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  1. BDL Discussion Thread 2020

    Lol. once your state gets shut down like the rest of em I might
  2. BDL Discussion Thread 2020

    I notice nothing in my pm
  3. Nope. They don't submit they are the bottom five. Jigsaw doesn't change the rules!
  4. Well it's a team submission and not each person (for the vast majority of these) so most of the time you can contribute and not be totally responsible for the fate of your team
  5. But because I'm an outstanding dude. Here ya go @Forge this was the first one last year
  6. There's a whole thread not far from this one you can browse
  7. This is where challenge links will go
  8. You all know the show. You and a partner will be competing in a series of events. Most will be timed (details in a bit). The team that finishes last at the end of the leg is eliminated. Your time will continue on for most of the contest. If you finish five minutes quicker than team B, you will maintain that five minute advantage starting the next competition. There is no voting, there is not backstabbing partners, this is purely for fun and entertainment. *Timed challenges. BCB (Phil) realizes that many of you live in different time zones. Any competition that has a straight who finishes faster challenge will be equal to you. You and your partner will give me a time that will work for you both (remember i'm on eastern time so don't give me 1-7 AM cause not happening. I will send you your challenge via PM at that time and your clock will start. Your clock will stop when i receive your submission. The only disadvantage you may run into is if I am unavailable during a timed contest to answer your questions. I believe the timed challenges are pretty self explanatory however. You may only officially submit once! Each official submission must have the label of OFFICIAL SUBMISSION on it. Each team will designate who will be turning in this submission before the competition begins. If this needs to change at some point during the contest, you must let Phil (bcb) know before that leg of the competition begins This can hold an unlimited amount of teams but I'd like to get at least ten Teams 1. Pickle and orca 2. Boyle and Josh 3. Fin and 4 Malf and Squire 5. Xmad and 6. Matts and 7 ted and 8. Forge and 9 10
  9. The Amazing Race Game Thread

    So. Do we want a second season of this. About as drama free as it gets. Compete in competitions, bonding with a team mate, last place goes home. No one gets feelings hurt. Hooray
  10. BDL Discussion Thread 2020

    Walt just let us call each other names. Simpler times
  11. BDL Discussion Thread 2020

    Are there horsey cannons?
  12. JLA Mafia Game Thread DAY 4

    Let's see what Whicker has to report before moving forward and if whoever he targeted can verify role block
  13. JLA Mafia Game Thread DAY 4

    Was so mad was Chicago Jay if I recall