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  1. There are always 2 sides to a story, which is why I said if I were personally thinking of hiring him I would have to hear directly from him his side and why that happened. It may very well have been exactly what they describe. It is also possible IMO though that is a journalist that is doing a favor for someone in the league to help with damage control. It seems to me like a breakdown like that happens well before it gets to the point of McDaniels picking a staff, having them leave current jobs, etc. But obviously I only have an outside perspective. I definitely agree with you on t
  2. My thing with McDaniels... I can get over the way things turned out in Denver. I think a lot of coaches grow in their second HC opportunity. I think he's an incredibly bright and good offensive mind league wide. The much bigger issue in my eyes would be the way he handled the Colts job. Seemingly taking the job and then backing out of the job at the last minute. After assembling a staff that left their current gigs only to be left hanging. Giving your word and commitment to an organization and backing out (for any reason but particularly if he did so because he was given a pay bump
  3. I have no problem with an owner talking to head coach candidates to use as sort of a toll to meet with them, get a feel, see which guy he likes most, the pros and cons of each candidate, etc and then use that as kind of a barometer as to how much he likes the GMs vision. That actually to me seems like it could be kind of smart. But you absolutely can't hire the coach and then a GM and just force the marriage onto one another.
  4. Exactly. If you really look in depth at the success rate from round 4-7 for the NFL as a whole we have been at least average if not outright good in that area. IMO we have done a good enough job in the Mayock/Gruden era in rounds 4-7 to be a team that wins a lot of games. The issue is, that is IMO obviously the lowest importance in the equation of what makes a team successful long term. IMO hitting on your first round picks finding a pro bowl or better talent at like a 50-60% ratio and as close as you can get to the other 40-50 percent of the time drafting guys that aren't outright
  5. I disagree a lot with Nick Wright's takes, but they were talking about the Colts and Wentz and he was saying the Colts have to move on from Wentz, and one of the other talking heads brought up Jimmy G and Wright chuckled and was like that's just trading for Wentz with a better haircut. While that's a little harsh IMO (because I like Jimmy G considerably more than I have ever viewed Wentz who I have been very critical of) I still found it incredibly amusing.
  6. Rashean Mathis Jason Taylor Kevin Williams Chris McAlister Julian Peterson Nick Collins (injuries I assume) Brian Orakpo
  7. Yeah I actually went into it expecting to find much different results that was really going to nail home how bad our recent selections in that area have been. I came away with the same conclusion you did, nailing your first and second round picks is even more important than I originally believed it to be (and I always thought it was important) because even the best GMs are going to struggle mightily to build a quality team off their ability to find contributors in the third and fourth round.
  8. I've had some really solid hits throughout my time really following the draft and some absolutely HUGE misses, and for both it's been primarily EDGE players. 2008 - Vernon Gholston was probably my favorite prospect in the entire class. I thought he was going to dominate for a long time. I didn't really want him for us, I was a McFadden guy because of Russell and needing to give him weapons but I loved Gholston overall. 2009 - I wanted Brian Orakpo in a bad way for the Raiders. I thought he had all pro edge written all over him. I didn't have DHB as a first round player, and I didn'
  9. Just goes to show that there are two very distinct types of personalities. I was obviously not a first round pick for an NFL franchise, but I was someone that boxed from the time I was 7 until my mid 20's (at that time professionally), I also was a starter on the varsity team in baseball as a freshman through my senior year on a team that went to the final 4 in the state championship my freshman year, was also featured in a book called who's who in Babe Ruth baseball that features children from age 12-16 that were among the best in the country for that year that is placed in the baseball HOF i
  10. Haha hey some times that is refreshing to me. I'm like you may not be the white knight type in it for justice and all that, you're in it to make bank for houses, cars, suits, women, etc. I have never really been motivated by possessions and making as much money as humanly possible. I've always been a more simple person. But I've known more than a few people that were like that and were open and up front that was what they were after. Can be refreshing sometimes to see people that know who they are, what they want, and going to get it. Mainly because so many in this world seem to not know who t
  11. Actually that is my bad. The price of a lawyer doesn't always tell you the quality. I'll rephrase and say the most prolific/regularl celebrities/high profile attorneys are not cheap. I have known a lot of quality attorneys that were reasonably priced all things considered, and some that I know are in it for moral reasons and aren't motivated by money but rather it being a decent bonus. I have also known quite a few that want to take everything you own and your kidneys to pay for their services haha.
  12. Hell I wonder just how rich Ruggs really is. He hasn't even been in the league for 2 years. Spotrac has his career earnings as 11 million dollars. Making like 10 last year and the rest to this point this season. When you factor in the car, the house, I'm sure other cars, jewelry, shoes, etc that young athletes like to buy. How quickly these athletes can go broke. A lot after playing significantly longer and earning considerably more. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Ruggs at this point is already broke for all intents and purposes. Especially when considering the one skill he has that earns h
  13. Exactly. There are some types of cases where jury's can be susceptible to the "CSI effect" and have trouble convicting a defendant because they expect DNA, fibers, hair, etc to be in abundance. Cases like trying someone for a murder without a body. Or trying a murder with just a bunch of compelling circumstantial evidence, etc. A DUI when the accused has videos of himself impaired shortly before the accident, video of him at the accident, blood work, witnesses, statements by someone that was there for the drinking and during the accident, etc? Not one of them. They honestly won't even ne
  14. Yeah it's absolutely no joke. I have been inside a few dealing with people that were placed there after committing crimes and the first time you enter a place like that you never forget it. Jail nor prison is easy. But being in a place for the violent people deemed criminally insane is a whole different world. It is not a place I would recommend someone that isn't actually suffering from mental illness try to land just to avoid a prison sentence.
  15. You aren't getting the videos of him at top golf, the statement made by his girlfriend that Ruggs was drinking (plus any potential statement made by Ruggs, even without miranda rights because the girlfriend was interviewed as a witnes, and in my state at least suspects being arrested for DUI don't require the reading of miranda rights), his refusal to submit to the test, the statements from the workers at the hospitals and from police on what they observed of Ruggs behavior after the accident all chucked. Nor will you get the fact that he was going 150 MILES AN HOUR IN A 35 MPH zone thrown out
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