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  1. If it's any consolation, he thinks I'm running the same defense all game when I'm not
  2. 1. I'm trying to understand play action off qb draw 2. Both of these are team are going to score a ton. Neither are trying to fool the other defensively going with one look the entire time game 3. Deciding to cover ceedee lamb with Adrian Phillips is something. Conversely I'm assuming Anthony Harris is gonna have to run around with Darnell Mooney in four wide. Neither of these are good In the end its gonna come down to I see the Singapore interior making a few more plays and showing Brady the same type of look all the game just isn't great idea even if I like it the blitz
  3. those injuries are just too much for Cancun to overcome. I'm not sure if Justin Herron has ever played center
  4. Rodgers is going to put up points as the tackles negate most of the IC pass rush but I think IC can run Berlin over. Henry and Fant are going to have really nice games. Almost went Berlin as not knowing David was out after a Thursday night inactie is pretty rough IC 27-24
  5. Well compared to my opponent, I'm actually running more than one defense all game
  6. PS you can submit them now and change it later
  7. Shocked you think blue has a sense of humor
  8. Two titan defenders walk into a bar, David Long ducks Hey o!
  9. If there's anything you need. Your bdl family is always here buddy
  10. Really like him too. He's the type of of dude who I'd love to run a college football program seems made for it
  11. It's definitely a lot on the o line. It's hard to judge anything else really til that's fixed
  12. Regardless I appreciate you running man two deep the entire time I'm in four wide without switching d at all. Should work great with a quick short passing game
  13. "We’re going to show lots of different looks on offense. We will have 3 WR, Jumbo TE, 4 WR at times, etc. By switching up the look we hope to confuse Rome’s defense.. constantly "
  14. You can't run up tempo when you're constantly switching personnel. Refs sit on the ball
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