the ball at all until Final drives in 4 th and threw a game ending real bad interception when his team was still in the game and had a chance any way doesn’t matter much I know Goff has a good rep as a passer and as a caveat I must only watch his bad games because frankly I haven’t seen any thing from him that makes me think he is a better QB the Dak
  6. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    It’s kinda interesting people talk of expectations and such I think could be wrong but a high majority of posters here would have been beyond happy if we made it to the NFC championship and beyond happy if you said going into the season after dropping Dez loosing Fredrick to winning the division and a play off game especially as a good portion of posters feel we have a major handicap at QB to me this was a successful season sure I really wish our D hadn’t laid a egg in the last game if they had just been okay. Made them put 3-4 times not just once I think we could have won the game but still we are the youngest team and with all the complaints about Garrett his best feature is getting the team emotionally ready and installing a sense of pride in coming out and competing hard every game so. I don’t see 10-6 and a play off win as settling but I guess if every year as a fan you think super bowl or bust then yeah this year was a waste. The other thing about this past year I can look back and say coulda shoulda (I still think we should have beaten the rams and could have beaten the saints) and put us in the Super Bowl so yeah to me I am bummed not playing this coming weekend but can look back with a little reality And say we really weren’t super bowl favs going in so
  7. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    To me these type of stats regarding pressure sacks hits and finding the blame is so difficult i just don’t automatically blame QB OL In my mind i always think of it as a balance between OL-play call-QB and how the D plays the play. This if the rush is constantly making the QB move off his spot before It is time to throw the ball to a WR then either the WR’s are not get open as expected or the routes are taking too long developing or the OL failed to block it right or the D blitzed and we failed to pick up the blitz or the blitz was not expected If all that is happening on a regular basis then I expect the QB is going to develop happy feet and not be willing to go through all the progressions and be exiting the pocket a lot more often then the norm.
  8. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    I don’t know I gues people just read a sentence assume what I am saying ignore the rest. I NEVER said Dak had a good a season as Mahomes in fact you would see Mahomes way ahead of Dak in my list of top QB’s. Now I did say Dak played as well as Goff did the final ten games including playoffs and mahomes and Goff did not play better then Dak in the PLAYOFFS yes Mahomes was great did a great job in the 2nd half of the NE game but he also lead his team to only 16 yards in the first half and if KC hadn’t gotten two key interceptions and stopped NE on downs another drive it would have been a route i know people may think I am blind saying Dak played second half of season and playoffs as well as Goff. But oh well I don’t care now over all yes Goff had a better season and yes had a better season last year as well but Dak had a much better way much better season his rookie year then Goff did we shall see I still think it is more about the team as a whole when you get here then the QB but each to his own. I mean how manny of you think Eli is better then Brady yet Brady has never beaten Eli in the playoffs
  9. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    Yeah and that’s why a lot of us gets a little upset at this whole debate it seems a lot of people blame Dak for not getting us to the super bowl this year or the championship game. My comment is Dak played personally as well as Mahomes or Goff this year so why didn’t the the boys make it BECAUSE his TEAMMATES did not play as well as the team mates of GOFF and MAHOMES in other words if the QB’s would have been switched we had Goff they had Dak IMO they still would have won and If we had Mahones instead of Dak we still would have LOST and FYI we Dak 22 points at LA. Brees scored 23 at home against them and lost as well so. Obviously having Brees wouldn’t have helped us much either It’s a team game Dak is good enough to get us there this team was good enough they just didn’t and mostly the D play good enough to make it
  10. There should be only one debate!!!

    In my mind worse case we see mostly what we saw with I hope run game and Elliot be the key stone part of our offense best case Moore is able to help develop a more creative passing game to compliment our run game use screens to RB and TE. Using cooper down field to help create open space for Gallop and others including using TE down field on releases more Design simple route trees that also might include double moves routes that Help Dak diagnosis the coverage quicker and make it easier and quicker to go through his progressions
  11. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    If all the QB were put in a pool and teams were forced to draft first come first serve and it gets reset every year my order would be similar to this in order 1 and on Brady - Wilson - Rogers - Big Ben - Brees - newton - mahomes - Luck - the next few real close pick em Goff - Dak - Rivers - Wentz All of these on this line have a lot of reasons to pick over Dak but Goff can’t run as well and hasn’t consistently showed me over past three years Rivers is getting too old and doesn’t run as well and does not up his game in the clutch Wentz has some good runs but is hurt prone never really played a big game yet so who knows how he reacts Dak is not even close to be perfect nor the pure passer of the others on this line but way better runner and has shown he can win the big game and can be clutch my nextbchiice might be a guaranteed healthy Mariota
  12. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    I did not give Dak a pass just said Mahones hasn’t done anything in playoffs yet more than Dak. And Goff has won two games yes but said Goff didn’t do better in his wins this year then Dak did in his two games this year again if you just count our games sure okay. Great we couldn’t stop watson or Luck but also. Dak really outplayed Brees does that count. I don’t think so Luck And Watson were terrible in there teams last play off games and Watson has been terrible the second half of the season. Did you see the Baltimore game what a train wreck. Dak even in some of the bad games last war didn’t play that bad. and just how much trust injury wise you give Luck YES Dak is not a top ten QB but the unwillingness to acknowledge also the weakness and bad play of other QB is just who cares about career 300 games. Look at what NE just did to KC for three qtrs tell Brady threw a interception to get KC rolling. ( again16 total yrds 1st half) Look what a Dak did to the giants when it was all on him throwing. Our offense is designed for controlling the clock so our D is fresh taking advantage of our best player not throwing the ball 300 plus yards sure Dak can do that and has in the past but that isn’t the best for him or this team AND yes before the haters hate DAK is no where near the pure passer Mahones or Goff is but he has other talents and skills those players do not and yes he has shown he is clutch as he right now has as many winning 4 th qtr drives in the playoffs as Either of those players And yes if I was redrafting Qb in the NFL from scratch I would take Mahimes over Dak. Not sure yet about Goff Like ever one says one year success is no indicator And GOFF is about third or fourth on the list of why the rams are in the super bowl this year. Rams D- Rams running game- Official call.
  13. 2019 Free Agency - Potential Targets

    I really don’t see us players at all in FA market tell after draft when we also should have a better handle on Fredrick. I wouldn’t be opposed to a FA safety but am leary ET will he have the right attitude he used to being the leader and in this D he would not be. And don’t we have one more year with Smith at LB and a option year after that
  14. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    So just stepping in to next weeks game. Not replaying from scratch. none of you maybe guys though Foles gives me pause but he is a rhythm guy and would have zero rhythm with us. I have seen them play games worse then Dak this year by far and not a ton of better games if any then Daks good games like the final 10. INCLUDING the INDY one not a good game but still as good as what I’ve seen from a lot of those guys regular games this year. Now some of those five years down the road might or might not turn out to be better Now trading straight up That gets interesting Mahomes has impressed every time Goff over last two years been better on average but really didn’t impress me much in this years play offs. His D carries him against NO as did his running game against us. Some of the vets. How many more years are they gonna play. 1 2 3 - 5. I would need to know
  15. The Bease vs Front Office

    Well. I got no problem with Beasley he gives the effort in the games from what I’ve seen. He also is probably reacting a bit to how he disappeared in our offense last year this year he was a huge weapon. But he also I think sees the writing in the wall and knows a lot is his touches are going to go to Gallup next year and he sees that our TE group is only gonna improve as they add experience but frankly he has a huge value to this team as shown by his third down production in the recent playoff game as he is a mismatch nightmare in single coverage and can get open quickly which is huge in third down situations Hopefully he stays