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  1. Adopt a Bear sign-up

    Kevin White. Boom!
  2. Cuts to 53

    Pace is really exploiting the injured reserve system to protect young players! love it!
  3. Bears Forum Fantasy Football 2017

    Your welcome! thanks for Zeke, CPU drafted me some bad RB's
  4. Bears Forum Fantasy Football 2017

    All my players are on the trade block... Ditkas signatures
  5. Bears Forum Fantasy Football 2017

    damn thought the draft was tonight
  6. Your 53 man Roster

    Greg Rosenthal said today on NFL network that McPhee could get CUT or TRADED when teams go to 53.... any merit to this?.... what are your thoughts guys
  7. Bears claim K Aguayo from Bucs

    Sorry, I've got to brush up on my contract knowledge lol On a side note, I think it's hilarious how Barth and O'Donnell are so open about Pat's free agency next year! 4 years 18 million
  8. Mitchell Countdown

    That's exactly what I think will happen. Even if you didn't get the exact week right, the Bears will pick a point in the season where MItch will have his work cut out for him and the team and the QB position are in a favorable position to have success.
  9. Bears claim K Aguayo from Bucs

    I wonder if he had offers from other teams and straight up choose the Bears
  10. Adopt a Bear sign-up

    Lets go Bears, I'm in
  11. Bears Forum Fantasy Football 2017

    My team name will be either Ditka's Signatures or Strasmore's Ballers. Feel free to take whichever name I don't choose!