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  1. GDT: Titans at Broncos

    I think it could be very important. The teams that have beaten us (Bills, Colts, Jags) all got to Mariota early and often. The Broncos lost Chubb and Von hasn't looked like himself this year (whether it's scheme or not is up for debate). So if we can hold off the pass rush, our chances improve considerably. If we allow the Broncos (who have 5 total sacks ALL YEAR) to get to Mariota, we're in deep trouble.
  2. Week 6 GDT: Titans @ Broncos

    If the game gets outta hand, sure. But if your coaches are going in thinking about resting guys for the Thursday game, you need new coaches.
  3. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    Boy, that joke didn't age well at all.
  4. Week 6 GDT: Titans @ Broncos

    I sure hope the Broncos are taking us as lightly as you are.
  5. Is It Unethical To Tank In Fantasy Football?

    This is such a complicated issue because there are so many factors. If it's collusion and king-making, then it's always wrong and horrible for the league and it should be prevented. But when you have keepers/dynasty, then owners should be able to legitimately act in their best future interests. Meaning if I have no chance of winning this year, I should be able to sell off assets to increase my chances in future years. Sometimes that looks like tanking but it's smart strategy. The other factor is how shrewd the owners are with these trades. If you have an owner who isn't very experienced or savvy, he may not get "fair market value" for his trade which irritates the other owners, but objecting at that point is like trying to run their team for them. Sometimes the best offer you can get doesn't look very good but it's better than getting nothing at all. It's all highly dependent on keeper rules and league scoring too. And heaven help you if you try to write rules into the league to limit this. It's a Pandora's box of problems.
  6. Handcuffs

    I would have Pollard, Gus Edwards and Ryquell Armstead on the list before Penny. Generally speaking, I'm looking for this: 1. Clear-cut backup in line for a heavy load. (Edmonds) 2. Has either performed well when given small opportunities or never had an opportunity. I feel like Penny has had chances and never seized the opportunity. 3. Great team around him, specifically the OLine. (Pollard) 4. Starter has history of injuries and/or chronic issues. (Mattison and Brown) Bonnafon is iffy on 3 and can't claim 4. You can argue Gus has all four to a certain degree.
  7. GDT: Titans at Broncos

    Agreed. I can't wait for the follow-up where we put Tannehill in and fake the reverse to him.
  8. Handcuffs

    You're 5-0 - I would make that trade. You can afford to wait for Adams and Chark hasn't exactly proven he's fantasy gold yet. The 2TD game Sunday is playing a big role in how everyone sees him. He won't catch two every game. I think you're selling high and buying low which is always the way you want to go.
  9. Titans Pick'Em Competition - Week 6

    Titans 24 Donkeys 2
  10. GDT: Titans at Broncos

    This one's personal for me as I live in Denver. Boys, we need to win.
  11. Handcuffs

    Good counter, but if push comes to shove, I'd probably give up Coleman for Mattison in your situation. Coleman will split time with Breida and Mostert. Even if Breida were to get hurt, they'd add Wilson to the mix. In my opinion, there doesn't seem to be a scenario where Coleman becomes an every week must-start. Especially since you already have the backs you have.
  12. Handcuffs

    Solid team and solid strategy. You can't wait for an injury unless you have the #1 waiver pick and Mattison's value will go from palatable to priceless if Cook gets hurt seriously. It's always tough to value a handcuff over a needed starter though, especially with bye weeks in full swing. I would say you should definitely keep Brown. Gurley scares the heck outta me. If his condition is never going to fully heal and it was bad enough to keep him mostly out of the playoffs and SB last year, you can't rely on him. Consider everything you're getting now gravy and prepare for an inevitable string of missed games or low production. Brown protects you from that. Given Cook's recent injury troubles, I would say Mattison is more preferable over Bonnafon, but each could be a league winner if their respective starters go down. Good insurance for you as well. Is there any way you can keep all three?
  13. Other Games/Teams Thread

    Born and raised in WI too. Chose the Oilers early on and my allegiances followed the team to Tennessee. No explanation, really...
  14. 5000 yards or bust! 2019 version

    Used: Garoppolo (166), Ryan (320), Winston (380), Rivers (310), Wentz (189) Week 6: Kirk Cousins
  15. Simmons

    Judging from our offense, our target is to allow 6 ppg as a defense.