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  1. Las Vegas Stadium News

    Will the pre game top the Golden Knights?
  2. Random Raider Stuff

    Callahan and Olsen as well, not just Jon. But backup QB is important as we all know. Having 3 on the roster limits competition for a roster spot imo and could breed some complacency. Bringing in a fourth makes everyone work and compete that much harder. Nothing wrong with this move, even if he gets cut.
  3. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    And Morrow
  4. What is your REALISTIC expectation for this year?

    Looking at the schedule I’m thinking right around 16-0 seems doable
  5. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    Carradine as well
  6. Rd 5 - P Johnny Townsend

    A lot of people have Townsend as the number 2...he’s very good. Some said he’d be number 1 in normal drafts but Dickson is a different animal.
  7. 2018 Schedule

    Do you sell custom depth charts outside of the stadium?
  8. Around the league v.1.0

    Can’t Reggie just go to settings and turn salary cap off?
  9. 2018 Draft Thread v.2 - DONE AND IN THE BOOKS

    1. Tremaine Edmunds 2. Maurice Hurst 3. DeSean Hamilton
  10. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    S Richardson was apparently a stud in Canada lol
  11. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    Funny stuff.
  12. Raiders release P Marquette King; Signs with the Donks

    Didn’t Lynch also take a pay cut or at least restructure his contract?
  13. Raiders release P Marquette King; Signs with the Donks

    But they also signed Wilber and Lamur as special teams aces. They also signed plenty of guys under 30. King will be 30 this year and was cut just like Crabtree, Smith and seabass etc....I just don’t really get the narrative. Yeah he is signing vets that he thinks will help teach the system, be coaches on the field , help the culture and set the tone that he wants in the locker room, but I don’t see how that’s not understandable? And oh yeah, the only punter left on the roster currently, picked by Gruden, is 22 years old. Colby Wadman.
  14. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    Really want Melvin and Breaux. Maybe Melvin, Breaux and Matheiu lol
  15. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    Gruden seems to like older WRs so his makes sense. Would be a great locker room presence and I’m sure has something left in the tank.