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  1. I don't think we have to wonder. We know the answer. It's not safe. It's football. If the players want to prioritize their own safety then get a 9-5 office job like the rest of us. I have a hard time seeing how 16 games in 17 weeks was an acceptable level of safety for the players' long-term health but 18 games is 20 weeks is somehow irresponsible.
  2. Used: Hurts (264), Wilson (343), D. Jones (266), Brady (269), Allen (315), Big Ben (229), Mahomes (206), Murray (274), Stafford (294), Jackson (238), Prescott (216), Burrow (190), Wentz (158) Total of 3262 Still in play: Rodgers, Ryan, Cousins, Carr, Tannehill, Heinicke Week 14: Herbert
  3. Used: Hurts (264), Wilson (343), D. Jones (266), Brady (269), Allen (315), Big Ben (229), Mahomes (206), Murray (274), Stafford (294), Jackson (238), Prescott (216), Burrow (190) Total of 3104; 229 yards under the pace Week 13: Carson Wentz
  4. Used: Hurts (264), Wilson (343), D. Jones (266), Brady (269), Allen (315), Big Ben (229), Mahomes (206), Murray (274), Stafford (294), Jackson (238), Prescott (216) Total of 2914; 141 yards under the pace Week 12: Joe Burrow
  5. Although it says "Week 11 power rankings", it also says it was last updated Nov. 9th, so before week 10 started. At any rate, I enjoy the lack of respect from the talking heads. Just keep playing our brand of football. Couldn't care less if they think we're overrated.
  6. Does this mean the mysteriously absent yet oddly efficient Ty'Son Williams will re-emerge from the doghouse?
  7. Used: Hurts (264), Wilson (343), Jones (266), Brady (269), Allen (315), Big Ben (229), Mahomes (206), Murray (274), Stafford (294), Jackson (238) Total of 2698; 82 yards under the pace Week 11: Dak Prescott
  8. Used: Hurts (264), Wilson (343), Jones (266), Brady (269), Allen (315), Big Ben (229), Mahomes (206), Murray (274), Stafford (294) Total of 2460; 42 yards under the pace Week 10: Lamar Jackson
  9. Thank you for engaging my posts in a mature manner. It is appreciated. Those of us in society who actually want what is good in the world more than wanting those who agree with us to smirk and pat us on the back need to change minds. Mocking and ridiculing those with very real concerns does nothing to advance the common good. It only advances the ego of the person doing that. And when it gets to that level, those people are resistant to any data at all that would dare question their current beliefs. Here's how the difference between 750,000 and 687,213 matters. It creates doubt
  10. You sound very dismissive and condescending. I don't know if you intend to sound that way or not. I suppose if your intent is to have like-minded individuals congratulate you on your beliefs, this works well. If you want to have an honest discussion with people who may not agree with all of your opinions (and actually change someone's mind), this approach does not work well. The only differences you named between the flu and COVID were the number of deaths, which was exactly my point, and "economic repercussions". I don't know how many dollars each life is worth so I can't speak to th
  11. The government wants everyone to get the flu shot each year too. But they don't fire people who refuse it. It seems to me that the basis for ramping up the governmental coercion is based on how deadly this virus is, which is based on the number of deaths, hospitalizations, etc.
  12. Really appreciate the detailed response. I do not think COVID is a hoax but it's concerning to me that it has become so politicized (on both sides of the aisle) that the truth is often hard to find. And of course googling answers puts me at the mercy of the Google algorithms which will try to determine which answers are most likely to keep me browsing more, truth be damned. If I talk to someone about it, I find my brain splitting its time 50/50 between listening to their answer and trying to figure out if I'm talking to a left-wing or right-wing nutjob. I would argue that no one is lea
  13. I can't possibly read all 378 pages so my apologies if this has been discussed. I'm genuinely curious about the COVID death count. This article seems to indicate that anyone who passes away for any reason whatsoever, but has a positive on a COVID test, is counted as a COVID death. https://www.skyhinews.com/news/grand-county-coroner-claims-state-is-inflating-covid-19-death-count/ Does anyone know if this is demonstrably false? This is a local reporter trying to get to the truth - not some biased national reporter with an agenda.
  14. Used: Hurts (264), Wilson (343), Jones (266), Brady (269), Allen (315), Big Ben (229), Mahomes (206), Murray (274) Total of 2166; 58 yards under the pace Week 9: Matt Stafford
  15. That’s fair. I think it’s always easier to look back in hindsight and say they should have rested him in a game. At the time, you don’t know if the chiefs are coming back or not. He’s the closer. Gets stronger as the game goes on. Makes sense to step on their throats when we could.
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