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  1. Raiders are signing LB Vontaze Burfict

    I don't mind the move. Its not likely to be a franchise changer, but hes still relatively young, has played at a very high level in the past, has an extensive history with the current coordinator, we have nothing at LB, and hes a veteran that could be a very useful presence on a team that will likely have a ton of youth in the front seven. I think a veteran MLB makes a lot of sense on a team likely to dradt a couple edge rushers early and probably another LB to man the weak side. Asking a rookie to QB the defense on a team with a ton of youth up front just makes it their job that much more difficult. Its very low risk, and could have a decent reward. I would have like Marshall more, but the past ties make sense. Would still love a guy like Devin Bush if hes available with one of the later firsts. He could slide into the WLB spot perfectly.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft V3

    Apparently Montez Sweat had a pre existing heart condition brought to light. Could be another Hurst situation where he slips and we take advantage of it. Hes my second ranked DE after Bosa (see Allen as more of a LB). depending on how that checks out id roll the dice with a later first or second.
  3. Tyrell Williams signs with the Oakland Raiders

    Agreed. A ton of people had him in their mock drafts as a free agent target, i didnt love the idea. Guys that are supposed to be #2 guys that are forced into the #1 role can put up inflated numbers but their impact is capped and it can hurt the team in the long run. This was before we landed the best WR in football. Now the move takes a lot more sense. Williams is a phenomenal compliment to Brown, hes big, fast, and can take the top of the defense, AB can do that too, but he thrives in a different area of the football field. They have the ability to be one of the better WR duos in the NFL, and Carr has his best group of wideouts since entering the league. If the OL can step up and we can find some youth for the backfield he could really thrive. Jordy as a number 3 could have a nice season too IMO. His best days are clearly behind him, but with 2 guys outside drawing coverage he could see a lot of favorable matchups and be a nice target in the redzone and on third down.
  4. Tyrell Williams signs with the Oakland Raiders

    Fantastic news. A really great pairing with AB, and Jordy too assuming he sticks around. Interested to see what the money looks like. Probably pushes WR back to a 4th or 5th round type of need if we target one at all this year, which i have mixed feelings on in a deep wideout draft, but it still provides us with another need filled.
  5. 2019 Free Agency V2

    Gut says Bell is coming to Oakland/Vegas. Jiving with some of the things ive been reading, and the feeling I have about what the team is trying to do. Im cautiously optimistic its not for ridiculous money or at least not ridiculous money over 4-5 years. If its 10-14 million im happy. If its any more than that its concerning (though could still work).
  6. Raiders sign LT/RT Trent Brown (4 years, $66 M)

    Or you could look at it as a team using the money they saved by not paying one player a huge amount of money to sign multiple guys to make us a better overall team. We were able to land an all pro, best at his position (though a little older he also plays a position that might be able to play longer at a high level), a pro bowl caliber LT, or a pro bowl caliber safety, and their signing bonuses are less than what we would have paid one man. I loved Khalil, hes an all timer, it sucked to see him leave, but how much was he changing what happened last year? Is he worth an extra win or two? Possibly, but we still weren't a contender. I also dont understand how we arent building for the future, now that Mack and Cooper are gone there isnt anyone left due for a big payday at this very moment, so the money being spent is only paying these guys for a couple years of guaranteed money. The chest of draft picks over the next two years are whats going to be used to rebuild over the long haul. These signings don't prevent that in the slightest. If these guys arenr producing in a year or two, or more realistically 3 or 4 when this draft class could have guys due for an extension we cut or dont resign when their contracts are up. Regardless of the draft being the best way to build long term, even the best teams at that sign guys in free agency. We paid a lot of momey, but we had it to spend and its not at the expense of anyone currently on the team. You can build in the long term and sign some free agents, the fact that 3 of them (including Hankins) are 28 or younger shows the priority was still on guys that can contribute for a number of years, not just next year, but we obviously would like to be as competitive as possible before a relocation to a new city (and we should all want competitive anyway). Grudens idea is that the added cap space plus 3 first round picks and change was going to make this team a contender more so than Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper. Time will tell if that strategy was the correct ones, but these signings to me show that there was possibly a plan from the start. Brown helps a lot and we couldnt know wed be able to trade for him but the cap space and extra picks certainly made that a possiblity. The draft will determine our long term outlook, the trade and free agent signings help more in the short term but they still have the ability to contribute in a few years. Trading Mack doesnt mean we have to suck for multiple years, their idea was it would take away one elite plauer but help us field a better overall team. Gruden was betting one Khalil Mack extension wasnt going to make us a contender. And I think he was right. What he does with the space and picks will determine if he was able to pull off the theory behind moving him.
  7. Raiders sign Lamarcus Joyner

    Another move im a big fan of. And another guy thats a proven football player, in their prime, with the ability to have their best football in front of them. Another guy that gives us a ton of versatility (like Brown and Brown with their abilities to play any WR spot and left or right tackle). Seems to be the theme. Get veterans that know how to play at the NFL level and can be productive but also not old or past their prime. It seems like a nice balance between Grudens love for veterans and long term outloook. Maybe Chucky is more adaptable or perhaps Mayock is just a steadying presence. But its hard to not be excited about this offseason so far. Joyner might actually be my favorite move, hes 28, he excels in coverage which is solely needed on the backed of our defense and in the current NFL period, he has versatility to play safety or slot corner where we have been susceptible, and he has experience playing on some good teams the past couple of years. He knows what it takes to win, hes productive, and he could still be a high impact player for the next 5 years. Thats a good signing IMO. With him, Conley, KJ, Harris, we have a nice little core of guys in the secondary. If Conley takes a step forward like i believe he can and we can add to the trenches to provide a reliable pass rush we could be in business. And like others have mentioned were setting ourselves up nicely to be able to attack the draft however we see fit. We obviously still have a bunch of needs but the more quality players we are able to bring it at positions of need the more freedom we have in the draft, and with 4 picks in the first 35 thats a fantastic situation to put ourselves in. I have been a little confused through Grudens first season not totally sure of what the plan was, or if there was a plan, but I the start of this offseason is making me think Mayock was a fantastic hire, and Gruden may have realized we needed to take a step back to take multiple steps forward. Time will tell, but these moves have all been encouraging to me.
  8. Raiders sign LT/RT Trent Brown (4 years, $66 M)

    Thats a ton of money, but hes a quality player thats still very young, and our OL was atrocious last season, especially on the edge. This offseason seems to be focused on giving Derek Carr a top tier supporting cast. You get him the best LT on the market, the best (or top 3 minimum) WR in the game still in his prime, and still have a ton of draft picks that can be used to build around. If Carr striggles you still have quality pieces that can be used to help a young guy develop. Trading Mack hurt but it has allpwed us the ability to build in the draft for the long term and open space for a couple of high caliber starters at positions of need. Time will tell if it works out but I like the approach. We still have an open window with Carr for the long haul dcs intruly believe that, and these moves can help us compete immediately, but we still have the furure flexibility to make us a contender long term regardless.
  9. There are definitely some concerns about AB when it comes to his attitude, but there are none when it comes to his work ethic and his ability on the field. And as good as Big Ben is, he definitely has some issues when it comes to throwing teammates under the bus. DC couldnt be more of the opposite. The first time DC calls our AB publically will be the first time hes done it with anyone. This also says to me that the front office truly believes Carr is our guy. That could obviously change, but I think hes the guy for next year and beyond unless he completely fails. Thats the right move IMO. We still have 4 picks in the first 35 to add hopefully 4 quality starters if we hit on our picks. Not to mention an additional 2 firsts next year. A third and a fifth is absolutely nothing for a guy ABs caliber. Gruden has also shown a lengtht history of wideouts being insanely productive into their late 30s. ABs game built on being shifty, incredible routes, and knowledge of coverage could age really well. Hes never been a burner. And even if he loses a step or two he can still be a great WR working the short and intermediate parts of the field. Carr needs playmakers, there are none better than Brown. That's worth the risk. And the contract really isnt terrible either. We should still be able to land a couole quality players in free agency. We got a star. Thats the bottom line. We are a better, more talented team with possibly the best WR in the game on our team. I would kick the tires on Bell too, hes one of, if not the best backs in the league and an offense built around both of those guys can clearly be amongst the best in the NFL. But even if we dont thi class is deep at WR, we could go defense heavy in the first and still come out with a quality starter to play opposite Brown. I'd look to bring back Cook, go defense in the first, and tske the best big bodied guy at wideout in the second. Its a good day for Gruden, it looks like he might actually have a long term plan. Sure it shipped out a guy like Mack that will always sting, but losing Cooper doesnt really hurt at all now, even if hes younger hes an inferior player overall by a pretty decent margin. Gruden likes his vets but maybe hes lesrned that vets can be a big part of your team and system but you cant go overboard with it, you have to have youth being developed in the wings. Its a good day for Mayock who knows how big of a role he played, but his first move is still getting the best WR in the league for a third and fifth round pick. Thats a win. Its a good day for the Raider Nation as a whole.
  10. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    As someone that wanted to draft him that year I'm not sure thats fair. Sure he was still and didnt translate to the NFL but everyone misses on prospects, I wanted him because he played arguably the second most important position in football, he was extrmely athletic, and he produced in a major college football conference at a powerhouse program, meaning in theory he received top tier coaching. Sure he was shredded as well, and that actually is an important part of projecting a player to the NFL where most guys are physically imposing, especially when you play DE. Khalil Mack is also shredded, had similar production in college and had a worse level of competition, many wanted him, but it wasn't simply because of his muscles. He just happened to be a tremendous pick because of other factors that sometimes are overlooked when talking about a prospect. Gholston failed because of those things, but everyone has guys they loved that didnt pan out.. I also understand you might be talking about the masses, but I think most people on this board dive a little deeper into prospects than big muscles.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    He was productive his junior year (8.5 sacks, 15 TFL) in college and had a downright elite season his senior year (14 sacks, 15.5 TFL). Much more productive statistically speaking than Gary, but they were asked to different things. Gholston still produced at a high level colegiatley.
  12. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    I have a couple guys I see similarities with. I see some Carlos Dunlap, but I think Everson Griffen is the guy I see most similarities with. Guys that win with good athleticism but mainly strength more than bend, and guys that can kick inside and be productive there rushing the passer.
  13. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    I really want to like Gary, but I just dont. He looks like a guy thats a very good athlete but it doesnt match up on the actual field. He seems very fast and has good burst, but he doesnt have the fastest get off IMO and he doesnt have much bend at all. I actually think his best shot at success is to kick inside the majority of passing downs. He can set the edge at DE in bigger packages for sure, but he'll make his money rushing the passer from inside IMO. And if im drafting him to do that I'm taking Oliver or Quinnen over him. This is my take for Gary at 4, if we trade down to 8-10 or later I would like the pick a lot more, I have him 10th on my big board.
  14. Hot Take Thread

    Completely echo the sentiment of Ed Oliver being the best player in this draft. He's totally being slept on. Montez Sweat is the third best edge player in the draft and isnt terribly far behind Josh Allen (at times I want to rank him ahead of Allen). The edge class will be extrmely deep with 5 guys that will go in the first couple rounds with at least pro bowl caliber play (Bosa, Allen, Sweat, Ferguson, Burns). Devin Bush will be the best LB from this draft. Drew Lock will be the best QB in this years crop, but even he will be more of a top 10-15 starter in the league. This will be the deepest WR class in the past decade. Noah Fant will become an elite TE. Greedy Williams becomes a shut down, all pro caliber CB. Deandre Baker and Byron Murphy will be a tier below but still very good.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    My quick mock of how I'd like to see us go... Round 1 - Ed Oliver - One of the 4 or 5 blue chip prospects in this draft. A bit of a luxury with Hurst, but they can see the field together at times and rotate. Could play some LDE in big packages. A freak athlete, a highly touted high school recruit, and he lived in the backfield his entire career. An edge rusher is a terrible need, but this class is deep on the edge and you can certainly build a defense around non stop interior pressure. I think Oliver is the second best prospect in this class. We take an elite talent and don't look back. Round 1 (From Chicago)- Montez Sweat, DE, Mississippi State - I think Sweat is being a little underrated in this class because of the great depth onnthe DL. But i have him as the third best defensive end in the class, and with him and Oliver (plus Hurst, Key, and Hall as other potential contributors) we could have a very young, very talented front. He's long, very good first step and burst off the line, and is versatile. He can play 4-3 DE or 3-4 OLB, and hes fluid enough to drop into coverage. Hes just a good, productive pass rusher thats being slept on because of the elite talent up top like Bosa and Allen. Round 1 (From Dallas) - Devin Bush, LB, Michigan - A guy that I, and a lot of others love in this draft, we have had terrible LB play for so long. Bush is a great fit in the current NFL landscape. He's fast, rangy, good instincts, sure tackler, fluid in coverage, he can be washed out in the run game at times but thats not as big a concern as a decade ago. The defense suddenly has more of an identity with a lot of speed, youth, quickness, and a front four that can hopefully get to the QB and a LB in Bush who can make plays sideline to sideline in the run game, cover, blitz and be effective with the added attention to the front. Round 2 - Hakeem Butler, WR, Iowa State - Big, strong hands, great on the jump ball, good run after the catch.. Has some limitations on his routes because of his size he isnt the most fluid WR you will ever find, but he is a fantastic match with Derek Carr because of his ability to go up and get the ball. DC will immediately have the biggest, tallest, wideout in his tenure and someone he can rely on (hopefully not too much) to go make plays for him when he gets favorable matchups. Round 3 - Amani Hooker, S, Iowa - I have him as the third best safety in this class, but I believe hes being slept on a little bit. Good size and speed, can play in the box or centerfield (in my evaluation), would be a nice fit next to Joseph. Round 4 - Elijah Holyfield, RB, Georgia - Holyfield was buried on the depth chart for most of his career but that was behind elite college, highly drafted NFL prospects. When given an opportunity this season he had a breakout. He cracked 1000 yards and was still splitting carries with Deandre Swift. He has good size, qnd speed, and has the ability to be a contributor in the passing game as well. Plus he hasnt had a ton of mileage on his legs. One of the guys that can be a better pro than college player. I won't go anymore, but with the rest of the picks Id target a TE, another edge guy, and some depth on the OL. Wouldnt mind a CB either but I actually really liked our CB play last season when you facor in how terrible our pass rush was. I think Conley has breakout potential, Worley has a role, Nelson could develop and I would look to sign a vet or two to compete for that second or third CB spot. I definitely wouldnt rule out taking a tslent in the draft, if it fell right I would even take Baker or Murphy in the first, I just dont think it has to be addressed. We have too many holes to fill them all amd I think theres a convincing argument that corner isnt in as worse shape as other spots. I think its obvious that the DL, LB, and WR have to be addressed and some youth at RB is terribly needed as well.