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  1. Wentz had some initial success. What may have caused his regression was a knee injury which hampered his athletic playing style, severly altering his playing abilities.
  2. Absolutely! Chicago is a wonderful city with beautiful architect; friendly people; and great restaurants. It being such a thriving and lively place is why I became a Bears fan!
  3. Can't wait to see what Tarik will do with better QB play, taking pressure of the running attack!
  4. Snyder ruined RG3. Mike and Kyle both wanted to bring him along slowly and ween him off the 2012 offense, turning him into a pocket passer like Andy Reid did with McNabb. Snyder got into Griffin's head and used him to tell the head coach how to run his offense. Sadly Mike, RG3, and Snyder were all egomaniacs who couldn't put their pride a side and get out of their own way.
  5. By happenstance this video dropped today.
  6. Pagano has had mostly mediocre defenses throughout his DC career. His only outstanding year, as one, was with The Ravens who had a stacked D-Unit and parlayed that into a head coaching gig. After that his defenses were middle of the road to out and out basement dwellers. With amount of talent Pace has invested into the defense they can still be a dominating force or at the very least above average group with half way decent coaching. If the new DC takes a page from Fangio's book the defense will return to form.
  7. If they follow this primer it could help Fields development. Pretty much don't try to force a square peg into a round hole, like with Mitch. And considering Nagy, himself, was all in for JF it shouldn't be that much of a change for either party.
  8. This may explain why Agent Uno acquired that habit. Which if true should be easy to break. https://mobile.twitter.com/Nate_Tice/status/1355261917766377473?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1355261917766377473|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=
  9. I fully agree with the Russell Wilson comparison. Its ironic, Chicago was going to sell the farm to get him and lucked into drafting a bigger and stronger version of said player.
  10. I agree. The biggest reason was Nagy and Trubisky's style just didn't mesh together and the coach was more intrested in running his offense and winning games over developing a QB he didn't have anything to do with drafting. And given MT's limited skill set there's not much Matt could do? If you mix 5 lbs of ice cream and 5 lbs of monkey crap you just got yourself 10 lbs of crap.
  11. And Fields coming off the bench, at some point, gives the fans something to look forward to. If things go bad under Dalton theres still the hope of Agent One stepping in with a cape and saving the day. And yeah it would be fair to give Andy a shot against his old team so at least let him start against them.
  12. The Supernatural gif alone makes the thread so full of win! 😊
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