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  1. OTA's

    Would it be fair to say you’re not Irvin’s biggest fan? I understood your stance that Irvin would perhaps be a better fit at LB than DE, but I think you’re pushing it if you’re suggesting Carradine is going to replace him.
  2. Rnd4 pick 10- CB Nick Nelson

    Agree. He gets a bit grabby and he won't get away with that in the NFL, but I think he will be versatile and a good replacement for Carrie with upside to be more. He was one of my favourite picks as he looks to me to be good value and someone who start soon, which up until that point in the draft, we hadn't picked anyone you could necessarily say that about.
  3. Raiders Defense

    I'd have to agree. He's been susceptible to whiffing when one on one in addition to the inevitable problems matching TEs, but I thought he played fairly well last year and made some plays at points too. He, like so many players we have, is gonna have the benefit if the doubt from me until we can rule out that so many of our defensive woes were on Norton and JDR. If Guenther can't make something out of him this season, then I'll start to worry.
  4. That'll about cover it! That's pretty much exactly what I'm hoping for and think we've got a good chance of getting.
  5. 2018 Draft Recap Thread

    This is a good point. For all the criticism Cable gets here, he was handicapped by the lack of retention of their better OL FAs. He also did a pretty good job in turning Veldheer from a small school prospect with potential into a solid starter. I'm not particularly enamoured by him as our coach but I would say that it's difficult to say with absolute certainty that he will do a bad job as there were mitigating circumstances in Seattle.
  6. Rnd2 pick 25- DT P.J Hall

    Let's hope they can both do it! And if they both can't, you've got to hope than one of them can. Man, it would make so much difference if we could finally get a genuine threat to the QB up the middle.
  7. 2018 Draft Recap Thread

    This. I can't quite understand why everyone is getting worked up over a late 5th round pick. The 173rd pick! Like numbers 174 through 178 are sure fire contributors. Oh no, we missed out on the 31st best corner of this year's draft!
  8. Yeah. I've watched most of his games now and I feel a little bit better about the pick. I would say most of his games fall into a few categories. Sometimes he is just plain bad. He looks unbalanced and too defensive. Slow to use his hands and lacking aggression and giving defenders too much time. Sometimes he looks ugly, but he kinda gets the job done and then he has a few good games where he seems in control and balanced in pass pro and active and aggressive against the run. The thing that I came away feeling is that developing his mentality is going to be important as well as improving his technique. The physical pieces and some of the skills are there, but to unlock his potential he has to be aggressive and on the front foot. Too many times he looks passive and almost apprehensive to attack the defender. Hopefully working next to KO can give him a bit of nasty. Really interested to see how he develops and I think he is so polarising because genuinely nobody has any clue how good or bad he's gonna be.
  9. Rnd3 pick 1- OT Brandon Parker

    Oak DB put this in another thread: http://only1nation.com/2018/05/01/a-tale-of-two-tackles-kolton-miller-brandon-parker/ It breaks down some footage of Parker doing some good things at the senior bowl. Plus the FO obviously liked what he did there as during the draft phone call, Reggie said to Parker something to to the effect of 'I told you we were going to pick you'.
  10. Round 6: Azeem Victor, LB, Washington

    Agree. There's a chance, albeit a slight one, that if all these risky picks come off we could have significantly improved our roster in the areas that matter most. The 2 things I liked best about the draft was the aggression and the single minded focus on improving specific areas.
  11. Thought this was interesting: Kinda interesting. Probably won't mean a great deal, but a fairly siz able difference in succes rates between those with and those without the specific measurables. I (like I suppose many who weren't too enamoured with the pick) have been trawling to find anything positive about Miller. You gotta grasp dem straws!
  12. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    Think I'm gonna sit in the middle of this discussion as I, like you do want to see if James or Morrow can develop but I also think we needed to invest in the position too. I can't see both James and Morrow becoming genuine stars, but I can see them as the fillers of the position....being decent complementary pieces. Bowman could be the main man for a year but at some point we are going to have to go out and get that long term leader for the middle of the D.
  13. Random Raider Stuff

    The bottom of the article states that Allen wouldn't have any say in personnel. You might be right about Reggie, but let's just wait and see. He did turn down the Green Bay request for interview so you'd think if he thought he was being pushed out, he'd have gone then. Clinksdale going doesn't necessarily mean Reggie goes too. It might be that Gruden wants to bring in some additional people. Be interesting to see how it plays out.
  14. Rnd3- DE Arden key

    What is it, other than his poor pro day numbers, that makes you think he can't be an effective pass rusher? I know his numbers tell of a lack of explosion, but go back to '16 and do you not see a player who has enough speed in his moves to get after the QB? I think it was Charlie Casserly who was describing him as fitting into a bracket of players who might not beat you with speed around the outside, but that he has the agility and range of moves to beat you in other ways. Ignoring last year and assuming he gets his body and weight right, what does he lack in your opinion?
  15. I don't think there's any question about our drafting for need. I started to get that feeling in the build up to the draft as Gruden kept referring to specific positions that we needed to address. He didn't disguise it at all. With that said, I actually quite like the outcome of that approach when looked at the whole project. We can argue about each individual player, and I certainly feel the same way about Miller, but I think there is a very positive net result from the collective approach of our FO to improve specific areas of the team. I imagine that Gruden was fairly single minded about that, like he said from the offset that he wants deoth and athleticism to run a different system for the oline and more pass rush from up the middle and edge on D to suit Guenther's system and that then he, his coaches, Reggie and his scouts went about trying to improve those areas.