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  1. I'm gonna go ahead and peg Tim Settle as the guy I want in the 4th round
  2. If Lamar Jackson goes to the Saints or Patriots, he will have a pro bowl career.
  3. I'm a huge fan of Landry even more than Davenport. Who's the scout that came up with the notion that height and length translate into pass rush ability? My comp. on Landry is Melvin Ingram. I would also recommend some combination of OL/WR on Day 2, Price and Washington look like good picks. It's interesting how you mocked Washington given his YAC skills. I think we will see a lot of these kinds of gadget receivers in the Nagy era.
  4. Was watching more film on Edmunds and a red flag came up. Have you seen the nose tackle Tim Settle totally destroy offensive lives in front of Edmunds?
  5. Fantastic mock draft! I mean ideal first 7 picks are spot on, plus the trade back scenario with Buffalo is what I've been thinking all along. 1. I like Edmunds, just not in the top-10 2. Price would give our O-line the flexibility we want and move Whitehair back to left-guard 3. Key played out of position last season but showed promise as a pass-rusher the season before The next few picks could change and I'd still be happy.
  6. I like this draft. Decent value for a trade back, and we still land a solid player who has a chance to develop into something great. I have a feeling Pace is also taking a long look at Harold Landry with their first pick. Very polished pass rusher. Aside from the first pick being up in the air the rest of this mock address some key areas with good positional value.
  7. This defense, in its current state, lacks an identity. The offense has one with Trubisky at the helm which makes it easier to find the right pieces to the puzzle. I think we desperately need to find a leader/gamechanger on defense.
  8. I don't post much but its draft time... Mock Draft When Pace traded up last year I thought he was planning on reconciling those picks by trading back in the 1st with teams fishing for one of the QB's in the top-10 so I'll just play out that scenario. Trade back (Bears move back from 8 giving them a 3rd round pick in this year's draft, maybe more) 1. CB Josh Jackson - Iowa. My favorite cornerback in the draft as he possesses great size, agility, and ball skills. He was a late bloomer in college as he made the transition from wide receiver to cornerback after he redshirted his fr
  9. Pace is really exploiting the injured reserve system to protect young players! love it!
  10. Your welcome! thanks for Zeke, CPU drafted me some bad RB's
  11. All my players are on the trade block... Ditkas signatures
  12. Greg Rosenthal said today on NFL network that McPhee could get CUT or TRADED when teams go to 53.... any merit to this?.... what are your thoughts guys
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