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  1. Bears claim K Aguayo from Bucs

    Sorry, I've got to brush up on my contract knowledge lol On a side note, I think it's hilarious how Barth and O'Donnell are so open about Pat's free agency next year! 4 years 18 million
  2. Mitchell Countdown

    That's exactly what I think will happen. Even if you didn't get the exact week right, the Bears will pick a point in the season where MItch will have his work cut out for him and the team and the QB position are in a favorable position to have success.
  3. Bears claim K Aguayo from Bucs

    I wonder if he had offers from other teams and straight up choose the Bears
  4. Adopt a Bear sign-up

    Lets go Bears, I'm in
  5. Bears Forum Fantasy Football 2017

    My team name will be either Ditka's Signatures or Strasmore's Ballers. Feel free to take whichever name I don't choose!