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  1. This Zach Wilson kid could be legit? https://mobile.twitter.com/jacobinfante24/status/1317283218194878470
  2. He must mean Monopoly money.
  3. The look on his face. It just screams I've been hoodwinked, had, and bamboozled even, lol.
  4. Ok this is some brilliant happenstance because I had pizza for lunch before the game and washed it down with Kola Champagne. And I just scarfed down some pancakes right before I saw this post?! And yeah my dieting is going along as well as the run game.
  5. They're better than The Colts. At the VERY least just as good. If The Bears don't work out their kinks from today, real quick Thurs will be another beatdown.
  6. And if he could, that would make the team want to follow him and give him the "it factor." Performance and winning cures a lot.
  7. Yep, win, lose, or draw this is going to be a low scoring slugfest.
  8. I'm still in shock about it, myself?
  9. Just read game is still on! ProFootballTalk - NBC Sports: Bears-Falcons game is on, after more testing and contact tracing - ProFootballTalk. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/09/27/bears-falcons-game-is-on-after-more-testing-and-contact-tracing/
  10. If there is a game it will be a nail biter. Can't wait until 1!
  11. Yep. Nagy comes from the Reid coaching tree and it is very successful. To paraphrase a writer, on the subject, "if you want to win rings go under Belichick. If you want to be a really good head coach go under Reid." https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/.amp/nfl/2018/11/15/andy-reid-coaching-tree-doug-pederson-sean-mcdermott-ron-rivera-matt-nagy-steve-spagnuolo-john-harbaugh Half of the names alone is proof positive Andy knows how to develop future coaches: Harbaugh, Rivera, Pederson, Spagnuolo, etc, etc.
  12. The Falcons are a lot better than their record indicates. If it wasn't for their porous defense they could easily be sitting at 2-0. These guys have the right idea; run the ball like crazy to keep Matt Ryan and his offense off the field. If it turns into a shootout Da Bears secondary will get shredded and lose.
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