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  1. Last time was a season. We generally alternate back and forth between the two. Kind of tests the rosters
  2. Dude that quote came from a different site and had nothing to do with flowers. One site said he compared to flowers the other said what I posted. And it was a Patriots site none the less
  3. It's a spotrac thing pay no attention til like Wed lol
  4. I'm not gonna get into a silly argument with you. I've seen the kid play has quick burst but no speed. You forget who the group alabama auburn Homer is lol
  5. Well Jennings is an edge who has been compared to trey flowers and "Jennings did not run at the Combine, but our guess is that his 40-yard dash would not have been particularly impressive. Brian Hitterman of DraftScout.com projected Jennings to run a 4.78-second 40-yard dash. That might be generous, and Jennings’ lack of speed will show up when he’s chasing down faster ball-carriers. He does, however, have the short-area quickness to finish on sacks."
  6. I imagine this is preferable to staying home
  7. Ooo old guy can't throw deep ball argument. I'm here for it
  8. Was gonna bother with mentioning Pete has one too many bench players then read writeup
  9. Amazing what happens when you give great qb really good wr
  10. Just an FYI when you beat bcb your players start getting serious injuries. Take notes
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