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  1. I’m not willing to write Arnette off just yet. I thought he started the year pretty strong. Had those awful head injuries, a broken hand to deal with, having one of the worst d coaches and then a coaching change as well as being rotated a lot during games. He could be as bad as the last few games, but I’d want to give him a chance, ideally playing to his strengths after a proper off season and some better coaching.
  2. Is it the incredibly wishful thinking? Like impossible? I think everyone has sensed you’re very down on the organisation at the moment. And I get it. We had the tiniest glimpse of something good and then........The Raiders........we predictably reverted to type. But I don’t buy your argument that we need to draft the DROY to become a mediocre defense. I do agree that we need to hit on most decisions - both FA and early draft. But that is not completely out of the question. To me: 1 very good dlineman, 1 good dlineman, 1 good safety and 1 experienced and savvy CB coupled with Bradley,
  3. Just wondering - to those who are negative about this hire - who were you expecting or hoping for? And are you arguing that a different choice could make more of a difference than Bradley? To me, Bradley is as good as we are going to get and as good as we deserve given the state we’re in. I can’t say I follow college football or have enough knowledge of up and coming position coordinators to know what better options might be out there - but if there are any, would they come here? Plus to the point about writing off Bradley because we have no defensive talent - surely we have t
  4. I think you may have a point. He seems to slow down prior to contact. It looks like he eases himself into tackles. Very tentative with his running, no violence at all Early days and I still have faith he could turn it around, but I have noticed this too
  5. Not sure I agree with you here. I think he made some decent throws and was a n receipt of some poor pass D and Waller going off. Some of his throws were odd to say the least. Not saying he was dreadful, but got lucky with some of the poor discipline of the Jets keeping drives alive and then ultimately on the last play.
  6. That’s on Carr too. Really poor pass. Riggs should’ve caught it, but poor pass
  7. As a couple of people have alluded to, I thought Ferrel look very good - on the outside anyway!!!! What is so frustrating is that we seem to have some potential pieces to have a competitive defense but it is let down by awful personnel decisions, bad okay calling and just how shockingly poor the non impactful players we keep rolling out are. A defense of: —Crosby—Hankins—???—Ferrell ————???——Kwit——Littleton Mullen——Joyner——Abram——Arnette looks fairly solid to me. Not world beating, but competitive. It’s just that a) the ??? are so bad (Collins particularly) b) th
  8. Good points by both. I was spitting feathers after our capitulation - which, although, I know we were ‘in’ the game, had a certain inevitability about it. A massive part of that was the ridiculous amount of things we had to contend with. Some frustrating play - yes. But rotten luck and a healthy dose of unfairness too. Seasons not over. We move on.
  9. Can’t quite believe Littleton has been so poor. He was the player I wanted in FA and actually thought he was good value. Raiders still the graveyard for LBs.
  10. I thought Ferrell showed something - I know we got gashed, but he had some good reps. Also like what I’ve seen so far in Arnette
  11. Didn’t fancy our chances going into the game, but seeing the defense start well and how easily we ran the ball at first, I thought we looked in good shape. Then we laid a massive egg. Just a total, universal capitulation. Ah well. We are where we are, which is where we all deep down knew we would be
  12. We had an opportunity that the D created early. The O didn’t take it and they then found our weakness and exploited it. Massive missed opportunity
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