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  1. Anyone concerned about the spider tack crackdown? Burnes has great spin rate - I have to think he was using if a majority of players were.
  2. Having lived through the great SB runs 20 years ago and the cap purges that followed, I have mixed feelings. When you're close (and we are close now) to a title, I don't want "fiscal responsibility" being the reason we don't finally win a Lombardi. I say go all in! But there does come a time to pay the piper. Are we going to be fine when we need to let a key piece walk away in FA because we can't afford the going rate? There was a lot of hyperventilating over letting CD and Jonnu walk away and I don't even consider them "key pieces". We will be ok with that future if this move leads to a
  3. That's the problem with having the draft after free agency. You don't know who you're going to draft until they fall to you. The Titans didn't go into the draft thinking "we will draft two corners in the first three rounds" but if that's how the best value falls to you, that's what you do.
  4. I saw an article that proposed Byard and a pick for Julio. I think Byard would be viewed much more highly by Atlanta than Evans. But he makes more money which defeats the purpose somewhat of trading Julio away. Would you guys be upset with giving up on Byard after a down year or is that an acceptable cost for Julio in your eyes?
  5. Yes, but Mosswatch? We nailed that one.
  6. Which would have been a legitimate stance. Instead they claimed it was due to lack of adequate Covid protocols. I can only assume everyone involved is staying quarantined at home then, right? Right???
  7. So he lost $10M because of the boycott of working at team HQ? Because if he was at team facilities, his contract would have been guaranteed. Wow.
  8. <checks watch> Is he cut yet?
  9. We got a guy better than Chase, Smith and Waddle in the 4th round!!!! Now we just need Robert Greenlaw, whoever that is, to be right about this.
  10. Aqib Talib loves our picks. So in the important demographic of “people who have shot themselves”, we are hitting on all cylinders!
  11. I mean, I live in Denver where you draft a 4th CB with the 9th overall pick.
  12. I'm trying not to get my hopes up but I agree. Imagining a seven game series with Woodruff-Burnes-Peralta and that bullpen healthy and clicking is really fun to think about.
  13. I don't know if I agree with the ATL writer. Wiegel's 2019 AA/AAA numbers look intriguing to me, albeit with some control issues. https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=weigel000pat
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