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  1. Titans trade Jurrell Casey

    It's a nice gesture to Casey too since the Broncos now pick up his lucrative salary. Had we cut him, I seriously doubt he gets that much on the open market given his age and the beginning of an inevitable decline.
  2. Opening Day to be Pushed 2 weeks RE: COVID-19

    Hadn't thought of that and it's a really good suggestion.
  3. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    No offense to the guy or anything, but that's not exactly a scoop. He didn't like his old agent? He wants to get the band back together and thought it would be more doable if he and Henry shared the same agent? Slightly off topic, I can't imagine what it's like to have a client hit it big and then drop you right before you get a cut of $50M.
  4. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    Are you quarantined at a military base or just free to go about your business?
  5. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    I call BS. Not even Tom and Gisele can afford to shop at Whole Foods...
  6. I had no idea this was a moral dilemma!
  7. Kobe Bryant has died in helicopter crash

    I have an interesting perspective that others may find value in. I couldn't stand Kobe as a player because he was so good and so cocky. When the rape allegations came out, my dislike turned to hate. The way he and his legal team smeared that girl in public was reprehensible. His "you guys know me" press conference reeked of privilege and arrogance. Honestly, I never paid much attention after that. Rooted against him every chance I had. So when I read through this thread, my skin crawled when people would seamlessly shift from "what an incredible basketball player" to "what an incredible human being". But this certainly wasn't the time to bring up the negative aspects, so I kept my online mouth shut. However, I did start researching the whole event a little more. If I'm being honest, it was probably from a motivation to confirm that he wasn't this great human being at all. But that's not really what I found. Not entirely. I'm still not excusing anything he did - her side of the story is simply awful. But I hadn't realized he read a statement in court apologizing to the victim. His statement seemed heart-felt and that was powerful to me. It seems to frame the rest of his life more fully - that he became a better person after that incident. I think some people (not pointing any fingers) want to stick their head in the sand and just say "if the charges were dropped, he did nothing wrong." I can't do that. As much as I look at the loss of his daughter as a tragedy because I have a daughter about that age, I also look at the rape accusation from the same lens - I have a daughter about that age. It's a complicated thing to try to sum up a life in a couple quotes and pay proper respect to an individual when they have both good and bad in their past. But I feel like I may have judged him unfairly and it really sounds like he had turned his life around after that incident. We all make mistakes (some much greater than others) and we all deserve second chances in life. Sounds like he made the most of his.
  8. Saints fight to shield emails in Catholic abuse crisis

    If you ever have any inclination to get the facts on this, google John Jay report. The truth is this is a societal problem, not a Catholic problem.
  9. NFL to try new onside kick rule for pro bowl

    Ironically, I don't ever recall seeing a player injured during an onside kick. I do recall lots of injuries on normal kickoffs, especially before the recent rules changes.
  10. GDT: Definitely America’s Team at Chiefs

    Elway is perpetually convinced that they are one player away from another ring. Even when the talent screams 5-11. So I don’t see him trading Von.
  11. Titans DC Dean Pees Retiring

    Ahh, bless your heart.
  12. NFL to try new onside kick rule for pro bowl

    They get the ball on their own 25, not the other teams.
  13. Titans DC Dean Pees Retires

    I agree. Defense was pretty dominant early in the year. Then we lost nearly every corner we had and were running PS guys out there. Predictably, we struggled. But those game plans to stop Brady and Lamar on the road in the playoffs in back-to-back weeks? Darn near flawless.
  14. GDT: Definitely America’s Team at Chiefs

    Yeah, that TD at the end of the half felt really bad at the time, but in hindsight, it was crushing. Had multiple guys take bad angles. Brock didn't even try to tackle him, just started tugging at the ball to try to rip it out. And if we can just get him on the ground, there's a good chance we can hold them to 3 since there was so little time left. They had two TOs but we've had goalline stands before. But he gets in and it just shifts the momentum of the game. I don't know how much it swung our win percentage, but it seemed like the defining moment of the game.
  15. GDT: Definitely America’s Team at Chiefs

    I'd have to watch it again but it seemed like there were three or four plays I remember where he had ALL DAY in the pocket, but every one of those ended with him throwing it away. Maybe I'm not remembering correctly? The runs out of the pocket killed us much more than the yardage shows but if you assign a spy to him, you have one less man in coverage which might mean a big play or - the spy misses the tackle anyway. To me, what struck me the most is that Mahomes played a perfect game. And good for him. I've seen him make mistakes in many games before and always thought if he could eliminate those, he'd be darn near unstoppable. And that's what it seemed happened on Sunday. I kept waiting for the head-scratching fumble or INT to turn the tide, but it never came.