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  1. Still do not get how Leroy Butler is not in
  2. so 11 good players out of a 53 man roster maybe 2 pro bowlers no all-pros
  3. this roster has way too many holes at this point this is a 6-10 roster
  4. Why would the packers use their best draft spot in 10 years for depth?
  5. for me it is no work no pay but the pay makes it worth it
  6. Graham Mertz is 4-for-7 for 151 yards and three touchdowns (47, 12 and 75 yards) and just threw number four (8 yards)
  7. Notre Dam football is kind of in the ACC they will play 5 teams from the ACC until 2037
  8. They have the same stats minus touchdowns Ebron would have the same problem Graham is having Adams touchdown catches
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