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  1. When I was in 5th grade, I was on the school newspaper and the Arizona Cardinals were playing in Super Bowl 43. I had decided that I was going to pull for the Cardinals after hearing that one of my mom’s uncle/aunt pairs moved to Phoenix. 

    I knew nothing about the NFL, football, or anything that would have helped me make a more informed decision. I watched the 1st half but I was made to go to bed by the 2nd half. I was upset after the Cardinals lost.

    Still not knowing what the NFL or football is, I finally catch a glimpse of the Cardinals vs the Packers playoff game and start to hate the Saints with a passion after they injured Kurt Warner. I believed it was on purpose years before Bountygate was revealed. 

    When the Cardinals start sucking again, I’m shocked as I didn’t know that they historically were perennial losers. 

    I didn’t have SundayTicket so I was stuck just checking the scores and standings. 

    I later began waffling between the Cardinals and Packers (because of Aaron Rodgers and wanting to hop on a winning bandwagon) in late middle school and early high school. 

    Then, when the Packers start struggling and the Cardinals emerge the Packers take a backseat to the Cardinals.

    Nowadays, I almost quit being a Cardinals fan after drafting Murray & trading Rosen. 

    To be frank, despite being a year away from graduating college, I would still classify myself as extremely fickle in favorite teams, except for Clemson and the New York Yankees. 

    Maybe the Cardinals are my true team, maybe they are not. But I have gamepass where I can watch every game since 2011, which is ironically when I started watching the NFL. 

  2. On 4/10/2018 at 3:52 PM, Broncofan said:

    If a player is suspended they can’t practice or even be on the facilities for the 10 weeks.   Wouldn’t that seem far more important in picking up a team’s D than preseason?  Given he hasn’t played in a while I don’t know if he gets much into his at all with the inability to even do film or practice. 






    I thought that they changed that rule a few years ago to where you can do anything EXCEPT travel with the team, warm up, or play?

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