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  1. Around The League V.2

    Hey, I'm a Khalil Mack fan, I thought moving him was probably the right move, but it still sucked. Hicks being out hurts, I'm not saying it isnt a factor, I just don't know that's the main factor. Mostly because of the lack of effort. Which was never really seen in Oakland. And I'm sure its disheartening to play on a team with such a bad offense, and I get teams are focusing on him, but the latter has always been the case. Even take Hicks away thats the second most talent he's played with his entire career defensively. The most talented being last year. He was constantly doubled in Oakland. He didn't have anyone else to really take pressure off of him here either. And at the very least he gave good effort game in and game out. I'm not writing him off. I'd wager he'll turn it around, but the lack of effort comments do give me a little pause because that's so out of character. Put that with a guy that reportedly wouldn't even meet with Gruden being the final straw to pull the trigger on the trade, and it seems at least plausible that Mack has become SLIGHTLY more complacent getting his mega deal. Last year wasn't the case, but he also was feeding off a team winning a lot of games and using the trade as motivation.
  2. Around The League V.2

    That's what it seems like to me as well. I'm not going to sit here and say that I've went over every game extensively, but the games I've seen I haven't even noticed him. I don't buy Hicks being out as the main culprit either. It's not like Mack had a dominant player on the line next to him here to open things up. Even outside of sack numbers you would notice Mack making plays and effecting the game. I haven't been seeing that. I'm not rooting against him, but if this type of play continues we dodged a huge bullet not paying him.
  3. Around The League V.2

    Khalil Mack has been invisible the last three Bears games I've watched. Like not even getting pressure, not just the sack numbers. What gives?
  4. Pick is in, #106 - DE Maxx Crosby

    That was one of the most dominant performances I have ever seen from a rookie on the defensive side of the ball. I'm not going to overreact too much because the Bengals OL is bad, but he was living in the backfield. Maxx has been on fire since the Bears game. And the scary thing is he's still learning and still has a lot of room to improve to reach his ceiling.
  5. That and we need to root for the Texans next weekend over the Colts (and take the South). If we finish with the same record as the Colts we're in obviously, so we need the Texans to win the division and not have to worry about them because of their head to head win against us. Edit - Or we could handle business next week, and then go into Arrowhead and leave with the division lead and finish the job down the stretch lol.
  6. Las Vegas Stadium News

    I was in Vegas in September, and the city is already totally embracing the team. I got about 50 compliments on my Raider shield tattoo, and me and my girlfriend were both stopped by locals wanting to chat about how excited they are to have the Raiders coming to town when we had Raider gear on. I get it, Vegas is a transient town in most eyes, and there will surely be a lot of away teams fans that circle that game as the one to make it to, but it won't be anything like what Chargers games look like. Our squad already has such a big, national fanbase, and we look like we might actually be good from the first day we touch down in Vegas, I don't think it's going to be much of a problem personally. There's Raider gear in damn near every store on the strip and every booth on Freemont Street. I still think us going to LA made the most sense, but I think it'll be awesome to have our own stadium and a stranglehold on uncharted NFL territory, I think its a relocation that's going to be a smashing hit, and even more so if we win.
  7. FA 2020

    I agree. It was a situation where everyone benefited from it all the way around. Coop since going to Dallas has played with more fire and passion, so I can see why the line of thinking of him not wanting to be here comes from, it could just be that he felt wanted by Dallas to pony up a first when most thought that was an overpay, it could be because he's featured more, is getting much more national attention, etc. Who knows. But it was time for us to move on, he was so inconsistent with the drops here at times, and they seemed to happen at the worst times. I think the injuries were a part of it, but I also think the consistent drops in big situations caused DC to lose some confidence in him and look for other guys. Even in 2016 I would argue Crab was Carr's most trusted receiver. I'm also extremely excited to see Abram back from injury next year. The guys seem to love him, he plays with passion, he's vocal, even as a young guy, and that really only flies with vets when they believe you can handle your business on the field. I think he's got all pro potential, we just need him to have a strong camp and stay healthy and I think we'll all be pumped to have an enforcer back there with range.
  8. The Myles Garrett incident

    That's how most people view it, and thats the most serious case, and when your physical response is at it's highest, but fight or flight can happen on smaller scales too... If you're afraid of dogs and see one in public that's barking at you, your heart rate can rise, blood pressure rises, breathing rate, etc. Your body dumps adrenaline into your blood stream and you become much more aware and focused on your surroundings. It can be even smaller things too, but your physical response happens on a smaller level. It's a misconception that fight or flight only kicks in in life or death situations. Edit: That isn't to say I think that's what we're dealing with from Garrett's reaction, because if he did have a physical response to the situation it wasnt soooo much that he was acting purely on instinct and couldn't have reeled it in. I mean its not the first scrum we've seen in football and most of the time cooler heads prevail. I'm just talking in a general sense.
  9. The Myles Garrett incident

    Yeah, even the guys that I knew that wore one every game usually hated batting with them on. Some would anyway, others would take it out. I'd say 85% of catchers I know wore cups, 50% of infielders didn't, and I didn't play with any outfielders that wore them regularly. Coaches always suggested wearing them, even at bat, but I can't say I ever personally saw anyone take a pitch to the jewels, its much more likely you'll take it in the small of your back from turning away from it. It's happened at times in the bigs, but it's just not so common that a lot of guys won't go up to bat without a cup.
  10. The Myles Garrett incident

    Haha, yeah that's the response most people have to that, but in fairness I only took one or two foul tips/wild pitches square. I always thought it restricted my movement too much/was uncomfortable to crouch with on for long stretches. Coach Heller always said I'd adjust my thinking the first time I took one square. He underestimated how hard headed I am I suppose. I also boxed professionally after my baseball career for a while until the injuries piled up, but thats the one they really enforce the cup "rule" on lol.
  11. Around The League V.2

    After seeing all the stuff AB pulled with us, I think he probably deserves a lot of credit for keeping that situation to a minimum (to where they were constantly productive and won a lot of games), but I guess you could go the other way and say that he enabled it all blowing up for allowing the antics for so long, and possibly sweeping stuff under the rug. I do think hes a good leader of men. The vast majority of guys that have played for him sing his praises pretty vocally, but I don't look at him as one of the elites when it comes to x's and o's and in game decisions, though against most teams I find solid in game adjustments for the most part. I think he's a "good" coach, but he's also benefited from super stable ownership and front office work. You could do a lot worse IMO. But he's also not the cream of the crop.
  12. The Myles Garrett incident

    I never wore a cup, even as a division one college baseball player that played primarily catcher once I got to college. I'd say a fair amount of baseball players wear them, but there we're a decent amount of guys on my team that played without them. So even when its suggested or a "rule" a lot of guys just refuse to wear them and it's usually looked at as if you catch a ball there and dont have a cup, that's on you lol. I'd assume its similar in high level football.
  13. Player Appreciation Thread

    Crazy that he could go from a guy nobody really knew to an all pro (depending on how the final stretch goes), at the very least he can probably expect a pro bowl nod (for what those are worth). He's shown some top end ability to get open, catch the ball consistently, and get extra yards, and he's been a very solid and willing blocker. I had a ton of questions about the TE spot coming into the season, I liked Waller's athletic ability but its troublesome relying on a guy to be the guy when he hasn't produced. Now with him and Moreau as our top 2 guys the TE spot is one that doesn't seem to need any addressing. I'm excited to see how he does the rest of this season, and in the future when we (hopefully) add some more WR talent around him to open things up in the middle a bit more.
  14. Pick is in, #106 - DE Maxx Crosby

    He's more athletic to my eye than Allen, though obviously at this point Allen has him beat in strength, technique, hand usage, etc. I think Crosby's ceiling is probably somewhere along the lines of Andre Carter, long, athletic, strong, super productive, but never considered the elite of the elite.
  15. Who do you have making the All Pro Teams

    It certainly could be, but our WR core has been banged up for a few weeks now, and overall isn't very talented. Williams missed time and has been playing through injury for most of the season, Zay Jones has been our leader in snaps the past few weeks and he's only been with the team 3 weeks, Trevor Davis is a gadget guy and wasnt with the team for camp. Doss is inactive most weeks. Our healthiest and most consistent WR the past few weeks has been Hunter Renfrow... That in theory could mean more targets and higher production for Waller but also means a lot more attention. Jacobs is our primary offensive option, but Waller is without question our primary passing option, and teams have been game planning to take him away as a top priority. I think he gets back on track this week against the Bengals. But we'll see. All together he's still been a super nice surprise to a passing game that lacks in talent.