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  1. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    Touch who you want to go for. Orca or dome
  2. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    How does anyone prove alignment this game lol
  3. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    Idc anymore. I feel like I'm stuck here til the end cause no one can kill me lol
  4. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    I'm gonna let dome speak
  5. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    Pickle lock
  6. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    Well we've either already taken care of either one faction or the other
  7. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    Dome, are you a vroom vroom?
  8. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    100% beefcake. Irl
  9. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    Yep. I don't know why this is so difficult. If you're aligned with pickle you vote me. If not you vote him. Why don't you tell us what you are then
  10. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    Because if you're a one you just caused mass claims and lost
  11. You people are all un-American. Demeaning bacon is how the terrorists win
  12. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    Well I can't be vigged, you can't be vigged. One of us is by ourselves. You just signed one of our death warrants
  13. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    At this point if your ordos you vote me if not you're voting rick
  14. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    You're an idiot for claiming btw. We could have been the last two or three left