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  1. Assuming salary cap works approve Shelby deal even tho xmad is getting fleeced in the trade
  2. Don't like sushi but I'm jelly over any alcohol you snuck into the house tbh
  3. Make sure to look at the people who pushed my lynch for literally made up reasons
  4. Lynch me when I'm not around. Hurtful Good luck townies if there's any left
  5. Mission has an unhealthy obsession with tlo by the looks of that
  6. Can someone please try to use an ability on me so we can move on with our lives
  7. So he had three drink tokens night one? I only started with two
  8. Has literally no one targeted me all game? Someone has to have by now
  9. Wtf is there to claim. I've given you my entire role and abilities and what I did. What else do you want?
  10. Time out. Can someone find me when these other two said they bought dragon mead
  11. Lol you're so convinced I'm scum your arguments literally are falling apart as you try to piece reasons why I'm scum when there aren't any. Like this is the third different story you've come up with
  12. Or I'm town and they aren't which my drink did something different but let's go with bcb is scum shall we Let's concentrate on flavor instead of thread play like always