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  1. Or we just get rid of year long three ups and just put them after the season like it used to to be ...
  2. That's how life used to be. Was so simple
  3. This is why I was anti year long three ups in the first place. He's loopholing but legal
  4. I'm not sure why you're doing this now but approve
  5. Okie dokie Approve hunter assuming sirA has enough space to make the contract work this season
  6. did we allow rookie deals as part of three ups?
  7. BDL 2018 Summer Owners Meeting

    No temper here. It's passed officially. All I wanted. Was no rush on any of this stuff imo
  8. BDL 2018 Summer Owners Meeting

    It either needs nine or you keep waiting for til you get it one way or the other
  9. BDL 2018 Summer Owners Meeting

    You can't pass without a majority of the league voting yes
  10. I feel like calling your dude hodor for short