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  1. So what he's really saying is that all his players were fine with letting each other down last year.
  2. Maybe I'm alone but I'd go higher to get Watt here. We wasted $15M on Clowney last year. You think a healthy Watt alongside Simmons would register zero sacks? Not a chance. That would be a disruptive line. He's not over the hill yet and I think he'll prove that next year for the team willing to pay him.
  3. Tebow's only 33. He's got some good years left in him.
  4. Exactly. By trading him, Denver had to assume his current salary which would not have been that high had he been cut. And he's not approaching that this year either.
  5. Agreed and I think that comes from the coaching staff. Although we laid an egg this year, we didn't play scared last year in New England or Baltimore (and had good reason to) and knocked them off. We need a defense much better than this year and we need to be clicking on all cylinders when the playoffs hit. The Chiefs are not unbeatable.
  6. Never change, Lamar. Never change. 😆😆😆
  7. I won't be surprised at all if Arthur doesn't get hired. What he did for our offense this year was fantastic but that is largely unrelated to his ability to run an entire organization. Could he have those skills? Sure, but the fact he got the most out of our offense doesn't prove that. Second, I read he interviewed with someone the night of our loss to Baltimore. That is absurd. Unless he wasn't spending his time prepping for the Ravens (which I find impossible to believe), he had no time to prep for that interview. You're supposed to go in with evaluations of the players, ideas for wha
  8. Thoughts on Von Miller? Word in Denver is he will be asked to restructure and the talking heads on radio are floating numbers like $9M to $13M. I think they're a little more down on his value than I am. Even after missing this year, I'd happily give him what we gave Clowney this year. He's had FAR FAR more success than Clowney.
  9. Doesn't every team have those games? The Chiefs lost to the Raiders this year; the Browns lost to the Jets; Steelers to the Bengals, etc, etc. I don't know if we've ever seen a team come out and be "on" every game they play. Even when the Pats with Moss were steam-rolling through the season, they laid an egg in the biggest game of all and lost to the inferior Giants. I don't think we can hold Vrabel to some impossible standard.
  10. I came in here to post something similar. I think it's often prudent to go for it in that situation but not always. And Vrabel had plenty of reason to believe pinning them inside their 5 was the better approach than a likely failed 4th down giving it to them around the 40.
  11. Makes sense. If you know through backchannels that you're not in the running, why not give your current QB a vote of confidence? I remember everything that is potentially embarrassing for a rival forever. However, if you ask me about our coverage of Cooks yesterday, I have no idea what you're referring to.
  12. No place else to put this... Ravens 82 Titans 4
  13. 4 or 5 more games and I would have cleared 5K - no question. Thanks for hosting, SteelKing728! Always frustrating, yet oddly enjoyable.
  14. I am SO GLAD we didn't go the "hot coordinator" route when we hired Vrabel. His defense sucked in HOU and that was brought up when we were considering him but he has shown he has what it takes to be a HC. Patricia is a great example of a really good coordinator who is in over his head as HC. I fear the same will happen to Arthur Smith although I wish him the best. ATL doesn't seem like a great situation with their cap issues and current roster makeup. I wish we had some numbers on how newly-minted HCs who were coordinators of top 5 units the year before did in the past 30 years. Does
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