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  1. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    Brady & Behlichick are the GOAT QB and coach combo!
  2. Tough one? I think Behlichick would have been a good coach who consistently made the playoffs but without Brady he wouldn't have be so dominant in them. And I don't see Billy boy winning any Superbowls.
  3. Unbreakable Record: 8 Consecutive CC Title Games?

    In order to have made it to all of those AFCCG The Patriots had to beat some good teams along way. Its not like they got two bye weeks in the playoffs. Brady and Behl are the GOAT QB Coach combo!
  4. Redskins Sign 2 WR's. Why?

    Doctsons been in the league for 3 years now, he should be able to do some basic route running. Regardless this move is like putting a band aid on a shotgun blast.
  5. Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) at Packers (1-0)

    I knew it would come up as soon as it happened and sure enough the media and PackRats are whining about the hit on Big Cuz that hauled back the interception and gave The Vikes another go. Funny enough I believe the League made that rule because of the same exact hit done on their wonderboy Rodgers. Now its come back to bite them in the bum and now its unfair. Clay Matthews Jr. pressured Cousins on the first-down play, hitting the quarterback just after he threw and knocking him to the ground in what appeared to be a legal takedown. But officials saw it differently, calling roughing the passer on Matthews. The penalty negated the interception, giving Minnesota new life. The Vikings went down the field, scoring the game-tying touchdown and two-point conversion eight plays later. Matthews was miffed after the game, lost for an explanation for what he thought was a clean hit. "I mean, I don't know even know where to start to be completely honest with you," Matthews said. "I have so many emotions running through as far as just what a terrible call it was. But at the same time, I don't know what else to do. I mean, I don't know. You let me know. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000963088/article/clay-matthews-miffed-over-crucial-roughing-penalty All the while Layme Matthews be like
  6. Week 2: Indianapolis Colts

    Ok it took me a couple ticks before I remembered this reference LOL.
  7. If Wash does that then they're stuck with Rob Kelly as the feature back (shudder). AD is effective in small doses like a spice; over using him would be like a garlic milkshake. The trio of him, Chris Thompson, and Perrine should keep the running game on par. And fingers crossed The Skins may need him around to work horse Peterson in the playoffs.
  8. Preseason WK3: Broncos @ Redskins

    Same here. I wish he hadn't taken that number.
  9. Adrian Peterson (Signed)

    From what I've gathered AD is in better shape than Darkwa: "He's a physical freak," Redskins coach Jay Gruden said. "He's in great shape, explosive, and that's what sold us. Some of the backs we had in here (for workouts) were huffing and puffing, keeling over. He was standing straight up. He could have gone on another two hours." http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24439369/adrian-peterson-first-practice-washington-redskins Adrian Peterson avg 3.1 yds behind the worst O-line, in Ari. The Redskins had the 12th best line last year. Already he's in a better place to excel. Not to mention The Cardinals and The Saints employ ZBS and AP works better in PRS, which Jay likes to run. Couple that with basically having a year off, due to his neck injury giving his legs a chance to rest he has a 50 50 chance off working out here. We'll have to wait and see?
  10. If Rodgers had came here he wouldn't have been the same Aaron Rodgers that he is now. He wouldn't have reached his full potential playing here like has in Green Bay. The Skins haven't shown the ability to develop a quarterback. And since this thread is about Alex Smith thought I would post this breakdown of how he fits into Gruden's offense. https://www.google.com/amp/amp.si.com/nfl/2018/08/10/washington-redskins-2018-preview-schedule-roster
  11. If Tommy The Green Ranger isn't in it (as a male) then I'm not intrested.
  12. Guice Has Torn ACL - Out for Season

    Bloody hail what is the deal with the teams picks getting injured? This is the third year in a row.
  13. Absolutely. Barry is one of those players who could succeed in any era.
  14. Was Jameis Winston’s talent overrated coming out of college?

    Not at all. Just because a player doesn't exceed his NFL expectations doesn't undo what he did in the collegiate ranks. Winston played extremely well his first two years; throwing for over 4,000 yds in both them and over 20 tds. And while his numbers could have been better, they weren't terrible for last season.