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  1. There can't be three redirection sort of roles bit totally cool with a lightning rod, commuter and bus driver already as town. Y'all make me laugh
  2. For future hosts. Lightning rods are extremely difficult to incorporate for this very reason. Basically if you're using one it's virtually everyone is blocked for a night and the rod dies sort of thing otherwise we end up with this cluster f
  3. I was going to send dome to pickle for the lols. I never would target you night one as scum. You're gonna get watched or protected every time
  4. I'm going to a concert tonight so won't be around so I'll just out with it. I'm Ness. I'm just a redirector. You can lynch me if you like. I probably will end up causing more chaos than necessary Bcb
  5. Well I could ask you a question you prob don't want to answer as the only thing I can think of
  6. Well the good news is between pickle and mwil we have a scum. If it's pickle we can guarantee one or two of the people mwil saw is scum. Probably two
  7. Quite the assumption seeing how I don't have a kill. I imagine one of the above is the bodyguard and prevented any actions from happening to you
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