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  1. I am gonna go back through some of Mayock’s rankings because I seem to recall him rating players with high upside, physical traits more than the so called ‘plug and play’ types. Our recent drafts didn’t seem to match up with what I thought Mayock would be looking for. And I don’t remember disagreeing massively with how he ranked his top players each draft. I definitely disagree with how we have drafted these last couple of years so would be interested to see how much of that was solely on Gruden. I suspect all of it.
  2. Gruden does not learn. Like at all…..ever
  3. Disappointing - but still look like we’ll be able to move the ball and it’s a better start than every other game this season!
  4. Wow. Those Cable quotes are unreal. If you’re trying to build and inexperienced players confidence. You don’t throw all the other inexperienced players under the bus at the same time. As bad as Leatherwood and Simpson have been, both have had their good reps (albeit few and far between). I can’t think of a single positive play James has made. Just utterly blinded and bad PR to go with the terrible take.
  5. I really hope they put Amik on the outside and keep Hobbs inside. Hobbs needs to build on the excellent foundation he’s started with. Amik was a highly productive outside corner in college. Every time he’s lined up there, be it in preseason or in proper games, he has done well. For whatever reason, inside just didn’t suit him. Give him a chance and let’s see whether he can replicate what he did in college. It would be massive if he could be a serviceable 3rd/4th corner for us moving forward. And this is the way we’d find out
  6. Excellent post and exactly how I feel. It really beggars belief - the arrogance and/or stupidity to think you could swap a highly paid, celebrated and experienced group for rookies and players with limited game time and expect similar or even adequate results. There is a repeated horror 3 point sequence when supporting a poorly run sports team; the mistake itself that everyone and his Nan knows is a mistake; the trying to rationalise it and hope, on a wing and a prayer that it won’t be totally as bad as you expect; and then the cold, hard reality that bites when you realise that yo
  7. Yep. I honestly believe he is around during discussions and is given a chance to contribute - but ultimately ignored by Gruden in favour of his coaches. I think that’s why he is so animated when he details the later picks during the draft coverage - because those are the ones which he actually has some part in scouting and picking
  8. I think I remember seeing the footage of the pick….and Mayock looking pretty pissed. I’m pretty sure the clips showed the room looking flat and there was very little celebrating. Regardless, I totally agree. If you think back to Mayock as a pundit, I remember him being more about the late risers, high upside guys. He was all over Mack for example. That’s what I remember anyway. I can’t believe that he has any real say in any of this at all.
  9. I too am looking forward to seeing Robertson have a proper run out on the outside. I was buzzing when they picked him as he was actually one of my favourite players of the draft. And after the players chosen prior in that draft, I needed someone to get behind. I understood the move to nickel due to the size and when he struggled, I hoped he’d get a chance in the outside as the production was unreal. And he matched up well against big and highly rated receivers in college. Really gunning for him
  10. This is wild. I am not a Leatherwood apologist or anything and he was the one pick I really didn’t want in the draft (because it was so obvious we were going to pick him). But I think this is too early to move him - particularly when they haven’t tried to: a) bring in Martin for James - which just has to be the first thing the coaches try. He has absolutely no redeeming qualities. At least there have been 1 or 2 plays from Leatherwood, as poor as he’s been b) scheme and plan to offer him support when he’s gone up against some of the best pass rushers in the league. He’s been l
  11. I’d have just picked him with our first and had done with it!
  12. I actually thought he had a pretty good game vs the Chargers. He seemed to be around the ball and made some clean tackles and a decent hit or two
  13. I do agree that it’s not as easy as some make it out. And that later on in the draft, getting cute can work. Hobbs is a case in point. Many fans were really cross with that pick - but when it’s the 5th round, to me it’s no harm no foul. Its the getting cute with early picks that had been our undoing. And much like the oline debacle, it just seems so obvious their cute picks will become bad ones. The reasons for taking certain players early are simply not sufficient reason for doing so. Cases in point: High character/mentality (Ferrell, Muse), storied colleges (Ferrell, Leatherwood,
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