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  1. https://www.colts.com/video/pro-bowl-derek-carr-finds-t-y-hilton-deep-in-end-zone-but-he-can-t-hold-20312366 I'll list some others that I thought of off the top of my head that came in regular season games. This one from the pro bowl though is one of my favorite throws DC has made in his entire career. I'm not saying it's a throw a decent amount of other NFL QBs couldn't make, but I don't think many that aren't in the top 1/3 of the league or so are making it. With Bennett jumping off sides, the rush closing in, stepping up in the pocket to a full sprint basically, pulling up and wi
  2. There is something highly entertaining when a horribly run, dysfunctional franchise takes it to a whole new level, and even as someone that loves/loved the team you can't help but find it absolutely hilarious. Your just general being bad, losing a lot, poor drafting, poor free agent signings, etc just sucks to watch. It stings and it hurts and all of that. But every now and then the franchises that have been terribly run the most over the past 20-30 years they reach this point where it doesn't hurt as much and literally all you can do is laugh. I think that hit for me for the Raiders, af
  3. I do agree with a lot of others when they take things like this with a grain of salt. A lot of times it's exaggerated, or it's just lip service, or in some cases added bulk slows guys down and actually takes away some of the things that make them great players, not to mention almost every player in the NFL is constantly working on improving their strength and conditioning, weaknesses in their game, etc. All that being said, I was absolutely thrilled with the Yannick signing this off season, and I have very high hopes for him here. I also think signing him to a 2 year deal, short term dea
  4. I agree with almost everything you're saying. I personally would have Waller as the #2 TE in the NFL. But I am a Raider fan so there may be some bias in there, I wouldn't argue with those that have Kittle at 2. But for me Kelce is clearly the best TE in the NFL. Then Waller and Kittle in whichever order and then a pretty sizeable gap into a group of a handful of guys that can be ranked a bunch of different ways. But I also agree Henry is someone that could do some great things in New England. I think Hockenson is a guy that will be very productive this season. And Pitts I expect to
  5. It actually isn't by definition below average, because as I explained, I rank QBs against the entirety of QBs in the league. Hence the quote at the very end clarifying any possible confusion on that front, "I don't consider any of the typical starters worse than below average because I am rating them on the whole. So the truly bad players are typically the guys that hang around on teams as a rare #3 QB, or hang around the practice squad and 53 man roster. If you are a starting caliber QB by the standards of the position as a whole from starter to backup across the entire NFL you aren't truly a
  6. In the interest of total disclosure I will start by saying some of it may be influenced by just how much I loved Watson as a prospect. I thought he was the most underrated QB prospect in my lifetime (which is admittedly only 15 or so years of prospects where I had a deep knowledge of prospects and how they were viewed leading into the draft). I saw all the aspects I would look for in a mega hyped up, consensus #1 overall QB prospect. I was shocked he wasn't thought of even more highly than he was coming into the NFL. But in terms of his actual field on the play, I don't think it's at all
  7. They were in the WCF 2 seasons ago in 2019. They also won their first round matchups in two other seasons since 2014. I get the idea behind the comparison but the Bengals, Dalton specifically, regularly showed up and put forth terrible performances that kept his team from advancing. Dame hasn't always been great in the playoffs, but he has had games and series where he was playing great basketball and without him they probably wouldn't be a playoff team at all. Dame wasn't regularly the reason you would point to and say if he plays better they are legit contenders to make a deep ru
  8. Edwards is going to be a really good player for us IMO. He is exactly the type of WR Carr has shown the most trust and chemistry with. Big bodied, strong handed, reliable, chain moving, contested catch makers. That is why Crabtree worked so well for us for a couple years. I would argue Crabtree had the most chemistry with Carr of any pass catcher outside of Waller since DC has been here. What will really determine if Edwards is as good as I believe he can be, will be the health. He struggled with injuries in college, he lost any chance of serious impact as a rookie due to injuries after
  9. I went with Hopkins here, I've had him as my best WR in the game the past 2 or 3 years. But like BayRaider mentioned, I also have Adams as my #2 WR in the entire NFL and in my eyes he made a very good case to have overtaken the top spot. Ultimately I give it to Hopkins as the king of the wideouts at this very moment by a razor slim margin and wouldn't argue with anyone who has Adams as their #1. 1. Hopkins 2. Adams 3. Hill 4. Diggs 5. Thomas 6. Metcalf 7. Robinson 8. Julio 9. AJ Brown 10. Evans 11. McClurin 12. Allen 1
  10. I see the logic behind the Bills being mentioned just because they don't have a long history like some other playoff teams of being consistent, and I agree with that logic. But I just can't see it with Buffalo. That front office, and that coaching staff has totally earned my trust for the next couple years at least. Not trust in the sense that I am super confident they will win a super bowl or anything. But enough trust to believe that they will be a consistent 10+ win, playoff team, at least until after Allen gets his big payday. I mean sure, an Allen regression is not out of the realm of pos
  11. Green Bay would be my choice if Rodgers is traded, but if he is actually traded I feel like they would no longer qualify as a team expected to be great at that point.
  12. This is my listed based off of my evaluation of guys already in the NFL and what they have shown, my projection of the rookie QBs and how well they translate immediately. So basically if you are in your second year or beyond I'm ranking you where you play has placed you now, not where I think they end up in the future. Elite Tier - HOF type of overall talent (doesn't factor in the need for longevity to actually make the HOF). Also goes off of current play so someone like Brees if he were still playing might not currently be in the elite tier, even though he is without a doubt a first bal
  13. I'm really hoping Simpson can beat out Good because that would mean he's clearly taken a big step because while Good isn't some great player, he's pretty solid. However, it may be a huge long shot simply because Good is a solid player and has Startin experience. As nice as it would be to see a young draft pick push for playing time, the idea of the C, RG, and RT all having basically zero NFL starting experience could end very very badly.
  14. Yeah I'm pretty high on the Titans coming into the season. Not really a shock because they have taken a decent amount of guys in the draft that I was very high on (I loved AJ Brown, I had Fulton as my #2 CB last season, Simmons was a guy I was ready to call the steal of the draft immediately after, same can be said this season with Farley (a top 10 overall player for me, and I liked Harold Landry a lot too), and Tannehill was someone I loved and thought could be a much better Qb than most believed he was if put in a better situation (he's still probably been a little better than I even imagine
  15. I'm an old school guy and like to write down my game by game predictions for the season and keep them to look back on, so I can't share a link. But here is how I have each division shaking out Note - These are my predictions under my expectations that Watson doesn't play this upcoming season for the Texans, and Rodgers does play for the Packers starting week 1. AFC NORTH 1. Ravens - 12-5 2. Browns - 10-7 3. Steelers - 9-8 4. Bengals - 4-13 EAST 1. Bills - 12-5 2. Dolphins - 10-7 3. Patriots - 8-9 4. Jets - 3-14 SOUTH 1. Ti
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