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  1. The curious case of Amari Cooper

    Has anyone ever totally cleaned house? By that I mean got rid of all players from a previous regime even the young players with some promise?
  2. This is really bad. I feel so dumb having some optimism going into the season. I really will struggle to keep watching this season if this is what they keep churning out.
  3. Weird one as I thought Conley started the season well.
  4. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    Good post. I was gutted we passed on first Fitzpatrick and then James and Miller was the one player I really didn't want. Goes to show how little we all actually know!
  5. The Good, the Bad, the Second Half Losers vs the Rams

    Agree with your assessment. I thought Miller looked decent. I can't remember many times he got dominated and I saw on a number of occasions him holding up well. I also noticed him once or twice smartly shifting from one player to another as their dline moved and altered positions. A pretty good start by him. Also thought Conley was okay. He was up against it trying to mark Cooks man to man and he did get beat a couple of times, but he also stuck with his man in coverage well on a number of occasions. Melvin struggled more imo. Leon Hall was a pleasant surprise, as was Whitehead. Those two were the pick of the defensive players.
  6. Rnd3- DE Arden key

    Great point. When we picked him, I was so stoked. But with all the media negativity, it has numbed the excitement to the point where I haven't really even thought about him in a meaningful way. Ridiculous.
  7. Rnd3- DE Arden key

    It’s going to be interesting to see whether this statement is true or not. Although he didn’t test well, he does have some plus athletic traits. He bends well, has a good first step, his motor looks good and can counter quickly. I’m hoping that he’s able to use these traits to be a good player for us. While I agree, Hall is the one who looks most exciting and I expect him to have a better rookie season, I’m still looking for Key to contribute on 3rd down this year.
  8. Khalil Mack traded to the Bears (Page 19)

    I’m finding this really difficult to stomach, but the one thing I am holding on to is that it will be fun to go into the next 2 drafts with 2 first rounders. I have been envious of those teams in recent years who have had multiple first rounders so it will be pretty cool for it to be us for a change. It does also look like a pretty stellar draft for defensive talent too. Still really pissed, but at least it’s something.
  9. Khalil Mack traded to the Bears (Page 19)

    Thanks. That actually helps. Especially the Bosa bit!
  10. Khalil Mack traded to the Bears (Page 19)

    Someone please rationalise this for me. I’m having real difficulty.
  11. Marquel Lee?

    Agree. I will happily take ‘average starter’ at one of the LB positions for the next few years.
  12. Marquel Lee?

    I'm interested to see what happens with Lee, particularly in the current context of Guenther being his DC. In Cincy, he seemed to have starters who were viewed as less athletic, run first guys, which Lee is. And the Cincy LB core was lauded as being successful. I know there has been a clamour for athletic, fast LBs and that's where most of the league seems to be heading. I'm not sure that's what Cincy had though and I suspect he's looking for something different than what the consensus view of a linebacker on here is. And Lee has certainly looked the part in PS, albeit against poor opposition.
  13. Training Camp 2018

    ^^^ Some good points about Miller. I suppose much of this will come down to what the coaches feel would be best for his development. And I don’t know which is best: a) let him sit behind Penn until he’s both physically and technically ready to take over at LT, having had a year to develop b) put him in at LT and let him ‘learn on the job’ whilst upgrading the RT position with Penn. This would enable you to offer more support on the pitch to Miller as Penn would need less than whichever RT we would have playing there if Penn is at LT Hard to know which would be better for the team now a solid well. Option a) reduces the risk of Miller contributing to sacks if he’s not ready but it means we have to put up with whichever turnstile gets trundled out at RT each week. Option b) will almost certainly lead to more pressure on Carr’s blindside and Miller will inevitably get beat by some of the elite pass rushers we face. But it does give us our strongest 5 olineman on the pitch and our right side becomes a strength with Penn there. It’s gonna be interesting to see how it plays out.
  14. Khalil Mack traded to the Bears (Page 19)

    I’m with you. For me, you reward good performances and keep your best players happy so they can continue to perform well. Obviously if Mack is asking for the moon, you can’t just give him what he wants, but you have to think that the way Reggie has done business in the past, he is working towards keeping Mack andpaying him what he deserves. And besides, we are talking about one of the best players in the league here.
  15. Training Camp 2018

    Those Penn quotes are a very welcome surprise. What a refreshing response from him and It gives us all the more options moving forward. If Penn can man the right, it will allow the TE to support Miller more. The coaches won’t have to compensate and plan for a weak right side - something I was anticipating they would have to do regularly. Miller gets the extra support when needed. If it doesn’t work out with Miller, Penn slides back in and he drops to backup and learns until he’s ready. And all the while Penn trains up all the rooks!