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  1. Senior Bowl

    Strange. I love senior bowl week. Really disappointed not to be able to see it.
  2. Senior Bowl

    Are practices being shown anywhere?
  3. Senior Bowl

    Are the practices being shown on NFL network as per usual? I'm in the UK and typically watch it on Gamepass - but it doesn't say senior bowl when practices are on over the next couple of days.
  4. Player Appreciation Thread

    Bit of a strange one that he is playing so little. I thought he looked decent on Sunday and has played to a reasonable level when I've zoned in on him. Certainly not beating any worlds, but looking improved. Is he being protected this year with one eye on the off season? Or is it just that the coaches so no pass rush in him whatsoever at this stage and purely see him as a run defender?
  5. Raiders Defense

    No. It's that NASCAR front. Jordan is doing what Guenther had Key doing on 3rd downs. Cle isn't in on most 3rd downs. It's usually: Maxx---Hurst---Jordan---Mayowa
  6. Player Appreciation Thread

    If he continues to improve on a very solid start, he could be a sneaky good pick. Less celebrated than the star defensive Clemson draft class, his numbers in college we're really quite impressive. He hadn't featured hardly at all during the draft process, so when the pick came in it seemed a little underwhelming, especially with Greedy and one or two other better advertised draftees still on the board. If he does indeed turn into a dependable starter for us I'm hoping it is an indication of what's to come from Mayock in the 2nd round. If he can bring in solid starters in important positions in round 2, it would make a massive difference. A far cry from Reggie! Early days of course
  7. Love this. My current favourite Raider. I have seen what addiction can do to a person and the people around them. For him to go through that, be able to speak so honestly and openly about it and to come through the other side is awesome. Also love how we have tied him up nice and early.
  8. Pick is in, #4 Clelin Ferrell DE Clemson

    The thing that I keep seeing is that he seems to struggle to disengage. Once the tackle locks him in, he doesn't have a counter. I've seen him forceably jolt the tackle back a couple of times when he hits them first, but he doesn't yet have the core strength to convert it to a consistent bull rush so doesn't even really have a primary pass rush move he can rely on yet either. He certainly has smarts, knowing when to check on screens and he has a good discipline in setting the edge, but that won't be enough if he doesn't at least find a way of offering some kind of threat to the QB.
  9. Week 4: Bounce back?.. Raiders @ Colts

    Why can't we have nice things? What a killer.
  10. Week 4: Bounce back?.. Raiders @ Colts

    What a start. So good when new players make an immediate impact.
  11. Week 4: Bounce back?.. Raiders @ Colts

    Great catch. Perfect start - playcalling and execution.
  12. Week 3 GDT: Raiders @ Vikings

    That was as poor as it gets given the context
  13. Week 3 GDT: Raiders @ Vikings

    Yep. He looked lost last week. Same again
  14. Chiefs @ Raiders Week 2 GDT!!

    Are you saying you'd rather be in Miami's position than ours?
  15. He was the player I enjoyed watching most on Hard Knocks. I have some experience in my family of addiction and mental health and I found the way he spoke about his past really inspiring and insightful. One of a number of players we have on the team who will be really easy to get behind. Fingers crossed he is as advertised.