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  1. Who won the Khalil Mack trade?

    It'd be 50/50 among Raider fans because we havent even seen the players we were able to acquire for Mack play a snap yet. Thats short sighted. Bears fans im sure love having Khalil, hes a star, hes elite, hes easy to root for. But if 5 years from now the cap space and draft picks are the backbone of a consistent playoff team or super bowl winner you very well have an entire fanbase that wouldn't take the trade back on the Raider side.
  2. Things you like about your least favorite teams

    The Chiefs - Andy Reid is a coach I really respect for his ability to consistently lead a team to winning. Justin Houston was one of my all time favorites (UGA) but hes gone now. Broncos - Nothing really as a whole. I guess their ability to practice patience with coaches and players. They believe in their plan and stick by it usually. Thats commendable. I like some of their players like Von and Chris Harris Jr. Chargers - Their uniforms have always been amomg the best in the league.
  3. Raiders Offense Thread:

    I think we will see a good amount of Richard and AB in the slot. Richard was a consistent part of our passing game, arguably our most consistent and he is very shifty and quick. With Jacobs in the fold and Martin back I dont see Jalen getting a ton of carries, but I can still see him catching 40ish passes (down from last year but our WRs are much better). I can see him still being a big part of our offense as the receiving threat from the backfield and the slot. Antonio will see a lot of time in the slot as well. Because hes among the best in the league at it obviously. Carr really has no more excuses. The OL is worrisome just because of Cable alone, hut they still should be improved. TE is the only spot without sure fire talent, but that should be masked with the huge improvement at WR. If Jacobs can be what he was drafted to be that takes pressure off Carr and makes the OLs job easier in pass protection. The last time he had an offense this talented he was an MVP candidate. I expect him to get back to being closer to that guy again..
  4. Raiders Defense

    I already think Higgins is going to be one of my highest ranked WR prospects in the past 5 years. Hes so smooth, has ridiculous hands, good size, and speed. Don't see many negatives. And hes in for a big year with Lawrence being there and likely taking a big step.
  5. 2019 Draft Recap

    I'd rather have current day Kurt Warner.
  6. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    Hurts a lot more if we hadnt drafted Jacobs, but still sucks. We should be able to pickup another back that can take 5-8 carries a game when some vets get cut. If we hadnt drafted Jacobs we'd be in deep trouble at that spot.
  7. Raiders Defense

    Think how weird it will be if we ever get to a point where we dont have to say that next to last sentence.
  8. Raiders Defense

    I dont think we currently have anyone that has the ability to be top 3 at their position, but i do think the defense has the ability to be a solid defense, thats better than the sum of their parts. I think Hurst and Conley both have the ability to take another step and could become guys that are top 10 at their position type of guys, and that could make a world of difference on this defense. I also think Abram and Ferrell can be that caliber of player as well, though Ferrell maybe a little lower because of the amount of good pass rushers. That likely wont be this season though. I agree we still need an alpha, but if we can find that the defense is closer than some probably think if a few guys take a step forward.
  9. Me vs Mayock

    I really, really do like the draft we ended up with. But just to put down what I personally would have done. 1. Devin White - I have Oliver as a blue chip prospect, but I dont know that he and Hurst could co-exist, and I'm not ready to give up on Hall. White is another one of the blue chip prospects. 1. Montez Sweat - My number one ranked pass rusher, I could have taken him at 4 and been happy. He has the ability to be an elite defensive end. 1. Greedy Williams - My number one ranked CB. I believe he has the potential to be an all pro caliber, lockdown, corner. We would be coming away with my number 1 ranked LB, Edge, and Corner. 2. Miles Sanders - Another running back that hasnt been run into the ground in college. He's got power, speed, hes shifty. One of four backs in this draft I think can be at least a consistent starter. 4. Austin Bryant - Edge is still a big need even after Sweat. A guy I think has potential to be a starter, but can also start off as a situational pass rusher. 4. Isaiah Johnson - I'd keep this pick. I love his H/W/S and upside. 4. Deionte Thompson - Definitely has some holes to his game, but I think his best football is still ahead of him. 5. Mack Wilson - Back to the Alabama well. Has inconsistent tape, but a tom of episode here this late. Not sure where id go in the 7th. About to watch endgame lol.
  10. Pick is in, #4 Clelin Ferrell DE Clemson

    Most teams do draft for need though. Yeah you don't always draft the most pressing need, but they're needs. Do the Packers, Steelers, Chargers, Seahawks, etc target QBs early in drafts? You can look at every teams top 6ish needs in any draft and see that those are the areas the team focused on fixing the most. Sure you wont necessarily take the most pressing need all the time, but you typically dont take guys that are at your greatest areas of strength either. After thinking about the Ferrell pick more and more Josh Allen, Devin White, and Oliver are really the only guys I think you can make a claim are better prospects and a realistic target for us at 4. Some might say Gary, but I had him as a clearly inferior prospect to Ferrell, but some wont just because he has a ridiculous athletic profile. Fine, different discussion. Focusing on the prior three I think its entirely possible that the staff is high on Hurst and Hall to a lesser extent, you can say that neither of those guys are reason to pass up a blue chip prospect and thats fine, but perhaps they didnt see Oliver in that light? He isnt without questions in size, some minor injury concerns, and he wasnt super productive rushing the passer. Now that could be scheme, it could be talent around him, but its all a projection. Perhaps they didnt think taking Oliver was going to make this team remarkably better. You likely cant play him and Hurst together, Hall likely has to go if you take Oliver. White has an argument to be made, he has an elite athletic profile, very good productivity at a major school, but he also lacks instincts, hes new to the position and he plays a position that isnt regularly drafted in the top 4. The questions of positional value would have been brought up. Allen is one where most people will say its clear cut, Allen is the superior prospect, I dont necessarily subscribe to that but I know i am in the minority there. He checks almost all of the boxes, freak speed, good production, never been in any type of trouble, but there were too many times that I saw him running unblocked for a sack, there were times I saw him moved off the ball in run defense. In a 3-4 I would value him over Ferrell a great deal, in a 4-3 though I actually think hes a SLB that kicks down to DE in the nickel. And thats fine, you can make that work, we've done it with guys like Mack and Whibley to a much lesser extent. I just don't love Josh Allen the way most do. I had him behind Bosa and Sweat firmly. The thing I was most impressed with him and made him unique to me was his coverage ability for a man playing the edge as often as he does. But that brings memories of Barr and Manny Lawson types. I actually think if Sweats heart diagnosis was a mistake that he should have been a candidate for 4th. But it all goes to my point that nobody in this draft came withoit questions because nobody in any class does. Boards are subjective. Ferrell was a consensus top 5-10 pick after the national championship game, but hes not the type to shine in all of the things that take place leading up to the draft after the season ends. Hes not going to be the guy that looks shredded in shorts and a tee shirt, hes not the guy that goes out there and blows up the combine, but when you turn the tape on you consistently see this guy dominating the man across from him and getting to the QB. He's the guy thats going to make clutch plays and preform up to his absolute best when the games get more important. Theres something to be said for all of that. Does he have the most unique athletic profile? No. He's not the fastest, but I'll tell you, he has some of the most impressive power I've seen from someone on the edge in the past 4 or 5 years. He is consistently pushing his man backwards or shoving him from one side or the other, he shows refinement in his pass rushing that you rarely ever see from someone thats a 21 year old. He plays with a motor that always seems to be on. He plays smart. Has terrific discipline in staying home and not leaving pockets for the QB to escape to, he doesnt run straight up field leaving running lanes open, he doesnt often get fooled by play action or make poor decisions on zone reads, hes well coached, disciplined, seasoned, technically sound, and gives consistently good effort. Sometimes its like we assume you dont run the fastest in a straight line so that means you dont have a high ceiling, or that if you are already technically sound your ceiling is lower. I disagree with that. Ive seen for 15 years now a league full of guys that dont possess elite athleticism by NFL standards go on to dominate the sport. Jerry Rice was never a burner, he was a seasoned route runner at an early age, Richard Sherman was slow by a corners standard, Jared Allen wasn't going to blow you away in a workout without pads. There's more to it than just being an athlete. The game is complex. I say all of this to say that I can see why a guy like Ferrell could have reasonably been in the top 4 or 5 of their big board. Mayock and Gruden might trust the tape, they might not value the workouts as highly as others, and that isnt even talking about character and leadership qualities that are clearly important to them in a new rebuild in their image which makes sense, and Ferrell has in spades. Now maybe they're wrong. Only time will tell. Maybe all his pros dont outweigh the cons that he isnt a superior, freak athlete, maybe he doesnt have the baseline requirement you have to have to be an elite player, but they're saying they saw this man dominate for years at a big time school, against great competition. They think his skills translate. Maybe their board being different than others would have been will be a mistake. But what excites me the most? THEY CLEARLY HAVE A PLAN. High character, leadership, productivity, loving football, hard workers, experience in big games and clutch situations, they want guys that they are confident can be contributors to a winner, even if its by a collection of them and not a couple generational talents propping it all up like a house of cards... And that can equal sustainability. But even outside of that a clear theme and plan would NOT be possible to see, we wouldn't have a clue what they're doing or what the goal is if we didn't have a front office that was united on that. And I think thats the bare minimum to a successful franchise, a front office from the GM down that wants the same things and has a plan on how they achieve those. Maybe they will all be wrong about what it takes to do that, but the plan is there, it feels like a team effort. And thats always been my biggest concern with Gruden. If they cacan keep this up im fine giving them a few years to reach that goal, and if Ferrell is a guy they think is a part of the steps needed and they had him higher than most on their board? Im good with it. What happens on the field will answer all of those questions.
  11. First impressions of Mike Mayock's first draft as GM

    They've said Ferrell may be held out at the beginning of workouts because of that injury, so its possible he did it to avoiding running, its also possible a guy that plays a demanding sport actually had some injuries 2 months after the season ended.
  12. First impressions of Mike Mayock's first draft as GM

    Im a Raider fan so im biased, but doing my best to stay neutral I thought it was a very solid first draft. I didnt love Ferrell at 4, but not because I don't like him as a prospect, I just thought it was a little early, but if you really look at the guys drafted around him, im not sure it's as much of a reach as some make it out to be. The next edge rusher was Allen and Gary. Gary while extremely athletically gifted he had the shoulder injury and a career of underachieving at Michigan. Maybe thats because of scheme, but its simply the truth. Obviously youre projecting their abilities at the pro level so production isnt always the be all, end all, but it does matter. Josh Allen I just wasnt as high on as a 4-3 DE. He has all the tools athletically speaking as well, and he also has the production, so if people want to say Mayock passed on the superior prospect, thats fine, a lot of people had Allen ahead on their boards, I can see that. But I personally saw too many instances of Allen running completely unblocked to a sack. I see small hands, and a slight frame (regardless of what his H/W/S profile says. I dont see him ever being an elite edge setter in the run game. I actually think in our scheme he would have played SLB that kicked down to rush the passer..i do love his ability to cover while also being the pass rusher that he is. In a 3-4 you have to take Allen over Ferrell, but in a 4-3 I didn't really value Allen as a top 4 prospect. Devin White has the ability to be an elite player, but he also doesn't have the greatest instincts yet and I think he has a pretty low floor. If you think you should swing for the fences in the top 5 that's fine, i personally just want to make sure im getting a guy thats a starting caliber contributor because half the time you arent getting that 3 years down the road, even in the first round. You could make a case for Oliver, hes one of two that I would have considered over Ferrell along with Sweat (but the heart issue knocked him down to 26 so I dont think it's crazy to pass at 4). Oliver has a terrific athletic profile, was a highly sought after recruit and has flashes that make you think hes the next Randall, but he's also undersized, didnt have the greatest pass rushing productivity, and had some injury concerns. He would habe made some sense qt 4 but he wasnt without questions either. Hurst also played very well as a rookie and if not for his own medical condition would have gone much higher last season. He turned in a solid rookie season, especially by DT standards, and the staff believes he has a huge amount of potential, pro bowl caliber potential, I dont think thats unreasonable either. We also invested a second round pick in PJ Hall last year, and while he battled injuries and showed nothing of note he was also a raw guy coming from a smaller level of competition, he was a long term project they may still believe in. Oliver wasn't going to be able to play alongside either of those guys long term. They're just too small to play together consistently. If you think Oliver can play on the edge some maybe you take him because he has the potential to be elite, and maybe you say none of the other stuff matters, take the guy with the potential to be elite, if thats your philosophy ok, you can qrgue for taking Allen. I dont necessarily think its fair that we have pigeonholed Ferrell into never being an elite player though. I think hes a guy that isnt super flashy, but can still have the potential of being an all pro. I think his ceiling is actually a guy like Jared Allen, and his floor is a decent starter that could be replaced, but can also be a starter on a super bowl winning team. You can do worse than that at 4. So yeah, there are some guys you could argue taking over him, and thats fine, but after the college season ended he was consistently in the top 10 on mocks. Hes super productive and the leader and best player on the best team in college, he has experience in big games, and played his best in them, hes still very young at 21, he is polished to a degree you rarely see in a guy his age in all the intricacies of pass rushing, and while not an elite athlete in terms of speed, his strmgth is up there with the premier pass rushers in draft classes, and hes athletic enough to be a pro bowl caliber player. I dont think its as much of a reach as some people have said, but that varies widely on how you evaluate players. I'll go into the rest of my thoughts on the draft class as a whole later.
  13. Pick is in, #106 - DE Maxx Crosby

    Really nice pickup in the 4th. Fantastic athlete, with good productivity, but at a smaller school. Could be a situational pass rusher his first couple years before he turns into a potential starter. But at this point if hes strictly a pass rushing specialist his entire career its a win.
  14. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    Haha I posted earlier that I have Greedy as my top guy right now but have both of the Ole Miss wideouts right behind him as the 3 guys I would love to have at 35. Metcalf would be extremely tempting to me, Brown as well, but the upside of DK is enticing, especially in the second round.
  15. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    Theres some comfort that we still see things almost exactly the same after all this time. Jacobs was my favorite pick from yesterday, he wont ever be a top 3 back, but can i see having 1000-1200 rushing yards and 300-500 receiving yards and 10 total TDs regularly? Absolutely. We've been ok at times stat wise running the football, and having Lynch here was cool, but I feel like its been forever since we've had a running game that can take over a game. We havent had a physical presence back there that also has some youth and spring to their step. Murray had the size, but didnt run with authority. Jacobs is big, powerful, good vision, quick, and has some wiggle, also good in short yardage, the only hole he really has is a lack of game breaking speed, but thats ok. With the way our passing offense is set up (and the ceiling it could have) we dont have to have huge plays from the backfield. We need them to consistently keep us in front of the chains, churn out the hard yards, pass protect, and catch the football. Jacobs always seemed like a perfect match to me. Would I have liked to get Sweat at 24 and land Jacobs at 27? Absolutely. But I like adding that dimension to our offense. Its been lacking, and itll be good for DC to have a run game he can lean on. My favorite thing is actually the thing a lot of people knock him for, the lack of production. His lack of production comes from a lack of carries, not efficiency. He looks like a guy that can take the pounding, but he didn't have to in college, he is fresh and should be ready for a HEAVY workload for the next 4-5 years. It also pushes Crowell to the backup spot where I think hes one of the best change of pace guys you could ask for. Richard can now focus solely on being the receiving threat out of the backfield and in the slot. I agree completely on Ferrell. We left value on the table IMO, but hes a guy thats going to contribute and could be the leader of our defense. I like Abram a lot, I actually think hes a guy thats going to play SS and in the box, but i see skills that can translate to a guy that can cover backs and TEs. Hes not the MOST fluid safety you'll see, but he isnt ridiculously stiff either. Hes a guy that could play some single high IMO with his speed, range, and instincts (which are very good IMO). He was my number one safety, and I wouldnt have a guy in today's NFL as the top safety if he was strictly an in the box, run support safety, and a lot of analysts feel that same way. Plus like you mentioned he plays with a ton of passion, I can see him being the vocal leader of the backend. Him, Conley, and a guy like Greedy would be a terrific youth movement in the secondary qnd a still relatively young guy like Joyner to lead the way seems like a fantastic idea. Abram can be an elite safety IMO, but his floor is solid starter. I really like the pick, just slightly less than Jacobs but more than Ferrell.