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  1. Can’t quite believe Littleton has been so poor. He was the player I wanted in FA and actually thought he was good value. Raiders still the graveyard for LBs.
  2. I thought Ferrell showed something - I know we got gashed, but he had some good reps. Also like what I’ve seen so far in Arnette
  3. Didn’t fancy our chances going into the game, but seeing the defense start well and how easily we ran the ball at first, I thought we looked in good shape. Then we laid a massive egg. Just a total, universal capitulation. Ah well. We are where we are, which is where we all deep down knew we would be
  4. We had an opportunity that the D created early. The O didn’t take it and they then found our weakness and exploited it. Massive missed opportunity
  5. Was it? How many of Cam Jordan’s first 18 games did you watch? Not to call you out, but I think you’d need to have seen a lot to make that statement. And I don’t disagree with your premise of eye test over stats and while I agree that Ferrell hasn’t shown anything so far and may get nowhere near Jordan in the future, I think the comparison is a fair one at this stage n their careers.
  6. About the pass rush: Seems that it takes Paul G too long to mix it up a bit. We don’t have the players to go 1 on 1 and yet that’s how he starts each game. Later on he sent Abram on some blitzes and starting moving the dline around. Not that it was particularly ferocious, but it definitely affected Brees. He started to have to move and it clearly unsettled him. We need to be more creative because apart from Key (who I thought did well when out there), we clearly don’t have the personnel to win individual match ups. And when we do it more, it seems to work.
  7. Has he? Apart from the blown coverage last week, I think he’s done okay. Didn’t seem to me like he was benched - but rather taken off for a rest and to be coached. Went back out there and made some good plays against the run and can’t remember him getting beat thereafter. About where he should be for a rookie DB imo
  8. This is a great point. Even if the coaches feel that our dline is improving and the individuals can develop in time, they aren’t there yet. So - help them out! Don’t leave it to one on ones all the time. Make it easier for them by making the oline and OC have to think. Littleton showed some speed to get around the tackle. I’d like to see Abram and the CBS given a shot to get after the qb at times. It just always looks so pedestrian and lacking in any kind of creativity.
  9. This is how it’s happening in the premier league. It’s actually not too bad. I was sceptical, but the games are still enjoyable to watch on TV. Not ideal, but better than not football at all
  10. Great point about not having a Hudson type player to anchor the D. It’s why I wouldn’t have minded going LB in the draft (I like Murray and think he will be a very good player for a long time), even with our signings. Let’s hope Kwit can be that guy. Not just for 2/3 years, but for the next 5-6.
  11. I think we have to start looking at Bowden as Harris’ replacement on the depth chart. I guess he will be covering his special teams duties and I still don’t believe what Mayock keeps rolling out in him being a RB. It seemed a bit ‘though protest too much’ when he kept correcting pundits and journalists who referred to him as a WR. He’ll be that joker position when in imo - manufactured touches etc. Hopefully that will spell Jacobs some, but I always expected we’d sign aWashington replacement as well. Hopefully Booker is it.
  12. I think they had tried to. They went hard after Jones and then the Apple situation. I agree it was the one area where they left themselves wanting without the same positional security going into the draft that WR had. It meant they had to pick a CB as it was a hole. They chose someone they consider a plug and play, scheme fit and had to reach for him as the risk of not getting him and being able to plug him into the hole was too great. So you are right, they put themselves in that situation - but I think it is unfair to criticise too much as, given the starting point I think a team in our position going into the draft with only 2 glaring holes, knowing one would definitely be adequately filled was satisfactory.
  13. Thanks for that. Really good article. It’s going to be interesting to see how he performs. Lots for Gruden to play with. It’s interesting, because we have similar question marks with most of our picks due to either injury or lack of pro day etc. With Arnette’s 40 and with Edwards, Robertson, Bowden not having the usual results from combines/pro days to give us an indication of their speed or explosiveness, we have no idea to what extent their physical talents or limitations will help or hinder them. I honestly have no idea how fast Edwards or Bowden are for example. They are both difficult to read. Edwards looks like he lacks initial explosion from standing, but then at times seems to outpace DBs. Bowden looks plenty fast, but has such a smooth running style, again - difficult to project.
  14. I wonder whether they feel like Key will come back and play more and also Nassib could’ve been bought in to do the exact job Jordan did. That’s all I can think of that might be preventing us from offering him a deal if we haven’t.
  15. Not sure I agree that all 5 were picked too far away from their value position. That said, you are absolutely right to point out that Grudock do not follow a model based on value. This draft, if we needed any definitive evidence, clearly shows that our FO draft for need, scheme and fit and they care very little about perceived value.
  16. With you here. Seems like a no brainier
  17. Are you saying that every 1st round pick since Miller has been a reach? Jacobs? Abram? Ruggs? All certified reaches? I get your point, but I don’t think you can realistically qualify that statement tbh.
  18. Not that I put too much stick into Steve Smith’s analysis (he actually looks pretty high in that vid) but I am excited about this pick. There were some pundits who were discussing how the combine might propel him into the 2nd round but he obviously missed that chance. Massive bust potential and I would say there is a real chance he doesn’t really contribute much - but if he’s used right, he could....could add some dynamism to our attack. He’ll definitely at least be a different problem for defenders to have to plan for.
  19. Doesn’t make it any less possible though
  20. This sounds spot on from the reports.
  21. Some really good posts in this thread! I personally don’t really have that much of a problem with reaching for need, scheme or both and don’t get too worked up about perceived value - but only if there is a net positive result at the end of it. I won’t look back in a few years and give too much thought about what round someone was picked up in even, as long as they become a good player for us and ideally for a long period of time. However, the ‘reach’ or trend of the FO in reaching has to count for something, in that you should at least see a higher percentage of net hits vs misses. If those hits are not always out of the park, that’s okay, but you have to be able to see a tangible benefit from taking that specific player early over trading back and possibly risk missing out on said player but perhaps having to settle for someone graded similarly. Case in point - Arnette. I won’t be worried if he doesn’t become a pro bowler, have elite stats or even be the next best CB after Okudah or Henderson from this draft. If he becomes a competent starter opposite Mullen over the next few years, then I’m happy as bust rates are so astronomically high. (Just go to the general forum to see posters grades of the ‘17 draft as evidence!) I will be disappointed if he performs below the standard of the rest of the second tier of CBs. If most of Fulton, Johnson, Diggs, Gladney etc. perform better than him, then taking him that high and not risking trading down would’ve unquestionably been a mistake. This draft will be a real indicator as to whether this method of drafting and line of thinking will ultimately pay off as in Ruggs, Arnette, Bowden and Muse arguably the picking early for need/fit/scheme applies. At the moment, if I had to guess, I would say it will pay off and I do have confidence in Mayock and am in favour of having and drafting for a specific reason ram identity. But then I am always optimistic this time of year and have been wrong more than I’ve been right!
  22. This is a really interesting point. Mayock and Gruden are quite similar in the sheer love they have for football and footballers. Add to that the emphasis they put on character and I can imagine them watching tape together and geeing each other up when they see something they like and I imagine their even more collectively pumped after meeting a player with passion or a football brain. As much as we need Mayock to take the edge off some of Gruden’s eccentric foibles - he’s actually pretty similar in that way himself and my guess is that they do encourage each other. I think there are and will be examples where this works over time - but like you say, it will also come at a cost, particularly if they do get tunnel vision in the draft when you’ve got to respond to things you didn’t expect.
  23. Didn’t mean for it to come across pissy - that wasn’t my intention. Looking back now it does read that way Just feels like our UDFA haul isn’t really something to be too concerned with. It’s hardly surprising in the circumstances that we aren’t investing that much time and effort into something that likely won’t make a tremendous amount of difference. If we have any holes remaining - my guess is that they will fill them post cuts. Many of the players you have listed won’t get a sniff of the 53 and with the likes of Nixon, Coney, Cotton, James, Doss to probably go onto our practise squad as known commodities and with the limits of camp - it’s unlikely any new UDFAs brought in will either.
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