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  1. KNJ Fired

    You got re tweeted by raiders beat lol
  2. KNJ Fired

    I take this with a grain of salt. I know we're not in a good situation right now, but clearly those dudes just loved the person.
  3. KNJ Fired

    Well hopefully at least he can game plan better and have better situational awareness of when to call certain plays and blitzes
  4. KNJ Fired

    It just doesn't make much sense, if Pagano is expected to call the same defense, then why fire Norton?
  5. KNJ Fired

    I'm hoping his. I want to believe JDR was just trying to step in because of how bad Ken norton proved to be. I guess we will see
  6. Raiders Defense

    I saw him get some time last week and apparently Pagano loves Luani, don't be surprised to see him in there. He will make mistakes like he did against Buffalo, but at least he will make them with speed lol.
  7. Raiders Defense

    Claim Jalen Collins
  8. KNJ Fired

    Needed to be done. Great guy and I wish him well but this had to happen. Bruce Irvin is pissed, he can leave with him if he wants
  9. Week 11 GDT: Patriots vs Raiders

    Idk what's defined as a lot but we do move him around more often compared to the previous years. First two years he ran 16% of his snaps out of the slot, this year he's at 21%. Not huge but definitley suggests he's moving around more often than last year. His numbers In the slot are also very good, and this year specifically his numbers from the slot are slightly better than Seth with over 125 LESS routes ran. Every stat pretty much suggests he needs to play in the slot more often.
  10. Week 11 GDT: Patriots vs Raiders

    Raiders roll baby 34-24 Raidaz
  11. Around the league v.1.0

    Pats just shredding Denver right now. Wonder what they'll do to our defense
  12. Around the league v.1.0

    Now people miss him
  13. Raiders vs Dolphins SNF - GDT

    He deserves that catch
  14. Raiders vs Dolphins SNF - GDT

    Did I say they got a number of well deserved calls? Hm
  15. Raiders vs Dolphins SNF - GDT

    Wasn't ticky tack lol that happens to mack all the time and is never called. Well deserved call