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  1. TCMD - Keeper League Discussion

    Sure just know I suck at formulas
  2. TCMD - Keeper League Discussion

    If you're gonna do a sim based spreadsheet form of games. Your gonna have to spell out in non computer prolific terms how EVERYTHING is weighted
  3. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I've listen to JR's for a while. Mostly good
  4. How in the hell do you get all that from a dead body?
  5. If you process of elimination it, you should know who me and squire are, or at least have 50/50
  6. If you're paying attention to anything outted scum says after they are outted, you're doing what they want
  7. Should be Emily Elway sorry Have a friend named Emily Ellis. Think my phone autocorrected
  8. What I got for living people Dingo is Emily Ellis emergency clean up tech Touch is Katie Kennedy, single mom of three, insurance rep Kotn is Denise Dillon, retired With info mostly in the thread ya'll can go from this
  9. At this point down to one or two SK left do you all want me to tell you what I've found so far. All I get is names and professions, sometimes family details, which doesn't help much
  10. Shrug. I probably would have believed you without that. Forrest fireman. Survivalist sounds pretty OK to me but Whatevs. I'll let others decide
  11. So in review, you told mwill he was wrong because he wasn't wrong