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  1. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    Are some of you ready yet to admit that yes, amari Cooper is really actually good?
  2. I literally have zero recollection of that game. Give me cliff notes
  3. I already answered this But I wanted to see if I could catch him in a lie because we knew gopher investigated maif day one. If he said everything then obviously he'd be lying but he ignored the question and without a cc I dropped it
  4. Also bcb is not open to speed rounds in LYLO
  5. Well nailed that Ron inactive SK thing. Only thing I got right this game
  6. Pickle was all over squire yesterday and I trust his read as I agreed with most of what he was saying Ron seems generally lost in the woods and if he's being coached to play dumb he's overdoing the hell out of it which I would think matts and dome would have talked him out of by now Eotn I didn't like day one as he seemed to have a lot of terminology down and I'm still not sold on his reasoning Whicker went after him after Raves was killed night two (Raves was after Eotn day one). It's not like town Whicker to push the easy trail lynches which is why I've been leaning non town Whicker since You're town
  7. But regardless that's a convo for another day
  8. It's either an inactive like Ron not sending in pms or someone smart enough to let numbers dwindle to take advantage late. I see that as Whicker
  9. Honestly though looking for mafia is smarter cause it gives us a higher chance of hitting a non town Unless pickle used his self protect and mafia knows it and that's why there wasn't a kill which would be lame lol
  10. Cause looking at the SK means we look at him too
  11. Can you tell me without a bazillion quotes why it has to be one of us two
  12. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    Just an FYI your statement that you were gonna have a late write up caused me to vote Camden when threads were first posted