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  1. Whicker keeps track of who people voted for and the page number it happened
  2. Oh Whicker put in a trolling wonder. I'm conflicted now
  3. How dare you direspect, checks roster, Dan Arnold! Thats fourth quarter Dan!
  4. It helps when the qb can throw the ball more than 10 yards
  5. Blue needs to be step his game up if he wants to surpass the Goedert blocks. It's been a couple of days since I've been alerted Moses is somehow still available
  6. Week 3 Waivers (don't worry i went from bottom top, just easier to cut paste order) 3Rome Eternals CB Michael Carter II 4Singapore Sentinels C Brian Allen 12Anchorage Trappers RB Demetric Felton 13Death Valley NIghtmare WR Freddie Swain 14Cancun Kaiju LB Genard Avery 16Gotham Gashslayers CB Javelin Guidry IR Gotham WR Jarvis Landry--OT Cameron Irving Death Valley INT Tyson Alualu--WR KJ Osborne Anchorage Edge Bradley Chubb OT Terrance Steele Rome Edge Marcus Davenport LB/Edge Bryce Huff
  7. Mine is that song about her break up with that dude...oh wait....
  8. Hey buddy, I'm about an hour and a half from Pittsburgh, so if you need Burgh advise or want to check out anything in Cleveland/Ohio, I'm your guy
  9. ok fine 1.8 WR Jaylen Waddle- Nice week one, started hot week 2 then Mr checkdown Jacoby Brissett took over. Not looking promising for week 3 with Tua out B+ 1.16 ED Jaelan Phillips- I hate i have to watch so much of the dolphins. Anyhow, he's there pass rush edge and they lost 35-0 so you can imagine how much run he got week 2. Still actually held up against the run on his 18 snaps so hopefully more run to come for him C 2.7 RB Najee Harris- Gets hit a nano second after he gets handoff. Been more solid than I expected in passing game B 3.13 INT Levi Onwuzurike-
  10. I know just thought I'd mess with you after the read the whole thing thing part 🤣🤣
  11. Holy shootout OK so I really did a lot of thinking on this one. Camden offensives game planned revolved a lot around Raleigh playing man while Raleigh smartly says the hell with that, our corners suck. Zone. On the flip side I don't see two inches as a huge height advantage Pete. Williams I'll give you, the others are fairly negligible (Also no mention of the how you're using it to your advantage, jump balls etc) In the end this came down to a couple things Camden offensive line struggling thus far this season with the Raleigh front four excelling with BJ hill coming out of
  12. I think getting the ball out quick in the RPO was a nice decisions by death valley(even though I don't know if Stafford has ever done it). By the the looks of it, ww ran out of time on the defensive plan which is a shame. I think cubas interior makes a couple key defensive plays when dv is faced with longer downs and Julio has his way with Pierre. Valley keeps it close though 24-20
  13. "the original list was dudes out for the year"
  14. Did I somehow miss Landry being ruled out for the season?
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