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  1. I mean I'm not mad. I made like 4k from 500 lol. The amount of reddit hate I underestimated lol
  2. I would have had 10k from my 500 buck initial investment at this point. Sweet lord
  3. I feel like I'm watching trading places Irl
  4. Good for you boys. I had to jump out starting from 12 and getting to 100 lol
  5. Trying to decide if I like this new ipo ezgo after it opened pretty well
  6. Diversions don't get targets on 20 percent of their snaps tbh
  7. Basically lukic says Davis was unavailable for AFC title game. Counselor pointed out that he played 16 snaps so how was he unavailable
  8. I'll be rooting for you guys but that's just my read on the situation
  9. If you can get close to 100 again, I'd suggest selling half it. Ceiling on this bad boy already hit at 150, floor is around 40-45
  10. You can surely say he looked like he can be a good receiver, or had a really promising start to his career but let's not over promote what he did. You just described Marquez Valdes Scantling's numbers. Was he balling this year too?
  11. Yes the guy who averaged two catches a game for 38 yards while barely catching over half his targets was certainly ballin
  12. Not enough unfortunately. I'm small time.
  13. Cashed out at 99 today. What a fun ride that was from 11
  14. Buffalo has no edge pass rush and it shows
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