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  1. Surtain or Leatherwood. Book it Ps I will likely be be absolutely wrong but I want to be be right for the lols
  2. But they only have one first round pick this year. Those guys were the second mayock let some staffer pick most likely
  3. He didn't go to Clemson or Alabama
  4. Rumph feels like the guy the Seahawks take in the first whole everyone goes wtf. He's a fourth Rd dude
  5. Blue.. Why you taking those guys from bad teams Also blue. First two picks are guys who haven't been on a winning team since 2018
  6. How dare you'd give me an..... oh A+.... Ummmm... . Man this rack guy knows his stuff Eh
  7. Most likely to get arrested within two years Player who may not get drafted Irl Player with the hottest gf
  8. Sold my Clov this morning at 8.50.not the huge win I was hoping for but still small wins these days are better than most
  9. Man I'm getting slaughtered today
  10. If you can't have a dominant pass rush. Have the best corners
  11. My opinion hasn't changed. Even the column agrees. He's first read then runs. Now that doesn't mean he doesnt throw to someone else during scramble drill. But he doesn't progress while in pocket
  12. Rome 3 UP 2 CB William Jackson Irl 3 yr(s) / $40,500,000 Bdl 3 years 30,375 (10,125 per) https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/washington-football-team/william-jackson-18972/#:~:text=William Jackson signed a 3,average annual salary of %2413%2C500%2C000.
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