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  1. I mostly agree. If we trade down to 25-30 and he was there and we pulled the trigger I would be ok with it. Depending on whether Ojulari or one or two guys was still there at 17. I haven't done an official big board yet overall, but I feel like Barmore will end up slotting in somewhere around 25-35. I watch him at times and see some dominating traits, I think he's incredibly powerful, even among the most powerful guys at his position coming out most years his power sticks out to me, and I think he has very good athleticism for his position, but it's only flashes, there's no consist
  2. Agreed. Ojulari is being majorly slept on IMO. I have him as the number 1 edge in the class. He's far and away my top choice at 17.
  3. How many of those teams needed to draft a RT in the first round to get that quality RT play? I also don't think at positions like DE, CB, and LB are drafting over young players. Those are spots where 2 or even 3 good young players can play together and even benefit from having numerous good young players. Especially when they have a ton of versatility like a prospect that can play some LB and rush the passer.
  4. I hate the idea of taking a RT in the first round, and probably the second round too (but I'd be more open to that). Our defense is atrocious. We can't afford to invest a premium pick on a RT. We can have Good fill in there (I think Simpson has a real shot at earning the guard spot opposite Gabe) or we can easily find a serviceable RT in free agency that can hold down the fort at a decent enough level while we develop a guy in the third round range for a year. I agree on DT, I don't really have interest at any of them at 17, but I love a couple of them that could be targets in the
  5. The fact that he's already rich could be the biggest reason why he would do it. Carr doesn't strike me as the get every single dollar he can, mercenary type. It's entirely possible he realizes what will help his legacy and future the most is finally winning. And if sold on the idea of being able to free up money for an impact player it's possible. Plus he's currently playing without any guaranteed money. And that's big for a lot of players. If he gets a 2 or 3 year extension that guarantees his money over the next couple seasons that could be something that interests him. It's also the t
  6. To me that speaks more to a lack of understanding in the front office to what actually wins games and identifying talent deserving of their finacial resources more so than an indictment on Carr's ability to be successful. Like yeah. We have consistently spent a lot on offense, but most teams spend more on offense in todays age than defense for one. But if you look at the discrepancy you'll notice that spending so much on offense hasn't equated to wins, but the offense was average to good in 15, 16, 19, and 20. 2015 - 17th in PPG, 24th in yards, 23rd in completion percentage, 20th i
  7. If you have broke the law especially, there is nothing to be gained from speaking with police. The only thing will happen is they will use your words to hang you. But even if you're totally innocent you should refuse questioning and ask for a lawyer. Tons of innocent people thought they were innocent and thus had nothing to hide only to get confused on a date or a time and give an alibi that looks like a lie because of that, misrememeber a situation, get confused by a question, or just generally not respond how an "innocent person should" and be hung because of it. If police are qu
  8. I am somewhat optimistic that Irvin could be one of the biggest key to fixing our huge issue of interior pressure. It's FAR from a sure thing, but there was a stretch in Dallas where he was really dang good. I like his potential in Bradley's scheme as well. And the best part is that he won't keep us from signing or drafting anyone. He's a very good low risk, high reward type. He will be one of the guys I am keeping my eyes on the most next training camp. He could make a big impact for us at 3T and on the edge. Bit of a long shot obviously, but I think this past year getting back in shape and i
  9. I feel like Ojulari is a guy that should go top 10, but will likely go in the 15-20 range. It's certainly possible he's gone before we pick though. I just think some teams over think things, especially for pass rushers that are deemed undersized. The same reason we reached on Ferrell can effect other teams and cause them to take more prototypical ends. I think Ojulari belongs as a top 10 pick, but some teams will feel like he will struggle to be a system fit or will believe him to need a year or so to add some weight to be an every down player. Mosses is a guy that I really do like, but
  10. I agree with you on Collins for the most part. I think he ends up being a good pro, a very solid LB, but not a guy that's going to make his money being a great edge rusher at the NFL level. Disagree with Phillips being the best pass rusher in this draft. For me that is quite clearly Ojulari. And he, to me, is a perfect fit for the role a lot of people believe Collins can fill. He has played all over the field for UGA, played on the edge rushing the passer and has also played as a more traditional non pass rushing OLB. But he's just absolutely LETHAL with his explosiveness and bend coming
  11. I'm all for it. I think JuJu is one of the few WRs that makes sense if we're going to go after one of the big name free agents. He fits perfectly across from Ruggs and Waller at TE. He's still incredibly young, and it's entirely conceivable his best football is still in front of him. Plus he won't be as expensive as someone like Godwin, Galloday, etc. Because he isn't as good as those guys and is coming off a down year in terms of making big plays. And he's a great fit in our WCO. Plus he seems like the perfect fit as the type of wide receiver that Carr has a lot of chemistry and trust with.
  12. Nobody is going to be able to definitively prove that Watson wants to or would accept a trade here. It's just not possible from our outside point of view. However, when he demanded a trade, he knows there will be a ton of interest around the NFL, but wherever he is likely to go obviously is a team without a franchise, sure fire, elite QB. Which likely means he's looking at going to a team that hasn't done a ton of winning recently. Think of the top teams in today's NFL, Chiefs, Packers, Seahawks, Ravens, Bills, Buccaneers, Titans, Rams, Colts, Steelers, Saints. How many of those winning,
  13. I actually was just thinking that earlier in the week. He's my personal best TE prospect since Vernon Davis. Just a freaky, athletic specimen that is also refined for being a college player in terms of his route running and pass catching ability. I actually think he's one of the rare TE prospects that can play the Waller type TE role, or could straight up be a full time outside WR and be great at that. I don't think we can afford to take a guy like him and pass over a bunch of defensive prospects that could contribute right away to making our defense at least slightly below average inste
  14. Another interesting point Colin Cowherd made was talking about Gruden and how much power he has inside the organization. How many coaches out there legitimately have the power to overrule the GM and make a move for Watson based around a number of high draft picks? Bill B in Boston, Andy Reid, Pete Carroll maybe, McVay? How many coaches have the power Gruden has with still 7 years left on their deal, a GM they probably picked themselves as more of a yes man type, and an owner who idolizes the coach lol? There aren't many, if any coaches that have as much power as Gruden AND would use the power
  15. I'm one of Carr's bigger supporters, I certainly believe we can build a team capable of winning a championship with him as the QB, however if you can move him to Washington, Chicago, Indy, etc for 2 firsts or even a first and a second AND you make that deal contingent on making a deal with Houston for 4 firsts (2 from us, 2 from the team we trade Carr too, and if we only got a first and a second I would be willing to make it 3 firsts from us and the first we get in the trade) it's an absolute no brainer. Carr is IMO a top 12ish QB. A sure fire franchise QB. Watson is a top 5, elite QB. A
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