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  1. I absolutely LOVE what the Panthers have been doing in the draft. Especially the last two years. but it's been a regular thing the past few years looking to see where my favorite defensive prospects landed and a lot have been with the Panthers. I thought Horn was right there with Surtain as the top corner in the draft. I think he's going to be a great one for you guys. I didn't really have him on my radar for the Raiders because we had taken Arnette the year before, and I thought he would be long gone by the time we picked but I also didn't have the Panthers as his most likely destin
  2. If I were ranking QBs today based on how I view them today based on what they have shown in the past and their trajectory, I would say my rough list would look like this. The elite tier. 1. Patrick Mahomes 2. Russell Wilson 3. Aaron Rodgers 4. Tom Brady 5. Deshaun Watson (obviously excluded for the time being). The great but not quite elite tier. Though obviously some of these guys are right there and could be there in my eyes as soon as the end of this year, or have had single seasons that I would absolutely classify as elite. But for me to say you are an
  3. Oh I agree. I live here in Indy, and I understood why the Colts made the move, they simply didn't have a lot of alternate routes to a potential franchise QB. Either through the draft or in free agency/trade. Obviously Wentz was no guarantee to be that either, but he at least at shown in the past to be that, is still young, and in terms of the money you were only going to be committed to him for a year, 2 maybe if you don't want to eat the 15 million or whatever it is dead cap wise next year. For a 3rd and a conditional second that could become a single first for that guy when you have a team t
  4. I don't believe any of them do. But of the possible choices I would say the Colts I find most likely. By quite a large margin. And based off of my preseason predictions I had them as 9-8 I believe, and the first or second team outside the playoffs in the AFC. Although admittedly I had the Titans as a 13-4 or 12-5 team, and while they are 1-1, they easily could be 0-2 and haven't looked great. But I still think they win the division somewhat easily. They have the best QB currently, they the reigning OPOY and my pick to repeat in Henry that they run through, and one of the very best
  5. As it stands right now I would say I would be looking at LB as my top target in the first round for this team. Going strictly off of what we have seen up to this point. Obviously a lot can change between now and draft time. DT could easily wind up being the top target. I still worry and question whether Jefferson, Thomas, and Philon will be good enough over 17 and hopefully more games to the point where we won't want a real potential impact player there. But with Thomas looking good, Jefferson playing well, and Philon making some plays I currently would be on the hunt for our Bobby Wagne
  6. I agree with you. Love or hate him, as it stands today Littelton is the only guy on the roster that has both NFL playing experience preforming at a high level at times at that, and the range and athleticism to run and get deep drops in our zone coverage. It's kind of crazy how good this defense has been so far when you consider we are playing a cover 3 scheme and one of the quickest ways for that defense to fall apart and look terrible is if your LB core lacks athleticism and can't get the required deep drops and take away that potential soft spot behind the LBs and SS and in front of the FS.
  7. Yeah I was going to say I remember seeing Moehrig miss a tackle this week pretty clearly, but I can't think of any others this week or last where he really missed one. It's obviously totally possible. But there haven't been a bunch of super egregious missed tackles. But overall the fundamentals and technique on defense has looked night and day better. Obviously there is still room for improvement. It hasn't been perfect. But in 2 weeks this defense looks faster, more aggressive, significantly more disciplined, and fundamentally sound than at any game or two game stretch under Gunther. Th
  8. Yeah. I agree. I think we are basically saying the same thing. I've since re-watched the play, and he definitely did push off. By the rules it was OPI. But I never really rely or expect that to be called. Even when it's blatant like that. I was just saying even if he got beat 100% clean with no push off on that play and touched him down afterwards, I wouldn't be saying a thing about it. And would be defending him if people were being super critical over it. Corners get beat from time to time. And I would be questioning the call to have Arnette, a decent sized corner, but on the slower si
  9. Haha I appreciate it. Went a little overboard even by my standards but Darnold and how he looks and what he could become for that Panthers team is one of the things I was most looking forward to after he was traded. I was all over the place on him before the draft when it came to how good I thought he would be, and I worried about him going to the Jets or Browns most so that made my expectations lower. But he still did not look very good in New York. So I was fascinated over the idea of what he could show with some very dangerous weapons around him for once.
  10. Yeah I believe it. I only saw the play like twice, once live and one replay during the game. I remember thinking he definitely did push off some but I didn't want to say it was especially egregious in case I was remembering it wrong. End of the day, it's fairly common for wide outs to push off to create space and make the catch, and it's rarely called on any wideout ever. Like I said I could live and didn't hold the coverage aspect against Arnette really at all. It was pretty good coverage until the very end, and if the push off was super obvious not much can be done by Arnette. Ev
  11. How big would it be for this team if Thomas can be even remotely close to how good he was yesterday on a regular basis. Man it would be nice to have success with a former high pick cast off again. He definitely has all the tools, and while I won't make too big of a deal about it until he starts putting some solid games together consistently, regardless of how you spin it it's an encouraging sign to see the guy play better yesterday than he did in any one game in SF. If he can be a guy that can do that even somewhat consistently when given opportunities because of all the attention Yannick
  12. Yep. I usually am one that preaches patience, and giving young guys time to adjust. The thing with Arnette though, is he just isn't all that young lol. I hope he's a guy I have to eat crow on, because I usually take the more optimistic approach with players, but I just don't love what I'm seeing. Maybe I'm being too hard on him, I'm not sure, but it isn't even necessarily the play on the field. I legitimately wasn't upset he gave up the catch to Claypool. Claypool is a freak athlete, it was a good throw, and Claypool did push off at least a little. But like I said, guys get beat so
  13. I would say the Raiders in arrowhead last season won without getting a bunch of lucky breaks.. I mean it was definitely still a shootout, but still. The Raiders trailed 14-3 in the first half and 21-10 with like 9 minutes left in the first half. They then took the lead 24-21 before the Chiefs tied it at 24 all right near the end of the 3rd quarter. The Raiders then scored the next 17 points in the 4th giving them a 40-24 lead with 5 or 6 minutes left in the game. The Chiefs then scored and converted the 2 point conversion to make it 40-32 with 4 minutes to play and the Raiders went on a long d
  14. That type of stuff is one of many things that makes sports so amazing man. I'm glad you have that memory for the rest of your life. It'll always be a special thing to you.
  15. I'll always remember and cherish that game. That was the night my daughter was born. I remember watching the game with her sleeping laying on my chest while I watched and tried my best not to get animated haha. The Raiders were 0-10 going in and had nothing to play for, but between getting my little girl and finally getting a win I couldn't have asked for a better day.
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